Looking Back At Offseason Moves

April 25th, 2015

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Tampa Bay made a bunch of offseason moves. Many more to come with next week’s draft.

The Bucs didn’t pull off any major news. No big fish were landed in free agency. After the Bucs burned through tens of millions of Team Glazer cash with bums signed last spring, it was probably a smart move.

In this TBO.com video, TBO’s Oliva Stacey and Woody Cummings of the The Tampa Tribune discuss the signings and the goodbye waves made this year.

37 Responses to “Looking Back At Offseason Moves”

  1. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    Imo our off season moves are better than last yr by most stances. I am not saying that we are kicking azz by any means but at least we aren’t completely overpaying.

  2. Dom Says:

    I like the idea of a rotational line

  3. Pickgrin Says:

    The “conservative” approach to FA this year seems appropriate considering how badly the “aggressive” approach worked out last year.

    Free Agency is just not a good way to find multiple key pieces to a struggling team that has multiple needs. FA works much better when you use it to try and fill in depth. Not build your team around it. This is what L&L have done this year and most all the signings were players that Lovie has worked with before and already know how to play in his system.

    Good teams draft well, develop the talent they bring in and then reward drafted players who are productive with 2nd and 3rd contracts.

    How many players that were drafted by Allen and Dominik have played well enough to receive 2nd contracts? One need look no farther than the answer to this question as to why the Bucs have not been a very good team for the last 10 years.

    Draft Winston – then draft well, draft early and draft often for the front lines on both sides of the ball and this team will improve dramatically over the course of the next 2-3 years.

  4. port richey george Says:

    i can’t wait until the draft. I hope the bucs trade the pick and restock the 0-line. if they don’t restock the o-line… Bryce petty would look good in a bucs uniform. when they trade down they should be able to get him in the middle to late first round.

  5. Dave Pear Says:

    I can’t wait until the draft. I hope the Bucs pick Winston and restock the O-line…nobody looks good in a Bucs uniform. They are among the worst looking in the entire league.
    Oh, and I’m so looking forward to all the Winston haters leaving this site forever.

  6. tval Says:

    Im waving at them, dave! 🙂

  7. Underdog Says:

    Even though it may not be the sexy thing to do, the very smartest thing the Bucs could do is trade their #1 pick and build and improve this team. When you have just went 4-12, then 2-14 it’s because you are not a very good football team and need a lot of better players. The Winstonites and the Mariota Mob may not ba happy, but neither one of those QB’s are going to make a difference on a bad team

  8. tval Says:

    Wrong, underdog. Mariota could in 2 years, and winston could now. Trade down..lol! Keep dreaming, unless chip has an aneurysm which may not be out of the question. 🙂

  9. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    Hey guys. Can’t we all just geet along?

  10. unbelievable Says:

    This is what smart teams do.

    The only time the big-name FA acquisitions help is when a team is TRULY just 1 player / piece away. We have been about 8 – 12 pieces away the last few years lol, so overpaying big-names is just a waste.

    Let’s hope we kill it in the draft this year!

  11. tval Says:

    We tried, gator. Now you’re with the bucs or against us! Yes, i said “us”. Lol!! Bye port, sam, wansta, and others not worth mentioning. Enjoy the dolphins and their newest trophy acquisition and role model..hahaha!

  12. BrianBucs Says:

    The Bucs seem to be hanging on to a lot of that Cap money for a reason. We’ll see if they are planning to spring any surprises on us

  13. Underdog Says:


    Chip just may have an aneurysm, lol

  14. cover deuce Says:

    Not thrilled about either approach, to be honest. I don’t feel they got good value for George Johnson, who they needlessly gave away a draft pick for, or Henry Melton, who will be making more than Clinton McDonald next year. Sure neither move really wrecks the team, but they don’t make me feel good about Jason Lichts negotiating chops (I shudder to think what we would get if he struck a deal to trade down, as some of you are begging him to do). Dont even get me started on the oline – I can’t believe they didn’t think there was one single offensive lineman worth spending a fraction of that cap space on.

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    “Don’t Look Back” – Boston

    Don’t look back
    A new day is breakin’
    It’s been too long since I felt this way
    I don’t mind where I get taken
    The road is callin’
    Today is the day

    I can see
    It took so long to realize
    I’m much too strong
    Not to compromise
    Now I see what I am is holding me down
    I’ll turn it around

  16. grafikdetail Says:

    the craziness i see here is amusing… although i like him alot… bryce petty isn’t even considered a 1st round talent… he’ll be lucky to go late 2nd round & that would still be considered reaching

  17. WantstaStayaBuc Says:

    Thanks, Tval.

    I appreciate the send off.

    Till they make the mistake of picking Winston, I’m still here.

  18. gotbbucs Says:

    Trading down worked so well when we used our extra ammunition from that trade down on Mark Barron and trading back into the bottom of the 1st for Doug Martin. The Rams have won so many playoff games since that blockbuster trade with Washington…..wait???

    Not every trade down results in a Dallas Cowboys style dynasty.

    Lets trade a franchise QB for a couple Guards….

  19. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    Excuse me Tval but have You sat through a 26 game losing streak with your team? I have. I sat second row 40 yard line from 76 to 96. I dont go away. Lol for you questioning my loyalty. I have been to over 150 home games. I wish they could come play in Montana.

  20. WS99 Says:

    I was about to say, if you come down this season let me know.

  21. LargoBuc Says:

    What sense does it make to trade down when we need a quarterback. Glennon isnt the answer. If he was, we wouldnt in the position we are today. Grab Winston, the best quarterback in the draft, and build around him. We already have some play makers on this team. If we had a quality quarterback last year, everyone, including our offensive line would’ve looked alot better. Lack of a competent quarterback is the biggest reason we were 2-14. What would be the point of trading down? What/who would we be building around? The only reason the Rams decided to trade down was because they already had their quarterback. We dont. Drafting Jameis gives us the best chance to make real progress next year. So we should draft Fowler or Scheriff and go 5-11 with Glennon? It blows my mind that people think we dont need a quarterback when we just went 2-14.

  22. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    DB I have family in Sarasota, Orlando and Tierra Verde. If I can make it down there this yr I will definitely catch a game an there is no doubt that I will ask you and a couple others if you want to meet up for some beers. Ive been pretty busy but you can Count on the fact that if I get down there I will let you know through this fab JBF site

  23. Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    No Mons though unless I can bring my wife. She doesn’t let me go to clubs un-chaperoned.

  24. WS99 Says:

    We signed guys that were familar with the system bc lovie has conceded he can’t develop talent. Melton ok, George uhm idk, C’un’te hell to da nah wtf is that? Verner waiting to see him stick with his man, banks waiting to see when coach is going to realize that he’s the best cb on the team. Jenkins might be able to play nickle if not he’s cut. Mcdougle, come on man in what parallel universe is he better than Barron. He’s not even better than Tandy. I bet tandy could play nickle, maybe.

    Now the DEs, too bad we couldn’t sign the man who beat a women senseless left bruise all over her body even around her neck. Jfc. Too bad we couldn’t get the thug, the g who paid his victim to disappear unless she actually disappeared if you know what I mean. Too bad the guy with the prison-yard body decided to sign a 1 year contract for 0 money than to sign what I’m sure would have been a 5-10y deal at top tier pay. Lol. Too bad our leader on D couldn’t plead loud enough to make a difference. Lol.

    If mcdonald mccoy and gholston can keeping getting the push inside then hopefully ja smith n George can get to the ball but I doubt it. Not enough to make a difference not 12 sacks a season worth of a difference.

    All of this aside the def won’t do jack ship with Frazier calling plays bc he is not a winner. If you want to win games he’s not your man however if you want to be an good person then absolutely yes.

    This should make up for not posting all day.

  25. WS99 Says:

    this fab JBF site – ha lmao

    Bring the wives they have more fun at the mind than we do anyway.

  26. Bucball03 Says:

    Mario Alford that is all!

  27. WS99 Says:

    HBO boxing: klitschko getting his but whooped.

  28. flhillbilly Says:


  29. Bucfan4life Says:

    So the Bucs should trade down huh? Glennon is a back up. After the top two QBs in this draft you know what most experts say, the other guys appear destined to be back ups in this league. Last year the Bucs had two back ups. How did that work out?

    You know where you find potential franchise QBs? At the very top of the draft. They don’t become available in FA and name me a second QB taken in the 6th round that became a hall of famer. Like Joe I just can’t believe there are fans that don’t think it’s important to try and get a top flight QB.

    Yes he team will probably be very bad this year. It doesn’t mean you fill other needs and ignore the hole at the most important position in all of football. You guys have to be clueless.

  30. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m all for being wise about signings, but this off season has NOT been that. It has been very poorly done.

    Only 2 full seasons of 7, due to INJURY ISSUES. Never had more than 51 tackles (and that only once) and had 5 picks his second year, then sucked from there on.

    Struggled with injuries AND was never that good to start with. He’s only had one compllete season in his career, and his production has been almost nil. When Ruud was here, he had plenty of tackles, 75 plus. Conte has passed 52 once, and last year he had only 24 in 14 games. HE SUCKS.

    Already waived by the team, and was no more than a body to begin with.

    He’s the player you mentioned from the Cowboys. The one with only one complete season and no production in his 4 years. None. HE SUCKS.

    Not only is he no good and is pure depth, he also has behavior issues and almost got diactivated the final two games of the season.

    Four years in the league and he has NEVER made it through a complete season.Oh, he had 5 picks last year. Big deal. He has zero every other year. He had tackles worth mentioning only one year (not last year) and he has INJURY ISSUES.

    You’re joking, right? I have no idea why this guy is even still in the NFL. Also has had injuries.

    Only played one complete season out of five due to INJURIES. His production has never been better than a rotational depth player, yet we will likely start him?

    One complete season in six played, due to INJURIES. Once a first round pick, the most sacks he’s had in a season are 3, and that was way back in his second year…when he was healthy for only 8 games.

    A 2009 fourth-round pick of the Falcons, Sidbury has earned playing time in just one game of the past two years. He’ll compete for a roster spot. He has INJURY ISSUES as well, having been on IR last year.

    Resigned for depth, everyone knows Stocker has had INJURY ISSUES. Has just 35 catches in his four-year career.

    A special teams contributor, if he remains on the team, Williams has NO COMPLETE SEASONS in 6 years of play. INJURY ISSUES.

    Never played a down in the NFL. Clearly not good enough, because hte Bucs had to sign yet another punter later.

    Never Played a down in the NFL. Competing to remain on the roster or make the practice squad. He’s the 3rd punter on the team, the second with no NFL experience.

    That is a horrible off season…just horrible. Jason Licht should be fired after this year, because with those signings we will have a LOT of injuries throughout the season. Heck, we’ll probably lose 2-3 before the season begins (and you can quote that prediction).

  31. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    So far as being familiar with the system, what is the difference if they are watching from their couch?

  32. Architek Says:

    Cummings does quality reporting and usually has sound judgement regarding the Bucs.

  33. LargoBuc Says:

    Other than Carter, all of those players you mentioned were brought in for depth and to be role players.

  34. tmaxcon Says:

    Bonzi Is 100% correct this time on his breakdown of signings. A bunch of injury prone, prove it deal bums. However as usual he is dead wrong on who to place the blame on. Lovie has full conto thus full thus must take full responsibility. Blaming Lapdog Licht for LOVIES failures is ignorant and shortsighted. This signings have lovies finger prints all over them.

    Welcome to Tampa Jameis hopefully the glazer clowns will get you a real head coach for Christmas

  35. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Your hatred for Lovie is obvious, but he doesn’t work the trade deals that have netted us nothing but 6th and 7th rounders. He didn’t negotiate contracts with last year’s busts.

    And Licht himself said a month or so ago that he is in full command of free agency and that last year’s failures were ALL his fault.

    You don’t like Lovie. I get it. But find legit things to blame on him. Don’t make things up.

  36. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I kno this is off topic, but if we draft Winston id like see him #12 like Doug Williams.

  37. Bill Says:

    THey spent money to get to the salary floor.

    Another season I will not go to a game.