Jameis: “I’d Do Anything For You, Big Dog.”

May 1st, 2015

Jameis WinstonWhat could be more fun than new Buccaneers franchise quarterback Jameis Winston having his first on-air sitdown with his old friend, Steve Duemig, aka “The Big Dog” and the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio?

Joe’s got the full audio.

Jameis shared lessons he’s learned from icons like Derrick Brooks and Deion Sanders. Performance on the field comes before anything else, Jameis said of his teachings.

On Brooks stressing charity work to Jameis: “He’s not going to not let me be involved in the community, and I cannot wait to be involved in the community,” Jameis said.

There’s plenty more, including Winston yelling, “Big Doogggg” a couple of times on the WDAE-AM 620 airwaves.


16 Responses to “Jameis: “I’d Do Anything For You, Big Dog.””

  1. Lefty Says:

    Stevie pretty much ‘corn holed’ Jameis during interview and goes to break with “suck on that trolls”. Gotta love ’em.

  2. labuc Says:

    Big Dog Flaw as F

  3. Mike10 Says:

    Alright, too harsh – I’ll leave it here:

    1) Duemig needs a co-host
    2) I’m excited for some REAL swag on this team – let’s see him put some play behind that talk now

  4. Luther Says:

    Wow…I thought I was going to puke listening to that. Love how Jameis handles himself with the media though. IF he produces on the field, he will be a rockstar.

  5. Dreambig Says:

    What time was Winston on? When I tuned in, around 4:25, Duemig was completely lambasting Jameis saying based on history he was going to be a bust and that the work “Hater” was over used and he had to be so negative because everyone was talking about it. Instead of Duemig joining the excitment of the Bucs getting a Franchise QB, maybe talking about the press conferences or the possibilities of Jameis to Jackson or Evans, he had to be all about the negative drivel the haters are over blowing. I could only listen for about 10 minutes till his crappy attitude and cartoon voice made me change the channel. It was unfortunate. I really wanted to revel in good Bucs vibes. When Winston saw him, he should have been punching that bloated, hypocritical winer in the mouth instead of being nice to him.

  6. tval Says:

    Poised for greatness whether you like it or not..resistance is futile!!!! 🙂

  7. ChessMaster Says:

    So what that he kissed the Big Dogs @ss? The man is trying and that is more than Micheal Johnson or Anthony Collins did!

  8. WS99 Says:

    Indoor practice facility! I’ve been saying that since Tedford went down. It’s just stupid to practice in that heat. It’s working against us. Move over Rays the bucs are going to practice.

  9. BoJim Says:

    He’s happy. Let him be.

  10. Luther Says:

    For the record, I’m not blasting Jameis at all….he was the good guy in the interview.

  11. Dreambig Says:

    LOL Joe – I see my second comment didn’t get through the moderators and was removed. My apologies! I thought I may have been pushing the envelope with that one. So I’ll say it like this. I appreciate the positive support that Joebucsfan extends to the Buccaneers, particularly during one of the most significant drafts in the last few decades. It would be awsome if others responsible for covering the Bucs followed your example and did the same, as it would be more productive in inspiring our fanbase.

  12. Leonard Scarnesi Says:

    I was good with the Jameis pick, but hearing him getting all friendly with Duemig is pretty sickening. Maybe he’ll learn. I feel sorry for Jameis after hearing he has a 20 week commitment to work with Duemig. That might be enough make him seriously consider his baseball options. Seems like Jameis can’t get a break.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Dreambig Says
    “I could only listen for about 10 minutes…”

    To be fair, if you only listened for a short time, then you really shouldn’t judge the entire program.

    Steve does what he is paid to do. Part of that is to cover all the angles.

    Unfortunately, Steve is right about Winstonites. They take everything personally. Like it or not, Winston DOES have weaknesses. Steve would be a bad media personality if he did not talk about every aspect of Winston.


    The pick of Winston is growing on me. I knew he would be the pick, even if I preferred Mariota. Now that the pick is done, I am behind Winston 100 percent.

    As such, and after reviewing so much tape on him, I will be watching for improvement in key areas.

    Wind up – It’s not an illusion. He isn’t quite as bad as Leftwich or Tebow, but he’s alarmingly close. Given his baseball background, I believe this is the contributing factor. It will take some effort to de-program this. There have been plenty of QBs who failed to do so.

    Posture – He places his weight improperly while passing the ball. This was even apparent during is Pro Day, when he nearly trips over his own feet several times. THIS WILL IMPROVE WITH TIME, I hope.

    Pocket Presence & Release Speed – Winston holds onto the ball too long because he is very slow going through progressions or doesn’t do them at all. At best, I have seen him look at one other option on most plays, but he then quickly locks on his chosen target and stares him down. In many instances, he skips progressions completely, projecting his pass. THIS WILL IMPROVE WITH TIME, I hope. (see next)

    Stares Down Targets – Winston consistently stared down his targets, making it clear who he is passing to. I can predict his target on nearly every play, so I know the defenses can. He will need to wrok on this immediately, or his picks will be very high.

    I have seen analysts that have completely ignored this or deny it, but EVEN WINSTON admitted it during his post Pro Day interview.

    Accuracy – This is something hte analysts ignore or deny as well. Ball placement isn’t as important in college as it is in the NFL. Does Winston get the ball within reach of the receivers? Yes. The problem is ball placement. It is often in the prime pick area when he throws it. This is the second reason his interceptions were high. THIS WILL IMPROVE WITH TIME, I hope. He seems capable of fixing it. Hopefully he will, though I doubt it will be in his first year, as he’ll be scrambling from pressure too much.

    The Comebacks – While everyone talks about how he has so many comebacks, few look at the reasons for the need to comeback. He consistently plays poorly in the first half of games. In the NFL, if he throws 2-3 picks in the first half, there will be no coming back nearly as often, because the teams will run up the score. This will haunt him throughout his first year or two. No way around it. The good news is that he never gives up. Even in the Rose Bowl, when he lost control of himself, it seemed it was because he refused to quit. THIS WILL IMPROVE WITH TIME, I hope.

    Leadership – His dislike of losing is admirable, but as a result of having such a record, he really has not had the opportunity to prove his leadership ability during adversity…except in the Rose Bowl, when he blamed everything on his teammates and took no accountability for himself. He even got in the face of his coach. Hopefully he learned his lesson there. THIS WILL IMPROVE WITH TIME, I hope.

    Off Field Behavior – Like it or not, it is a factor. Guilty or innocent, Jameis will always be accused of being a rapist. There will always be haters. There will always be media hounding him, fans with cell phones ready to record video, and worse. His best defense is to control his environment and behavior, and that is where the uncertainty lies. Is he capable? He says he is, but what else would he say? Time till prove this one out. Personally, as a Quarterback of the Bucs (and a human being), I hope he does well.

    Thought Processing Speed – Off field, Winston seems to know his stuff (football-wise) and is almost masterful in that knowledge. On field? He seems to move slowly, and that MIGHT be because he isn’t processing things fast enough. I’ll be watching closely.


    My Overall Opinion
    He’s the quarterback of the Buccaneers future, and as such, I’ll back him. Heck, just taking a quarterback with the number one overall pick is enough to excite me. I’ll watch and hope for improvements in these areas, and I will give him props anytime I see those improvements. This is my honest evaluation of his current status. I’m not shooting him down. Every player drafted has areas to work on and these are his.

  14. Dreambig Says:

    Bonzi- In general I agree with you but there is a time and place for everything. True I didn’t listen to the whole thing but how long do you have to listen to one of his rants to get the gist of his position.

  15. Luther Says:

    Bonzi I’ve heard him go off on Winston fans even if they were not all in. He seems to have way more patience for Mariota fans no matter how uninformed they are. He has NOT presented both sides of the issues at all. If I had an alternative, I would listen elsewhere but then I wouldn’t be able to listen to JoeBucsFan and that is a must listen show for me. If you read some of his tweets, its not hard to see that he was a Mariota fan even if he says he’s neutral.

  16. Josh P. Says:

    First of all, Winston aside….Steve can’t stand FSU from the get go no matter what kind of BS he try’s to give everyone. His hate for FSU and their fans goes way before Winston.