Doug Martin Talks Jameis Winston

May 15th, 2015


Joe watched four Buccaneers answer questions and exercise with about 150 kids in the Greenwood section of Clearwater yesterday afternoon, following Bucs officials handing over a check for $10,000 to help fund youth recreation programs. (More on the event later)

Afterwards, Joe had a chance to catch up to a sweaty Doug Martin.

The Muscle Hamster had just finished hula hooping, leading ball carrying drills and chatting up kids under sunny skies and 92 degree heat.

Naturally, the conversation found its way to America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Joe asked Martin how he’s bonding with the guy he’ll need good chemistry with in the Bucs’ backfield.

“Awesome. Awesome. I had a feeling that we’d hit it off,” Martin said of Jameis. “He’s very approachable; I am, as well. And you know, he’s in the locker room. He’s hanging out with the guys like he’s been here for two, three years. So that’s really cool about him and how natural that is for us.”

Man, that warmed Joe’s heart. Young Jameis is making his mark quickly.

Martin had one of the greatest rookie seasons in Bucs history, so Joe asked what advice Martin has for Jameis when it comes to developing quickly as a stud first-round pick thrust into the fire.

“Get in the playbooks. Study. It’s not going to all come to you at one time,” Martin said. “It’s a process. Just stay in the film room and, you know, make sure your body’s right.”

13 Responses to “Doug Martin Talks Jameis Winston”

  1. daldevs Says:

    No surprise there. We FSU fans have been telling people that this is exactly how things would progress once Jameis got to Tampa and whaddayaknow…

    This is the beginning of something special. Buc fans, we are all very, very fortunate that Lovie and Licht didn’t screw this up and go with “the other guy”.

  2. bucs4lyfe Says:

    everything thing doug martin hasn’t done up until this point wont matter if he comes out this year and has a stellar season. im seriously hoping the running backs on our roster are enough to make us competitive, that puts you more ahead of the game than having to upgrade because they are playing like marcus arroyo is calling plays. here’s to rooting for the players currently on our roster to take steps forward in this new offense

  3. WS99 Says:


    Word on the street is that some players reached out to licht and told him to draft Jameis bc they wanted to play with him, any truth to that and any idea which players were petitioning for Americas Next Top QB?

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    Joe, perhaps it’s time to post a picture of Mariota in a Titans uniform so folks can put that dream to rest once and for all and finally embrace our new QB. I’d like to see everyone get onboard now because if they change their tune once he comes in and starts winning then it’s just going to embarrassing for them and we want the Bucs’ success to be a positive thing for everyone, save for the teams we’re beating of course

  5. pick6 Says:

    jameis has repeatedly exhibited and understanding that to truly lead you also need the capacity to relate and the willingness to serve. he says it in different ways in half his interviews. i don’t think there will be a potential culture clash like EDS and Lavonte were asked about. i think he will have no problem making himself at home in that locker room, and he will not have step on many toes to do so.

  6. DEEnice07 Says:

    Not surprised one bit, Raymond Jameis…fire the cannons!!

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    I lived right close to the Greenwood area in Clearwater for a decade or so in the past. A nice gesture by the Bucs giving help to the youth there.

  8. WS99 Says:

    Winston has cousin vinny to lead him, all others must follow the savior. I guess cousin vinny would be John the Baptist in this scenario.

  9. OneBuC55 Says:

    I expect Doug Martin to bounce back this season; our running game as a whole should be much improved.…

    Dirk’s presence alone will to make our offense significantly better…Imho I believe our offensive personnel is just as good as, if not better than Atlanta’s; with the exception being QB of course…With that said, I expect Jameis to hold his own and have a solid/better-then-average rookie season…

    Our offense really has the potential to be a Juggernaut if we can get some consistent play from our offensive line and solid play from the QB position…

  10. Mariota Joe Says:

    JBF…the same Doug Martin you just trashed two articles ago? ….anything to pump up Infamous.

  11. Doug Martin Speaks Highly Of Jameis Winston Says:

    […] Buccaneers players met and worked out with kids in Clearwater, Fla. When it came to an end, pulled Doug Martin to the side to ask him a few questions, including his thoughts on the […]

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    Lets all of us Buc fans pull for Doug Martin. We want him to succeed as much as any Buc. More importantly, we want our Bucs to win..By any means necessary!!! We gotta get out of that cellar. We are all hoping this season is the start od something special. Just pray we can get a pass rushing DE from another club. We need a defensive rush..desparately!! And a better punting game and return guy would help the cause to!!
    GO BUCS.

  13. Danati74 Says:

    With a better line, I hope D. Martin has a better year. His rookie year was a great thing to watch as a Buc fan. Many highlights that season. One good thing with his injuries and lack of explosiveness is maybe he’s not too worn down like RB’s do during their career. Hopefully if he breaks out again he has a few years left in him to work with this new offense and JW. I know last year he didn’t break a lot of tackles, but his rookie year he broke tackles and was hard to bring down or catch. The only jersey and the most rookie cards I have are of this cat…I mean hamster.