Brad Johnson Makes Rare Appearance

May 1st, 2015

The only QB to win a Super Bowl for the Bucs, Brad Johnson, traveled all the way from Athens, Ga., to be part of Jameis Winston’s day at One Buc Palace.

How big of a deal was the Bucs drafting Florida State star quarterback Jameis Winston?

First, Winston’s press conference was held in the auditorium at One Buc Palace, usually reserved for retirement ceremonies or Ring of Honor announcements or new coaches/general managers.

But another sign that Winston’s arrival is historic is Brad Johnson showed up.

The only Bucs quarterback who has won a Super Bowl with the club rarely makes an appearance at One Buc Palace, largely because he now lives in Athens, Ga. He moved there a few years ago to be closer to his brother-in-law, Georgia football coach Mark Richt.

Not exactly an easy drive to Tampa.

Johnson admitted the Bucs invited him for the ceremony (what was that about not knowing who the Bucs were going to draft?) partly because of his stature in Bucs lore, but also because like Winston, he is a former Florida State quarterback.

Johnson told Joe that until today, he never had a chance to meet Winston. Still, as a former quarterback, Johnson marveled at how Winston was able to play at such a high level, despite also playing baseball and, of course, the legal distractions that seemingly always hung over his head.

“Some of those games, coming from behind, was just spectacular,” Johnson said of Winston’s wins in college. “It is hard, especially as a young guy. It was just spectacular. He is able to compartmentalize everythign that is going on. I can’t imagine. And then playing two sports.”

Johnson believes from his own experience Winston will struggle at times as a rookie, despite his talent.

“It’s tough,” Johnson said. “I remember when I first called a play in the huddle, and they said, ‘Double-right check with me.’ And I was like, ‘Check what?’

“I think [Florida State coach] Jimbo [Fisher] does an incredible job teaching guys on the board and call protections and make adjustments with protections and manage the game. [Winston] is an extremely bright football guy. A smart quarterback.”

Winston seemed humbled that Johnson would come all the way just for him.

“I’m honored,” Winston said. “He won a Super Bowl here and he came from Florida State. That made me feel even more honored.”

6 Responses to “Brad Johnson Makes Rare Appearance”

  1. SOOFIERCE Says:

    The stars have aligned for Tampa Bay.

    GO BUCS!

  2. Pvine Says:

    Love Brad Johnson. He was a tuff son-of-a-Buc. What a great description of how Winston played his sports at FSU. Go Bucs. Go Jameis!!!

  3. drdneast Says:

    “The Bull,” s Gruden used to call him, is a class act. What a great thing to do. The only QB to win a Super Bowl for the Bucs. Hope Winston breaks that record, too.

  4. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Big ups and salute to Brad Johnson.

  5. flhillbilly Says:


  6. MTM Says:

    Very cool.