He’s Still Lunch Pail Mike

May 13th, 2015

Throat was trembling, the lower lip was quivering. Eyes welling up were around the corner.

Yes, another 30 seconds of Mike Alstott highlights today at One Buc Palace would have sent Joe into a breakdown that would have made Josh McCown cry again.

Sorry, but certain memories of the glory days Bucs just melt Joe’s guts.

Alstott appeared to be wavering on the verge of an emotional breakdown himself during moments of his Ring of Honor introduction speech today. Alstott will join Doug Williams in this year’s class.

For Joe, one thing really stood out about Alstott. Asked about his favorite memory, Alstott explained that he cherishes most “that every day grind” of the work day as a Buccaneer, not a specific game or play.

After all these years, seconds after being lauded for his many achievements in Bucs history, after watching those highlights compiled by the Buccaneers’ staff on the big screen, Alstott is savoring practice. He’s still lunch pail Mike.

30 Responses to “He’s Still Lunch Pail Mike”

  1. BuccaneEric Says:

    My two youngest boys are 11 and 8, and they love watching the Alstott highlights on YouTube with me.

  2. Buc McNasty Says:

    Damn, those were some great times! I truly feel that we are on the path of redemption. Amazing class entered in to the ROH.

  3. Tom Edrington Says:

    The way Jon Gruden treated Alstott was a crime…….

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    Tom Edrington

    I agree. It was hard to watch.

  5. Ray Rice Says:

    I remember standing outside the players locker room after an Atlanta Falcons loss. The players I remember most were Alstott, Barber, and Jermaine Philips. Those 3 guys exited the locker room and greeted fans. They even took time to sign autographs with fans and take pictures. Sapp and Brooks acted like a$$holes and ignored everyone. Brooks, I noticed after many games would only say hi to the people wearing the Brooks foundation T-shirts. Alstott, Barber, and Philips are a class act.

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Alstott, Barber, and Philips are a class act.

    Yes they were! Agree totally Ray Rice. This is an area where I hope Fameis is also going to excel. For all his youthful indiscretions he still has a chance to exhibit class the rest of his life. I have great hope for Fameis in this area. The fact that he realizes that not all NFL players come to rookie camp with wealth, that he’s repping for those not as blessed as him and able to get out of the hood is a positive IMHO. I hope he exhibits the same empathy for Buc fans and so far I have no reason to doubt he will.

    Let’s hope he’s the anti-Sapp and more like Alstott and Ronde.

  7. Jamaica_jase Says:

    Congrats Big Mike.
    You have truly been a GREAT representative of the BUCS organisation!


  8. DallasBuc Says:

    When Alstott got rolling defenses didn’t want none. Not much fired up a Bucs fan more than Alstott softening up a defense.

  9. Dave Pear Says:

    I don’t think you will have to worry about Jameis.
    Last year I went to a Stetson vs. FSU game in Deland.
    Got there about an hour early.
    Jameis is out on the outfield fence signing what ever is put in his hand.
    Gator hats, FSU hats, Stetson hats, it didn’t matter.
    He was interacting with everybody.
    Especially the kids.
    He wasn’t playing that game and the trainers had to get him back in the dugout so the game could start.
    Class act.
    So happy he is a Buccaneer.

  10. DallasBuc Says:

    Just watched the highlight video on team website and it was indeed almost tear-inducing. Been so long you forget just how freaking athletic that monster was. An absolute punishing wrecking ball with unbelievable moves and elusiveness. Love this.

  11. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks for that anecdote. I can easily see that happening here.

  12. BuccaneEric Says:

    That was good info, Dave Pear! Good to hear.

  13. SSG Mike Says:

    Alstott is my all time favorite player. I hope he gets a legitimate shot at the Hall of Fame as well. Dressed 2 of my boys up as WD-40 when they were toddlers in the late ’90’s for Halloween. Was fun, they both turn 17 and 18 in June. Good old days for us long suffering Bucs fans. I’ve been a Bucs fan since 1977 when I moved to Florida and I have never stopped cheering on our Buccos!

  14. RastaMon Says:

    Once upon a training camp at Pigeon Poop Stadium
    There was a veteran starting Buc LB Lonnie Marts..and
    a rookie running back that met in the hole….
    Marts was knocked out…..

  15. kaput Says:

    Lee Roy Selmon, John McKay, Jimmie Giles, Paul Gruber, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Mike Alstott and Doug Williams are in the Ring of Honor.

    Ronde Barber, John Lynch, Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy and Hardy Nickerson will soon follow.

    Who else?

    Hopefully, Gerald McCoy, Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, Lavonte David and Jameis Winston will have good arguments for their inclusion in the future.

  16. Destinjohnny Says:

    to bad he was never used right. i would take him over Betis all day

  17. BucsFan 76 Says:

    I love the ATrain videos second only to John Lynch videos!!!
    Awesome for you big Mike

  18. Pickgrin Says:

    Alstott is one of the most beloved Buccaneers ever. His heart, his humbleness, his wrecking ball running style. 4th and goal from the 1? – no prob. – “Alstott up the Gut – TD!!!! – Fire those Cannons” (in my best Deckerhoff voice)

    Why Gruden seemed to just refuse to utilize the A-Train’s running (and catching) abilities was and still is beyond my comprehension. That was the one thing about Gruden that really ticked me off – his gross under-appreciation for what Mike Alstott could do with a football in his hands. Never understood that and probably never will. Dude caught 65 passes as a rookie for God’s sake.

    Congrats Mike!!! Love ya man. You are one of the best and most sincere men to have ever worn a Buccaneer uniform. This honor is well deserved.

  19. McSiD Says:

    Ray Rice, they were some of the most personal Bucs from back in the day. We still have some good ones here too. I remember going to a training camp practice where Jermaine Phillips through one of his gloves. I caught it, and gave it to the kid next to me. He saw what I did and threw the next glove like a bullet. Just a good Buc.

  20. pittbucfan Says:

    Many thanks and congrats, Mike!!!

  21. Atlbuc28 Says:

    The Cleveland game superbowl year…..I was on 50 yard line 5 rows up behind bucs bench… yes video evidence on superbowl dvd… God did Mike take over that game….As fans we got really spoiled… Reality, might of been a once in a lifetime moment! Still Rockin’ #40 jersery

  22. Atlbuc28 Says:

    Jersey…. crap!

  23. Capt. Blighe Says:

    The Best second half running back EVER !!! And Gruden was too stubborn to use him. Still pisses me off.

  24. Espo Says:

    I love Gruden for what he brought us and will defend him against you ungrateful a holes to this day about anything except for this…

    I think he single handedly kept Mike Alstott out of the hall of fame.

  25. MadMax Says:

    Still wear my #40 jersey sometimes. HE WAS our train…usually took 2 to 3 guys or more to bring him down….and the moments they couldnt….man, what memories! We MISS you A TRAIN!!!!!

  26. Rrsrq Says:

    Alstott was that guy you never wanted to see retire. I’m also glad he never put on another team’s jersey. Great pick coach Dungy. Will somebody tell Greg Schiano, you wanna see a Buccaneer man, look no further than #40. Long live the days of WD-40

  27. Rrsrq Says:

    Joey I. should’ve called Mike Alstott and met at LeeRoy Selmons for wings

  28. joeNUTS Says:

    Favorite buc of all time….

    3 yards and a cloud of dust!!!

  29. BoJim Says:

    I loved to see him run into the pile and everyone thought that was it. Only to see him burst out the back dragging a couple guys into the end zone. I’ll always dislike Gruden for what he did to Mike.

  30. Pvine Says:

    I can remember way back when one Saturday I happened to be watching a college game on TV. Purdue vs a Big 10 team. What I saw that day made me a fan of Mike Alstott. Said to myself that the Bucs need a fullback for next years team and this just has to be the man….and by golly the Bucs took Alstott in the 2nd rd. and the rest is history. I’ve been a Buccaneers fan since the beginning and Mike Alstott is my hero to this day. What a great football player.
    I liked Jon Gruden for the most part but what he did to Mike Alstott is unforgivable. Big Mike, you are the greatest!