“Not Out Of The Question To Contemplate”

May 15th, 2015

johnthan banks 0728Why, why, why is Scott Smith of Buccaneers.com trying to give Joe a stroke on a sunny Friday afternoon?

Smith dared to suggest the unthinkable could happen in 2015.

Joe is referring to cornerback Mike Jenkins starting instead of Johnthan Banks. Smith got a question about Banks starting in the official Buccaneers Mailbag segment below. While confident Banks will keep his starting job, Smith said “it’s not out of the question to contemplate” Jenkins winning the gig.

One of many things that got under Joe’ skin about last season was Lovie Smith gifting a starting cornerback gig to Jenkins, and Lovie seemed to determined for him to keep that designation despite missing nearly all of training camp with an injury.

Joe couldn’t make sense of it. At this point, Jenkins starting would be ludicrous, considering Banks had a good season and is on the rise.

The third-year man is versatile, and he’s tough. The guy played through MRSA in his rookie season. His seven interceptions in 30 games outshines Jenkins’ 10 picks in 87 games. And Jenkins, 30, just hasn’t been a good cornerback in a long time.

Enjoy the video of Smith and lovely Casey Phillips.

36 Responses to ““Not Out Of The Question To Contemplate””

  1. WS99 Says:

    If Jenkins does start it would be over cinnamon toast crunch certainly not the beast child banks. Somebody needs to stop smoking that whacky tobacky.

  2. foghead407 Says:

    Banks is one my favorite bucs. Love how he plays

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lovie is the weak link

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Pretty confused at all your responses
    In today’s NFL,
    You start 3 CBs more often than two.
    Who’s our 3rd? Sterling Moore probably.
    But if one of our 3 gets hurt?
    We’ll be glad Jenkins is here.
    He’s a good Tampa 2 CB

  5. Joe Says:

    He’s a good Tampa 2 CB

    So good Ron Marinelli ran him off.

  6. fritz50 Says:

    “Lovie is the weak link”

    Man, you are a one note band! You could be right, man, but damn, nothing is gonna change , for at least this year. For the sake of all of us …Let it Go!!!

  7. Buczilla Says:

    Great Casey Phillips piece Joe!

  8. Buczilla Says:

    Casey started saying “It Sucks” at the 1:59 mark and caught herself. I don’t know why that amused me, it just did.


  9. WS99 Says:

    BigMacAttack Says:
    May 15th, 2015 at 12:33 pm
    Lovie is the weak link

    I’d say it’s moreso Frazier than lovie. The def improved when lovie took over. Frazier has proven time and time again that he can’t win in the NFL. Simple as that!

  10. Cover deuce Says:

    It’s completely out of the question. If Jenkins does start, it’s just more proof that Lovie is way out of his depth. Banks doesn’t wow you with his athleticism, but he plays tough as nails.

  11. Martinii Says:

    Sounds to me like Smith was simply implying that there will be some decent competition at cb this year. Didn’t seem like he was hitting on Banks who will no doubt be the starter.

  12. Danati74 Says:

    I’ll take Banks over Jenkins too. Banks is taller and tougher. Just throw Jenkins in the nickel….has to be better than the rest from last year. Cant wait to see what S. Moore has to offer. Hopefully AV returns to his prowl form as well. NO doubt Banks is on the rise thou.

  13. salish_seamonster Says:

    When did Lovie take over the defense, and what evidence do you have that this is so?

  14. Couch Fan Says:

    This is the same coach that thought handing McCown a starting job without competition was a good idea so gifting Jenkins a starting job again wouldn’t surprise me.

  15. rayjay1122 Says:

    If I were Scott Smith, I probably would have received a penalty for illegal use of the hands on Casey Phillips’s tight end which would result in a personal foul and ejection…Joking aside, what an attractive and talented young lady journalist.

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    By the Time Kigfin and Marinelli arrived in Dallas, Jenkins was a hated man.
    He was left on an island frequently by the previous regime. The Dallas fan base
    Had deemed him a bust.
    Returning to Florida, Playing a zone defense, will restore some of his confidences

  17. BuccaneEric Says:

    If Jenkins starts over Banks, I will never believe that the coaching staff watches film or even has a VCR or whatever they use now! Lol

  18. The Real Malloy Says:

    I love banks and honestly believe he can be a pro-bowler. That being said, if AV doesnt light it up early, I would have no problem with Jenkins or Moore taking the other spot. Maybe its Verner who should have that fire lit under him…

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Banks should start.

  20. Geno714 Says:

    Less Scott, more Casey.

  21. Johnny Football Says:

    Joe Says:
    May 15th, 2015 at 12:41 pm
    He’s a good Tampa 2 CB

    So good Ron Marinelli ran him off. ****Rod Marinelli

    I could not agree more with the article…I am puzzled by Lovie’s love for Jenkins, who really has not had a decent season in 3 years and is hurt all the time.

  22. Warren Says:

    God guys can be such pigs sometimes. Can’t Casey just do her job without us drooling all over her beautiful doe eyes and sexy smile and banging body and obvious intelligence and charm? I mean come ON you guys…

    *whispering* Call me Casey 😀

  23. WS99 Says:

    When did Lovie take over the defense, and what evidence do you have that this is so?


    I spent a minute trying to find a link but couldn’t. Other than transcripts to a PC where he was asked about being “more involved after the bye week” but he brushed it off saying the defense staff calls the plays.

    I also recall a video on bucs.com where gmc or LVD mentioned that coach smith was becoming more involved in the defensive side of the ball.

    Sorry I can’t provide a link but it is the belief of some that smith jumped in to help Frazier after the bye hence fourth the big improvement.

  24. Kevin Says:

    @ WS99….

    That’s no Wacky Tobacky sir…..that just crack!!!

    If Jenkins were to start over Banks, I would be equally as upset and confused as I would have been had Lovie traded for J Cutler.

    Things cannot be a dumber for this year than they have been over the recent years. They would have to be out of they’re mind!!

    Whoever suggested that should have to sit in timeout in a tub of they’re own fecal matter wearing a dunce cap

  25. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Why dont we jus put Jenkins in at FS?

  26. JFF Says:

    “Banks had a good season”


  27. Architek Says:

    Sterling Moore is a sleeper for having a solid season.

  28. hamilton Says:

    did I miss the good year bank had last year,

  29. MAYNE ONE Says:

    Banks was one of the better players on the D last last year. Gotta get that # 27 for myself this season.

  30. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    While confident Banks will keep his starting job, Smith said “it’s not out of the question to contemplate” Jenkins winning the gig.

    Really? This upsets anybody? It’s simply being PC. It’s what anybody associated with the Bucs SHOULD say!!!

    “it’s not out of the question to contemplate”? This would be like Koetter saying that about MG8. It’s Warhop not penciling in Smith at LT…it’s about telling every body that ALL jobs are up for grabs. That’s nothing more than party line blather. Nothing at all to be concerned about.

  31. bigsombrero Says:

    Cut bait. Injured or healthy, for the most part, Jenkins has been a bum. Nothing suggests he’s currently better than Banks and Banks has more upside. It was ridiculous to sign him as anything but depth in the first place and even that’s pushing it.

    Not sure what gets some of these players stuck in Lovies head but he needs to let some of his favored bums go. Jenkins is a td waiting to happen. Banks is a pick waiting to happen.

    To be 100% honest, I’m not sure Jenkins is even the fourth best corner on our team. LJ may be more valuable despite how awful he is at nickel. Hell even Everett may be better. Jenkins isn’t a starter. He’s not a stop gap. He’s not good depth. He’s just bad. Give someone else the roster spot, someone that at least has potential to help the team.

  32. Buccos Says:

    Joe – I’m pretty sure his name is Rod Marinelli, not Ron. Just sayin’.

  33. Brandon Says:

    Banks and Verner were absolutely terrible for the first quarter of the season, the fact that Jenkins was “gifted” the position probably hinged more on the facts that Banks was lost in the defense and Jenkins had a thorough knowledge and understanding of it than because Lovie haphazardly gave it to him.

  34. LargoBuc Says:

    I doubt, after the improvement that Banks showed all last season, that Lovie would strip him of his starting job for some guy who has done nothing for Tampa. If anything it will be an all out competition between four, Verner, Banks, Moore and Jenkins. Which, to me, is great! Step it up if you want to start opening day! The last two years, we came out shockingly unprepared week one. We all know we need to come out with some fire, and if that means competition at all posistions, im fine with that! The only two on defense who should be “safe” are GMC and LVD.

  35. drdneast Says:

    Joe, you really need to get on a regimented dose of Zoloft.
    I for one am tired and bored of you constantly obsessing about Johnathon Banks and Logan Mankins barbecue.
    Get some help or just give it a rest because it is really getting annoying.

  36. Joe Says:

    I for one am tired and bored of you constantly obsessing about Johnathon Banks and Logan Mankins barbecue.


    Banks is a good cornerback; best on the Bucs and perhaps on the cusp of a Pro Bowl. And it is not Joe’s fault that Mankins, on a BSPN format, pined for a barbecue grill to turn around his career.