Helping Jameis Cope

May 6th, 2015
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Bucs WR Mike Evans talked about his rookie experience and his understanding of Jameis Winston’s situation

This time last year, it was wide receiver Mike Evans in Jameis Winston’s shoes. Well, sort of.

While Evans proved to be an absolute home run of a pick, Evans is not a quarterback and he wasn’t a No. 1 overall pick.

There is an aura with quarterbacks picked No. 1 overall.

Consider a few differences. Last year, Evans had his introductory press conference in the Bucs’ media studio, which is where the vast majority of press conferences are held at One Buc Palace. It’s sort of like a small yet fancy American Legion or Knights of Columbus banquet hall.

When Winston came in last week, it was like a coronation. The complete staff of the Buccaneers, from secretaries to accountants to season ticket sellers, all met Winston in the lobby of One Buc Palace to a roaring ovation as if a head of state arrived.

Winston then had his his introductory presser in the Bucs’ auditorium, rarely used except to introduce a new coach or a new general manager or for Ring of Honor or retirement ceremonies. Winston’s first appearance packed the auditorium and even included Bucs alumni, including Brad Johnson, who traveled from Athens, Ga.

Despite the glaring differences in receptions, Evans kind of has a clue what Winston is going through.

“Being in that position last year, my mind was spinning and going crazy,” Evans said yesterday at One Buc Palace. “It’s an exciting time though and he should enjoy it and come ready to work next week.”

Evans noted he leaned on the veteran Bucs receivers for guidance. Not only did Evans say Winston should do the same, Evans will offer to help Winston learn the ropes in the NFL.

“I don’t think it will be a big challenge for him,” Evans said of Winston adjusting to life as a pro football player. “He’s a confident guy. He’s a real smart guy. He’s a quarterback.”

Evans said he has not yet spoken to Winston, instead wanting Winston to bask in his moment in the sun. There’s plenve plenty of time to talk in the coming days with rookie minicamp beginning Friday.

“No. After he got drafted, I texted him and told him congratulations,” Evans said. “He was really excited and ready to go.”

12 Responses to “Helping Jameis Cope”

  1. Pete Says:

    Help Jameis – sign La’el!

  2. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    WINSton to Evans over the next ten years. “O.M.G”…

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    I love me some Winston to Evans but am also very eager to see Winston to Bell

    the more I looked into Bell the happier I was with this pick. I did not dislike the bell pick at first but have really grown to like it after watching some video clips and interviews.

  4. bucco brice Says:

    rannell hall could be a find at WR too…had impressive senior bowl

  5. Bird Says:

    Having vjax, Evans, asj is a great situation for Jameis to come into. and remember we have a real offensive coordinator to help everyone out. Excited for season. One saving grace is we do play in nfc south which is up in the air.

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    bucco brice

    i have been meaning to look rannell hall up just have not had the time yet. i’ll check him out. my buddy really likes him too.


    ASJ needs to stay on the field. His long history of injuries is concerning. I am more excited about Winston to Evans, VJax, Bell and Rainey… Im not a martin guy not the same dude since injury. I am with Joe on the rainey bandwagon.

  7. delson Says:

    I’m more of a mike james n charles sims fan than rainey n martin. I agree martin isn’t the same.

  8. Rrsrq Says:

    I’m looking forward to the blocking of Mike Evans and Kenny Bell. How many receivers can you you tube for blocking. Those guys crush it.

  9. Mike10 Says:

    Here’s a ray of sunshine: Evans can be compared to the risk taken on Marpet this year, and it clearly paid off. Sure Evans didn’t play against glorified high schoolers, but he was more or less raw talent with not much experience, selected at a high risk spot in the draft… That pick could have easily back fired on us, credit to the staff for making sure it didn’t and hopefully being able to repeat history

  10. ThunderBuc81 Says:

    I just hope Evans doesn’t have a sophomore slump or bad injury and continues to be a “home run pick” I’ve become a big fan of this guy.

  11. mike m Says:

    Sry Pete La’el wants to play on a contender, dont think he will consider Tampa a contender at this point

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