“He’s Gotta Outplay Mike Glennon, Too.”

May 31st, 2015

Not every Buccaneers beat writer thinks it’s a slam dunk that America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, is the Tampa Bay starting QB when the snaps really matter.

Man, hearing this yesterday morning really sobered Joe up in a hurry. Esteemed Tampa Tribune beat writer Roy Cummings hopped on WDAE-AM 620 and talked about how the Lovie Smith regime has changed its mindset when it comes to handing out starting jobs.

Lovie Smith gifted a lot of people jobs last year, Cummings noted, and that plan failed.

“I think he learned his lesson a little bit,” Cummings said of Lovie. “Not that it was a lesson he had to learn, I think he had faith in those guys, but I think he’s decided, along with Jason Licht and the coaching staff, ‘You know what, let’s make guys earn things right now. Let’s put somebody at the top of the depth chart, and instead of just saying he’s our starting tackle, or he’s our starting quarterback, or he’s this or that, let’s let him earn it.’

Cummings said the goal is to not have guys feeling “entitled” to a position.

“I think the same thing is sort of happening at quarterback, too. I mean, let’s face it, Jameis Winston’s going to be the starter more than likely, and we haven’t seen the reps the way they go [in practice] when Jameis Winston is there along with Mike Glennon, my guess is that Winston is getting the bulk of them with the first team. But, you know, he’s gotta outplay Mike Glennon, too. So I think it’s a good thing that they’re doing there.”

Joe has to respectfully disagree here when it comes to Jameis. Joe is sure it’s 100 percent Jameis’ job, and the regime has made no effort to dial back expectations of Jameis.

In fact, recent comments from Lovie and Licht have fueled just the opposite. And Joe hasn’t heard any kind of serious peep that Glennon is competing for the starting job in any way.

The right thing will happen on opening day of preseason — and the regular season.

45 Responses to ““He’s Gotta Outplay Mike Glennon, Too.””

  1. Jim Says:

    How can you become a better QB by holding a clipboard?

  2. Howard Cosell Says:

    What if Glennon (going into his 3rd year in the NFL) just has a
    better camp than the rookie?

    I know. I know . Love is blind. It can make you blind to reality.

  3. Buc-A-New Says:

    Once again here is a position that I have no worries about on our team. I believe Glennon can be an above average starter with the full support of a regime and JW can be a Superstar. Not a bad position to be in to me.

  4. rayjay1122 Says:

    Glennon is a Buc, so I naturally am not anti-Glannon. That being said, Glennon has about as much of a chance of winning the starting QB job over Winston as I have of winning a luxury suite for every game this season, a brand new Mercedes Benz AMG GT and Rachael Watson as my date to each of those events…..not going to happen!!!

  5. Howard Cosell Says:

    Is that because Winston is a better QB, or some other reason, like he’s
    more dreamy than Glennon? Seriously. What if Glennon has a legitimately
    better camp then Winston?

  6. Strider #FamousJameis Says:

    Glennon has had more than enough chances to show what he is made of…. He is backup QB material enjoy the sun and beach Mike

  7. Luther Says:

    I respect Roy but he is totally wrong here. The job belongs to your #1 draft pick or you should be fired.

  8. Buc-A-New Says:

    @Strider. I am all in on JW but if you truly believe that MG ever got a fair shake then you don’t know much about football.

  9. OB Says:

    Regardless of anything else, if they don’t earn the position, you will never know what you have and have not.

    Joe would have given the position as “America’s QB” last year to Johnny Football before the season started and look what happened to him.

    I am sure with Koetter, the best QB will be starting and he will have earned the position.

    I just want to win or get the first choice next year because if we can’t win, we still need help.

  10. RCH Says:

    I know it is Jameis job to lose and I think he is a upgraed to Glennon anyways. I think it was clear how they treated Glennon last year that he will never be a starter for this franchise. Just for kicks though remember what happened with our last first round QB pick that was just gifted a starting job with no competition?

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    How can any Buc fan even begin to think MG has a chance to beat out JW? That notion has been beat to death so don’t even go there, I mean how can someone mention them in the same sentence as potential starting QB’s? I’m just going along with the majority opinion here, you know make peace not war. I’ll take MG as a capable backup, that’s the consensus opinion. Maybe if his feet weren’t encased in cement, fans would see his potential.

  12. Hammy Says:

    Will the Mike Glennon mob just go away already… Who cares what Glennon does or doesn’t do. Who cares if he had a fair crack at the job or not. We have a Jamie’s Winston who is on another planet combated to dang Glennon. Glennon will be a nice back-up but I’m seriously getting sick of the Glennon talk. People we have Jameis Winston

  13. Howard Cosell Says:

    Entitlement is awesome!

  14. Buchead407 Says:

    Lol Joe’s entire site of the last month summed up.
    Jamie’s will start
    dline will be better ( hopefully) with good dt’s and a rotation at De
    No one knows what’s gonna happen with the running backs
    Skeptical about oline again this year

    There ya go everything u need to kno

  15. The Buc Realist Says:

    Mike Glennon, year 3, On his 4th Offensive Coordinator! Its a bucs life!!!

  16. Hawk Says:

    Unless Winston cannot get the speed of the game, I cannot see Lovie ‘sitting’ the #1 overall pick. If the #1 overall pick does not start on day one, the coach/GM has made an error. A BIG error. If we learned anything from Lovie, last year, it is that he will ride the player he is most committed to.
    Winston will be the day one starter.
    Because Glennon is familiar with the speed of an NFL game, AND he has seen most of the defenses an opponent is going to use, Winston will get most of the playing time in the preseason and (more than likely) reps on the practice field.

  17. Tom Edrington Says:

    If you go by Joe and the posts, sounds like the team would go into mass depression if Jameis is not the starter…..

  18. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Great post Bucfan37…

  19. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Roy cummings singlehandedly sabotaged Tampa tribune sports news. This is how you put words in the mouth of a coach with skill. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say mccown started for the same reason the o line was gutted, Glennon could have beat out mccown and had ever chance to do so, if he had played well mccown wouldn’t have returned from the injury to start again. Never mind the joke that we tanked to get first overall pick but to do that to make him compete with a guy who couldn’t keep mccown on the bench. If your in that camp that think Glennon can beat out Winston it’s time to get off the weed, none has said Glennon name until wait for it… Until Winston was absent

  20. Dean Says:

    Even though the press has been shut out viewing OTA’s, you can learn a lot from the quotes of the players and coaches that were there.

    If they say, “there’s a lot for him to learn”, translation is he far behind and may take a long while to catch up.
    If they say, “He’s coming along”, translation is he’s got a long way to go to become an NFL QB.

    Now, what have you heard about Jameis? A sponge. Football Junkie who works his ass off. Strong arm. Is practicing like he’s been in this system for years.

    And speaking of Roy Cummings, the great Tampa Tribune staff filed a Buc’s story on May23rd and then not another word until May28 and that was a beefed up replay of one line issued by Lovie about Jameis making up his absence by doing double-duty before he left. Some of these other sites are lazy and out of touch and merely rewrite what Joe and the others have already penned days before.
    Consider the source and you have your true answer.

  21. Howard Cosell Says:

    Lol, Howard is just trolling.
    He wants to see Winston start too, mainly because Winston has
    a physical skill set and leadership qualities that the Bucs have been
    lacking at QB for a long time.

  22. WS99 Says:

    Word on the street is that Jameis is in Cali acting a fool. He was “alledgely” drunk at Roscoe’s chicken and waffles and they refused him service. Also he alledgely took to social media to invite “the ladies” out to the club he was at. If this is true the haters are going to LOVE IT!!!

  23. gotbbucs Says:

    I have no problem with competition at certain positions, QB wont be one of them. The oline needs to have competition at pretty much every position, but if there are guys that you know in the end are going to be your starters then they need to get the majority of the reps with the ones. Switching projected 2nd string guards to starting left tackle to try to prove a point to a rookie is asinine if you want that rookie to have the job.

    Not that I think Donovan Smith should be starting his career as a starting left tackle as a rookie, he’s a right tackle/guard, but there sure as hell better have been a plan when that pick was made and it sure wasn’t for him to backup Kevin Pamphille.

    Likewise, Winston better get every single 1st team rep from now until the regular season. Glennon will only see the field if Winston gets hurt. Positions that you don’t rotate guys in and out of during the games need to be settle earlier than say, running back and wide receiver.

  24. Stanglassman Says:

    Why help spread false rumors? Yes he went to Roscoe’s to eat but that’s where the truth stops and the BS begins. NO he wasn’t drunk & he didn’t go out to a club and invite women on social media. That would have been front page news.


    I’m not pro Glennon or pro Winston,… I’m PRO BUCCANEERS. Just put the BEST PLAYERS on the field, the ones that give us the best chance to WIN !!!!!!! Seriously, who in their right mind would start the 2nd best player at any position ?!?!?! #BucsFansUnite !!!!!!!

  26. WS99 Says:


    idk bro I’m sure it will be out there sooner or later might as well mention it first so we’re not shocked by the story.

  27. Howard Cosell Says:

    Sounds like you’re saying there’s a chance Glennon could start.

    We don’t take kindly to folks who say there’s a chance Glennon could start around here.

  28. Owlykat Says:

    One of Glennon’s alleged qualities is being smart and can learn a playbook quickly, but if that is true, why mention as a disadvantage that Glennon has to learn another Offense. If Glennon is smart he should have been able to read defenses and avoid interceptions and should have been able to process info quickly and would not have held the ball so long, and he should have already mastered looking off Safeties, and should have figured out where to hit receivers in stride for YAC. He is poor in all these departments and will never be starter material. I said he could be a backup only from the start. He is a sack magnet!!!

  29. chuckabuc99 Says:

    I see Jameis doing well as a starter (hopefully) and I think we all know Mike is a more than capable backup.

    I’m just hoping to see some good football out of our Bucs this year.

    It’s a Bucs life people!

  30. Architek Says:

    I love Roy but there is no way in a cool breezy day in hell that Glennon would start over Winston. I am confident the Glazers wouldn’t be happy about that.

  31. Someone thinks Jameis Winston won’t be gifted the starting job | Florida Scoop Says:

    […] of the Tampa Tribune, who told 620WDAE that Winston wasn’t guaranteed a starting job — JoeBucsFan has the full quote, and here’s the key […]

  32. Buccfan37 Says:

    Damn that Glennon sucks. Yeah right! He is still a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the anti Glennon mob is still testy at the mention of his name and the Bucs in the same sentence.

  33. Ray Rice Says:

    No FUKN way Napoleon Dynamite starts week 1!

  34. Hoya Says:

    This may sound crazy, but as a Bucs fan (read: not a coach or front office personnel) and football fan in general, I find it extremely humorous when people post on message boards that Person/Athlete X will fail/succeed guaranteed. Lets be honest, for all of us posting, we don’t know or we would most likely be employed by an NFL team. So maybe we can keep some of those types of statements at a minimum. Personally, having played football in college (not the NFL or even a large college for that matter), the best thing that can happen is that the coaches enforce the best player plays, regardless of contract, draft status, previous experience for the play, etc. Not only will the team we field be better, but the players will respond better when they know that the best player plays. That includes the QB position. I hope Winston succeeds. Seriously. So we can end the perpetual search for a starter at the most important position. That said, if Glennon is measurably better than him, then I hope he starts (In my OPINION, Glennon isn’t as bad as many make him out to be. Do you think Winston, who is also not the most fleet of foot, would have fared much better behind that OLine last year?). Personally, I think one of the largest additions this offseason will be having an actual OC who has a track record of success. Here’s hoping for a drastic turnaround!

  35. CrimsonWarrior Says:

    I’m all in on Jameis, but I’ll say this Mike Glennon physically looks ready to go. It looks like he put on some muscle and idk looking at him he looks like a grown man out there now. I hope he pushes Jameis really hard and using the eye test I think he will.

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Buc-A-New Says
    “I am all in on JW but if you truly believe that MG ever got a fair shake…”

    That is not true at all. Here’s how the NFL works…players get opportunities. When those come, it is up to the players to “wow” the coaches enough to keep those opportunities coming.

    It’s that simple.

    Mike Glennon had some chances, and instead of making a case for himself, he did not “wow” his coaches. Or the fans.

    That said, I am 100 percent in favor of a total competition. I DON’T think Winston should be handed the job unless he is the best QB on the roster. I think, until training camp, he and Glennon should split starting reps, and Glennon should be told that he’s getting a fair shot at starting.

    Mind you, I don’t actually believe Mike Glennon will beat out Winston.

    However, Mike has never had to earn a starting role. At first, it was handed to him. Last year it was just taken away (giving some fans the opinion that he hasn’t had a fair shot…they forget his first year).

    So tell him that if he has it within him to play better than Winston, to be more dynamic and successful, then he can earn the starting role.

    It doesn’t have to end up being in Tampa.

    #trade bait.

  37. rayjay1122 Says:

    Mike Glennon…”America’s back-up QB””.

  38. 1st Bucfan Says:

    Seniority has its privilege. Glennon should start the first preseason game and play the 1st half. Jamis plays 2nd half then look at game film and start making your choices. I’m sure the best man wins.

  39. Luther Says:

    Haha…seniority is 1st pick in the draft vs 3rd round pick. Winston will start and L&L have already said as much.

  40. John benenati Says:

    Let the best players win..

  41. Bucfansinz1986 Says:

    How can you NOT start America’s Infamous Quarterback??? How??…if Glennon beats him out of it, that’s how. Sheesh. Stop crowning this ummm, person as king already.

  42. Lamdog Says:

    The only way Glennon starts over Winston: Glennon has to be head and shoulders above Winston. There is nothing in Glennon past to give any indication this will occur.

    As a new Buc fan and season ticket holder due to Winston. I find it laughable the media is now referring to him as America Quarterback, when it was the same media less than a month ago that was speculating Winston non-apperance in Chicago was due to Winston and the NFL being booed by fans.

    For the record: Can go 13-3, will be dependent on the Oline and Rb’s. Pray the left side is the best unit on the field.

  43. Craig Says:

    Either way….epic fail. Should’ve drafted Mariota!

  44. Big Time Jimmy Tim Says:

    Glennon has never had two seasons with the same OC. He is basically a rookie every year until he gets to learn from his mistakes with the same offense in consecutive years. If he has a better camp than Winston, he should play. He has had significantly less support and hype, the cards are already stacked against him (as they have been his entire career).

  45. BoJim Says:

    ““He’s Gotta Outplay Mike Glennon, Too.””

    Yeahrightsure Lovie.