Lovie Smith: “It’s Not Like It’s Going To Be A Babysitting Service With Him Coming Here. I Feel I Trust Him Completely.”

May 1st, 2015

lovie 0912Mark it down. Lovie Smith isn’t waiting for Jameis Winston to change.

He believes in Jameis right now — in every way.

The head coach talked a big game to BSPN. The must-see interview is below, and the money quote is in the headline.


10 Responses to “Lovie Smith: “It’s Not Like It’s Going To Be A Babysitting Service With Him Coming Here. I Feel I Trust Him Completely.””

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    Coach speak. I’m sure Lovie trust’s him and everything, but he really can’t say anything less than that after just taking him #1 overall, if he did it would be like blood in the water for the sharks. He trust’s him, but I’m sure he’ll be keeping an eye on him at 1buc to keep him from veering. Not only that but he’ll probably talk to some of the guys in the locker about him from time to time to see how he’s doing. And that’s the way it should be, after all he’s still just a kid.

  2. Gator N Bucs Says:

    LOL. I fully support the pick but I do so with the belief that there Will be a watchful eye on JW. Anything less would be unprofessional

  3. Dan Says:

    “we wanted to be there once, and we did it”

    admitting the tank?!

  4. Andrew 1 Says:

    And, like most of you guys, I was also scratching my head at the D3 player Ali Marpet being the pick. Haven’t heard much of anything about the guy and I really wanted to see full game of Hobart’s to see what kind of player he is, However I couldn’t find any lol. BUT I was able to find some game film on him on youtube that shows a little bit of the kind of player we got.

    This is a goal line situation- fast forward to 1:15 and you’ll see Ali Marpet #55 at LT destroy the DT and open up a gaping hole.

    This video is a little hard to see but fast forward to 1:00 and you’ll see Marpet #55 in another goal line situation get to the second level and de-cleat the defender. He also has another de-cleater at 1:25.

    Again these aren’t much to go by, but it looks he’s able to dominate other D3 players, something I fully expect a D3 player to be able to do if he’s drafted by an NFL team. He’s got an uphill climb, but I’m rooting for the guy.

  5. tval Says:

    Jameis will be fine. I see the haters died off quickly..:) He was impressive, id take cann or tre too. They probably deferred to oline coach here.

  6. flhillbilly Says:


  7. Dreambig Says:

    lol flhillbilly, your posts always crack me up. You do tend to be a little long winded though. You might want to try to be a bit more concise.

  8. Stanglassman Says:


    AJ Cann went to the Jags @pk67

  9. JMan Says:

    You can’t look a pro in the eye and rally him if you’re the one who put the team in a hole a la fsu

  10. pick6 Says:

    JMan, how many times have you watched andrew luck QB the colts? did you watch any brett favre green bay games back in the day? how do you think tony Romo’s teammates stop respecting him when he throws a couple picks early? certainly that can’t be your M.O., but all those guys and many more good pros have had to engineer comebacks in games where they were partly responsible for being behind. the statement you made is contradicted on a weekly basis in the NFL