“It Wasn’t Just The Presence Of Suh”

April 19th, 2015


Newcomer edge rusher George Johnson had six sacks last year for the Lions.

It’s easy to say he was just cleaning up the scraps gift-wrapped by Detroit’s nasty interior front.

But that’s not the Bucs’ outlook. In this official Buccaneers video, reporter Scott Smith reveals his chat with defensive line coach Joe Cullen, who shared that watching film on Bucs’ common opponents opened his eyes to Johnson’s work with the Lions.

No. 93 (Johnson’s former number) kept “popping up,” and Smith claims Cullen said, ‘It wasn’t just the presence of [Ndamukong] Suh’ that was fueling Johnson’s success.’ Johnson’s pass rush skills and superior motor stand alone.

Joe’s diving all in with optimism about Johnson.

Suppose he is a solid defensive end who gives the Bucs steady effort and six sacks this season in part-time duty. What an upgrade that would be!

22 Responses to ““It Wasn’t Just The Presence Of Suh””

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    I believe nothing about these FA’s until I see it. I believe nothing from anyone on Lovie’s staff until I see it.

    “We don’t expect our fans to be patient.” Has a lot to do with that. That doesn’t mean I expected them to be great last season, just by the words alone.
    I did however expect a team that looked prepared to play football with a statement like that. I did however think that they would have more than 2 wins with a statement like that. Even Lovie’s strongest supporters can’t deny being on the same page as me when it comes to all that. Unless they never actually watched the games…

  2. R.O. Says:

    Ummm.. GJ wasn’t a free agent. But nice try though. Not going to get a DE in the 5th to take 50% or more of the snaps. If they draft one higher if he’s better he will play. If not got GJ.. Stop thinking a draft pick is going to be the better option. Not like they over paid..

  3. SOEbuc Says:

    Even if it was because of Suh, we got GMC who draws about the same amount of attention so either way it will be good if GJ can continue his ways

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    SOEbuc…excellent point. Then again McCoy’s a “nice guy”.

    Do you think Sapp would have put with Michael Johnson and not say a word to him? I don’t.

  5. SOEbuc Says:

    Yea i guess Suh might draw a little more attention cus players gotta watch their backs and make sure not to get kicked while on the ground

  6. DallasBuc Says:

    What else is Cullen going say…”this guy is a bum that benefited from superior pass rush talent around him but we picked him up anyway and overpaid at that because the HC/GM are incompetent boobs and this is the Bucs”?

  7. SOEbuc Says:


    If i was Sapp or GMC, i would’ve shivved Ghost Johnson for that kinda play last season, and ima nice guy

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I really like this guy….from rags to riches(somewhat)…..if he is wise with his $3 mil or so and gets a contract renual…..he and his family will be set for life……ain’t it wonderful!!!

    Now George…..go earn your paycheck…..be a “Bucaneer Man”…..

  9. Mike10 Says:

    This isn’t a knock on you joe, I appreciate articles on all the ins-and-outs of this team. I just hope L+L aren’t as drunk off their own kool aid.

    Johnson is another career back up that hopefully will not be expected to do more than they can – and he will be just fine. We made this mistake last year with Collins and Johnson. Unless he pleasantly proves otherwise, he is a solid backup and not our long term solution at DE. We would be wise to treat him that way, and be happy with a McDonald-type acquisition

  10. mavsmoney Says:

    “Suppose he is a solid defensive end who gives the Bucs steady effort and six sacks this season in part-time duty. What an upgrade that would be!”

    Isnt he Jaques Smith?

  11. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    This site is infested with”debbie downers”. I recall this team in Texas hiring this guy out of the university of Miami. Year 1 they went an 1 and 15. Man how wish I could travel back in time to read excerpts from they’re fan base at that time,my inner mind tells me it was a lot different from all the pessimism that gose on on this site in reference to the Buccs. Many of you seem as if you hope the team stays down. You can tell there is promise for a rise but you deep down you hope it doesn’t happen. I feel sorry for you none the less… The Rise is Eminent.

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @Nole on Sat

    Amen brother. Many people here totally focus on the negative. Again hard as it may be to remember Lovie Smith is one of 50 coaches in the 50 year history of the Super Bowl to reach the big game. He had two 11 win seasons and one 13 win season in nine years there. What do the doubters here have to post for their NFL records? Oh that’s right NADA.

    He made mistakes last year. The Oline rebuild and free agent choices being the biggest. But he was getting his feet wet and learning the players on his team.

    The team has been revamped and hadn’t yet formed a personality. After he discovered the losers he moved quickly to remedy the situation. IE He learned from his mistakes.

    Now 2-14 sucks and there is no sugar coating. But as far as looking at how far the Bucs are from being competitive just look at last year, one we all agree was horrid. Even in a horrid year the Bucs were not that far away.

    The Bucs lost their OC right before the season started. They lost their best lineman…Carl Nicks right before the season started! They ended up with an unqualified kid calling their plays and preparing their offense while they waited for Tedford to heal. He didn’t and by the time he checked out it was too late to find a proper OC. Given time Lovie did finally get a good OC during the off season. Koetter will be light years ahead of Arroyo.

    Given all those challenges what was the Buc season really like?

    The Bucs blew their opener against the Panthers a game they should have won. They lost in the last minute against St. Louis another game they should have won.

    They were truly embarrassed in Atlanta but then bounced back to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh. They should have come out of September 3-1. Would that have impacted the rest of the season if they had avoided the two chokes?

    In October they had two more OT losses and one blowout. Coulda..shoulda..woulda been 5-2 heading into November.

    They beat Washington and should have whipped Cleveland!

    And of course they could have easily won the closer against the Saints if they weren’t trying to win the Fameis sweepstakes!!!

    My point is not that 2014 didn’t suck…2-14 is 2-14!!! My point is that we were not that far away even with Choke McCown…Doofus Arroyo…and some horrible FA signings.

    This year shows a lot of promise. As for me it’s the freaking NFL anything can happen and so I’ll wait to see the results before I jump up and down about firing L&L!

  13. John McKillop Says:

    @Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. I agree with you 100%, I don’t even know what to say anymore.

  14. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I concur with every word Stpete.

  15. DallasBuc Says:

    The arbiters of true fan appreciation have arrived to inform us of acceptable fan allegiance. Replete with do-no-wrong-Lovie blame shifting and wildly inappropriate comparisons to Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys. Carry on deputized fan police. What would the Bucs organization do without a body of volunteer Minutemen patrolling the lawless borders of the interwebs (series of tubes) keeping the “evil haters” -hat tip Joe- from spoiling the dignified reputation of one Lovie Smith!

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @Dallas Buc and Tmax if you believe it applies to you as well.

    You have misunderstood us. Nobody questions your loyalty to the Bucs. Nobody wants to force you to root for Lovie individually. You are certainly entitled to your opinion about his ability. Some of us just feel the need to present the other side. But please do not take it personally.

    Nobody here is an “expert” and if we’re all honest many times the “experts” are wrong as often as they’re correct.

    The current Winston/Mariota debate is proof of that. Not just among we posters but also among the “experts” who have their own disagreements on the two.

    Keep on blasting away you two. Viva le difference. Of course we reserve the right to come blasting back in Lovie’s defense. 🙂

  17. BucinNC Says:

    While we can’t deny lovies past success on defense, we can’t ignore his history of poor personnel decisions on the offensive side of the ball. And his complete lack of drafting ability as well as his neglect of the o line. These are areas where he has never shown any competence yet ppl in this comment section of this article are defending him and not acknowledging any of these facts.

    We’re not Debbie downers. Don’t tell me that I should accept the garbage and lies and deceit of last year and his failure to show he learned from his mistakes. I’m not being negative, I had so much optimism last year and have reason to believe that with a legit OC and hopefully a qb that we will be better. It’s not possible to get any worse that last year.

  18. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I’m a bit confused. You say Lovie didn’t learn from his mistakes but you are optimistic about this year because of our new OC?

    Just curious. I’m very optimistic because the new OC is unlike an historic Lovie pick. Koetter is reported to be planning an uptempo offense with minimal time in the huddle. IE the new NFL look. That’s so unlike Lovie that I remain hopeful he actually has learned from all his offensive struggles.

  19. BucinNC Says:

    I’m optimistic bc our OC has a proven history of success in the nfl , minus b gabbert. He alone should help tremendously, but I’m not excited about lovie and his poor history of building an o line which could negate a lot of the OC impact.

  20. WS99 Says:

    Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? … Tell me how to win your heart for I haven’t got a clue, but let me start by saying I love JBF. – Lionel Richie :p

  21. pick6 Says:

    after the michael johnson debacle, i think i’m gonna wait until november sometime before investing energy in getting excited about any new addition not named Jameis Winston

  22. Tee Says:

    What people are failing to realize is that we had Wallace Gillbury on this team as well who is now a stud DE in Cincy… Sometimes guys are late bloomers and take a moment to adjust to the league… Johnson seems like he will be one of those guys so I can’t wait to see what he brings now that he is back here and has had a taste of success… Go Bucs!