“I’m Still Working On Their Trust”

May 1st, 2015

jameis and lichtJameis Winston had a very interesting and humble ending to his news conference at One Buc Palace this afternoon.

Winston reflected on his discussions with team officials and how they investigated him and placed their faith in him.

“I’m still working on their trust,” Winston said with a heartfelt voice. “So that’s why I’m so grateful that they accepted me. You know, that they trusted me. That Joel [Glazer], and having a conversation with Ed and Bryan [Glazer], They accepted me as well. I’m just grateful, man.”

Joe finds that intriguing. Here Winston is, with a contract already signed, one that guarantees him $20 million+, and he’s talking about still earning the trust of the men who hired him and paid him.

It’s the right attitude, especially with a pending civil lawsuit.

48 Responses to ““I’m Still Working On Their Trust””

  1. Ray Rice Says:

    Just win JW, and everything will be alright!

  2. flhillbilly Says:


  3. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    If you’re a GM or HC and you draft someone with the #1 pick after putting in a 2-14 season you’d damn well better trust him…your career is riding on it.

  4. @eric Says:

    Its all about number 3 now……in 3 we trust

  5. tval Says:

    They trust him, as they should. But it still speaks to his character that he admits he did enough for anyone to question him. I’m positive his parents are the most critical of all, especially mom. Without folks like that holding him accountable throughout his upbringing hed never have had the strength to overcome the adversity at fsu. Great expectations for this young man. As for now, its time for all his real fans and tampa fans to enjoy the moment 🙂

  6. Walter Says:

    It’s all about 5…… I mean 3…… Lol

    Please don’t be another Freeman

  7. pick6 Says:

    once all the false righteousness dies down, and fans see and hear him consistently being genuine and being positive, it’s going to be apparent to the country how lucky the bucs were back in 2015 to be in this position. Bring on the future

  8. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Lmao Winston getting blasted on ESPN right now. Before I wouldn’t care but now it is starting to bother me oddly enough. Inner Winstonite I guess. 🙂

  9. MadMax Says:

    F everyone against him now!

    What! WHAT!?!

    Get over it or move the hell on to another team you fn nimwits!!! F U!

  10. Gator N Bucs Says:

    I freaking Love the Rookie Wage Cap!!!!!! Five years ago he probably doesn’t sign until his agent tried to squeeze every nickle he could out of us.

  11. salish_seamonster Says:

    He’s our QB now. Naysayers need to shut the hell up.

  12. WS99 Says:

    Anybody know where I can but that Buccaneers Top Hat Jdubs been wearing?

  13. Gator N Bucs Says:

    So I haven’t really been here since yesterday morning. Did we lose many people with the JW selection? If we did they were fairweather fans anyway.

  14. WS99 Says:


  15. LargoBuc Says:

    Screw ESPN. Making Winston a villian by leaving out facts is how they get ratings. All hype. Add in that he is a Buc and lets the bullspit fest begin!

  16. WS99 Says:

    This just in from the Winston camp:


    16 mil buys a lot of crab legs.


  17. Erik the WiseMMan Says:


    I sincerely hope that’s true. And I also hope that we can somehow start winning fairly quickly to keep the positive vibe going and that he performs up to expectations and comes through in the clutch for us for many years to come….

    Pleeeease rise to the occasion, Jameis, and put in the consistent hard work that it takes to become a champion…. Man, I personally would have more faith in Mariota long-term, but hopefully it works out well for the Bucs. I do love how perpetually positive Winston is…

  18. pick6 Says:

    Erik, just like the people who say MM is too quiet or whatever (and in fairness, i’m one of them), you can’t supress your personality and lead effectively. do you need to have self awareness, a sense of context, and maybe a dial? absolutely. but JW isn’t going to be successful by stiffening up and being a stern father figure, just like MM won’t be successful by copying tom brady’s fiery on-field leadership.

    whenver these sinister overtones dissipate, i see JW eventually being percieved as a Brett Favre type. positive, down to earth, but playing a kid’s game with a kid’s energy and pushing the envelope with his style of play. nobody respected favre less because he had fun playing the game and living his life, because they knew there was nobody on the team who loved the game more or competed harder than he did and we would will the team to 9+ wins no matter what the roster looked like and how many picks he threw.

    i think even 5-year-veteran favre would be considered a “red flag” prospect by today’s standards and high visibility. especially with 4 months of enforced scrutiny to feed the website-hits-beast

  19. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    As long as you are a Buc Jameis…last nights Instagram…after all your behavioral/PR….should have known going back to crab legs was not a wise choice

  20. Gator N Bucs Says:

    pick6 Says:
    May 1st, 2015 at 5:41 pm
    Erik, just like the people who say MM is too quiet or whatever (and in fairness, i’m one of them), you can’t supress your personality and lead effectively. do you need to have self awareness, a sense of context, and maybe a dial? absolutely.
    Not sure if MM is suppressing his personality or not and not trying to start ish with you but Ive been in wars and I can tell you now that real killers are quiet in demeanor.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree….not a wise choice to remind anyone about the crab legs…..Joe has stopped with his crab leg intro…..
    Jameis needs to do two things…..grow up….and win….

    Can you imagine Muhammad Ali…..mouthing off and then proceeding to get his a$$ whipped every time he got in the ring?

    Winning will solve all of his problems with Buc skeptics and even the haters….it won’t solve his problem with the NFL and fans in general….he’ll have to do that for himself.

  22. Gator N Bucs Says:

    VERY Well Said TBBF.

  23. MadMax Says:

    Na, it was the RIGHT choice Joejoefungi, putting it IN YOUR FACE!!!! Thats why he did it! I was glad he did it too….shows his sense of humor but slanting it with a little smartass touch! It was just a freebie comp….get over it.

  24. Gator N Bucs Says:

    Oh and Yes the crab legs deal was basically trolling the entire world

  25. pick6 Says:

    Gator N Bucs, i’m not saying MM supresses his personality – i perceive him as being quite authentic. if that’s who MM is that’s who he has to be if he’s going to lead, whether i or a million other couch potatoes think he should be a live wire and a butt kicker or whatever. people will follow you, they won’t follow some dude you’re trying to be. same applies to the everyone outside tampa bay (and some inside) who think JW’s fun demeanor needs to go away to win the trust of ownership and fans. i’d trust him less as a fan if he tried to hide who he is to win approval, and so would his teammates

    i’ve been in no wars so i cannot dispute what you say, but my assumption is that the best killers don’t always correspond to the best leaders, so i don’t think your “silent but deadly” take really stands in contradiction to my statement

  26. Erik the WiseMMan Says:

    Pick 6,

    I like you…. And you’re honestly making me like Jameis quite a bit more (I’m such a romantic)… I just hope it’s all true. And I sincerely hope that he has much success in this league.

  27. pick6 Says:

    and like i said above, being authentic and having a filter or sense of context are not mutually exclusive. the pic showed a lack of forethought on a very big night, but i don’t think you’ll see much of Jameis on social media once he gets the opportunity to get a copy of the playbook. I can’t predict outcomes, but I 100% believe this guy is going to be all about getting ready to try to go 16-0 every season, whether we have superbowl talent or the current 2-win dumpster

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It was stupid……stupid because Buc fans know what crab legs mean with Winton…but the general public is now asking “what’s with the crab legs?” and now they are being told that Winston stole them from a Publix in college..
    That message was sent out by none other than Winston himself……and that my Buc friends is “industrial strength stupid”
    On the day of your greatest accomplishment and your proudest moment….near to a $25 mil contract….with the entire world listening….you tell them that you were a thief….and want them to believe that you were simply immature.
    Winston chose # 3 because he wanted to revert back to his original childhood number to give him a new start in the NFL….he needs to listen to his Momma!

    I can guarantee you that Lovie has already privately told him to “knock that $hit off”

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @Mad Max

    Would you be glad he did it if you were his agent and you were trying to negotiate endorsement contracts for him?

  30. pick6 Says:

    Erik, thanks – I don’t know how much lower a franchise can get, but if this goes like the skeptics predict, i guess we will find out. For that reason alone, i hope the fans will unite behind this QB and this Coach…regardless of what anybody thinks might happen, we should at least be unified in what we HOPE will happen.

    Glad i’m helping bring you around on the hope front, even if you continue to hold out on the expectations front. hey, i’ve been watching the team for the last 10 years too, i can’t fault anybody who doesn’t expect good things until the bucs actually produce them 😉

  31. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    # 3 represent the number of years he’ll play in the NFL before going back to baseball….Jameis won’t be able to handle the NFL

  32. Owlykat Says:

    I will still be cheering on the Bucs but I feel Winston will do fine until he gets his first big contract or law suits get messy and cause him not to focus but I predict long term Mariota will be the better QB.

  33. MadMax Says:

    He’s paid already…..maybe his agent is still thirsty and he needs a new agent. But Im not his agent and couldnt care less. It was a statement pic, the crab legs were free in that pic just like they were before. But go ahead and turn it into all of the BS its been turned into.

  34. The Other Side of the Coin Says:

    The crab legs photo was about saying thank you to the Capt who donated them to his family. It wasn’t about trolling anyone. It also wasn’t a sign of immaturity, it was a sign of inexperience. It takes a little time living in the world to know how vicious and venomous some people can be in their hate and envy. Besides maturing there is also learning the ways of the world.

  35. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    We talking bout crab legs,crab legs. Not a game,crab legs. I mean C’mon man. We talking bout crab legs.

  36. MadMax Says:

    Lol Nole, EXACTLY!!!

  37. Dave Pear Says:

    “You can’t handle the crab legs!”
    “Say hello to my a leetle crab legs.”

  38. Erik the WiseMMan Says:

    Pick 6,

    Wise words. Thank you for posting

  39. Gator N Bucs Says:

    I can see your views and respect your opinion Pick6. What I was trying to convey was that you have to follow in the Army. You follow or you lead. Back when I wasn’t even a Sergeant I liked following the quiet Sergeants. I knew what I was getting all the time. In my personal opinion when I look in Mariota’s eyes I see a killer. Not saying that he is going to be a ‘killer QB’. Just saying that I see it in his eyes.

  40. Gator N Bucs Says:

    Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:
    May 1st, 2015 at 6:20 pm
    We talking bout crab legs,crab legs. Not a game,crab legs. I mean C’mon man. We talking bout crab legs.
    Funny man but even you have to admit it was really boneheaded. He needs to cut out the “Im special and can do whatever I want” mentality. The appropriate picture to Instagram would be a pic of him kissing his mom or something. Jeesh, I sure hope he grows up fast. I hope he already has GMC, LVD, VJAX’s numbers.

  41. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Jameis is going to lose 3/4 of his earning to shakedown/blackmail artists …paid off to keep the police and press out of
    various “incidents”….the other 1/4 will go to attorneys for incident already in the public eye…….

  42. Eric Says:

    The immature laughable fools are at BSPN.

    Jameis is running rings around them. He’s in their heads.

    Love it!

  43. MadMax Says:

    joejoefungi must be a paid shrill since he’s still around with his unhappy bitter ass…smh

  44. Gator N Bucs Says:

    Hey Joe Joe, Dont you think that is a little extreme. I mean I was never against JW I was against his apologists that minimized every event. Why would you alienate yourself with comments like that.

  45. MadMax Says:

    Giants just traded up!

  46. Gator N Bucs Says:


  47. Gator N Bucs Says:

    I wanted Smith all along.

  48. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:
    May 1st, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    Jameis is going to lose 3/4 of his earning to shakedown/blackmail artists …paid off to keep the police and press out of
    various “incidents”….the other 1/4 will go to attorneys for incident already in the public eye…”

    Why are you still here?