Expectations For Winston

May 6th, 2015

jameis and magic

For many Bucs fans, the moment the name “Jameis Winston” escaped the draft-night lips of NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell, images of playoff wins began dancing in their heads.

While that very well may happen while young Jameis is with the Bucs, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The reason the Bucs had the shot to choose Winston is because they were the worst lot in the NFL. One draft is not going to turn that around completely.

Also, with rare exceptions, rookie quarterbacks struggle. It’s a big jump from college to the NFL. Three instances where Joe remembers rookies playing extremely well were Dan Marino, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson. Those quarterbacks happened to have found their way onto teams well-stocked with talent. Andrew Luck, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton and Robert Griffin, III, were impressive playoff-bound quarterbacks in their rookie years.

But at least this season, Bucs fans should temper their expectations. Bucs general manager Jason Licht is.

Appearing Monday on “The Blitz,” co-hosted by Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon, heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Licht laid out his expectations for Winston in 2015.

“I want to see Jameis play – he is going to be expected to be the starter — I want to see him play within the system,” Licht said. “I want to see him be productive. But I want to see – I think we all do, we just want to see – gradual gains. And him to continue to get better and better every week, every day.

“We are not expecting Dan Marino to come out here first day. But we expect him to work and he has a tremendous work ethic. Second to none. Which helps the case and gives him a realistic chance of being a great player – a better chance than most because of his work ethic and because of his intelligence. Just to make strides every day.”

Those seem like fair goals. Reasonable goals.

As Joe told his good friend, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig yesterday, live on WDAE-AM 620, if the Bucs win six games this year, that would be nice. No, no playoffs, but that’s tripling the amount of wins from the previous wretched season. That’s good any year a team can triple its win total.

When leaky, sleepy Josh Freeman was a rookie in 2009, he won three of his nine starts — all three Bucs wins that year — and the following season Tampa Bay made a run at a playoff berth. It was the last time the Bucs had double-digit wins.

108 Responses to “Expectations For Winston”

  1. BoJim Says:

    Looking forward to watching him grow.

  2. Ski-Bucs Fan Says:

    In all honesty, we should have won about 3-4 more games last season. Bad coaching decisions cost the Bucs those wins, of course the bad QB play of Josh McKown did too. With that in my mind, we should be able to win closer to 7 or 8 games. Winston should get better each and every week. He is a study freak and with the help of his veteran receivers, coaches, etc, he will listen and improve. I have been a Season Ticket holder and avid Bucs fan since Day One in 1976. I don’t know about you bandwagoners that claim to be Bucs fans, but quit your bitchin’ and let’s support Jameis.

  3. Bill Says:

    Priority #1 is to mature the new QB. If we do that and still make the playoffs then that would be great.

    Personally I’d like to see 30 TD’s and 20 INT’s (all things considered) and obviously more efficient production near the end of the season. I think that’s a very fair expectation for a strong #1 pick, which I consider JW to be.

  4. Bill Says:

    For reference, the 10 year vet named Cutler threw 28 TD’s and 18 INT’s last season. I’m expecting very similar results from our rookie.

  5. P'cola Buc Says:

    1st 16 game season for Brett Farve= 19 TDs-24 Int.
    1st 16 game season for Peyton Manning = 26 TDs-28 Int.
    Yes, so having similar numbers in Winston’s 1st year would be acceptable especially if he ends up having a career like those two greats.
    All those who have recently stated (in posts of earlier articles) that Winston must produce great results his first year or be considered a failure is setting him up for such a label and are simply haters.

  6. Fartman Says:

    Sorry Joe… no rookie pass for Glennon… certainly no rookie pass for Winston. His floor should be what Glennon accomplished as a rook, otherwise what are we doing.

  7. Mariota Joe Says:

    JBF, it sounds like you’re hoping that Infamous can be like Josh Freeman. And yeah, his INT/TD and W/L numbers would be fine…..if that were the only issue. It’s not.

  8. Rrsrq Says:

    Joe, you put a pic of Jameis with Magic, who won a championship in his rookie season, shouldn’t we expect the same. Yeah, Magic had the “skyhook” with Kareem, but we got the “Dunkaneers”.

  9. Skyline Crew Says:

    6 plus wins is his goal. Anything else is a disappointment.

  10. The Real Malloy Says:


    Great name…Howard Stern reference?

  11. Tom Edrington Says:

    Watched a re-run of the FSU-Notre Dame game last night. Put pressure on Jameis and well, the video doesn’t lie…..

    Thought here is most on this site have set their Winston expectations in the unrealistic neighborhood.

    I’m sure every team on the 2015 schedule is better than Notre Dame.

  12. Bill Says:

    @P’cola Buc,

    Favre and Manning played in a tougher passing league. DB’s could actually “hit” back then, and the rules concerning throwing a ball away were different for Favre. I’ll redirect back to my original comparison, if JW performs like the 10 year vet Cutler, you gotta consider that a success.

  13. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Joe is a realist. We were 2-14 last season! Over the last 6 months they got rid of their two starting safeties and two starting defensive ends. They have only picked up back ups and practice squad guys to replace them. The o-line has two rookies who most likely will struggle too. You guys are acting like JW is all that we needed. He is a huge upgrade but this TEAM isn’t going anywhere next year. 6 wins is probably the high end of what they can do in 2015. Vegas has them at 2/15 to win the division and that is by far the worst odds of the four teams. Next year they need to address these glaring holes and maybe we will be more competitive in 2016.

  14. LutzBuczFan Says:

    I want to see our running game improve to help Winston out.

  15. Bill Says:

    Tom Edrington,

    He completed 23 of 31 passes for 273 yards. 2 TD’s, an INT, and a win. This was done while the running game produced 26 rushes for 50 yards.

    ND was balling in that game, Winston was 4 times as productive as his running game. He won, yet somehow you want to paint this as a blemish? I don’t get it.

  16. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    May 6th, 2015 at 6:20 am

    JBF, it sounds like you’re hoping that Infamous can be like Josh Freeman. And yeah, his INT/TD and W/L numbers would be fine…..if that were the only issue. It’s not.”

    It’s weird, I thought you were selling all your Bucs gear.

    Instead you are……here on a Bucs site.

  17. JFat Says:

    @P’Cola Buc –

    Manning and Favre’s rookie years were ages ago, the NFL was a lot different then in terms of how the defenses could play. If Jameis throws more INT’s than TD’s this year there’s reason for concern. Call me a hater if you want, but I expect better than that from “The Savior”. Doesn’t mean I hate the guy, I actually like him a good bit, just means he needs to back up all the talk about how great he is.

    Look at the rookie years of last year’s QB’s:

    Bridgewater – 14TD /12INT (13 games)
    Carr – 21TD / 12INT (16 games)
    Bortles – 11TD / 17INT (16 games)

    Are you saying you’d take Bortles over Carr and Bridgewater because having a bad rookie season is an indicator of future greatness?

    Hell, Joe rattled off a good list of guys that did well in their rookie years. I’m having trouble thinking of a QB that was drafted within the last 5-10 years that threw more picks than TD’s in his rookie year and wound up being great afterwards. Help me out.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    I think the results can be turned around sooner than most expect. Some of last years losses were close and with minor adjustments more wins are within reach. Vegas odds are just a guess based on last years performance. I think the Buc will surprise and win more than most think. Steady as she goes.

  19. tval Says:

    And nd, depleted with injuries, beat an lsu team, who really beat bama and was top 10 all season..that int was garbage too because tre was mauled hands to face the entire play and given ridiculous advantage to get to jameis quickly. I respect b kelly but hes dead wrong in saying jameis doesnt manipulate the pocket or move well inside it to avoid sacks. Nonsense… He dissected nds defense all game when everyone knew he was throwing. Nd could run the ball. He just thought golson was half the qb jameis was.

  20. Dreambig Says:

    Tom Edrington – Refresh my memory … who won the FSU-Notre dame game?

    From the Orlando Sentenal:
    Headline: Credit Jameis Winston for FSU’s stirring win over Notre Dame

    “As much as his denouncers would love see him fall on his face, Winston and his Seminoles just keep rising to the occasion. Notre Dame led 17-10 at halftime, but did you really think Winston would allow his team to lose? Does he ever?
    At the outset of the second half, Winston completed his first 13 passes to lead FSU back to one of the most dramatic victories in the history of Doak Campbell
    Stadium. ”

    Nice try Tom, just keep on hating.

    Go Bucs!

  21. tval Says:

    Never doubt this kid. He only knows how to win. He accepts nothing less than 100% effort and preparation, then execution from his teammates, because thats what he gives to be great. I think playoffs are realistic and im saying my eagles might miss them. Its not like im some eternal optimist. Its the opposite of what the ‘experts’ think, but that makes me even more confident. Go ahead doubt him, and be miserable.

  22. DEEnice07 Says:

    Let’s think Playoffs, why not?! Let’s be optimistic people! Jameis will prove that he’s not your average rookie, you’ll see! No doubt that #3 will make everyone on this team better & that losing mentality, that is so contagious will be gone.. The dude is a winner, & mediocrity is just not in this guys DNA.

  23. Mariota Joe Says:

    Love and Warrick….is this site simply a “rah rah” site for Infamous? Then what’s the freaking point of it? Sorry..if JBF wants to kick me out, he can. The off field stuff didn’t suddenly disappear because he was drafted and signed. I still love the “he got too handsy” line……(JBF’s words, not mine).

  24. Dreambig Says:

    I don’t know if 6 wins is all we can expect. I don’t think we really know where we are on offense, including how good/bad the Oline really is because we did not have a quality offensive coordinator last year. Just having
    an OC capable of putting together a NFL quality game plan might have a exponential impact. Then add Jameis, hopefully two good linemen, and a full training camp for the rest of the line and we could be much better then 6 games. Not to mention the improvement in the defense towards the last part of the year. For L&L they better hope they are better than 6 games because the Glazers will still fire them for being two games below .500 in their second year.

  25. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Should have waited for Cardale Jones….

  26. Winston for the Win Says:

    Bucfan37 there not simply guesses. The oddsmakers know their stuff and they factor is the changes on the roster. The big question is exactly how good will Winston be next year. The holes on defense are very real though and I am sure that was a large part of the reason for the bad odds.

  27. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    @mariota joe

    Did you not say you were selling all your Buc gear?

    This site for Bucs fans.

  28. Dreambig Says:

    Mariota Joe Says:
    May 6th, 2015 at 7:42 am
    Love and Warrick….is this site simply a “rah rah” site for Infamous? Then what’s the freaking point of it? Sorry..if JBF wants to kick me out, he can. The off field stuff didn’t suddenly disappear because he was drafted and signed. I still love the “he got too handsy” line……(JBF’s words, not mine).
    This is a rah rah site … for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Might as well get on board. Believe it or not, the relevance of the off field stuff did just go away because most of it was media hype in relation to should he be the number 1 pick. Well he was so unless the police charge him with something, the rest is in the past. There will be more headlines as the civil case goes through its course, so the rape allogation will have more press but the rest of the silly nonsence you guys keep hyping on is now completely irrelevant.

  29. Patrick in VA Says:

    I get keeping expectations at a reasonable level. I get Joe being unwilling to give the team more credit than they’ve earned by saying 6 wins is a good season. I just looked at the schedule we have coming up this year and I see 12 very winnable games coming this year. That’s not to say that we’re going to go 12-4, but I’m not saying we’re not going to either. With a plan on offense, the absence of which was the impetus for a number of our losses last year, and a new QB I think we’re going to see a much, much improved offense from what we saw last year. That coupled with the defense being more acclimated to the scheme that Lovie and Leslie have installed will make us a vastly improved team. If the Clay kid that we got is as advertised and we can hope for him getting us good field position and possibly even, dare I say it, special teams generated TDs, we could be a significantly improved team over what they trotted out last year.

    Also keep in mind that there’s a very real chance that there was a tank job in effect for more than that last game in an effort to get Jameis. They may not have been as bad as they seemed last year.

  30. joeNUTS Says:

    The JBF excuse train has left the station……. I knew this would start but not this early…

    JBF you been telling us all along this guy was “NFL ready”…he is a cant miss….he is like Andrew Luck maybe better…..no Fing excuses now. He better look like a polished NFL pro buddy or you are going to look like the horses ass again (manziel). You told us for months JW would be “great”. I can already see in this article that reality has set in on you too and the back stepping has begun. As I stated the whole time, neither of these guys are NFL ready and projects.
    Glennon is not the standard Andrew Luck is…..so I expect those type numbers….you made the comparison and now you can backtrack write all u want but you wrote it. At least have some balls and stand behind JW until its clear he is the Pro you said he would be or the bust I said he would be.

    Put your name on it!

  31. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    The JBF excuse train has left the station……. that’ll be a very long train…

  32. Patrick in VA Says:

    @joenuts – You, sir, are ridiculous. Every rookie has to get acclimated. Every rookie has to learn the NFL game. Every rookie grows in to who they will eventually become. You want him to be in his prime at 21? Get out of here. When people say he is pro ready, that means that he is ready to hit the ground running and has a base of knowledge that translates well to the NFL. Not that he is on the level of Peyton and is ready to go toe-to-toe with him in September. Get a clue bro

  33. Bill Says:

    @Mariotta Joe,

    The off the field stuff didn’t disappear. What happened is the Bucs organization didn’t exaggerate it like you thought they would, like the media suggested they should.

    That’s the deal.

  34. Dreambig Says:

    Well said Patrick in VA!

  35. Bill Says:


    Whats the popular word on MM? Not too different right? Great rookie prospects are still rookies.

  36. Dreambig Says:

    Exactly right Bill, and with the exception of the pending litigation, none of the other stuff is relevant anymore, if it ever was.

  37. tmaxcon Says:

    Mariota Joe

    Jameis has not been in trouble in nearly a year 9 months or so to be more accurate I guess. Instead of hoping this fine young man succeeds and leads your team to victory, you are hoping for failure. In addition, you are convinced he is a walking police report which is far from accurate…

    I love that you character first guys – use your own bad character to attack someone trying to improve and pile on a person who has admitted mistakes and needing to grow up. Winston has done everything right and instead of given him the benefit of the doubt and hoping he turns his life around your bad character kicks in and runs off at the mouth without any facts. A real man of character would be hoping for winston to succeed not hope for failure.

  38. Tom Edrington Says:

    @ Dreambig:

    I hate no one except terrorists…..

    I was just making a point that I believe too many folks here are already setting unrealistic expectations…..

  39. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I would just like to see Jameis come out with his confidence, but also with composure. Realize that he has teammates that can help him and he doesn’t have to try and do everything by himself. He has ice in his veins, but can often dig his team into a hole trying be flashy out of the gate.

    I don’t expect too much year 1, this team hasn’t been good in about a decade or so, we are not a QB away from contention. November will be an interesting month to see if Jameis hits the infamous “rookie wall” against some good teams.

  40. tmaxcon Says:


    That litigation is meaningless. There is NO way in hell that case every sees the inside of a court room. Neither Kinsman nor Winston benefit from having to be deposed in the case. It will not happen. The case will either be settled or thrown out there will never be a trial or depositions taken given the history of case. I am no lawyer but have a good understanding of the process.

  41. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    I am not hoping failure or piling on….merely waiting for the next screw up…I don’t trust Jameis simple as that….he is a Jekyll and Hyde….I don’t trust someone that is always smiling and joking around….never seen Jameis shift gears and speak seriously as a mature adult about anything or than excusing himself out of a bad situation….ticking timebomb….I was not sold on Mariota either however he does have the tools to become a better NFL QB…..I was at the head of the Trade Down Twice in the 1 st round crowd !

  42. Bill Says:


  43. Bill Says:

    Watch his post draft press conference you fungus.

    He did joke about the press getting him a playbook. I guess that was tasteless or something bad?

  44. tmaxcon Says:

    JoeJoes Fungi Nails

    dude get some help… maybe you and barry can share some meds… you clearly have an agenda and are not basing any of your posts on reality. Winston has come across very genuine and humbled in more than one interview. keep beating the drum. each day that passes mr winston makes you guys look more and more the fool.

  45. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    @joenuts – how is Joe making excuses? Did he say anything about JW playing poorly and causing us to lose 10 games? Football is a team sport and out of those other 21 other guys there are a lot of weak links in the chain! After Dan Marinos rookie year the Dolphins never got back to the Super Bowl. Was that due to his poor play? There is only so much one player can do, even at the QB position.

  46. TheShaz Says:

    Well, I look at Jameis Debut Game in 2013. Nice video on YouTube showing just his pass plays. He almost made it to half time before his 1st incompletion and it was a good pass the WR stepped out of bounds.

    Now that being said. FSU had a very good defense. The O-Line was decent, not great, Winston made many plays with defenders in his face and under pressure. He picked Pitt apart…..

    If I see that kind of performance out of Winston on Week 1 against the Titans…..

    I will be ecstatic
    Joe will be drunk and under a table babbling
    ESPN will regret pissing the kid off

    Peace will fall across the land…….

    OK – back to reality…..I just want to see steady improvement. I know the defense has tons of holes in it. The OL will take time to gell and we have a rookie under center……even Favre, Manning & Aikman had rough rookie seasons……

  47. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    All the sour grapes from the people who did not want Winston drafted are tasting delicious.

    And, make no mistake, it’s sour grapes.

    It hasn’t even been a week since he’s drafted, he hasn’t even stepped onto the practice field yet. And, the pouting and moaning is already in full swing.

    Personally, I hope that Ma_riota Jo, Fun_gi Nails, and rest keep on with the “I didn’t get my way” temper tantrum, because, love him or hate, I love seeing you all expend energy on the new face of the franchise, Jameis Winston. And, I would bet Jameis even loves the time you spend typing about him.

    So, please, keep crying. I love it.

  48. Mariota Joe Says:

    Bill and Tmaxcon….I’m not “hoping for failure”. I’m just one of those people that believe in rooting for real men that don’t pull all the crap Infamous has pulled, and based on his track record, you should expect the same in the very near future. And Tmaxcon…I love how you pull they typical crap by pointing your cannon at me, instead of simply rooting for your guy. According to guys like you, what I say and think is meaningless, but you always go out of your way to spend time and effort attacking me and others like me. And it’s not just me….just had WDAE on, and Infamous’s problems are still dominating the air waves. Oh, and that’s my fault?? How people can root for this guy still stuns me. And JBF’s “got too handsy” comment still burns….it just won’t go away. Sure, Infamous might pay off Kinsman……and that would settle nothing if you have a shred of moral compass.

  49. iamlovingmesomejameis Says:

    I am saying this, by the end of training camp and pre season, the team is going to see, the extraordinary god given talent, and work ethic of jameis, his enthusiasm and leadership and unwillingness to laydown, quit, coupled with his burning desire to win will absolutely envelope and fill this team with pride, and they will run thru a brick wall for him, remember we do have some good weapons on this team, and with the addition of a bonafide O.C. IN MR KOETTER, we will be competing for the NFC south. this division is weak, has a history of worst to first, brees is getting old, Carolina won only 7 games last year. our defense should be better than last with the FA pick ups we got, and are going to get after teams start cutting players, and the UFA’s. we will be relevant and it is all because of the kid from FSU.

  50. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    @Mariota Joe

    1) You said you were selling your Bucs gear if Jameis were picked. I guess your word is no good?

    2) I encourage you to pout and complain to your hearts content. I love seeing you and others expend their energy, in any fashion, on the new face of the franchise. I would bet Jameis loves to know you are taking time out of your day to spend on him. Thanks! The reality is, he’s the Bucs QB for YEARS to come. Please keep talking about someone you don’t like, for a team you said you would stop supporting. It’s hilarious.

  51. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    April 28th, 2015 at 5:26 pm
    Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    I care about the TEAM more than I care about Infamous, however, I simply cannot root for a team that decides to make him the face of the franchise”

  52. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    April 27th, 2015 at 7:50 am
    Hey all…..if the Bucs draft Infamous, please contact me for a plethora of Bucs gear available for sale……cheap. Literally, hundreds of items”


  53. Dreambig Says:

    Mariota Joe – Real men don’t judge people of being guilty of a crime even though the evidence does not support the accusation. Real men don’t assume someone is guilty even though there was not enough evidence for the police to bring charges. Real men don’t assume their moral compass is superior to those who disagree with you.

  54. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Mariota Joe – I’m in the market for some Bucs gear for my kids at some pretty drastically reduced prices. Maybe some hats or kids jerseys or footballs or something like that. If you have that stuff in your hundreds of Bucs items, hit me up and I’ll take them off your hands. Hopefully that’ll make your house livable again since you won’t have to look around at all that Buc stuff and be reminded of Jameis being the face of all things Buccaneers now

  55. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    @Mariota Joe

    Do you have any visors?

  56. bucs4lyfe Says:

    glennon stepped in as a rookie and was serviceable, no one missed josh freeman when this guy started the game even though you could see he wasn’t a better player, if glennon can do it Winston will be an instant success

  57. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bucs4lyfe – I would say that I expect Winston to be better out of the gate than Glennon was. No doubt about that. He’ll have his hurdles to get over and he’ll take his rookie lumps but I would say that setting the floor for his performance in his first year as what we saw from Glennon in his first year is a pretty generous amount of rope to give the kid. As I said in a previous post, there are 12 games on our schedule that there is no reason for us not to expect to have a good chance of winning. Of course there is always the chance that the ball takes a weird bounce and a couple of them get away but with improvement on the line, an up and coming QB and a quality OC in place, we should be doing much better than we did with Glennon being thrust in over his head in his first year

  58. DallasBuc Says:

    If incompetent Lovie Smith stays away from Koetter on gameday we will score a lot of points with Winston. Problem will be the other side of the football that Lovie attempts to run. We have no defensive pass rush and no dominance in the secondary. We will get torched repeatedly

  59. tmaxcon Says:

    Mariota joe

    I did not attack you or point my cannons at you. I pointed out some valid points. It’s funny how sensitive to criticism and counter points you are yet, you have no problem attacking Winston who is innocent and a victim of false allegations. It’s spineless wusses like you who are ruining this once great country. Grow a pair and follow through on your threats and go away. You and your non football agenda wI’ll not be missed

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    Love and Warrick Dunn…lol I have an old skool Gruden visor.

    Patrick in VA….lol I have kids John Lynch away jersey that my daughter will never wear. It’s in mint condition.’

    Look it’s like this Mariota Joe convinced himself that the Bucs would never draft Winston, hence the screen name. I remember when he first popped up on this site. Saying such things as “Mariota is going to be the pick Joe.” He was so confident for weeks and kept throwing that in Joe’s face. So in a sense he was another version of Erik the Liar from CleanAthletics.com. He was extremely confident about Mariota, probably right up until the pick was called off.

  61. Bucman0620 Says:

    @Mariota Joe

    I also encourage you to continue to talk down about a person that you have NEVER met and know NOTHING about other than what the media has shared with you. You are in fact a man with a well calibrated moral compass by choosing to sentence a man to death off of just a little bit of information (Unless of course you have done extensive research of your own). I totally agree with you on all of it. He should be stoned to death for stealing (getting a hookup/still stealing) crab legs. He should be hanged for stealing soda from Burger King (in KETCHUP cups…. priceless/still stealing). He should be decapitated for participating in a BB gun battle (guess I will turn myself in, cause I did that probably 100 times as a kid). He should be fed to the dogs for yelling vulgar and offensive obscenities (I’m probably going to be right after him on that one too). And……… yup that’s it, he hasn’t been charged with anything else. So I guess once we punish him for all his wrong doings the World will be a better place.

    On a side note—– I am someone who takes rape VERY seriously, two females in my family have been raped. The difference is those people were CHARGED AND FOUND GUILTY!!!!!!!!! Of course it was due to actual evidence that could not be hidden or lied about.

  62. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    So, no word from Erik?

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    LWD…yup no word back yet and poof gone from JBF as well.

  64. Bucman0620 Says:

    I do not share everyone else’s concerns about the defense. Yes, it seems like we need some more help at the DE positions. However, I am content for a year with Conte (if he even starts). This, team had a top 10 defense over the last 10 weeks of the season. We would have a lead going into the half and then lose it in the second half because we could not score anymore. Remember there were several games that the offense was to blame more than the defense. I am not projecting a top 5, I am projecting a top 10, and if we end up getting pressure on the QB from the DE position we should easily be in the top 5.

  65. Buc since '74 Says:

    Mariota Joe – aren’t you a Titans fan now???? Bye Bye

    As for you other Winston haters that constantly complain, put your Tebow jersey on and haul a$$ somewhere far far away…

  66. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Well, Jameis himself said that he wants to win the Superbowl in his rookie year.

    So plenty of people around here seem to expect that.

    More realistically, I give him 3 years, with a backup plan brought in after 2 years just in case.

  67. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    3 years to get good, I mean. Not win a superbowl. That would be unfair…though I’ll take it if it comes!

  68. charactermatters Says:

    I have a Josh Freeman Creamsicle Jersey if your looking for Buccaneers gear fans are liquidating LOL

  69. bucs4lyfe Says:


    shut up about lovie and the bucs man. we sit here everyday reading about you crying over your long lost love lovie smith, dude get over it you sound childish. no pass rush and will get torched repeatedly? you seen teams throwing bombs against us all year or breakdowns in coverage. you saw team running all over us? we had one sack less than seattle seahawks fool. the team is being built and we’re getting away from the schiano Dominick stink so give him a second year or just go jump off a bridge but tie your love note to lovie before you do damn….right after the draft and your still crying about 2014 get out of that time machine and jump into 2015. stupid to act like lovie wasn’t known for having good defenses in Chicago dude shut up please

  70. Buc1987 Says:

    Ooooh we got a fight!

  71. Architek Says:

    These clowns do realize for every supposed fan that claims their done there’s thousands and thousands of new fans that adore this kid and will be at RJS rooting for him.

    If the Bucs draft a damn near undefeated quarterback and want to stabilize the franchise and they choose to abandon ship after putting up with Glennon and MCCown, then good riddance!

    This is going to be a awesome decade to come of relevancy and more winning!

  72. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Architek – I’m not sure the evidence supports that. Ticket sales have not been booming since the draft. As has always been the case, I think it’s going to take actual wins before we get people in the stands. Then we’ll suddenly have a stadium full of “die hard” Buc fans.

  73. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “charactermatters Says:
    May 6th, 2015 at 10:25 am
    I have a Josh Freeman Creamsicle Jersey if your looking for Buccaneers gear fans are liquidating LOL”

    I’m in positive mode. I don’t even know that name. LOL.

  74. Bill Says:

    @Mariotta Joe,

    That’s wonderful.

  75. Johnny Dejay Says:

    The Bucs would be nuts to start any rookie QB with these offensive line woes. Does anyone remember how badly McCown and Glennon got punished last season? Does anyone think any rookie, no matter how NFL ready he is, would benefit from getting shelled like that? That is a recipe for creating a #1 overall bust.

  76. tmaxcon Says:


    Until Lovie earns the right to not be criticized DallasBuc is correct. Loive is a nice guy but don’t mistake that for a consistent winning nfl head coach. He has yet to prove that. Back to back playoff appearances only ONCE in 10 years is all the proof you need. Lovie made a bad team worse and screwed up free agency more than a Chinese fire drill in times square. I am glad you like lovie but his stats prove he is a mediocre at best coach with a HORRIBLE record involving draft picks and personnel decisions. Dallas is not wrong for wanting a competent head coach. I want the same. All the folks saying “I am not worrying about the defense – Lovie will fix it” should be a little cautious and wait for the games to start before proclaiming dominance. The defense has gotten worse this off season, not better. No MLB on roster, Conte is a walking Concussion, Melton is a headcase who is injury prone and Moore has NO consistent track record. Yet everyone is acting like he brought in Ronnie Lott and Too Tall Jones… Oh and any line that includes Mankins is doomed. that dude was washed up 2 years ago. beliecheat is never wrong. eds starting is scary too. I do like the draft picks and of course Winston is reason for optimism but by no means does lovie get a free pass.

  77. Architek Says:

    Perhaps and you’re right about the supporting data but I’m willing to bet that FSU fans are coming and it won’t be long.

    I see it as Jameis is a natural born Superstar and stars gravitate to stars. Take for example Manziel, had he not went all drunken master on us and took football serious then he would’ve attracted others to him that would’ve started liking the Browns just because of him.

    I think with Jameis he will have your Magic Johnson and other icons in his wheelhouse and when we start winning again we will be again a household team. I don’t it’s far off if we get the right team around the kid.

    But he’s given me hope again and aside from all the failures in the past if he turns out to be the real deal, it would be all worth it.

    How can people like Erik and others claim that they’re Buc fans and leave now when we suffered thru worse?

    Jameis was never convicted – am I missing something?

  78. tmaxcon Says:


    the one question I don’t get is all these fans that say they have been with the team from day one and are now leaving because of Winston, yet they rooted for plenty of bad character players including several stars previously. I don’t need to make a list of questionable character guys that have been on successful bucs teams everyone knows who they are. I just don’t get the difference. That is the one question that I can not get anyone to answer.

  79. Patrick in VA Says:

    I agree on all points. There’s a definite magnetism that the kid has but it has to translate to wins as well. I’m in the DC area and saw first hand what happens when a charismatic kid who arrives with a lot of fanfare suddenly starts to not do as well as advertised. Folks turned on RGIII so fast around here, it was astounding. The wins have to happen and I think we’re going to see them starting this year. Beyond that, fingers crossed that we just keep getting better. Hoping that we start getting in our Super Bowl window here in the next 3-4 years so my kids will be old enough to remember them.

  80. Architek Says:

    I hear you and I’m not a big Lovie supporter but I do believe there’s some truth to how much of a mess our team was last year without an OC and it influenced the game management by Lovie. I hope that’s the case but I won’t mistake him for a Belicheat, I just believe there’s more to the story of 2014 season than we know.

  81. Patrick in VA Says:

    @tmaxcon – I think that has something to do with the level at which football has saturated our lives at this point. Back when we had Stevens and Pittman and all of those guys who were bad dudes, you saw them on TV on Sundays and you read about them in the paper throughout the week. Maybe one or two articles per day that are largely related to transactions, injuries or actual play. Because stories about players’ lives are so ubiquitous now and we have these forums where people are talking and talking and talking about these things people get further and further entrenched in to their beliefs to the point where they are willing to walk away from the team that they’ve been following because they can’t fathom getting that worked up about something and, when they’re wrong about it, settling back in to rooting for this thing that they screamed from the mountain top about. What would’ve been a minor blip on their radar before is now an atrocity that they have to make a stand about.

  82. Dreambig Says:

    tmaxcon – I would love to put on my Buccaneers blinders and disagree with you but unfortunatly I can’t. After last years fiasco, L&L have alot to prove.
    Having said that, for now, I am going to wallow in homerism and pretend we have a shot at the superbowl, right now, for we are tied for first place in the whole NFL …. at least until September.

  83. Buc1987 Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    May 6th, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    “I don’t need to make a list of questionable character guys that have been on successful bucs teams everyone knows who they are. I just don’t get the difference. That is the one question that I can not get anyone to answer”

    The only thing I can think of is the MEDIA!

    Left and right this young kid has been targeted by the media. Some of it his own doing, but I think the media made everything look worse than it really is.

    Take the crab legs pic after the draft for instance. The media was blowing it up like it was some major deal that he took the picture. Some people sit in agreement with what the media says about it, just looking for ANYTHING and any little crumb to vilify this young kid all over again.

    Can someone tell me why the crab legs pic was such a big deal? I laughed at it because the whole original incident was water under the bridge by now.

    I’m serious, can anybody tell me why it was such a big deal? Joe? Anyone? Even if you’re a Winstonite, can you help me out with this one? Does it make him look immature? Is that it?

    Help me, help me!

  84. Tiny Tim Says:

    Mariota Joe Says:
    May 6th, 2015 at 8:58 am

    Bill and Tmaxcon….I’m not “hoping for failure”. I’m just one of those people that believe in rooting for real men that don’t pull all the crap Infamous has pulled,


    Yet I bet you were cheering your butt off for Michael Pittman in the Superbowl you hypocritical liar!!

  85. Architek Says:

    Dude people loved all of the dirtbags, Stevens was a proven abusive persona, Gruden and Allen didn’t care because he was a mismatch in the red zone. Mike Pittman beat up his woman and people loved him because of his biceps. Tanard was a turd and walking joint, yet people embraced him because he was good in open field pass coverage, and the list goes on.

    I agree it’s unbelievable the dirtbags we have allowed on our team and they were found guilty. Jameis was never convicted nor have people invested any time into learning about the alleged victim past or pattern. She’s no saint and she apparently has a thing for athletes.

    Now was it immature sure but what kid doesn’t do stupid stuff – on top of that the girl was at his games tweeting and texting after the incident. Yeah it’s just unfair how people are judging the kid. Gregory is a known weed head and Hardy bought off his accuser. None of these apply to Winston.

    People are hypocrites and they all will be coming back after the half way mark of the season. I will embrace them but I am all in with Winston and I will support him as best I can.

  86. Mariota Joe Says:

    Tiny Tim, you can eff yourself, because I wasn’t. You know me not. But it sure sounds like you were. You sound like part of JBF’s “he got a little handsy” mob.

  87. Patrick in VA Says:

    @87 – The media goes where the public tell them to go. We eat that stuff up and they are happy to provide it. I promise that the folks on WDAE would love to not talk about all of the Winston stuff that we talked about ad nauseum prior to the draft and I’m sure that they don’t want to have to rehash all of that again now that he’s drafted by us but they have to because that’s what gets ratings and that’s what gets people calling. ESPN, NFL.com, all of those sites run these stories because the public can’t get enough of it. They’d like to stop talking about Tebow but everyone clicking the stories wants to hear more so they give it to them. I’d like to say it’s the media but we as a people generally just suck and don’t demand more of the media in terms of the stories that we consume.

  88. Mariota Joe Says:

    Buc since 74…..Not going anywhere…..sorry. If you don’t wanna read my stuff, stay off this site. And I do wish Marcus Mariota well.

  89. Buc1987 Says:


    Come on let’s get this party started.

    I’m bored.

  90. Mariota Joe Says:

    Hey DREAMBIG……you can peruse EVERY single comment I’ve ever made on this site, and not ONCE will you find me state that Infamous is guilty….not one. However, he is, by all accounts admittedly guilty of being a pompous stupid ass, and his innocence in the rape case is certainly not above reproach. And if you believe it’s not above reproach, then you sir, are a blind fan, who doesn’t care about reality. What will you say when the civil case unfolds….or “gets settled” (i.e. he pays her off)? I still go back to the scenario that just makes Infamous supporters’ skin crawl….”Daddy, is it true what they say about Infamous?” “Oh, no sweetie, that can’t be proven…but he can REALLY throw a football baby!”

  91. Architek Says:

    BINGO Patrick-
    Media is just as much to blame as anyone. I can’t blame Winston for denying ESPN. They lied and they have proven over and over that they’re willing to risks responsible journalism for the right to say we reported it first.

  92. tmaxcon Says:

    Look I am very critical of lovie and it pisses some off. I just watched very closely his career in chicago and it is not nearly as impressive as some are trying to make it out to be. his defenses were not dominate. The bucs and ravens had dominate d’s lovie’s d was good but not dominate. I feel the same way about GMC. GMC is a great player but Warren Sapp was a dominate player. i am sure lovie is a great guy but that should not be used to judge his coaching acumen.

  93. tmaxcon Says:

    The media is to blame for a lot things not just sports. When the media adopted the philosophy that is more important to be first not right their credibility was doomed.

  94. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    April 28th, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    I care about the TEAM more than I care about Infamous, however, I simply cannot root for a team that decides to make him the face of the franchise”

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    April 27th, 2015 at 7:50 am

    Hey all…..if the Bucs draft Infamous, please contact me for a plethora of Bucs gear available for sale……cheap. Literally, hundreds of items”

    And people call Winston a liar. Ironic.

  95. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh season hurry up and get here fast!

  96. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    May 6th, 2015 at 12:27 pm
    Buc since 74…..Not going anywhere…..sorry. If you don’t wanna read my stuff, stay off this site. And I do wish Marcus Mariota well.”

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    April 28th, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    I care about the TEAM more than I care about Infamous, however, I simply cannot root for a team that decides to make him the face of the franchise”

    We all know you are full of it. Every single person can see your words have no meaning or honor.

    Glad you are sticking around and devoting time to our new face of the franchise, Jameis Winston.

  97. tmaxcon Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    May 6th, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    Oh season hurry up and get here fast!

    you are not alone with those feelings. we truly wont know what to expect until the first ball is tossed.

  98. Buc1987 Says:

    Mariota Joe <~~~perhaps it's time for a name change.

    Mariota is not a Buc. What's the point?

  99. Buc1987 Says:

    It really is a shame Winston was too handsy…


  100. JabooBuc Says:

    It still amazes me that people can not even allow for the possibility of Erica Kinsman lying. People jumped to conclusions in the Duke lacrosse case and look what happened. The entire premise of the Gone Girl book/movie is based on a woman making a false accusation of her husband. Guess what, it happens!

    The civil case, should it ever see a court room, will be a disaster for her. She will have to explain the many inconsistencies in the stories she has given. He will have to explain none. If you are a fair minded person based on those inconsistencies, how can you truly say that her is story is now accurate now that there is money to be made but was not accurate enough to even warrant a charge in the past.

    Again, as I have said in the past, if her story is false then all he is guilty of is having hook up at Publix, cursing in public, and drinking soda from a ketchup cup at a BK. You know, real hard nose criminal type stuff.

  101. joeNUTS Says:

    Excuses Excuses….

    All we have heard from JBF for months is that JW was by FAR superior to MM and that he was the next Andrew Luck whereas MM was the next Rick Mirer.

    Another laughable statement is that the Dolphins in 1983- Marino’s rookie year- they were “stacked with talent”.. the defense was a bunch of no names to the point they nicknamed them the killer Bs..since many of them had last name with letter B. Bob Baumhower, Bill Barnett, Lyle Blackwood, Kim Bokamper, Glenn Blackwood, Charles Bowser, Doug Betters, and Bob Brudzinski) You dont see any HOF names in that list do you??? Yeah stacked with talent…. On offense….well there was a good RB tandem and that was about it.

    All these article are excuses and trying to lay the mental framework for the easy influenced fans like 1987 and Patrick (who gobble up Joes every word like its gospel) to accept another bad season….HOWEVER we were told by JBF that this would all end because JW was the next Andrew Luck….

    I hope JW lights it up and I am wrong but I am not betting on it.

  102. Buc1987 Says:

    “All these article are excuses and trying to lay the mental framework for the easy influenced fans like 1987 and Patrick (who gobble up Joes every word like its gospel) to accept another bad season”

    The 2nd most asinine comment ever made on JBF.

    I was supporting Winston waaaaaaaaaay before Joe even brought his name up.

    I used to talk about him in these pages back in 2013 and I hated Manziel Watch.

    Don’t be such an ass.

  103. Buc1987 Says:

    There’s actually falsehoods all over your whole post..

  104. Buccfan37 Says:

    Isn’t a time machine a reality? We sure do need that technology to zip past these next few months to get to the good stuff.

  105. Mariota Joe Says:

    Love and Warrick……….it is available…..ALL of it….until Infamous is gone. It’s not a lie, it’s not a fake. And whoever said “change your name”…..uhhhh no. I stay with my convictions. But I must admit…I do like all the attention. Know WHY I get the attention??? Yep, that’s right….because I have a valid points. And that’s why I’ll continue to get responses. Wanna talk about “haters”….keep hatin’ on me….like water on a duck.

  106. joeNUTS Says:

    Oh yeah….we are all so proud of you for liking JW before JBF….what are you 10 years old? Please put your transformer toy down and study NFL some more….

    Have you ever considered that I might be purposely pushing your buttons to get a reaction?

    I have to get back to work…I got this guy in Bulgaria trying to hack my network all day with some pansy brute force attack….and its time to give him the chainsaw cutoff method.

    87 should I counter attack first with some JW images as Jesus or a true Nukem style attck with cryptolocker payload to encrypt all his files? I really need your guidance right now… 😉

  107. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    May 6th, 2015 at 3:43 pm
    Love and Warrick……….it is available…..ALL of it….until Infamous is gone. It’s not a lie, it’s not a fake. And whoever said “change your name”…..uhhhh no. I stay with my convictions.”

    Actually your conviction was to no longer root for the team:

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    April 28th, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    I care about the TEAM more than I care about Infamous, however, I simply cannot root for a team that decides to make him the face of the franchise”

    Or are you saying you are here to actively root against the team?

    Because, for me, that’s even better. I am in support of you putting any energy whatsoever towards the new face of the franchise, Jameis Winston. I look forward to seeing any future posts from you, even negative, that reference him. I relish that. Thanks in advance.

    Also, are putting the gear up on ebay or…..?

  108. Hawk Says:

    Buc1987 Said:

    “I’m serious, can anybody tell me why it was such a big deal (crab legs picture during the draft)? Joe? Anyone? Even if you’re a Winstonite, can you help me out with this one? Does it make him look immature? Is that it?”

    Yes. It was immature, given the history of Winston and crab legs. But it was just that… immaturity, nothing more. *I* was more upset with the ‘adult’ who sent them to him. He has NO excuse. I almost felt like he was setting Winston up for a faux pas. Winston may always have difficulty differentiating between ‘funny’ and inappropriate. If that’s the case, I don’t have a problem with it that is serious enough to not root for the big galoot on Sundays.
    I’m a Buc fan… first, last, and always.