Mockers Like Marpet Pick

May 7th, 2015

ali marpet

Yes, the second-round pick of offensive lineman Ali Marpet, from the noted football factory of Division III Hobart College, sure raised a lot of eyebrows.

(Anyone notice that Hobart College had as many players drafted — one — as Notre Dame?)

One reason was, of course, because Marpet became the highest selected Division III player in the history of the draft. Another reason was the trade up to get him based on intel that the Bucs, who had Marpet in their crosshairs, were about to get usurped.

But Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune has been busy with Google doing research and, per his findings, it seems Marpet was selected just about where a number of mockers believed he would be.

For example,’s second-round mock draft had Marpet going 63rd overall to Seattle, and one of WalterFootball’s scouts said Marpet would be “a great fit for the blocking scheme.’’

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated’s second-round mock had Marpet going 64th overall to New England, and Don Banks wrote that the Patriots would be fortifying “their offensive line with a prospect who plays in the tough, battling style they most admire from their grunts up front.’’

And Bleacher Report, in its Day Two mock, had Marpet going 72nd overall to the Rams, saying “Marpet presents value due to his versatility. The Division III product can compete to start at center or guard.’’

Of course, the cynic in Joe would ask “Which mock draft from these guys?… ” The mockers change their mocks almost as often as they change their socks.

But Joe gets the point Guys who make a living in football research and often base their mocks on feedback from scouts and other NFL types seem to be on the same page as Jason Licht — that Marpet was at best a late-second round pick.

It’s going to be a helluva jump from glorified high school football to the highest level of football in the world in a matter of months.

28 Responses to “Mockers Like Marpet Pick”

  1. Lev in Philly Says:

    Joe, this is common in the NFL. Why are you so shocked? People always come out of nowhere to play in the NFL.

  2. miken Says:

    If the rumor of we had to trade up bc the seahawks were about to grab him are true, then even more reason to like him. I’m sure it will take him a little time to develop but he could be a good one. It will be interesting to see
    3 to 5 years down the road how this draft playes out, and It will determine if we return to glory…. Jameis or MM of course but also our ot vs. jake fisher and Marpet over aj cann. I’m here in columbia sc and thought cann would be the pick and have read so much about him being ready and will be a long time starter. In the last 10 years, it seems no matter what we do to the o line it never produces, i hope that has changed

  3. Nick Says:

    Has anyone researched his background as to why he didn’t get any D1 offers?

  4. @Hands2theFace Says:

    I second that question Nick?

  5. Eric Says:

    It is interesting that Licht says he prefers film to combine. The only real info on this guy comes from the combine and the senior bowl.

    So it is risky.

    He sure did look good at the combine though, really good and quick footwork. Smith is the same way.

    We sure didn’t have much of that last year.

  6. mike Says:

    @nick… i read he didn’t get many offers and he wanted to play lax too. He was not offered by cuse, i know that. At least he didn’t go to App st.

  7. Destinjohnny Says:

    So they had one senior bowl and a handful of practices to go on? I wish he would gamble like that with trading back and not trading up so much. Jason is an okay scout, I just don’t know if he is a legit badass gm and that is what we need after the allen and Dom debacles

  8. James Says:

    Good read on Marpet if anyone wants to check out.

  9. TheShaz Says:

    @ Nick

    From what I have read – coming out of High School he was undersized and only put on serious bulk after his freshman year. Football was “fun” for him but but by his Junior year he realised he had the physical tools to get to the next level…he applied himself and scouts noticed, he was invited to the Senior Bowl and Combine and he made the best of the opportunity.

    As for it being a good or bad draft pick – Joe is right – we have to wait at least 3 years….But if he ends up as a starter and Jamies is not getting much pressure from that direction we might know by the end of this season.

  10. sethb22 Says:

    I think there is a lot of misinformation out there about D3 football in general. D3 isn’t glorified High School football. Typically, most D3 kids were all county/Region/State performers and top High School players.

    Many of those players are missing a characteristic that keeps them from being D1/D2 players. For example, A running Back that is small, a TE that is slow, etc.

    Lots of D3 players are better than D1/D2 players they just went to a combine or college camp and put a red flag to recruiters out there. Whether that is 40 time, size, or strength. Many times D1 colleges take Big guys with potential, but many of them have very little tape that is good, merely taking kids on size.

    My point is everyone has this thought in the back of their head that anyone can walk on to a D3 team and make the roster. That’s not true at all.

    I would agree that D1 is better than D3 by far, but it’s not glorified HS Football. A little bit more to it than that.

  11. MonsGM Says:

    He weighed barely over 200 lbs coming out of high school

  12. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Nick Says:
    May 7th, 2015 at 9:13 am

    Has anyone researched his background as to why he didn’t get any D1 offers?”

    I don’t have a link, but, I remember reading somewhere that he was really undersized coming out of high school….like low 200’s. But, not 100% positive on that.

  13. bucco brice Says:

    he was a 230lb lineman out of high school…thus the lower school….love the pick and donovan smith too…

  14. Stanglassman Says:

    Note He can play G (RG now)and C (maybe in the future)in the NFL level not T (Never unless his arms grow 4 inches)as some people like to speculate.

  15. drdneast Says:

    Thought this guy was a fourth round pick at best but his Senior Bowl and Combine really drove his stock up. He also attended some OL clinic with other NFL prospects and his leadership and ability really came through.
    Only time will tell if this pick was worthy.

  16. Rob Says:

    The Patriots and the Seahawks also have a great culture and really good offensive line coaches.

  17. bucs4lyfe Says:

    all I care about is people saw him as a second round talent and not saying the bucs reached to draft this guy….he has a great chance at starting or atleast pushing older vets like mankins to step it up or become expendable

  18. pick6 Says:

    for all of the talk of Division III players and how infrequently they make it, people seem to be overlooking the influx of effective NFL players who played little or no football at all before joining the league (Antonio Gates, Demar Dotson, I believe guys like Ziggy Ansah and even Jimmy Graham fit that description also)…in particular with OL & DL, sometimes being big and athletic is a good enough start for an NFL coach to work with.

  19. Captain Doom Says:

    the 200 lbs was very concerning for me, and the picture above makes it look as though it was all belly fat. arms look small etc. so it’s concerning if he’s actually built to play at 300 lbs………

    but if you click on the link provided by james you’ll see a much bigger dude who looks stout, big legs etc. doesn’t look like fat gain.

    really great link, thanks james. high hopes for this guy.

  20. nate_tweetz Says:

    He should be ok in the offense that we’ll be running. I don’t remember Atlanta running a lot of 7 step drop plays where the QB holds the ball in the pocket for 5 seconds. I mostly remember faster tempo, 3 step or shotgun plays with play action sprinkled in. I’m more concerned about his run blocking. He should be good as a pulling guard because of his speed. If he pulls on outside runs he’ll be blocking linebackers. If we’re trying to run the ball downfield he is gonna have to man up and block the DT in front of him that will out weigh him (in most cases) by several pounds. He is currently listed at 307 lbs. If he forgets to eat breakfast one day he could be flirting with 299. Hopefully, the Bucs get him on a meal plan so that he gains 15-10 more pounds of good weight.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Marpet is one of those type players that can really inspire others….a real underdog….and I am excited about him being a Buc…..he has great speed and can block down field…..I can’t wait to see him blocking on screens to Sims.

  22. PocketPirate Says:

    I read somewhere that Marpet only benched 225 20 times several months back. He then started training heavily for his pro day and got up to 30 reps which is excellent. Must have been a ton of work and is a very good sign as to his commitment to be a pro.

  23. Pat Says:

    Rocky! Rocky! Do you hear the theme song in the background? GO Bucs!

  24. WS99 Says:

    Dotson, marpet, mankins, smith, ????

    Has mankins ever played center?

  25. gotbbucs Says:

    Players fall through the cracks all the time. He destroyed everyone at his level. He went to the senior bowl and worked against guys drafted before him and around him and did well. His combine numbers are top 5 for his position. Ultimately, he’ll be a better pick in than donovan smith.

  26. Danati74 Says:

    La’el Collins signs with Cowboys

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    Marpet has a fan in me.

  28. Bojim Says:

    Sapp always carried a lot of belly weight. The conditioning/weight coach is going to really get him solid before the season starts. And we know that he works hard.