Joe Talks Jameis Jabs, Coaching Changes, D-Line Jockeying & More

May 19th, 2015

joe_mug_shotIt’s Tuesday! So Joe was back in the cage of The Big Dog, Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM 620.

Plenty of subjects were on the table.

Enjoy the full audio below.

6 Responses to “Joe Talks Jameis Jabs, Coaching Changes, D-Line Jockeying & More”

  1. Buc-A-New Says:

    OK…….I am going to make a commitment here and now. If we have a .500 record at the halfway point then I am going to bring my sorry butt 3,000 miles to see a home game. If so then I am going to look some of you Jokers up to tailgate with. GO BUCS

  2. FanOfBucs Says:

    Dude, I’m there.

  3. Digga101 Says:

    Nice commitment New buc
    I’m there to hell why not #IBLEEDPEWTER

  4. Ski-Bucs Fan Says:

    BUC-A-NEW I’m there every week for every game. You can Tailgate with my Group!! I’m a LONG TIME Bucs Season Ticket Holder. Welcome Aboard !!

  5. WS99 Says:

    Good stuff. Nice to hear the bd using his inside voice. A lot great topics tonight.

    Mccoy vs Winston. Hmm that’s a battle especially if Winston balls out and thats a big IF. This team reminds me of the sharks on any given Sunday. It’s almost a literal translation. Daughter takes over team, old coach, no wins, young cocky qb enters disfunctional lockerroom and proceeds to vomit. lol and wins games.

    As for DE I think it will be the same rotation as last year with G. Johnson taking over for M. Johnson. At LB it’s LVD, Carter and Lansanna.

    Hopefully Kwon, Everett (TxA&M) and Shepard can make big play on ST. Hopefully someone will step up as a returner. What happened to the days of cornerbacks and safeties returning punts? I recall Rod Woodson actually both Woodsons could return some kicks. Just saying best person for the job but I digress.

  6. Andrew 1 Says:

    Make no mistake about it, Clay was drafted specifically to be our return specialist. Flew under the radar in large part because he only had 1 year of major college football under his belt, but in that year he returned 3 punts for touchdowns on 23 attempts. So about every 8 times he returned a punt, they went for touchdowns. That’s a pretty good average. Not a very large sample size though, and that’s part of the problem. Regardless, he’s expected to be our return man this season.