Mike Glennon Unwanted?

May 2nd, 2015
No NFL team called this weekend to try to swing a trade for QB Mike Glennon.

No NFL team called this weekend to try to swing a trade for QB Mike Glennon.

Last year, the Bucs fielded many calls from various NFL teams wanting the services of quarterback Mike Glennon.

At the time, the Bucs had high hopes for Glennon, even knighting him with the moniker “Quarterback of the Future.” This, despite throwing wads of Team Glazer cash at turnover-prone Josh McCown.

A year later, Glennon is the “Quarterback of the Past,” after the Bucs selected Jameis Winston first overall.

Seemingly, Glennon would be a hot commodity for a quarterback-needy team, no? He did win half of the Bucs’ victories last season.

But Glennon may not be coveted. In his post-draft press conference, Bucs general manager Jason Licht stated no team called him looking to sniff out a trade for Glennon. Quite a difference a year makes.

Licht said it could be because the Bucs put out word at the NFL Scouting Combine they were not interested in trading Glennon and wanted to keep him as insurance for young Jameis.

29 Responses to “Mike Glennon Unwanted?”

  1. Buccfaninhawkeyecountry Says:

    Glad we didn’t ship him off for a bag of chips. I said a 3rd or pass. He’s cheap and can do a hell of a lot worse for a backup.

  2. TheShaz Says:

    Sorry Glennon Mob.

    He was the QB of the future, until the future was drafted last Thursday with the 1st pick.

    Nothing against Mike, I think he makes a great backup. Let him play out his contract with the Bucs.

  3. Seminole Bill Says:

    Keep him; there is no one else for a backup. As excited as anyone about the new QB, I am also cognizant that Jameis is just injury away from the bench. Despite his talents, he will be playing in the NFL; at FSU, the 11 defensive players he played against had maybe 1-2 NFL-quality players. Now there are 11 against him.

  4. Brent Says:

    Good need good back up qb

  5. Bucsfanoo7 Says:

    Wanted by the Bucs !

  6. Jerry Says:

    Or maybe the offers were not that great?

    Even if you dump him for a mid-round pick, you still need to find a back-up QB. So the value gets lost there.

  7. mac Says:

    Not unwanted Joe… Just wanted as a back up… Where he belongs… Not a starter…

  8. Mr. T Says:

    I think the last sentence in your article says it all as to why there were no callers. Kind of a pointless article Joe other than to diss on MG8.

  9. mark2001 Says:

    Maybe the least informed article you have written without doing some research Joe. The word from PR twitter is that teams inquired before the draft, and Licht and company said he wasn’t available. And really, think about it. He is not a top tier QB, but at least he is someone to step in the gap for a time if Winston isn’t just immature, but gets into some career threatening trouble. Leave it all in Winstons hands for the next year or so and he isn’t the guy you hope, and Lovie and Licht will have to become shoe or used care salesmen.

  10. mark2001 Says:

    BTW….the reason I said “the guy you hope” is because the way he was promoted for the last 4 months by much of the local media, it sounds like the professional insight of many is on the line in this deal. Of course, I wish the best for the Bucs…but professionally, doesn’t effect me at all. Duemig handled it perfectly….the old “big dog” still has his chops.

  11. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Joe goes from self-annointed “general” of the Glennon mob to writing a story that poses the question was Mike Glennon unwanted and proceeds to answer the question in the same article (Licht put out word Glennon wasn’t available). I’m glad Glennob is still a Buc, he’s got potential beyond career backup on the right team, but I’ll be even happier to see him get away from this fanbase after his contract with the Bucs is up. The kid deserves better.

  12. Getaclue Says:

    Actually what he said is that he let it be known that MIKE glennon is a valuable part of this football team

  13. mark2001 Says:

    Get a clue…you are half way there…he reportedly also said that and that “he wasn’t going to be available to trade”. Not saying that if someone offered him a great deal, he might not rethink it… same thing for any pick or player. But get it in its entirety.

  14. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Glennon is a great backup to have. He’s proven he can come off the bench and win. I wouldn’t be comfortable if Jameis went down, but I’d be a lot less comfortable if we didn’t have Glennon to back him up.

  15. FortMyersDave Says:

    Bucs have obviously decided that Napoleon D is going to be the back up qb. Unless the Bucs were offered a pick that was no later than the very early 4th round there is no way the Bucs should have considered trading him and that is only if they would have used the pick to get another qb to groom as a backup that was still on the board like Hundley from UCLA or Bryce Petty. Obviously the Bucs are comfortable with MGM learning Koetter’s system and as insurance if Tampa’s new prized qb gets injured….

  16. The MGM will Rise Again! Says:

    He was the man before all these carpet-bagging seminoles came to town

  17. Architek Says:

    He’s what he is – just a backup!!!

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Two rookies on O-line? You may wanna give them a few games to find their feet.
    Let Glennon start first 3 games. Don’t want Winston getting hurt.
    After line gels- start Winston

  19. MadMax Says:

    He’s wanted! Im glad to have him as our back up! The kid works hard and does his best….he’s wanted by us and will be a quality back up.

  20. Owlykat Says:

    Now we know the whole NFL is wise to how inept Glennon is. His only strength is throwing TDs in the red zone, but with a terrible third down percentage he doesn’t get there enough to win most of the time. We can’t unload the Albatross now and I warned everyone of that before the season last year. If Winston goes down so will our season. Lovie calling Glennon the future QB for us is now a bad joke and reveals how poor is Lovie’s Offensive judgment. Only if Lovie defers all Offensive decisions to our new OC will we ever be good. To be elite we will have to dump Licht who now has picked two weak drafts in a row, to go with his abominable Free Agent decisions last year. We could have picked Green in the fourth round for our slot receiver who would have kept Winston real comfortable, but he got a call from his Dad and picked a homer WR who is too weak to beat a jam. His LT is only good if moved to Guard and we could have taken Pitt’s LT instead who will be an outstanding LT. We took another linebacker who is too small to play any position but behind our All Pro, when he should have taken Chickilo who would upgrade our DE position. Not impressed with this draft overall!

  21. Owlykat Says:

    Just remember who praised his own pick of stone hands Herron last year. There is a good reason Licht has jumped from one team to another in his career. Hopefully we can become respectable enough to get a real expert GM when we dump Licht.

  22. MadMax Says:

    Come on now, Licht is FAR better this draft than last year. We’re moving up man, trust me! But if you love to hate, then do your thing.

    After Winston and this O line is gelling, I predict multiple playoff years….but it might take a year….give them that 1 year to figure it out!

    Give these new draft picks, L&L, Dirk and the rest of our current players, especially our stars, 1 year. This is already a blessed foundation to build on. As long as the play calling is right, we’re GOLDEN!

  23. Barry InFamous Jameis the Fraud Says:

    After Mariota beats #InFamousJameis game 1, it’s gonna be interesting hearing your many excuses for #TheFaceOfFraud

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #MushBrainRetard

  24. Buccfan37 Says:

    I enjoyed reading all the articles and comments on the draft, learned things I was not aware of. Thanks for the coverage JBF! Also like Glennon as number two if that’s how it turns out.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Owlykat Says:
    May 3rd, 2015 at 2:58 am

    “There is a good reason Licht has jumped from one team to another in his career.”

    Yah as in he found better positions on other teams…

    If you have a chance to move up the ladder by moving to another team, why wouldn’t you do it.

  26. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    So a day after the draft Owlykat has declared its a bad one. LOL. I think the scouts and experts know a hell of a lot more than you. You just wanted to hear names you recognized apparently. Did you notice how far the tackle from Pitt fell? When he was drafted did you hear the discussion? He is a big time project.

    After the third round everything is a crapshoot and hopefully one or two of these guys stick. As for the first three picks, I am trusting that they chose wisely to help bolster the offensive line. However, only time will tell. For anyone to declare right now that this was a bad draft is ridiculous.

  27. SOFIERCE Says:

    Backup QB of the future… Still a very important role and he is still getting paid, so don’t feel sorry for him.

    This is a none issue… Let’s move on.

  28. Mr. T Says:


    “Now we know the whole NFL is wise to how inept Glennon is.”

    That was a stupid comment, you need to go back and this time read the article

  29. greg63 Says:

    When does Joe’s favorite #5 go to trial? It’s coming and it will not be pretty.