“If They Have The Stomach To Manage It”

April 17th, 2015
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Lovie’s take on inside One Buc

Former Browns general manager and current ESPN analyst and Senior Bowl chief Phil Savage agrees that the new Jameis Winston civil suit is no surprise to NFL teams.

However, Savage believes its arrival is a test for Tampa Bay.

Via the video below, Savage explains the Bucs can now get a true feel for Winston support within the organization and in the community.

Savage suggests the Bucs, if they draft Winston, should hire a “Director of Winston Operations” to manage Winston’s non-work time. He adds the Bucs likely discussed an oversight arrangement with Winston weeks ago.

Joe will add that at the NFL Owners meetings Lovie Smith already was asked about how the possibility of Winston wearing Bucs colors has gone over at One Buc Palace. This is Joe’s transcript from the exchange:

eye-RAH! Kaufman: Have you sensed any opposition, Lovie, at all, even slight, in the building, a secretary, the groundskeeper, to the idea of drafting Jameis Winston? Have you sensed any of it?

Lovie Smith: First off, there’s trust in our building that, you know, we won’t compromise our principles or anything like that. I think there’s also trust in the building for us, that we have a philosophy. And just me personally, and with us, that we believe a person can make a mistake and he deserves a second chance. When you’re young, you don’t want to necessarily give young people death sentences for one or a few dumb things that they’ve done when they’re immature. But I think our building, not I think, I know our building trusts the decision that we’re getting ready to make because it affects us all.

Kaufman: And you think the community also will trust you?

Lovie: Yes, I do.

Enjoy the BSPN video below:

131 Responses to ““If They Have The Stomach To Manage It””

  1. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    A lot of this will hinge on if the first young lady who visited the counselor after sex with Jameis agrees to testify.

    If it’s just Kinsman they can explain that away. But if the other young woman steps forward and puts two faces on it Fameis is toast.

    Won’t matter if he’s as pure as the driven snow. Two young women putting a face on it will simply be too much and be viewed as where there is smoke there’s a fire.

    I don’t know if the Bucs or anybody can yet determine what the first young lady will do but IMHO she’s the deal breaker not Kinsman.

  2. robert 9 Says:

    lovie thinks the community will trust him, with all the lies he told last year…. lol deelusional

    the only thing i trust is that he’ll F the whole thing up.

    trust is earned

    2-14 does not earn trust

    go bucs

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ St. Pete

    I agree….the other alleged victim could change everything with a civil jury…..like I said, at the very least this will get very ugly from a PR standpoint.
    And, for those who think EK would not submit to a deposition…..think again. Most of her case will rest on her testimony. They will certainly depose Winston.
    The media and the public for that matter loves salacious material…..this has it all….money, fame, $ex, white-black, sports.
    This along with the Title 9 suit will keep Winston in the news for a while….and not in a good way!!!

  4. JW5alltheway Says:

    @stpetebucsfan i would have to disagree.. how can the public take her story as gospel when she wouldn’t step up to the plate in 2013 that could have aided int a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION? But now that there is $ involved she wants to tell her “story.” Lets be honest – anyone who has an ignorant opinion on this site has not read the SAO report.. they’ve just been listening to Major Media outlets. Look how the Duke Lacrosse turned out. Or the latest with Rolling Stone. These people are only in it for the $ not the truth. Saying JW didn’t do anything wrong would not make the media any $. Period. The story is still going and they are milking it

  5. Ray Rice Says:

    Everyone should know Lovie Boy is all into giving second chances. Why do you think Leonard Johnson is still on the field in critical situations after getting burned time after time?

  6. John G Says:

    Winston’s father blamed FSU for not having someone baby sit his son. Know the Bucs are going to have to hire someone to keep his ass out of trouble?

    F, Winston!

  7. Keepitreal Says:

    Bunker9… You bash the Bucs all the time. Your not a true fan… Move on to philly. Quit waiting everyone’s time with all your negative BS!!

  8. Bucs#1 Says:

    Why in the world any self respecting Bucs fan would want this TURD to be the QB and face of your franchise is way beyond me. He will be nothing more than a continuing headache and possible humiliation to this team over and over. And with the #1 pick in the draft? Oh Hell No. Bucs stay far, far away from Winston, the coach and franchise killer

  9. ben Says:

    Geez .. bucs DON”T draft Winston…Please !!

  10. Commonsense Says:

    Winston comes with more red flags than a Chinese military parade. If the Bucs do draft him and the whole thing blows up in their face then they have nobody to blame but themselves as the signs were all there

  11. jimmy53 Says:

    The other alleged victim is already on record with the NY Times saying she wasn’t assaulted. this is not new.

  12. MarshallU Says:

    As previously stated, it will be hard for the Bucs, or any other team to send their QB out in the community on Tuesdays for PR and charity work when he is in court defending himself against Rape/Sexual Assault or giving depositions. Try selling that to fans with kids and young families. Bucs need to pass on this guy Winston

  13. JW5alltheway Says:

    @Bucs#1 go read some facts before you just spew on here. We dont have time for that. People wonder why America is going down the tubes but we do it to ourselves. No one wants to educate themselves. They just want it served to them on a silver platter. He did not commit this alleged assault. The facts are in the SAO report. Here is the first one you will read within 15 minutes. Her friend (the one who reached out over the phone first) told the COPS that EK told her she was at a house party and was hit in the head and knocked out. Subsequently she awoke to being raped by someone she didnt know. People wonder why TPD didnt take her seriously from the beginning. Because she told her friend a vastly diff story from her next one (which she told the cops) about being at potbelly and taking a shot from some random perons and getting in a cab with random ppl and then forgetting parts of the night. THESE ARE FACTS WHICH CAN NOT BE CHANGED OR IGNORED

  14. The Real Malloy Says:

    When the story came out saying the lawsuit will in no way affect the draft, that told me all I needed to know…

    We’re picking Mariota or trading down. No way they would make a statement like that unless they had other plans..

  15. JW5alltheway Says:

    If the bucs pass on Winston because of this it tells me everything i need to know about the organization as a whole. That they have no SPINE. People need to keep standing up for whats right and not follow the mob mentality. God forbid the mudslingers ever need due process in their lives…

  16. Erik the WiseMMan Says:

    I honestly like Winston, but it would be absolutely moronic to sign this guy with the potential distraction that this civil suit creates. We constantly get rid of guys who even remotely create off-field distractions.

    87 is probably like 25,000% sure that we’ll still draft him, but the actual chance is probably closer to .01%.


  17. Bucs#1 Says:


    Have you been living under a rock or with your head in the sand? This is Tampa, not Tallahassee, Winston’s kind of antics will not work here. No TPD, FSU or Jimbo to protect him. He will just be a continuing problem for whichever poor team drafts him. Hopefully the Bucs know better

  18. John G Says:


    Here’s another fact for you. After being accused of rape, the QB idiot did not have enough sense to know not to say FHRITP and how that might look given the situation.

    That makes him a dumb ass. But that’s your guy.

  19. Nuckinfutz Says:


  20. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    JW5alltheway some of us appreciate the fact that folks like you and others put forth the time and effort to set the record straight. Unfortunately this site is filled with folks who are determined to continue spewing sinceless,baseless BS. It’s all good tho,after the 30th something tells me many of which will simply disappear.

  21. Keepitreal Says:

    Eric get a clue. As much as you don’t want done deal!! Get over it. I’ll take any realistic wager you want.

  22. JW5alltheway Says:

    Marcus Mariota will be no savior… The dude is garbage and is only in the conversation to create a media narrative (RG3).. He cant throw with anticipation and he cant makes progression reads or throws with accuracy. He also has no pocket awareness and cannot protect the football (27 fumbles) MM supporters need to re-evaluate their stance.. If u hate JW then hope for a trade out bc MM is not the answer. Period.

  23. Couch Fan Says:

    Thats right keep trying to convince yourself with anything you can grasp onto that Winston wont be a Buc. Going to be all the more enjoyable for me to laugh at all of you come Draft night when it does indeed happen.

  24. Keepitreal Says:

    To all you haters… This is nothing new!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    1000% confident that Winston will be a Buc.

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Regardless where Buc fans stand on the merits of the case….or lack thereof….if you’re being intelectually honest…..this entire issue is not a good thing…..not a good thing for Winston, FSU, NFL or the Bucs.
    If EK is lying or dilusional….and is bringing a frivolous lawsuit…there is little in our system of justice that will punish her…..in the UK….loser pays.
    I doubt it would be a good idea for Winston to counter sue…because it will keep the issue alive and just as there is likely not enough evidence against him….the is also not enough evidence to proove malice or that she is entirely wrong with her accusations.
    Now, on the other hand….if by some chance Winston did commit rape (and I don’t think he did)….but if he did….he’s getting off easy.

  27. John G Says:

    We hate because we don’t want the Bucs to draft someone who has to have a babysitter assigned to him.

  28. Nuckinfutz Says:

    Mariota will be winning Championships after Winston has already flamed out. When all is said and done, Mariota will have had a much longer and more successful NFL career that Winston.

  29. Icantstanditanymore Says:

    Posters have postulated a variety of scenarios for what they “think” may have happened. I don’t know if she was actually raped or had consensual sex and then misgivings later or it was something else.

    However, if you want to start separating fact from fiction, Google “The Cinematic Railroading of Jameis Winston.” I found that this well-researched article shows how “facts” we think we know can change over time or not exist at all. It shows how ignoring facts can alter the story and perceptions. But you can (and should) draw your own conclusions.

  30. JW5alltheway Says:

    @bucs#1 no i have not lived under a rock. and thanks for not addressing FACTS i put up about the allegation. BC u have no argument that she is not credible.. Thats exactly the words Willie Meggs used as to why they couldn’t EVEN CHARGE Winston. So can amyone explain to me why EK had redness on the tops of her feet and on her knees? That sorta falls in line with what JW roommates stated.. Anyway most of u have no clue what I am talking about bc u have not read the case. AND YES JW HAS BEEN AN IDIOT AND LACKED SELF AWARENESS BUT GET OFF UR HIGH HORSE

  31. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Marcus Mariota will be no savior… The dude is garbage and is only in the conversation to create a media narrative (RG3).. He cant throw with anticipation and he cant makes progression reads or throws with accuracy. He also has no pocket awareness and cannot protect the football (27 fumbles) MM supporters need to re-evaluate their stance..

    What is garbage is your post. Grow up and post like a man with an intellect.
    Your post is absurd on the face of it. Winston is judged superior by the majority of NFL “experts” but not all of them. There are plenty who feel Mariota is the better pick from Mike Mayock to John Gruden.

    You lose ALL credibility when you engage in such absurd hypebole and it’s offensive to call a young man garbage!!!

    “If you don’t like Marcus Mariota, you don’t like human beings,” Gruden said.

    The one common criticism of Mariota is that he spent his college career playing in a spread offense. Gruden said he’s not worried about that.

    “He’s not the offensive coordinator,” Gruden said. “It’s not his fault. What they do at Oregon is very unique. That type of football is on its way to the NFL.

  32. NJBucsFan Says:

    My brother is on the crew for the field at Raymond James…..he wasn’t asked.

  33. Keepitreal Says:

    @john…. Let’s not be over dramatic. This kid will turn this franchise around. Their is some risk with every pick…. But he ha the “it” factor that could make the bucs reinvent again. Swing for the homer don’t settle for the bunt!!!

  34. WS99 Says:

    I say pull a Greg Hardy. Give her 100k and send her on her way. I’m sorry your honor but the plaintiff can not be found. She might be at the Gucci store, have you checked there?

  35. Underdog Says:

    What a Huge PR mess the Bucs have created for themselves. The vast majority of Bucs fans DO NOT want Winston drafted here, but they continue this horrible PR draft secrecy game and now have Bucs fans riled up and Buc Nation split and having a Civil War.
    Bucs should just wash their hands of this controversy. Trading the pick and making everybody mad may be the best way to unite the fans again, and would probably be the best move for on the field also.

  36. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’m one of the few here who candidly admits I’m no expert! I do not have a crystal ball like so many here seem to possess. I think whatever decision the Bucs make will include the need for some luck.

    I’ve been all over the place since this debate began. Originally I was from the Pete Beathard school of any draft pick being a crap shoot…50-50 in the first two rounds and worse after…and so if you can get multiple pics you trade down to increase your odds.

    Then I was sold on we must have a franchise QB. First I was with Marcus then Fameis and now I must confess I’m leaning back towards MM after Gruden’s comments. This is the very first reason I leaned towards MM, as Gruden said…”That type of football is on its way to the NFL.”

    Ironically thought it’s the Fameis supporters who have turned me off even more than Fameis himself. If this is the kind of hate and vitriol that Fameis engenders from his SUPPORTERS…I think I’m off the bandwagon!

    And can we all agree on one thing. IF we draft Fameis and it blows up in our faces then everybody involved in that decision should be FIRED immediately.

    If Fameis misses one day due to off field crap then L&L or anybody who signs off on the decision deserves to be fired immediately. Investing is risk versus reward. The risk is clear, the rewards are hoped for…L&L better not make a mistake.

  37. ADown Says:

    It’s a civil suit, Jameis wont have to physically be there. Maybe one deposition and that’s it.

  38. Keepitreal Says:

    Do you haters really think Dallas, New England, Pittsburg, NY… To name a few would pass on this kid. Hellll NO!! Just you guys living in Bunkinville. Should be glad we can get him. Oh by the way cross your legggs your Pu$$y is showing.

  39. JW5alltheway Says:

    @StPeteBucsFan agree to disagree sir. I spoke with facts.. His accuracy drops 25% per progression.. He took more sacks then JW (for someone who is way more athletic its hard to understand)… He fumbled almost as much as JW threw picks (28 to 27).. Now i didnt even address the system.. The one that has him throwing 41% of his passes with 5 yards (first read) I didnt speak to the fact that he does not throw into tight windows anywhere near the amount of JW (NFL REQUIREMENT) It cannot be dismissed that he does not have the reps it takes to perform 3, 5, and 7 step drops without thinking about it when the bullets are flying (NFL REQUIREMENT) – anyway, i dont need to keep crushing u with #knowledge .. Ill let my man Kurt Werner say it for me, ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE

  40. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    And will Casher and his other friend also get deposed? Just honestly curious.

    And what do they say when the attorney says…”Did you video that evening?”

    “Why did you erase it if it cleared you and your friend?”

  41. Nuckinfutz Says:

    St. Pete

    According to Peter King of SI, after doing his QB camps with the top 5 QB’s Jon Gruden said he prefers Mariota over Winston

  42. John G Says:

    You Winston folks are funny. If any of you actually had to to stroke Winston a check for $20 mill out of your bank acct, you would not risk it.

  43. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Thanks Nuckinfutz. I googled and quickly found that Gruden spoke highly of both but was particularly gracious about MM. I didn’t see the Peter King report.

    My honest opinion is that if Fameis doesn’t blow up over off field issues that this draft will be like the one that produced Flacco and Matty Ice. Which would you rather have? IMO either would do.

    I think that will be the case with both Fameis and MM. But then that begs the question…which would you choose Flacco or Ryan…what if one of them was embroiled in rape allegations from not one but two women and had all the other off field issues?

  44. WS99 Says:

    Keep calm and have some crab legs.

  45. JW5alltheway Says:

    @stpetebucsfan keep grasping at straws.. its obvious why they got rid of it, because they illegally filmed two ppl having sex. Further, why not try and dispute the facts of the SAO report? Why did she have redness on her knees and on the tops of her feet? Why did she not have bruising which would be indicative of being forcefully held down? How come she told multiple stories? So many holes in her story that the professional attorneys (who do this for a living and see this 1000 of times) could not even charge him with wrong doing? #knowledge

  46. MarshallU Says:

    All of you Lovie Haters on here should really hope that he does draft Winston because making a huge mistake like that will surely get him fired

  47. ADown Says:


    Im sure they will… Im sure her boyfriend will too… and her friends who have text messages from her stating she is leaving the bar with Jameis and co.

    As far as the video, you dont know when or why that was deleted. I know when I take videos of stuff (like sex) I dont want in my phone, I usually delete them the next day.

  48. JW5alltheway Says:

    @nuckinfutz can u post the link of that quotes or article? i have been looking for it and its no where to be found

  49. Couch Fan Says:

    According to Peter King of SI, after doing his QB camps with the top 5 QB’s Jon Gruden said he prefers Mariota over Winston

    Right because rumors are always accurate.

  50. port richey george Says:

    lovie wouldn’t sign Richie incognito for bullying. a player that would have benefited the o-line.
    will lovie sign a crab leg stealer accused by 2 women
    of drugging and rape?
    sounds like a double standard if you ask me if lovie does sign
    the crab leg stealer.
    lovie needs to listen to tony dungy.
    trade down…. or draft mariota or dante fowler.

  51. WS99 Says:

    If winston didn’t have Johnny cochran as a lawyer Id be worried but his lawyer seems to be competent so no worries.

  52. Iknowmorethanlovie Says:

    2-14 means only a moron trusts Loser Lovie

  53. tmaxcon Says:

    Lovie knows that his ONLY chance to work out his contract and possibly fleece more money out of a team is by drafting Winston. Lovie does not have time for the Mariota Project. Lovie lost all good will and time to execute his plan or lack there of by going 2-14 including 2 of the most embarrassing losses of all time not just bucs all time but ALL TIME embarrassments. Undefensable.

  54. SoonerinTampa Says:

    Winston has a “lawyer” that doesn’t do trials! Cornwell is a mouthpiece…

    All the Jaboo lovers just keep poo pooing this latest piece of news concerning your hero. I get that everyone thinks the Bucs will draft Winston…but the equation just doesn’t add up…no matter how you spin it, paint it, or dress it up…he is not a Lovie guy!

  55. ADown Says:


    Chewbacca defense

  56. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Perhaps you’d like to respond to the man who “cleared” (Joe’s term not mine)
    Fameis the State Attorney General William Meggs.

    Meggs said Tallahassee police “just missed all the basic fundamental stuff that you are supposed to do.”

    Meggs specifically took exception to how the police handled the case once the accuser told them in January 2013 Winston was the man involved. The Times reported that it wasn’t until two weeks after that that the police attempted to contact Winston — by phone. “It’s insane to call a suspect on the phone,”

    “I think something happened that night, but whether or not it was to the level we could file a charge, we never got there,” he said.

    That’s what being “cleared” looks like.

  57. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    You are correct I do not know when or why the video was deleted. Because the TPD totally scrwd the pooch in their “investigation” giving those who were accused plenty of time to manipulate evidence, frustrating even the man who “cleared” Fameis none of us will ever know. And I concede that is what is very frustrating.

    BTW I should correct myself…the first girl did not accuse Fameis specifically of rape just that the sex forced her to seek counseling.

    At the end of the day none of us can know for certain what happened with either of the young women. What we can predict however is the fallout from these accusations.

    I’m just pointing out natural questions that will arise, I’m not attempting to answer them because I was never involved that evening or after.

  58. Erik the WiseMMan Says:

    Lovie Smith: “This in no way changes our draft plans.”

    Translation: We already going to draft Mariota anyway.


  59. ADown Says:


    Jesus, we are back to this again?? All because she filed a civic suit everyone knew was coming? Now we are talking about the TPD again?

    Idc anymore, he raped everyone, fine. He will still be coming to Tampa and in 6 months nobody will care anymore and we will be winning football games.

  60. Erik the WiseMMan Says:


  61. Luther Says:

    If you were going to draft Mariota, no way do you bring Winston to Tampa for charity even. There are so many other signs that point to Winston being the pick.

    If you Mariota fanboys can’t get the clues, maybe we need to hold up flash cards with colors and cartoon characters for you to get the message.

    Wiston will be the pick and his law team will win the lawsuit and countersuit.

  62. Pat Says:

    I’m not a psychologist, but this is surely very symbolic gestures that Mr. Winston played out…after that Evening:

    1) Table Talk
    2) Possibly a hidden message to EK (plus the other 1) below:

    Very Craptastic Leader!

  63. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Erik the WiseMMan Says:
    April 17th, 2015 at 1:26 pm


    We will all be expecting your statement after the pick is in.

    I expect is to be that OBP is wrong, and you will be proven to be right. You have a lot of…….self confidence. Like, going to Vegas and betting on the 50-1 longshot, and then stating its the obvious choice.

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    ADown…don’t worry about him.

    He’s on board with Jameis. Remember?

  65. ADown Says:


    Haha! Flashcards…

  66. Buc1987 Says:

    Pat…that shhhhhh was to the Canes fans you clueless wonder child.

    Oh and then he tied his shoes the wrong way did you hear about that too?

    SMH…hidden message.

  67. ADown Says:

    “I’m not here to talk about his facial features. I’m here to convert Atheists into believers”

  68. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Pat Says:
    April 17th, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    I’m not a psychologist”

    Exactly. They would never do that. That sounds like Miss Cleo

  69. Erik the WiseMMan Says:

    87 is probably like 1,000,000% sure we’re still drafting Jameis…. Am I right?

    L & WD,
    If we do draft Winston for some reason, I will definitely admit that I was wrong about who I thought they would draft; but I am absolutely convinced that Mariota will have a better career than Winston.

    Gruden & Dungy would both pick Mariota over Winston.

    I think all the mocks have s taking Winston bcuz A: That’s what we allowed/led them to believe and B: They expect us to make dumb personnel decisions.

  70. Barry Says:

    Savage suggests the Bucs, if they draft Winston, should hire a
    “Director of Winston Operations” to manage Winston’s non-work time.

    Kinda like a r ape prevention, rehabilitation group? Will the Bucs have to create a department of homeland assaults? Plus, you have to ask how will “soft peter” in his food effect his performance on the field. If he makes it to Sunday. Will our Franchise QB have to be escorted 24/7 ? Will Buccaneers house detectives follow him into clubs, massage parlors, bath houses? Is he to be left alone with under aged girls? Lots of questions Bucs are going have to address if they draft him.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #BrainDeadRetard

  71. JW5alltheway Says:

    @stpetebucsfan im not sure you understand or grasp the idea that he was not CHARGED. This does mean he never had to go to court to defend himself. There is a reason for that, to the least of which was due to the TPD investigation. The largest concern of Willie Meggs and the SAO had to do with the accuser herself. I will agree TPD dropped the ball. But when the SA says she would not be a credible witness to her own testimony (basically admitting she would get destroyed by defendant attorney) I tend to take it as her claims were BS. He was never going to come out and say we believe she lied. Thats not the business he conducts.. Of course he would be sensitive to a rape accuser. Just because the facts show that no rape accrued does not mean that EK does not believe it happened. The mind is a powerful thing my firend

  72. NFIF#5 Says:

    @ALL the JW haters – Why read facts when you can just spew diahrea out of your mouth?

    All you Mariota bandwagoners are delusional. The guy will be exactly like RG3, an athletic QB that without his athleticism is really below average.

    Lets be honest – his athletecism will not save him in the NFL. Everyone is just as quick as he is. Even if he is in a fitting system (Eagles) – He will get hurt, alot, and be completely useless.

    When you compare RG3 to MM, the similarities are staggering. Both are smart kids with quiet demeanors. They are not leaders.

    The facts all point to Winston. He is ready. He is a leader. He is a shoulders up QB with all the statistics and a proven track record as a WINNER. Lovie & CO do not have time to wait.

    The only possibility is if they can get a Kings Ransom, but with all of this drama going on – its extremely doubtful anyone would commit what it would cost.

    The answer is Winston. Please save us Jameis. I am so sick of the Den of Depression. He is the only gamble available to us that has the potential to change our franchise.


  73. bucs4lyfe Says:

    no wonder he’s a FORMER Browns general manager and current ESPN analyst. to me that’s the most idiotic thing I’ve heard from someone working for espn besides steven a smith comments. so let me get this right you pick this guy first overall, pay him the highest salary of any rookie coming into the league then spend even more money and hire a “Director of Winston Operations” just for this one guy? moron….he’s got millions let him and his camp manage his own mental stability, bucs aren’t baby sitting any one player no matter what his draft status, rookie wage scale makes it easy to move on from contracts and doesn’t set teams back as much as it used to like jamarcus Russell did for raiders

  74. JW5alltheway Says:

    @stpetebucsfan im not sure you understand or grasp the idea that he was not CHARGED. This does mean he never had to go to court to defend himself. There is a reason for that, to the least of which was due to the TPD investigation. The largest concern of Willie Meggs and the SAO had to do with the accuser herself. I will agree TPD dropped the ball. But when the SA says she would not be a credible witness to her own testimony (basically admitting she would get destroyed by defendant attorney) I tend to take it as her claims were BS. He was never going to come out and say we believe she lied. Thats not the business he conducts.. Of course he would be sensitive to a rape accuser. Just because the facts show that no rape accrued does not mean that EK does not believe it happened. The mind is a powerful thing my friend

  75. Mariota Joe Says:

    “Director of Winston Operations” for his off the field idiocies???? SERIOUSLY???? And you WANT to have this JERK as the face of the franchise??? I’ve been a Bucs fan since I moved here in 1986…..that will soon end if they draft this undeserving individual. I simply CANNOT look my daughter (heretofore a huge Bucs fan) in the eye and say “Go Jameis”…..ain’t happening. “Daddy, is he really being accused of rape twice?” “Yes, sweetie….but…he can REALLY throw a football !!” YUCK!!!!

  76. Stanglassman Says:

    Can someone point to the article or video where Gruden said he would choose Mariota over Winston. I can’t seem to find it.

  77. White Tiger Says:

    The only time you extend a second chance, is after the person admits to the wrong-doing, and has been held accountable, and asks for a second chance.

    That’s not what we have here.

    When your lawyer helps you avoid accountability – you’re not seeking a second chance.

    When Lovie talks about “second-chances” in the context, he is talking about the things Winston calls “adversity”…stolen crab-legs, soft drinks, and 20 or 30 broken windows…that he helped shoot out while attending [i]college[/i].

    If you come from a good family, and you steal crab legs, soda, and shoot out windows…while attending [i]college[/i]…that IS dumb. That’s not what Winston’s in trouble for…and that’s not what everyone’s mad at Winston about. IF, however, you steal crab legs, soda, and shoot out windows, rape a girl, and then shout obscenities at OTHER women to celebrate beating the rape charge…you might begin to understand what SOME of us here in Tampa believe is a PATTERN that could be easily seen and dealt with, if he wasn’t so good at spinning a football.

    If Lovie thinks he can ignore the rape allegation because Winston’s legal team shrewdly found a way to successfully avoid prosecution…and therefore it absolves him and the Buccaneers of ALL blame – it means he’s a fool, and he’s asking me to participate by claiming “most people trust us”…he and Ira Kaufman are belittling a HUGE portion of this fan base.

    …because granting Winston a second chance for something “no one can prove” because he used the Tallahassee Police Department to obstruct justice…is a lot different than granting a second chance to a college kid who is sorry he stole crab-legs, soda, and shot out 13 windows…

  78. JW5alltheway Says:

    @white tiger you are sorely mistaken my friend. JW legal team had nothing to do with, NOTHING I REPEAT, to do with him not being charged by the SAO. How ignorant are you? Or are you just too stupid to understand due process? Good lord, whats the ave education level of the people posting on this site?

  79. ADown Says:

    @White Tiger

    There are so many things wrong with what you just said it’s hilarious. You literally have no idea what you are talking about. None.

  80. JW5alltheway Says:

    LOL @white tiger… u cant erase facts. The only reason he was not charged is because of the person who made the claim. Not the inept TPD investigation. Had they done their jobs right we wouldnt even be having this discussion right now bc he would have been absolved of any wrong doing. Instead they dropped the ball and we had to wait for the SAO to do it.. almost a year later. Seriously? i cant take your POV serious when it lacks facts. Fact is she is a liar – look it up in SAO report im not just name calling. U r right though, none of us were there so we just have to go off of the evidence.. none of which implicates JW. the ontly thing that does is her story. While i can argue the evidence supports his story, Draby’s story, and Casher’s story…

  81. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “White Tiger Says:
    April 17th, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    shout obscenities at OTHER women to celebrate beating the rape charge”

    LOL. Celebrate beating a charge? Feel free to just make up whatever else you have in your head. You have zero knowledge of why he did what he did.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  82. bucs4lyfe Says:

    who the hell wants to be held accountable for something they feel they haven’t done and technically something she simply cant prove he did. don’t worry about it, it will all shake out and if proven innocent yet again he still wont be liked by most people who don’t like him already but lol if they cheer for A-Rod they’ll cheer Winston if he’s winning. you might not like rape accusations but you wont be hating like this if this team is winning cuz you’ll get banned or get tired of being clowned for being so hateful

  83. Buc1987 Says:

    “Tell me, my friend, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

    The Bucs are about to do just that.

    Jameis The Chosen One Winston will be ours in 13 days!

  84. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Luther

    Winston may win the lawsuit….but there will be no counter suit…..for him to prevail on that he would have to prove he didn’t do it and that she made the accusations with malice…..almost impossible to proove….besides a countersuit would keep the issue alive in the press…..nobody would want that.
    Not happening!!!

  85. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…not so fast my friend. There’s enough evidence for defamation of character and slander in The Hunting Ground alone.

  86. White Tiger Says:

    The “almost a year, seriously” line is funny…because it means you don’t know she reported the rape on December 7th, 2012.

    The Tallahassee Police Department didn’t actually turn over the “evidence” (amounting to the rape kit) for 11 months.

    Meanwhile one of Winston’s attorney’s (Tim Jansen), worked with the TPD and FSU campus police to review available (but not yet collected) evidence and then he was able to interview two “material witnesses” before the state prosecutor was made aware of the evidence, or the names of those material witnesses.

    The young lady Jameis raped ACTUALLY filed the sexual assault report while Jameis Winston was an unknown, 3rd string, QB…you only found out about her once HE became :Fameis”…because that’s how Jameis and his vast legal resources wanted. It gave them the best chance of winning over a lot of folks who don’t wish to read bad things about they’re favorite QB.

  87. Pat Says:

    Stan ,here you go:


  88. Joe Says:

    I’ve been a Bucs fan since I moved here in 1986…..that will soon end if they draft this undeserving individual.

    From what Joe is hearing, you may want to start researching a potential new favorite team.

  89. Buc1987 Says:

    “The young lady Jameis raped ACTUALLY filed the sexual assault report while Jameis Winston was an unknown”

    Hush with your nonsense…..”allegedly raped”.

  90. White Tiger Says:

    Yeah, it’s strange that there’s a law against making false statements to police, and making false, defamatory allegations…yet neither FSU, the TPD, nor Jameis has done that…kinda odd…

    Like the police NOT wanting to investigate a young man who suddenly was making the university a LOT of money, and helping Jimbo with a LOT of recruiting.

    I guess when you look at it that way… what’s looking the other way when a young women gets raped every once in awhile if you stand to make a LOT of money, and attract a LOT of the best players by doing so!?


  91. Pat Says:

    Joe, please go and follow your other guy, otherwise start up the MMM crowd, hopefully.

  92. JW5alltheway Says:

    @white tiger.. this is something i will promise you. there is no way u have more knowledge on this situation than i do. u said exactly what i was saying jesus. The investigation that cleared JW of wrong doing happened almost a yr later (the investigation that was correctly done) I mean do i have to spell out every sentence? Lets do some math – SAO invest was Nov 2013 – minus almost a yr and u get Dec 2012 (the allegations and when the first and only correct investigation should have been conducted).. GOOD GOD – But yeah, the SAO did their jobs correctly and came to one conclussion. The Accuser was not credible, which had nothing to do with the TPD lack of invest or even ur claims that TPD helped JW legal camp. Meggs stated that if TPD had done their jobs more efficiently we wouldnt have even needed his office to figure out what happened.

  93. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol wow suing for $15,000 what a moron…your going to be known forever as either the woman who failed to provide enough evidence to prove rape against an nfl player and then either lost or won the civil suit. your face is public your name is public no matter where you go in this country and your asking for $15,000? she must not think this will affect her work status or is simply going to do reality tv

  94. Pat Says:

    Sure, listen to JW5 10000% the Truth, he was there that Evening. Just give us the Video please.

  95. ADown Says:

    @White Tiger

    I may be wrong, but I don’t believe the police can arrest the accuser if they file a report and determine that it was false at a later time. Unlike most false crime reporting, the police will not press charges due to the fact that this may deter actual rape victims from coming forward, in a fear of repercussions.

    Again, I may be wrong, but I believe this is the case.

  96. White Tiger Says:

    Keep it coming @joe, I’ve whether being attacked by folks defending a known rapist, who was also a Buccaneer…then Jeramy Stevens roofied himself.

    That time a different TPD happened to show up behind the comfortably sleeping rapist.

    Next day, Jeramy Stevens career ended.

    I also know that a lot of folks around Tampa made note of when and where Jeramy Stevens spent his free time. Seems there were always “fans” around to keep an eye on him…only, these folks weren’t actually working to make sure Jeramy’s “appetites” didn’t get the better of him…they were around to help point police in the direction of car running in the turn lane of stoplight, with a sleeping football player on his way home from practice…

    If that is what you want to happen again, with the NEW face of the franchise…please, by all means, draft this misunderstood young man…me and my friends will be glad to help the team out.

    Only, when we use “help”, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  97. ADown Says:


    The number $15,000 is just legal jargon. And if you read it, it’s actually “in excess of $15,000”, but that doesn’t mean that is what she is going for.

  98. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
    A beautiful day for a neighbor.
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?…

    It’s a neighborly day in this beauty wood,
    A neighborly day for a beauty.
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?…

  99. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I first read that suit the way you just presented it. $15,000? And then I thought perhaps it was part of a strategy to win that suit thereby setting up the really deep pockets…FSU and the Title IX suit.

    But I reread and it’s actually for $15,000 or more.

  100. JW5alltheway Says:

    @PAT nope wasnt there.. just read the SAO report. Ive only said facts from that report. Never claimed to be there. Sorry bud keep trying. Go educate yourself and Google Jameis Winston SAO report 2013. Read it and then come back and explain to me how ive been wrong in anything i have posted on here. It amazes me when ppl who claim JW is a rapist have never read the report to educate themselves then form an opinion.

  101. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Ok I’m pretty much done with the he said she said stuff.

    There is one thing nobody here can deny. Fameis has been a really unifying figure in Buc fandom. Everybody is thrilled to have him coming to town!

    He at least seems to have united the two Joes.

  102. Buc1987 Says:

    …and in the end Jameis Winston became a Buccaneer after all and they all lived happily ever after.

  103. WS99 Says:

    Chris Collingsworth 2015:

    “Man I remember when winston came out of college there were a lot of questions about his character and off field concerns. Who would have thought that he’s now a 2x man of the year recipient and a back to back to back Super Bowl mvp qb. “

  104. JW5alltheway Says:

    @Stpetebucsfan stop beating around the main issue with all these people. People are too lazy to read a dry police report/SAO report doc that has over 85 pages of information. The fact is unless you go read that UNBIASED FACTUAL report you have no business speaking about it or calling someone a rapist. But yes, It is a he said she said case really (thats being extremely nice to the accuser bc there is evidence which supports his story but not much that supports hers, if any) but none of us were there. Just tired of hearing people state he is a rapist or bad person when they do not know. He has been immature and lacked self awareness. but call it like it is.. most ppl on here just hate FSU and find this allegation an easy way to justify their hate of JW

  105. MarshallU Says:

    Football is a business more than anything else. The Bucs know that if they draft Winston they will lose many more fans than they will gain.

  106. ADown Says:



  107. MarshallU Says:

    Football is a business more than anything else. The Bucs know that if they draft Winston they will lose many more fans than they will gain. Fans dressed up as empty seats is never good

  108. ADown Says:


    Disagree… I don’t care if it is Jesus or the Devil himself playing QB, if we start winning, people will show up.

    Also, I just disagree anyway. A lot more people are excited about having Winston than not. Look at any recent poles. Pewter Report has one up right now in fact.

  109. bucs4lyfe Says:

    The number $15,000 is just legal jargon. And if you read it, it’s actually “in excess of $15,000″, but that doesn’t mean that is what she is going for.

    $25,000 more than likely considering that she isnt being represented for free and including the fact that she doesnt seem smart enough to set this up anyway. her lawyers are the ones orchestrating this entire thing

  110. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    You guys are deceiving yourselves if you believe that the results of this board or any of the websites dedicated to Buc football are in any way coincidental with the mood of the greater community.

    Everybody here is a Buc fan(atic). We are desperate for a winning team. We will overlook far, far more than the rest of the community, Just sayin’.

  111. Mariota Joe Says:

    Joe Says:
    April 17th, 2015 at 3:00 pm
    I’ve been a Bucs fan since I moved here in 1986…..that will soon end if they draft this undeserving individual.

    From what Joe is hearing, you may want to start researching a potential new favorite team.

    YESSIR….I have. And it will be a sad day if it comes to pass…..and be sure of this….not just for me.

  112. MarshallU Says:


    I’m going by Twitter, numerous Bucs sights, and even the Buc’s own site. The vast majority of Bucs fans DO NOT want Winston here.

  113. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    It’s clear from your handle that you in no way could be prejudiced.

    I have NEVER called Fameis a rapist nor a thug (which I consider racist btw).

    I have tried to analyze the impact drafting him might have on the Bucs and their PR future.

    It doesn’t matter who has read all 85 pages you totally miss the point. The community at large has not ready any of that. There are enough people who totally disagree with your take who would not call themselves JW5 but simply citizens uncomfortable with his behavior and how he would represent our fair city. That’s just a fact. It has nothing to do with Fameis guilt or innocence.

    It is what it is whether you like it or not or whether you wish to admit it. He was the lead story on the local newscasts last night and not in a good way!!!
    That is a fact. You can rip me all you wish it won’t make his reputation any better. I am not the problem!!!!

  114. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    FWI, it’s actually 248 pages in the full SAO report. The COC hearing transcript is also available.

  115. Mariota Joe Says:

    I’d guess that most of the male Jameis fans on this site are FSU fans, or they don’t have daughters. Or both.

    (Ohhhhh, NOW the “haters” are gonna chime in!!…”I’m not an FSU fan!! I have 9 daughters!!!)

  116. JW5alltheway Says:

    @stpetebucsfan ok point taken.. so i will trump all ur take with one statement. If he wins, none of this matters and all of the people who have “issues” with him will either disappear or be cheering him on.. See Big BGen

  117. JW5alltheway Says:

    @SPBUCSFAN – one more point, im not being bias when i state facts other than opinions. Sure public perception of him is not great.. but just like in tally, if he wins in ray jay he will be beloved. u can take that to the bank

  118. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mariota Joe Says:
    April 17th, 2015 at 4:18 pm

    I’d guess that most of the male Jameis fans on this site are FSU fans, or they don’t have daughters. Or both. ”

    Or they have sons, and worry about them also being wrongly accused by a dishonest female.

    UVA…..Duke Lacrosse…..Brian Banks…..

  119. Bucfan4life Says:

    Too bad we will never really know what happened that night. I will not disparage this girl because something may have happened. However, to all the Wimston bashers you must realize that all it takes is bn accusation. None of this has worked in the past, and most likely won’t work this time. Knowing all that, I say there is a very good chance Winston’s attorney is advising him to settle out of court and pay up. Guilty or not there is a good chance they pay just to make her go away. If this is actually a money grab announcing the suit two weeks before the draft is smart and has a high likelihood of a payoff.

  120. Mariota Joe Says:

    JW5alltheway Says:
    . so i will trump all ur take with one statement. If he wins, none of this matters and all of the people who have “issues” with him will either disappear or be cheering him on…..

    ……..and THAT, my friends, is what makes being a blind fan equivalent to “it’s ok if he’s a despicable human being, I still wanna sniff his jock”

  121. BUC IT Says:

    There is no reason to draft Winston at this point if you think Mariota has close to the same upside. And with mariota’s size, speed and accuracy… I believe there is almost no chance he will be a bust. I think Winston is better but it’s about making a safe decision. Mariota is a safe bet.

  122. Barry Says:

    @ Keepitreal Stop calling the accused rapist a kid. Kids don’t rape.

  123. Bill Says:

    The timing of every release is whenever something good is about to happen for Winston. Wonder why that is ?

    Could it be for all the “Haters” sharks to go into a feeding in hopes that their agenda will work?

    Seems Cornwell and the Bucs aren’t concerned


  124. ufour20 Says:

    No thank you, that clown and his circus can go to New York

  125. White Tiger Says:

    The only reason the true believers want you to think the SAO is the only correct one..is it because it legitimizes what the TPD was able to pull off.

    If the state attorney didn’t get to talk to the two material witnesses, did not get to see the Potbelly’s surveillance video (focused on the bar), and didn’t see the cell hone video taken by Cashers…then the state attorney didn’t have the same evidence that Jameis Winston’s defense attorney saw…and disappeared.

    If the evidence WAS there prior to Jameis lawyer hearing about – WAS NOT there AFTER Jameis Winston’s attorney found out about it – I’d say the evidence was damning enough that it was “disappeared.

    The state attorney did not say that “even if we had seen all the evidence that Winston’s attorney saw, we’d likely have gotten the same result”…I believe he said, “…it’s hard to say that we wouldn’t have gotten the same results…” there’s a difference.

    By the way – once evidence is disappeared – it’s kinda hard to say that nothing would have changed. For instance: the cab company was known by the TPD investigator, even though he didn’t try to find out or interview the cab driver about who was in the car, the state of the young lady, and where he dropped them off. When the state attorney investigated, they had a list of all the drivers in duty from that night, unfortunately none of them remembered anything. The state attorney ACTUALLY said that he” didn’t know if that meant they didn’t remember, or if they didn’t want to remember…”

    ALL EVIDENCE noted by the TPD was reviewed by the Jameis Winston’s defense team, who not only interviewed them 4 days BEFORE the state attorney was made aware of them…but Jameis Winston’s attorney got them to sign an affidavit that they agreed with Jameis Winston’s account…

    At EVERY point the information that the TPD shared with Jameis Winston’s defense team…had material the state attorney was not aware of until evidence and witnesses had already had a chance to be compromised by the defense team.

    In NO way was the SAO a legitimate and better investigation…because the smoking gun had been snuffed and disappeared 4 days before they ever started an investigation…otherwise Ted Jansen wouldn’t have wanted to know all the details…he was able to destroy any damning evidence, and compromise every witness.

    Just to put a fine point on it. The SAME day the TPD was forced to go public with the news they had been sitting on for 11 months (that Jameis Winston had been named in a sexual assault investigation..) TPD Police Chief Dennis Jones resigned after the 4th Grand Jury issued ANOTHER scathing report criticizing them for not even following it’s own policies and procedures on handling evidence and treating citizens with proper respect…it was the TPD’s 4th bad report from a Grand Jury since 2008…

    You can claim that it can not be proven that Jameis Winston raped that young girl…but you CAN NOT claim Jameis Winston is innocent, based on the evidence the SAO reviewed – there’s a big difference.

    Whenever someone says “you can’t prove it”…it sounds a lot different than “that man is innocent”..

    there’s a reason for that.

  126. Bucfan4life Says:

    White Tiger simply changed and twisted all facts to support his stance that JW is a rapist. When the facts didn’t support him he simply used his twisted logic to make excuses. He should jus sit tight and see what the Bucs do. They know more and are a hell of a lot smarter than him!

  127. T-BAY FAN 4 LIFE Says:

    We don’t want Winston as the face of the Buccaneers franchise and we definitely don’t want him in our Community. GO TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS #SUPER BOWL BABY

  128. White Tiger Says:

    Duke Lacrosse team: 3 players arrested, investigation proved that the accuser was lying. All charges were dropped.

    Interesting though, in that case the police evidence team shared information with the prosecutor, but did NOT share it with the defense…they conspired to lie in order to convict.

    That got the prosecutor disbarred, and the lead investigator was forced to resign/retire (UPDATE: He just recently shot himself…he’d been an EMT in Atlanta for the past 20 years…).

    The woman who made a false accusation against the Duke Lacrosse team, was a hooker/stripper. She lied so badly her hooker/stripper partner at the Duke Lacrosse party turned on her…she cooked the whole thing up and the state prosecutor attempted to use her to further his career. He also conspired with the evidence team to suppress evidence for personal profit.

    Because the 3 Duke players WERE charged, a grand jury was commissioned to look into the case and determined the prosecutor was conspiring to suppress “evidence” and the accuser being a stripper and hooker…actually damaged their case.

    In the middle of the investigation – all charges against the Duke Lacrosse team were dropped.

    Those young men WERE innocent. The law and the system proved it.

    In this instance – a young lady reported being raped by a (then) 3rd string Freshman QB that was not yet “fameis” …by the time the TPD was forced to admit publicly that Jameis Winston had been named in a sexual assault charge (11 months AFTER the young lady was raped)…Winston was now “Fameis” and because of the lengthy delay, Winston’s PR team was able to make it seem like the women came forward after his success…that was done to make the one who was raped, look guilty.

    The young lady was a college freshman (not a hooker), and she was raped by someone Chris Casher roomed with. Chris also had video of Winston’s “date”…but after signing an affidavit that Jameis Winston’s account was correct…the video evidence of Winston’s date…was disappeared by Chris Casher AFTER he met with Winston’s attorney.

    I’ll repeat: at the time the female college freshman was raped, Jameis Winston was NOT a starting QB, he was a back up freshman QB who had been highly recruited. She had no ax to grind and she was not able to convince the Tallahasse Police Department to investigate. The ONLY “evidence” that the state attorney received from the TPD…was the young lady’s rape kit…several hours earlier than the December 7th 2012 report she filed…in which she claimed to feeling drugged.

    An interesting sidenote – GHB is a substance that is particularly popular for those who commit a “DFSA” (drug facilitated sexual assault), did you know you can use a small amount of it in a drink and the alcohol will give it a delayed reaction, but when it kicks in it’s like being anesthetized – and it completely metabolizes in a human in 30 to 50 minutes after being administered?…the effects are so powerful it is still used in Europe for surgical anesthesia.

    This is all speculative of course…we know that the state attorney said that a contributing factor to not having enough evidence to charge Jameis Winston with rape…was the fact that the state was not informed of an 11 month long investigation that turned up…no evidence, and only two FSU football players as witnesses…for the accused…oh, there was that rape kit….

    This kid is an alleged rapist who’s legal team worked with the TPD to allow him to NOT be charged…because the TPD refused to investigate, collect evidence, refused to believe the victim, and working with a sympathetic lead investigator.

    The SAO found more “leads” in 3 days than the TPD found in 11 months…they also found that after the defense was given an 11 month head start to interview/intimidate witnesses. discovered video evidence -but because they did not COLLECT the evidence – it was later found to be lost or destroyed.

    Not getting charged means no grand jury can look into the case. It also meant that Winston could keep playing and become so fameis – no one would ever WANT to look too deep in Tallahassee.

    It’s a farce, but the truth is a funny thing…it has a pesky habit of showing back up at the least opportune moments.

    …just ask Jeramy Stevens how that worked..

  129. Bill Says:

    JMO but when there is no arrest or charge because of no compelling evidence that in all likelihood no crime has been committed. What am I missing?

    Didn’t Winston go to a Code of Conduct hearing in front of Supreme Court Judge with the same result? Not enough compelling evidence to even charge him with bad behavior as a student at FSU?

    Hey, I understand that in the court of public opinion anyone can be considered guilty or innocent, but what relevance does this have to officially arresting charging and convicting someone of a crime?

    I say he is guilty. You say he is innocent. Does it really matter if the justice
    system has already refused to prosecute or level charges or an arrest? Isn’t this all an exercise in total futility in the real world?

    As to the lawsuit, anyone can sue the trick is getting a favorable ruling and actually getting a settlement. That is the hard part.

  130. White Tiger Says:

    Thats what happens when evidence gets lost…every gets to speculate.

  131. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “but after signing an affidavit that Jameis Winston’s account was correct…the video evidence of Winston’s date…was disappeared by Chris Casher AFTER he met with Winston’s attorney. ”

    Why do you just make things up? It’s equally possible he deleted it the next day. You have zero proof that it was deleted after meeting with Jansen.

    The reason that they stopped investigating was because Aunt Pat stopped cooperating with TPD. She has admitted this. That was March 2013. This case would have went away if Winston hadn’t become valuable.

    If her niece were raped, why did she not bring it up in April 2013? May 2013? June 2013? July 2013? August 2013? September 2013? October 2013? It wasn’t until THE DAY AFTER Mariota gets hurt, and Winston becomes the Heisman front runner that SUDDENLY they are again concerned about rape.

    Also, if she didn’t know know he was valuable when she made the initial claim, then same goes for TPD. Winston was a redshirt 3rd stringer behind Trickett and Coker. How would they know to protect him? Yet, just in 2012, Greg Dent, starting WR for FSU was charged with rape, immediately suspended, exonerated, and still never returned to the team. So, they don’t protect starters, but do protect guys who might not play for several years?