“Could Have Been 40” Interceptions

April 24th, 2015

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In recent weeks, NFL Network’s top draft guru, Mike Mayock, has really turned on Jameis Winston. Not sure what got into Mayock but it is getting comical.

Joe gets why Mayock had a bug up his rear end about Winston for the longest time, and it is a fair issue — Winston’s behavior off the field. Again, that is fair.

But now Mayock is getting out of control with his critique. In a pre-draft teleconference that ran some 90 minutes yesterday, Mayock went off the deep end when he suggested Winston not only should have set an NCAA Division-I record for interceptions thrown, but that he is going to be a hoodlum in the NFL.

Q. Here in Tampa they’re way down the road on Jameis apparently, locked and loaded, and the character and the off field stuff, I’m curious, one question is how do you feel? Where are you on Jameis, character, off field, and second, in your experiences how many times have you seen a guy with red flags, with issues, get all that money, all that attention, and to a certain extent, all that entitlement and turn their lives around?

MIKE MAYOCK: Interesting question, and where I am is pretty well documented. I’ve got Mariota one because I do believe in Marcus Mariota, but the other piece of that is as far as Jameis Winston is concerned, I’ve got trust issues, both on and off the field. Do I trust him with the football on the field, given the way he turned the ball over, especially this year with 18 interceptions that could have been 40 very easily, so can I trust him with the ball, which is the most important thing during an NFL game, and then No. 2, can I trust him off the field. To me, those red flags are significant enough that my answer is I would go the other way with Mariota, and I have to put my hand up and say I missed that last year on Manziel, and I’m upset with myself for that, kind of just ah, he’s an immature kid, and that leads into your second question, which is when kids have significant red flags, how often do they change, and I would say my perception in my experience is that plus or minus 90 percent of the time, the kid ultimately turns into who he’s always been. When you get a repeated pattern of bad decisions, you might be on your best behavior leading up to the draft, you’ve got all kinds of people around you telling you what to say and how to act, but once you get comfortable, whether it’s one year in, two years in, three years in, once you get comfortable again in the NFL and you get paid, typically that kid goes back to being who he always was.

The fact Mayock thinks Winston could have or should have thrown 40 picks last year is no less than outrageous. The comment speaks for itself (the record for Division I is 34 thrown by John Eckman of Wichita State in 1966) and is beyond the pale.

Are we still singing this song about Winston and off the field issues, really? Did anyone wonder aloud that Cam Newton was going to steal laptops from his teammates when he got drafted; or that Peyton Manning was going to continue to fart in women’s faces; or that (allegedly) Dan Marino and Warren Sapp were going to do nose candy after draft day?

Joe could go on.

It is now entering the theater of the absurd the way folks are going after Winston. It is unreal. Joe has never seen anything like this. The draft is held too damn long after the NFL Scouting Combine; that’s what is the matter.

And yes, Joe is still waiting for the moral outrage over Zach Mettenberger copping a plea to sexual assault in college and Mark Sanchez being investigated for sexual assault in college (and like Winston, never being charged).

Bunch of f’ing hypocrites out there.

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  1. nate_tweetz Says:


  2. Harry Says:

    Good thing Mayock was not making career decisions on Chris Carter and Farve in the beginning of their NFL careers.

  3. P'cola Buc Says:

    Watching Mayock on the NFL network since the combine really has given me reason for pause. I remember him trying to “lead” Mariota feeding him questions and going as far as answering them as well in Mariota’s favor. It’s obvious that he has lost perspective. Seems like he has a personality conflict with Winston. He simply does not like him. That’s all well and good but he has crossed boundaries recently. Can we also question that he thinks that the Jets will take a running back with their first round draft pick at #6?

  4. Barry Says:

    He’s not wrong in what he said.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #BrainDeadRetard

  5. Mort Says:

    It’s not every year an alleged rapist is being talked about as a top overall pick, Joe.

  6. DEEnice07 Says:

    This is nothing more than the Mariota camp filling Maycock’s pockets!

  7. HotRod Says:

    I leave for vacation today. Turning the phone off and done with all the draft “coverage” for a week. Come back Thursday and watching us draft Winston. Its like the draft is tomorrow for me. It really should be moved up like you said. Why can’t the draft happen 3 or 4 weeks ago? Have the rookies come in a week earlier than the rest of the team? Very weird the rest of the team is conditioning and the rooks aren’t there yet.

  8. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    He had four picks against the Gators and it should have been 6 at least if not for drops. And they were BAD interceptions, thrown right to the defense. The guy can’t read defenses. Calling the fsu offense “NFL” is laughable. Jameis is no more ready than Mariota. He has some real talent but he is not ready yet.

  9. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    This !!!!
    Jack Burton Mercer Says:
    April 24th, 2015 at 7:20 am
    He had four picks against the Gators and it should have been 6 at least if not for drops. And they were BAD interceptions, thrown right to the defense. The guy can’t read defenses. Calling the fsu offense “NFL” is laughable. Jameis is no more ready than Mariota. He has some real talent but he is not ready yet.

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs are damned if they do pick Winston and on the other hand damned if they don’t pick Winston. I’m waiting for everything to explode. Life is so complicated.

  11. DEEnice07 Says:

    or just maybe the NFL network doesn’t want us to draft Winston, because the fear of making the bucs relevant again..& they’d be forced to talk about our Bucs more than 30 seconds like in recent years. Someone above is forcing Maycock’s recent rants about Famous Jameis! If not the dude just simply HATES the kid…never seen a kid get so much criticism for doing nothing you readers never done for the most part. Steal, shoot an animal, curse.. The rape was bull-spit, the girl was from Tampa. enough said!

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “Joe is still waiting for the moral outrage over Zach Mettenberger copping a plea to sexual assault in college”

    Winston is the potential #1 overall pick…I Mettenberger was 6th round…in addition Mettenberger with his plea put the issue in the past…..Hardy is in the past, EP is in the past, Ray Rice is in the past. Sure, they are guilty…..paid some price and now are moving forward.
    Unfortunately for Winston….this is staying alive and will for a while.

    On the other point….to say “could have been” on the intercepitons is like saying the Bucs could have won 10 games last year…….could have been is BS.

  13. Danati74 Says:

    I like Mayock, but he is never right. Clearly he stating since he was wrong on JF, He’s going to be right on Winston. And again he is wrong.

  14. Kalind Says:

    Preach, Joe. Man you are so right.

  15. Wausa Says:

    Thanks for saying this Joe.
    I’m sure all of these haters will run away from these statements when Jameis is killing it in the NFL
    You know Mayock is running away from comments like these:

    NFL Network chief draft analyst Mike Mayock rendered his verdict on QB Blaine Gabbert following Missouri’s pro day Thursday.

    “Bottom line, he’s the first quarterback off the board, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Carolina takes him at 1”

    Mayock has Gabbert rated ahead of Newton as the 2011 draft’s top QB prospect.

  16. Patrick in VA Says:

    People need to have a joker to their batman. Tebow is the player that people have to believe is great despite all the evidence that would say otherwise because he does things off the field they like. Winston is the player that people have to believe is going to be bad despite all the evidence that would say otherwise because he does things off the field they don’t like.

  17. Barry Says:

    “With Jameis Winston I see JaMarcus Russell,” an unnamed personnel executive told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #BrainDeadRetard

  18. The Real Malloy Says:

    this is really getting your undies in a wad huh joe?

  19. Clodhopper Says:

    The fact is Jameis is a risk. He’s no slam dunk to be great. He’s no slam dunk to be a perfectly polite gentleman either. But taking a QB from that Oregon offense is a bigger risk. Every other quarterback from that offense has proven to be a system quarterback. All the way to the pros too. Look at the quarterbacks Chip has worked with since coming into the NFL. They ALL flourish under that system. So there is a pattern there too. That pattern is more consistent than Winston’s pattern. Jameis is a risk. But he is still the best bet by a large margin. This is a gamble we have to take. Without this gamble we might as well just roll over and call it a day!

  20. Wausa Says:

    or these:

    The most interesting opinion of the day from Mayock was about where Clausen will land in the draft. He sees Clausen as a “top ten talent” that won’t get past San Francisco at pick No. 17.

    Mayock on Bridgewater:
    “With Bridgewater, I don’t feel an ‘it’ factor. I see a really good kid. But I don’t know if he’s ready to be the guy. Because of that, I think he’s going to need at least a year to get used to that environment. He needs a redshirt year, in other words. If you need a redshirt year, you’re probably going to get drafted at a different level.”

  21. SAMCRO Says:

    This crap is funny, not long ago Mike Mayock was the cats meow. Now, because he’s not sucked in by Winston’s charismatic, wag the dog, carnival act, Mayock somehow is a monster and doesn’t deserve to be a scout analyst. How about this, Jameis Winston doesn’t deserve to be the #1 overall pick, period.

    Now, you can hate me.

  22. Buc Neckid Says:

    You know Joes, It’s your website and you(s) run it very well.
    So far be it that I, a mere anonymous guest, offer an opinion that sticks with you(s), but I would like to pose to you(s) the big “WHAT IF…” question,
    “What if the BUCS draft Mariota?”
    Do you(s) have a backup plan? Have you(s) thought about how you(s) can possibly regain credibility after taking such a HUGE position stance if your “flavor-of-the-draft-QB” once again gets bypassed?
    It seems that you have gone all in on this JameisWatch.com to the point of no return.
    I get it, YOU(S) like Jameis.
    And I agree, He IS a great QB
    Don’t you think Joe(s) that the thought process for THE FIRST PICK in the Draft should transcend the typical “NOT-THE-NUMBER-ONE-PICK” First Round Pick of a team” perspective?
    Let me give you(s) a Billion Dollars and ownership of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and an obligation to Family and to Community and the reality that this team. YOUR team has been spiraling uncontrollably downward since Chucky was given autonomous control of your team post Super Bowl coitus. YOUR Team is now so bad that now you cannot even sell out your Home Openers. YOUR Team is so talent shallow that “rebuilding” is a term that only scratches the surface of the YOUR Problems one which also includes the complete void of Identity. YOUR Team has become so incapable of consistency and continuity that you erratically swung the pendulum so far the opposite direction to try to correct your mistakes that it led to the hiring of an egomaniacal tyrant that the broke last franchise Quarterback that you had. Just the cherry on top of a decade of bad decisions. YOUR Team is so low that transition back into the being a premier organization in the League is so far up that hill of recovery and repentance that every decision that you make is Business Life Threatingly Critical. YOUR Team is so bad that you now ARE OFFICIALLY the WORST Football Team in the League and now possesses the Number One Draft Pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.
    So Now Joe(s), How can you(s) soley base your decision on a players on-field talent alone? How can you(s) not consider ALL aspects of your investment in the MAN that by just soley the nature of being a Quarterback (not just A quarterback but a First Pick in the NFL Draft Quarterback) he will become the face of your Franchise. How can you not evaluate him from both an on and off the field perspective?
    Do the Joes really rate Jameis that high that it would justify overlooking his non-football aspects?
    Jameis IS a great QB, but come on Joes, as the past season ended and we knew the Buccaneers Draft Fate, I cannot really recall anybody thinking that ANY Quarterback in this 2015 NFL Draft is a Once In A Generation type Quarterback. The BUCS have put themselves in the position of NEEDING a Quarterback, A FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK. But this year there are no Andrew Lucks in this 2015 NFL Draft, there are just really good quarterbacks like every other year. And now with the Mad Season of the NFL Off Season, all of the sudden Jameis has been anointed by most NFL talking heads and by most experts as a can’t-miss-must-draft talent. It is now that one must get off the Crazy Train and evaluate ALL aspects of this all so important Franchise Changing Pick. How can the Glazers turn a blind eye to Jameis’ off field faults?
    And WHAT IF, Joes, that means Jameis is NOT the Pick?

  23. kaput Says:

    I’m a Gator.

    That said, I find it disgusting what the media is doing TO Winston. Jameis was the reason FSU won a title and nearly played for another. He still gets treated as a rapist, even though he’s been cleared something like four time now by various authorities.

    I’ve really lost a lot of respect for Mayock recently. His near-constant slamming of Winston’s playing ability makes you do a double take, not on Winston but on Maycock and his history of ranking prospects. Mayock has been HORRIBLE!

    Plus, Mayock is coming across as a holier than thou a$$ hat.

  24. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    So Buc Nekid…are you saying …
    it is not Jameis’s upside
    it is his
    downside ????
    I think that is what every poster here critical of Jameis feels….

  25. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Did he have access to some other investigations that anyone else was not privy to? I am still on johnny football and think he is going to be the next brett favre when it is all said and done…probably wont be with teh browns, but mayock is a jackwagon….the bucs better pick winston or the crap gonna hit the fan

  26. Jim Says:

    There was nothing to “turn his life around” about. The obscenities was a fraternity prank. The crab legs were given to him by an employee, and he was never even charged with rape which mean he did nothing wrong. The “alleged victims” timing of her law suit speaks volumes. That lawsuit could have been filed years ago, but instead 2 weeks before the draft? Why wait? Ahhh to get all his money. That is called extortion.

    This off the field stuff is making a mountain out of the salt flats if you ask me.

  27. bucs4lyfe Says:

    AND Seattle could have given the ball to beast mode

  28. bucco brice Says:

    mayock studies the draft probably more than anyone…sure he has misses, nobody is perfect….a lot of truth coming out of his analysis…Winston’s ball security is a huge issue on the field…90% of the character issues don’t get corrected…this guy is a HUGE gamble…trade is the best option…grayson would be a better, cheaper addition to the QB position…

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    Ummmm what Joe said.

  30. Waterboy Says:

    Blaine Gabbert is the #1 qb on my board, I put him ahead of Cam Newton. Lol

  31. gotbbucs Says:

    My aunt would be my uncle if she had balls.

  32. Patrick in VA Says:

    I don’t care about Gabbert at all, but in the interest of fairness, has Jacksonville ever drafted a QB and developed them properly? He may very well have been a better prospect but if they’re not brought along the right way then nothing is going to come of it.

  33. Buc1987 Says:

    Gabbert came from a spread offense in college as well.

  34. BuccaneEric Says:

    What I find interesting is that every year during draft time and during the picks as well, all of these draft analysts talk up all of these guys as if they’re all going to be good, but with winston it’s the opposite.

  35. port richey george Says:

    I have posted comments in the past based on Merrill hodge on nfl live espn tv breaking down film on the show . Merrill stated the same thing there were many passes that should have been interceptions. the reason they weren’t was because they were playing subpar opponents. this happens in college. they don’t always play the best teams every week. in the nfl Merrill stated the safeties and corners are going to key into Winston’s habit of dropping his hand below his belt. they will break their coverage and head for the direction he is facing. Byron leftwich dropped his hand down to belt level .Winston will be the only nfl QB to do this. in a game situation he will not be able to adjust it like in practice. when he was on the field with jon gruden QB camp Winston repeatedly dropped his hand to belt level before throwing.

  36. Louis Friend Says:

    If Winston is a bust it’s not the end of the world. A lot of Bucs fans are treating this single draft pick like a doomsday scenario if it doesn’t work out. Get some perspective people!!!

    I’ll say this much – if the kid doesn’t get better pass blocking than what McCown/Glennon got last year he won’t be very good. Running for his life is not a strength for most guys, him included.

  37. BuccaneEric Says:

    Maybe Mayock was scarred bad by Johnny Football. He doesn’t want to be wrong again, especially a top pick.

  38. JW5alltheway Says:

    Lets call the manning thing what it is Joe.. He pulled down his pants and dropped his man hood on the trainers face. He didnt “moon” her or “fart in her face”… So tired of the Golden Boy getting off the hook by the same media type who turn around and point the finger at Jameis. ok. Anyway. 6 more days until Tampa finds out who their future is. If its MM its going to be a sorry A$$ future. Dude cant throw at the NFL level period

  39. passthebuc Says:

    He is right on point and that is why I have never been in The Winston camp.

    Do not forget that Winston was surrounded by a lot of no.1 and 2 upcoming draft picks.

    To me, neither QB. is worthy of no. 1 pick

  40. Mariota Joe Says:

    JBF, PULEEZE cease the feigned moral indignation you’re suffereing over the “lack of moral outrage” regarding a non-descript 6th round draft pick, UNLESS, of course, you’re suggesting that Infamous should also “cop a plea deal” or admit to wrong doing??? You have NO moral indignation in this case, but you are one of the leading proponents that Infamous’ behavior is not an issue. Infamous is a self-admitted LIAR, and since that fact has been established (by none other than the infamous Infamous), he cannot be believed. You’re wrong, period. Now please take off your cheerleader outfit, and get real. If you wanna debate his INT’s, fine, but the moronic “well HE did it too!!” angle is a reprehensible “defense” of this jerk.

  41. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Joe should run a poll asking
    Do you thinks Jameis will bring offield embarassmnet to the Bucs ?

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Patrick in VA Says:

    “Winston is the player that people have to believe is going to be bad despite all the evidence that would say otherwise because he does things off the field they don’t like.”

    Excellent point, and Jameis feeds off the negativity. That’s his chip. It what’s drives him right now to be better and better. I just hope that if or when the negativity ever goes away, that he will still play with that chip on his shoulder.

  43. BuccaneEric Says:

    I don’t know if he would have had 40 INTs, but NFL players drop INTs too. At least he will be only playing one sport now and that should help to work the Baseball throwing motion out of him…I hope.

  44. Josh p Says:

    So when doses Mayocks hypothetical on all the fumbles Mariota could have had come out?


  45. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “Circle the Wagons”

    That’s what all Buc fans will be doing…..and I’ll be one of them. Defending Winston from this point forward because he is a Buc. Let’s just hope he earns our support by doing his best and not repeating bad behavior.

    Even 87 should agree to this.

  46. WyldKat Says:

    I think Mayock is just over-correcting thanks to Manziel. Once bitten, twice shy.

    Also, I take great comfort that whichever QB we take will be an improvement over what we had with McClown.

  47. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Winston played with one decent WR and a TE this year and then 4 or more freshman out there running around…its weird that with a top tier NFL WR in benjamin winston lit it up…except the WRs on the bucs to bring his level up along with winston bringing their levels up

  48. ander Says:

    Mike mayock it’s horrible at analyzing qbs just look at his resume from recent drafts.

  49. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    I love how Immature some of you Winston and Mariota guys are. If an “expert” endorses your guy then he is a savant. If he doesn’t then he doesn’t know anything. lmao

  50. Jim Says:

    #5 = Josh Freeman & Winston
    #8 = Steve Young & Mariota

  51. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Funny now all the Winston mafia is doing is crying about how people are bad mouthing their precious little NFL prospect. Hey, I’m on board with the pick, let’s go get us a franchise QB.

    But I’m not going to find something to whine about for our rookie QB. We’ve got enough negative factors with our horrible team to cry about.

    As for Maycock, it is obvious he was EXAGGERATING about the 40 picks, Jesus Christ. The point was that Winston’s decision making last season was questionable at times, which is fair. It’s not a huge red flag though. As for the off-field stuff, it won’t go away Joe, it just won’t. People will always be there to say something.

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo wonders what’s so great? Pablo could have had 40 interceptions. Pablo also could have been accused of rape (many times)…Pablo could have taken crab legs…but Pablo more likely would have taken nachos with queso dip….and Pablo certainly could have stood on a table and yelled..”FHRITP”….except Pablo would have yelled it in Spanish…..so Pablo would only offend or excite just a few. Pablo doesn’t know what the fuss is all about”

  53. TheShaz Says:

    It’s all about he NFL Network trying to be a 365 day a year entity. Unfortunately the issues Jameis has (which do not bother me, I want the Bucs to draft him)those issues play right into the hands of NFL channel needing something to say when we wait for the draft. Any controversy will get blown out of proportion.

    At Winston’s Pro Day….I could see the animosity Mayock has for Jameis. You could see it I his face, body language and what he said.

    Six more freakin’ days. Can’t come fast enough.

  54. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    Jim Says:
    April 24th, 2015 at 8:07 am
    There was nothing to “turn his life around” about. The obscenities was a fraternity prank. The crab legs were given to him by an employee, and he was never even charged with rape which mean he did nothing wrong. The “alleged victims” timing of her law suit speaks volumes. That lawsuit could have been filed years ago, but instead 2 weeks before the draft? Why wait? Ahhh to get all his money. That is called extortion.
    Yet another example of stupidity. The “employee” that gave him the Crab legs DID NOT PAY FOR THEM SO THEY WERE NEVER HIS TO GIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stealing is STEALING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    I have been trying SO hard to like JW but some of you Winstonites really turn us rational, non-biased people off.

  56. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    Rock On Pablo!!! Rock On!

  57. Coburn Says:

    To be honest I feel like he could have thrown a lot more INTs as well. A lot of people talk about him throwing into tight windows like it’s such a good thing, but there’s a fine line between that and throwing INTs. When I watch ‘highlights’ of his amazing throws I find myself saying ‘oh that’s an INT if the player has his head turned, that’s an INT in the NFL, that’s an INT if the defender reaches a bit sooner’ etc. I do think 40 is an exaggeration and while it may have been possible everything would have had to go wrong. There’s a lot of possible ‘INTs’ that are dropped for every QB.

  58. Jim Says:

    This Winston thing is the strangest story I have ever heard. Has any player been this scrutinized, ever? Jameis will have to live in a monastery and live a life of celibacy in fear of ruining his career. He will have to get married if he ever wants to have a sexual relationship just in fear of being retaliated against.


  59. Jim Says:

    @A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    But who is the thief? The person who gave it away or the person who took it? When a bartender gives you a shot at a bar are you a thief? When your waitress brings you a free desert are you a thief?

  60. Barry Says:

    Between The Creep and Mariota, Mariota’s the right choice. I think they should move and acquire more picks and make R.O.Y. MG8 the franchise QB. Jon Gruden and I both agree on this.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #BrainDeadRetard

  61. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Jameis Mafia: *racing back to JW headquarters at JBF*

    Jameis Mafia (bursting through the cyber wall): “Joe! Joe!”

    JBF: “Yes? What is it, my son?”

    Jameis Mafia (sobbing): “Some…..someone is saying mean things about our beloved Jameis Winston! Th-the-they’re saying he has off-field issues and throws interceptions!!”

    JBF: “What?! Who is responsible for this atrocity and mortal sin?!”

    Jameis Mafia (still sobbing):” It..it…it……it was MIKE MAYCOCK! LET’S GET ‘EM!”

    JBF: “CIRCLE THE WAGONS!! We attack at dawn!”

  62. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    Jim they BOTH are thiefs hard is that to understand??? I own my own company and if one of my employees gives you one of my tools you are BOTH guilty. You know damn good and well that the employee is giving you something that isn’t HIS. I will prosecute both of you to the fullest extent of the law.

  63. Jeagan1999 Says:

    This time of year brings out the extremes on both sides.

    On one side are the people who absolutely hate Winston because of his immature (and well documented) behavior. Or because of all those interceptions last year. Or because they believe he raped a girl. Or because…whatever else…race, personality, “he’s Jamarcus Russell 2.0″, or….fill in the blank.

    On the other side are the fawning sycophants…”He’s the savior”, “He’s Tom Brady”, “If you break down all the tape, only 1 INT last year was really his fault!”, he sh*ts Tiffany cuff-links!

    Both sides are wrong! I hope most Bucs fans can see the truth lies in the middle. Jameis Winston is a talented, and accomplished college QB who has great potential in the NFL….IF he can keep his head screwed on straight, stay in shape, learn to read NFL defenses and if he isn’t saddled with the weight Unreasonable expectations on his shoulders too soon! (same thing I would say for Mariota). No college QB…not even Peyton Manning…is pro ready on day 1 in the NFL! It takes time to develop. The best thing for both Mariota and Winston would be to ride the pine for at least half a season and watch and learn, before being thrust into the starting job!

    As for the extremes on both sides, thank God the Draft is next week! Then they can all find something else to criticize!

  64. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @Jim Says:
    April 24th, 2015 at 9:07 am
    This Winston thing is the strangest story I have ever heard. Has any player been this scrutinized, ever? Jameis will have to live in a monastery and live a life of celibacy in fear of ruining his career. He will have to get married if he ever wants to have a sexual relationship just in fear of being retaliated against.

    Even marriage could pose a problem if he marry’s the wrong person…but I agree, it would help. Winston will have to have witnesses or videotape his $exual encounters for fear of being accused of rape again.
    Perhaps he can get his would be partners to sign a pre-$ex waiver stating that it was consensual.

  65. Nybucsfan Says:

    Joe you need to stop justifying his action by point out other people’s mistakes. We are not drafting them its dumb.

  66. Dreambig Says:

    All of you moral supremacists are unbelievable. 18 yrs old clowns drinking coke from a ketchup cup, 18 yr old clowns in a bb gun fight, inappropriate language in a public setting by a 19 yr old public figure, and yes, stealing crab legs (hook up or not, still the same). Those are the evils that are Winston did that are indisputable. The sexual abuse accusation is just that. I don’t know what happened and neither do you but at this point it is 3 people to 1 that say it didn’t happen, and he is innocent until proven guilty. Notice there are: No DWIs, No failed drug tests, No violent altercations in bars, No other alcohol related incidences in college. No academic suspensions. Yet you morons make him sound like Al Capone. How many of you hypocrites have ever put in for 8 hours of work when you took an hour and a half lunch and only worked 6.5 hours. If you have, your a liar, a cheat and a thief. How bout been charged too little at a cash register, and didn’t say anything? Again you shameless thief. How many other life events have you been involved in that are less than completely honorable? How about when you were a dumb kid? Where was the press and the NY Times to follow you around and report everything you did before you were smart enough to know better? The media attacks on this kid are over the top.

    TBBF – Your exactly right, this defense will have to go on forever.

  67. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    Sorry for the cuss word Joes My bad.

  68. robert 9 Says:

    thats about it plank.

    how dare anyone speak badly of JW.

    I still think the guy is a few short of a six pack and a HUUUUGE gamble, which I would not take…….

    but after watching the publix video, it was definitely a hook up. he never waited in line and the guy had them waiting for him. still stupid for him to walk all the way through that store and not expect someone to notice. get a friggin receipt man!

    i alrady knew the IFHITP was from something someone else said, but REAL bad timing by him none the less. just plain stupid

    the bb gun thing. ZERO EXCUSE. he was warned by the police hours earlier and did it again.

    The rape. could go either way. will never know, but I have softened my stance.

    I think the guy is an egomaniac that makes decisions a 12 year old would know better than to do. huge gamble.

    thats about as much crow as you’ll get me to eat.

  69. robert 9 Says:

    and before people bash me for flip flopping or others for not knowing all the facts.

    let’s remember he brought all this on himself.

    and an average fan should not need to become FBI to investigate all the stupid things a prospect has done.

  70. A Gator that loves the Bucs Says:

    @dreambig…….My son is 7 and owns two bb guns and knows better than to shoot up other peoples property. Or steal.

  71. j-ho Says:

    Too much on talk on throwing motion, Steve Youngs motion was terrible, Bradshaw threw the ball like he was throwing a shot-put, you could go down the line. Furyk can’t win his golf swing looks like Barkleys, etc. Tebow’s motion sucks, all he did was win 2 national championships (Good luck Tim, from an FSU grad- you got jobbed because it didn’t matter that you won when it counted- it wasn’t pretty enough).

    29-1- a winner is a winner! Just Sayin’

  72. Pat Says:

    …morals..squirrels…blah…blah…blahhhh…let’s focus on the presumed 40 INTs…gimme a break, for real? in the ACC??? THOSE crappy defenses!!! Then in the NFL, that’s about 80 INTs. Just GREAT!!!

  73. Pat Says:

    If he was in the SEC, 40 INTs is a very good number…

  74. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “The fact Mayock thinks Winston could have or should have thrown 40 picks last year is no less than outrageous.” – JOE

    Um, no it isn’t.

    I wonder, Joe, just how much tape have you actually watched on Winston? Sometimes I think you saw the mocks and decided based on those who to back, and ran with it. I may be wrong, but I wonder.

    Here’s the thing. I knew nothing of either quarterback in the beginning. I wanted the best one of the two, and I heard of Winston’s issues off the field, and my first inclination was to turn away from him based on that.

    However, even though I believed those things played a role, I didn’t want to judge purely on that. So that’s when I set to gather up downloads of every game each Winston and Mariota played in I could.

    I gathered 18 games of each, and I set to watching all 36 games.

    Now, here’s the thing. On the surface, Winston DOES look like a better QB when you watch highlights and maybe 1-2 games of each…especially if they are certain games.

    That is the mistake I believe all these mockers have made.

    Mayock recently admitted that early on, he hadn’t watched as much tape as he should have. I doubt he’s the only one amongst them to leap to judgment.

    But once he took the time to watch more tape, he started to see some things in Mariota’s games, and he started to see some things in Winston’s games.

    These things are not readily apparent at first. What I mean is, you have to rewatch a few plays here and there, get a good look at not just what the QBs are doing, but those around them as well.

    Mayock is right. Although I cannot atest to the number he assigned, there were a LOT of passes dropped by defensive players, batted down by WRs or just missed in the confusion taking place between WRs and CBs. It’s on the tape if people actually take the time to watch it. To really watch it and study it.

    It amazes me that Winstonites who either didn’t watch the games, or just saw results of certain plays and listened to the play by play guy (Gene) talk Winston up, have missed so much.

    Why did Winston, for example, have so many come from behind victories?

    Sure, he put things on his shoulders at times. It happened. But first, he was mostly the reasons they fell behind. When opposing teams got ahead so much, their defense grew a little complacent, confident in their leads, and as a result, they covered less efficiently and Winston was able to take advantage of that.

    Although that has been known to happen in the NFL, it isn’t common among the winning teams.

    Then, of course, you have his ball placement. Even though certain “analysts” who favor Winston talk about how great it is, most of his throws are not. Oh, Winstonites will deny it, but there is no point. I mean, it’s clearly one of two reasons his picks were so high (the other staring down his targets, letting the defense know where he planned to throw so much).

    As I watched and rewatched plays in 18 winston games, I cannot tell you how many times in a replay, the host would talk about how Winston did NOT stare down WRs during plays, yet the camera clearly showed him doing it. It got to the point where I knew where most of his throws would go. Plus, he zeroed in on his favorite WR so much how could they not know?

    And then there is Mariota. Marcus has his faults, yes, and some of them are obvious. But as I watched his games, I came to realize something…there were instances that some of his listed faults were deceptive…that they were not real faults.

    For example, one of the claims on him was that he could not read defenses. After 18 games, I can tell you this is 100 percent untrue. He also almost never stared down WRs, was not run first as some claimed, and he thought very quickly…reacted just as quickly. And when he reacted, he did it wisely by instinct.

    And that is one of the key differences between the two. Winston is slow, cumbersome, and gives his opponents time to figure out what he’s going to do. Mariota is a rapid thinker, starts a play with a plan, but adapts on the fly very quickly.

    Simply put, he is smarter than Winston while the play is happening.

    So, you may think Mayock is being unreasonable, but he isn’t. You may well get your way and see the Bucs draft Winston, but you’ll learn later is is a mistake.

  75. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Mind you, as I said above, at first my judgement against Winston was because of his off field issues. Later, after I watched the tape, 18 GAMES WORTH, I saw the holes in his game.

    When he is drafted, I’ll hope he overcomes his weaknesses for the good of the team, but the odds will be against him.

  76. ufcguy Says:

    And vjax wpuld of had 125 catches if he didn’t drop that ball so often and mike Glennon would of had……oh wait. Nothing more lol stfu msyock. Go back to all the qb and do that. Eli would have 100 of them. It only counts when it counts.

  77. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Dreambig Says
    “All of you moral supremacists are unbelievable.”

    In your rant, you forgot his on field and sideline behavior issues. You know, the ones that everyone seems to ignore, claiming he’s “just excitable”.

    If he were to go off on his coach in the NFL, he would be instantly benched, for example. Then how would he be helping the team?

  78. Mtshow5 Says:

    Listen, mayock lately has been brutal. Remember when he said Barron had “his floor is pro bowl and ceiling is pro bowl”… What about how he preaches he doesn’t pay much attention into pro days. Last year had teddy number 1 all year until after his pro day he ranks him down to 4!!!! Jameis I feel is going to be a great qb. He’s throwing to Evans, Jackson, and asj.. Throw in another good slot receiver this draft, who the hell wouldn’t want to throw to that?! The kid just wins, that’s all there is too it. Most analysts say he is best since luck in last 10 years then you have 3-5 guys saying he’s Jamarcus Russell… They are crazy… Go jameis baby we haven’t had a qb even close to his potential in our franchise history. He is going to be top 5 qb within 3 years.

  79. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Here’s the thing. Winstonites believe that if someone does not want the Bucs to draft Jameis Winston, they must have something personal against him, be judgmental or hate FSU.

    They just cannot accept that people can actually objectively watch game tape and see things they are not.

  80. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Mtshow5 Says
    “Jameis I feel is going to be a great qb. He’s throwing to Evans, Jackson, and asj…”

    Actually, he’ll be throwing to opposing CBs, Safeties and Linebackers.

  81. MonsGM Says:

    First off it seems that no matter what level someone is on, from lowly fan to esteemed gm’s, no one can judge a player on just their own merits. It seems that every one finds positives or negatives that have been applied to a previous player or a coaches track record and then group the current player in with that perspective.

    Example of myself doing this such thing. I did not want the Bucs to draft Aaron Rodgers because of Jeff Tedford. Because he produced Dilfer, Akili Smith and Harrington. I am a huge Winston supporter but this can apply to both quarterbacks. Winston is not Russell, Manuel or Ponder just as Rodgers is not his predecessors.

    Secondly applying one persons off field issues to another person is asinine. First talent is the number one reason a player is successful. Their mental capacity and work ethic fall in right behind. To be scared of Winston because of Manziel is stupid. You are comparing a 5 11 inaccurate and inconsistent running quarterback to a 6 4 accurate pocket passer because the first had alcohol and partying issues and the second had juvenile type legal issues and a rape allegation.

    And even when you compare apples to apples it still doesn’t work out because the individual players are different. Example, Tanard Jackson couldn’t stay in the league because he couldn’t stop smoking or cover up his weed smoking properly. Hall of Famer Warren Sapp on the other hand had a weed problem and either stopped during his career or knew how to cover it up properly.

    I desperately want the Bucs to draft Winston. I am confident he did not rape the girl and if I felt differently I would not want him here. Read the nationalreview.com article or like me look at the 300 plus page document with all of the testimony, available online. Also, ask any female if she would get on the back of a scooter with someone who just raped you. My wife is a rape victim and that was the first thing she said when she heard the girl’s swiss cheese like story.

    As for his other issues. I knew many white fraternity boys that screamed obscenities is so public places in college. I myself have had bb gun fights and gotten hooked up at various restaurants from ages 16 to 21. What upsets me is that Winston didn’t admit that it is still stealing which I was conscience of at that time.

    My point is that most of the people that I saw do these similar things are now well to do professionals living proper lives. I believe that Winston will grow out of these issues as myself and most of my college friends did as well. Just as I said before we are all individuals and just because most of my friends grew into upstanding citizens does not mean Winston will but I believe that he will grow up fast in the next couple years as most.men do from 22 to 25.

  82. Dreambig Says:

    Bonzi – Did you see the links that WS99 posted yesterday on Brady and Manning going on temper tantrums on the sideline? And those guys are as good as the QB position gets and they do it. Not saying its right, not saying Winstons past behavior is right or acceptable. Just bringing some perspective to the severity of his boneheaded choices. It makes much more sense for people to bash him on his interceptions or his bad play in the first half of games. Those are legit concerns of football things that he has to get better at.

  83. Dreambig Says:

    Gator – What are you going to do for the rest of the headshaking stuff your son is going to do? Are you going to write him off as a perminate looser? Or are you going to address the issue and move on? Kids do stupid stuff, and I extend Kids to mean anyone who is living off their parents dime. But then I am an old fart so 18 & 19 are still kids to me.

  84. P'cola Buc Says:

    The lack of respect given to us by ESPN continues with Pat Yaskinskas predicting the Buccaneers going 0-16 in 2015…..Geeeez!

  85. Bucco Bruce Says:


    I wrote a long response with links the other day to you showing you the comparison that people in the media made. Chrome crashed on me and I did not redo. here is another one this morning & a couple more for ya.

    Sorry, man. Joe doesn’t to links in here. Fans can Google all the various comparisons to Jamarcus Russell and Jameis Winston. –Joe

  86. Bucco Bruce Says:

    Jameis-JaMarcus comparison

  87. flmike Says:

    It really doesn’t matter which QB they select, with Lovie at the helm he’ll be ruined within two seasons. Here’s my guess, Lovie has convinced the boys that he can win with Winston, well, news flash, Winston is no where near ready to lead an NFL team game one, especially one with O-line issues. You thought 18 ints against mediocre college defenses was a lot, wait until he faces professionals, who actually get paid to read QBs and to know their tendencies, like throwing high and right under pressure or not seeing (EVER) the dropping LB. We’ll be wishing for 2-14 come mid season. The kid is no savior, neither one is, they both need to be groomed, Winston may be more intuitive in a pro-style, pre-snap read offense, but history has shown very few rookie QBs are prepared for the pro game fresh off the college field, he’s not Andrew Luck, as much as you want to compare him to him, he’s just not. Be prepared for another horrid season, who ever they draft. And full disclosure, I can’t wait for the day that Lovie is fired, it can’t come fast enough for me.

  88. Martinii Says:

    No one can be certain about anything except death and taxes. I like Mayock even though I disagree with him when it comes to Winston. Considering the time of year (one week brfore the draft), the fact the kid won a Heiseman trophy,won 27 straight Division 1 games, a National championship, and the fact the Bucs are in dire need of a QB,why not pick him. The Bucs appear to have totally vetted him and are satisfied. Who am I to argue, I would just like to win some games. Finally another poster had a novel observation this morning. Maybe the cream of the NFL would rather see him in a large market where his talents would draw big headlines nationwide. Tampa is not usually the darling of the media. Just some thoughts.

  89. Clodhopper Says:

    Knowing what you know about Chip Kelly, spread option QB’s transition to NFL, Oregon’s offense, what makes any of you Mariota jock sniffers think you can believe your own eyes. How many times do you have to be duped to finally see it just may be the system. You want Jameis to learn but you just keep on falling for the same scam over and over and over again. Mariota is the biggest risk and it’s not even close

  90. tval Says:

    Great post earlier about mayock “leading mariota” into answers. “I thought you started rusty but came together, since you cant speak, what do you think?” Marcus-“yeah, i agree” and repeats everything mikey just said..the biggest was questioning a mans character for months and refusing to look them in the eye..that says he knew he was dropping jameis regardless. That was a looks of shame and zero integrity. Jimbo & jameis and you could ask anything. You staring off that day? Wow…

  91. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ MonsGM

    I agree completely and have posted many times that these player/QB comparisons are absurd…..each player is an individual person with their own unique personalities & character.

    One aspect is true however….it is up to Winston to mature and earn the “face of the franchise” description he aspires to.

    The proof will ultimately be in the pudding!!!

  92. BuccaneEric Says:

    It could be JaMarcus Winston or JaMarcus Mariota. Nobody knows. Only time will tell.

  93. Bucs_Sam Says:


    Winston had 18 INT’s last year.

    Mariota had 14…….. in all of his college career.

    You read that right, Mariota has less interceptions his entire college career combined than Winston in just last year.

    INT’s are one thing, but TD’s! That’s what matters

    Winston College Career 65 TD’s

    Mariota College Career 105 TD’s

    TD to INT Ratio?

    Winston 2.3 TD/INT
    Mariota 7.5 TD/INT

    Mariota a TD Machine, Winston an INT Machine!

    Turnovers in the NFL are the death of a team

  94. tval Says:

    @ nybucs fan, is it painful to hear those things, that are well documented, that those guys did, that absolutely no one ever harped on as much as a kid being given crab legs?..really, think about that, everyone, before replying with some remedial rob 9 or bucbonzai post. Sitting your genitals on a girls face is cool, if you are peyton but dont let a friend give you food if you are jameis or you’re obviously guilty of everything everyone has ever accused you of..2nd grade teacher said you didnt bring an apple? Thats that lack of respect, right, sam? Roflmao! Too easy, guys 🙂

  95. tval Says:

    No, spread qbs, teams invest high picks on are the death of teams..you want to show harrington & dixons #’s too? Lmao! You’re talking about college, college? College? (Iverson voice) i think i know why thats all you want to discuss..future is pretty bleak in the milquetoast camp..hahaha!! Pac 12 stats to support your agenda, you should be ashamed trying to pass that nonsense on to informed fans..6 days, sad man 🙂

  96. Kevin Says:

    Joe , I have been a buccaneer fan since 1976 and I’m going to root for whoever is drafted . I do think that Mariota is the safest choice but my kids want Winston . I watched a lot of FSU games this year and saw him come back in the second half after a very poor first half . Winston will have a harder time doing that in the NFL and especially our division .
    Hopefylly whoever we pick will get the proper coaching , time to develop and offensive line around them or we will be right back here 5 years from now .
    Go Bucs !!!!

  97. Waterboy Says:

    To keep his analysis unbiased how many interceptions did Mayock say that Mariota could have thrown? Or fumbles that should’ve been turned overs? I saw 2 INT’s that Mariota should’ve had in the FL State game alone.

  98. Capt.Tim Says:

    If everyone is that concerned( they aren’t)
    Then trade our 1st, for Philip rivers and their 1st and 2nd.
    They are short on options, cause he is DONE with them

    And we are good!

  99. Waterboy Says:

    Bucs_Sam Says:
    April 24th, 2015 at 10:42 am


    Winston had 18 INT’s last year.

    Mariota had 14…….. in all of his college career.

    You read that right, Mariota has less interceptions his entire college career combined than Winston in just last year.

    INT’s are one thing, but TD’s! That’s what matters

    Winston College Career 65 TD’s

    Mariota College Career 105 TD’s

    TD to INT Ratio?

    Winston 2.3 TD/INT
    Mariota 7.5 TD/INT

    Mariota a TD Machine, Winston an INT Machine!

    Turnovers in the NFL are the death of a team

    What did the great Darron Thomas’ or Geno Smith’s stats look like in the spread offense compared to Winston? The Bucs should pick them up also while they’re at it.

  100. JMan Says:

    Mariota got better with time.

    Winstons gotten worse.

  101. Erik the WiseMMan Says:

    LOL, Joes… That Jameis Bucs’ jersey is going to go down in history with the Ryn Leaf Colts’ jersey…. And man, TKras was preaching yesterday. Finally, a member of the media was being logical… And FYI, all Logic points to Mariota being our draft pick.

    I can hear Lovie next week at his 1st introductory press conference: ‘First off, let me say that Marcus is the type of man we look for when adding players to our team. And you all know that we want athletes at every position. We, as an organization, unanimously feel like Marcus embodies every quality and attribute that we covet in a player and in a QB. We truly believe that he will be an asset to our team and this community for many years to come.’

  102. Waterboy Says:

    Darron Thomas had 63 TD’s and only 16 INT’s in 2 yrs. of Chip’s offense. The Bucs can just go get him from the arena league instead of taking Winston.

  103. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Mariota has fumbling issues no one seems to harp on (everyone focuses on Jameis’ INTs), and played vs. much easier defenses.

  104. JMan Says:

    Feelthepower: Stanford, MSU are not slouches.

    FSU just played UF and look how stupid that D made Winston look. The O just couldn’t score

  105. mjc Says:

    FSU would have lost 3-4 games last year without Jameis. He led them back multiple times in the second half.

    I’m tired of getting QB’s that won’t hurt your team. This kid is a gunslinger in the Favre mold. Let him throw it and score points.

  106. mjc Says:

    10 years from now when the NFL network is doing a piece on Winston, they will talk about how the Bucs passed up Winston because he stole some crab legs and listened to people crying about all this crap. Marcus will be a back up with some NFL team and the BUCS will still be in search of their franchise QB.

    Titans go on an make the playoffs multiple years.

    Let’s go back in time and not draft Sapp because he may or may not have smoked pot at Miami and pass on Brooks because he got some free shoes in stead crab legs. Let’s pass on the decade of dominant defenses and a Superbowl trip.

    Not every player is a Lynch or Barber. Some make mistakes. the kids can throw the ball no question. He is smart and most of all works hard.

  107. Waterboy Says:

    I’m tired of hearing that Winston played in a weak ACC conference. He played against more top defenses than Mariota. I only see 2 teams with top 50 defenses that Mariota played against and he lost to one of them. Hopefully Joe will let the link go thru but if not look it up.


  108. bucrightoff Says:

    True story: Winston is actually quite a flawed QB on the field too. His footwork, to put it lightly, is piss poor. Hence why he threw and may continue to throw a lot of picks. Ignore the off the field stuff, and this isn’t a homerun prospect, he’s as flawed as every other QB to come out recently.

  109. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ Bonzai

    That’s great you watched all those games but I just disagree with your assessment. I watched every FSU game and also watched analytical breakdowns of various games and just disagree with your conclusions; or at least the extremes you are taking.

    Winston for sure struggled in the 1st halves of a lot of games. He did stare down some WRs at times; and missed underneath coverage. His 2nd half tape is much much better.

    It’d be cool to watch the se games side by side so I can see what you are thinking / seeing and see what I am thinking/seeing ; because they may be dramatically different. You may think he is not moving safties with his eyes but I may think he is and that it’s just a more subtle than what you are looking for. You may think he is throwing a bad pass when in fact the WR was not in the right spot.

    In general what it coems down for me is there are WAY more nfl-style wow plays that Winston executed than Mariota ever did. He has displayed the ability to pull off pretty much any NFL play or throw. There are plays where he gets to his 4th read incredibly fast; or plays where he moves coverage pre-snap and then moves a safety post snap and then lasers a ball accurately to the open WR that he got open with his in-game accument. There are plays that show how he knows to manipulate the pocket so that he can get his throw over the oncoming d rush. There is everything you could ever want to see.

    With Mariota there are some plays where he goes through progressions; but the stats show his accuracy dropped dramatically whenever he did this. (by about 20% from his 1st read). There are not a ton of 3rd and long conversions on tape. WHereas Winston has multiple 3rd and 20 type conversions. Mariota’s primary highlights are running oriented or escaping within the pocket to complete a pass.

    Also; Mariota has a losing record in close games; while Winston is 7-0. And the film shows Winston playing very clutch in all of those games in the 4th quarter.

    He’s far from flawless. But I’ve watched every FSU game; and simply disagree with your assessment. He had some terrible 2013 1st halves with inexcusible dumb decisions. I’ll give you that. But as an NFL prospect/projection he is about as good as it gets in my opinion based on my tape watching.

  110. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Meant 2014 first halves*

  111. Cannuckbuc Says:

    I think for Mayock it’s very simple,Johnny football sucked him in last year( remember the pro day and him gushing over johnny) and simply said to himself never again!.Now Winston now pays the price for Mayock making a fool of himself.He will never endorse any kid with red flags EVER AGAIN!.Mayocks self image took a huge hit over Johnny.

  112. LargoBuc Says:

    Johnny Manziel has substance abuse issues. There is nothing to suggest Winston has those issues. I haven’t seen any pictures of Winston turning up with Drake and Lebron. Jameis wants to win and he knows he has to learn from his past and move forward. The guy wants to win. The Bucs did research on not only Winston but Mariota as well and with everything they gathered, they conclude that Jameis is the best choice. What ever certain people on here think they know, they dont. Mayock gets paid to talk out his @ss his analysis holds no weight, thats why he’s on television. And morons take his word along with fools like Mel Kiper as gospel. They are there to entertain. Nothing more nothing less.
    I like Mariota and watching him at Oregon last season was a treat. I dont think what he did at Oregon makes him more qualified than Winston.

  113. Cannuckbuc Says:

    Hey Joe did I say somthing wrong my post didn’t make it ,if I did please let me know

  114. WS99 Says:

    Winston could have throw 80 interceptions but if he still went undefeated 2 year straight I would care less. There’s only 1 stat that truly counts and that’s W’s.

  115. the real Bucobruce Says:

    Mike Glennon is our QB.I truly believe we’re trading the first pic I just started coming with this feeling today.this truly believe in Glennon. Can I get a bay..Tampaaaaaq

  116. Joey Says:

    He will wait until 2016 to throw those 40 interceptions

  117. Joey Says:

    Cannuckbuc Says:
    April 24th, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    I think for Mayock it’s very simple,Johnny football sucked him in last year( remember the pro day and him gushing over johnny) and simply said to himself never again!.Now Winston now pays the price for Mayock making a fool of himself.He will never endorse any kid with red flags EVER AGAIN!.Mayocks self image took a huge hit over Johnny.

    Does not stop Joe

  118. T-BAY FAN 4 LIFE Says:

    WINSTON SUCKS !!!!!!!! GO BUCS !!!!!!!

  119. BoltIsle Says:

    Even Chucky told Mariots he should have had a lot more fumbles lost. Mayock, I’m sure, didn’t bring that up.

    Tampa Bay Bucs should have at least one more Lombardi.

    To quote Parcells, “it is, what it is.”

  120. Horice Says:

    I will say this again, four NFL QBs that started last year were accused or plead guilty of sexual assault. I used to like Mayock until the Bridgewater And Johnny thing last year. Landry said it best a week ago “Mike is a PAID analysts, not a scout”. I’ve really got a hard time looking at his lack of football experience personally. It’s funny to me how guys who “sucked out loud” in the NFL can now be looked at as an expert. Kurt Warner shut Mayock down at Jameis pro day when he said as an NFL QB I like Jameis on the field and think he’s the best choice. So are you going to take advise from a guy who played defense & didn’t do it well. Or a Super Bowl, soon to be HOF QB?

  121. JFF Says:

    Winston threw several passes that should have been picked in the Miami game, and then he threw even more balls to defenders in the Florida game. Go back to 2013 in his supposedly best season and you’ll see the same thing against a lousy Wake Forest team.

    But it’s impossible for UF or Miami fans to criticize Winston without them being called “homer haters” by the legion of FSU fanboiz on twitter.

  122. JFF Says:

    Joe is just mad cause Mayock learned his lesson on the JFF fail last year while Joe is doubling down (and then some) on Winston.

    I’m enjoying every minute of it.

  123. Bill Says:

    I often emphasize the need to acknowledge Oregons system and even overall philosophy. It’s different from most, and very different from FSU’s. The problem is it’s a very difficult issue to quantify. I did just recently stumble across something a few of you may find interesting. It’s not intended to be an attack on MM, rather an observation that highlights the effect Oregons system can have on a stat line.

    MM is 4 of 11 on 4th downs this past season, producing 3 1st downs and 7 or 8 TO’s (by virtue of not converting). These are not INT’s, or even TO’s accredited to him, but it does represent a failed attempt that resulted in turning the ball over.

    I admit, it’s unclear how to consider this situation. But consider Winston never attempted a 4th down pass and his INT% is highest on 3rd down (particularly 3 and 10+) and you begin to see the impact that a teams system or philosophy can have on the results.

    Again, this is just food for thought, as I have not seen this perspective expressed in the past.

  124. Brian D. Says:

    Because defenders only drop the ball when Jameis Winston is throwing it….you could say this about anybody..GTFO.

  125. Tony Says:

    I want the Bucs to draft Winston. No question. But Joe is in the wrong here. “Thou doth protest too much.” When someone defends someone as strongly as Joe defends Winston, you have to remind them that everyone can’t be wrong. The truth is simple: Jameis had off the field trouble. Quite a few things. Some troubling. The guy admitted to shooting out apartment windows with BB guns. You have to imagine someone was inside some of those apartments, right? And… Jameis threw a ton of interceptions last year and had a ridiculous turnover in the semi-final game. Period. Those are facts. When Joe tries to explain ALL of those things away, he is doing a disservice to Jameis and the intelligence of Buc fans everywhere.

    The other truth is this… The Bucs desperately need a franchise QB. More than anything, that is what they need. AND, they have the #1 pick. We really want Jameis to be that savior. We need him to be that savior. But just because we want and need something doesn’t make it true. Mayock is not wrong here at all. Jameis is a HUGE risk. A giant red flag risk. Period. To deny as much is akin to walking around with blinders on – which is what Joe is doing.

    BUT… BUT… BUT… the Bucs would be foolish not to take that risk and draft Jameis, because the reward FAR outweighs the risk. The Bucs are a 2-14 team that hasn’t won a playoff game in over 12 years. They have NOTHING to lose. They are at the bottom of the barrel. They cannot sink any lower. We, as real Buc fans, have to admit as much. Stop with the talk that a bad pick will “set the franchise back 5 years”. This franchise can’t go any further back and has been mired in this rut for over a decade. They have to take the gamble and pick the guy with the potential to be a franchise QB, who has been said to be the best prospect at QB other than Luck over the past 5-7 years, and who has a tremendous knack for winning and playing his best when it matters most. Let’s rest our laurels on those facts, admit the risk that he is, and stop sweeping his real and serious red flags under the rug like they don’t exist.

  126. BuccaneEric Says:

    I love that when people bring up Mettenburgers sexual assault, the winston haters point out that he was a sixth round pick!’ So you would be ok with Winston as long as we get him in the sixth round!!???!’ You don’t want an alleged rapist on your team with the 1st pick but Mettenburger went in the sixth so he’s cool!!!??? The Titans had a QB with sexual assault allegations starting for them. Doesn’t matter what round its in. The correct response you should have about Mettenburger when winstonites bring him up is that you wouldn’t want Mettenburger on the Bucs either. Not that he wasn’t a #1 pick as if that makes it ok. Just my 2 cents

  127. BuccaneEric Says:

    Oh, and I’m a Winston fan who would be fine with Mariota.

  128. salish_seamonster Says:

    Continuing to misunderstand the point… It’s not a moral question. Winston will be drafted and play in the NFL… but if you have questions about behavior (such as an alleged sexual assault) that could be detrimental to him as a leader or just as a player in general, the first overall pick is a big risk to your team. That’s the difference between 1st overall and 6th round… It’s not a moral issue, it’s a risk issue. Is he the kind of person whose poor judgment and behavior makes it a risky pick? I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to character concerns, so I think it’s very risky, and fear that Winston has BUST written on his forehead.

  129. dave Says:

    absolutely right joe, i cant believe how their going after him either, its been insane. way too much downtime from the combine to the draft. this mayock guy i think really wouldn’t be doing all this if he looked and talked and acted like andrew luck. but someone with similar skill set and looks and acts different he doesn’t want to see get that number 1 pick. $@%& him and this new nfl goodell has created.

  130. loggedontosay Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    April 24th, 2015 at 7:43 am
    “Joe is still waiting for the moral outrage over Zach Mettenberger copping a plea to sexual assault in college”

    Winston is the potential #1 overall pick…I Mettenberger was 6th round…in addition Mettenberger with his plea put the issue in the past…..Hardy is in the past, EP is in the past, Ray Rice is in the past. Sure, they are guilty…..paid some price and now are moving forward.
    Unfortunately for Winston….this is staying alive and will for a while.

    On the other point….to say “could have been” on the intercepitons is like saying the Bucs could have won 10 games last year…….could have been is BS.

    You are so F!@#KING STUPID.

  131. Joe Says:

    Winston is the potential #1 overall pick…I Mettenberger was 6th round…in addition Mettenberger with his plea put the issue in the past…..Hardy is in the past, EP is in the past, Ray Rice is in the past. Sure, they are guilty…..paid some price and now are moving forward.

    What the hell does that have to do with anything, where he is picked? So if a guy commits a crime it is swept under the rug because he was not drafted in the first day of the draft, seriously???

    Please produce video of Winston beating up a woman like Rice did? You need to see a shrink for your hate, dude.

    So it is OK to have a third-day draft pick who copped to sexual assault on the roster but it’s not if the guy — who has NEVER BEEN CHARGED — is drafted No. 1???

    So what Winston has been cleared of four times is worse than what Mettenberger plead guilty to???

    Do you realize how illogical that is??? Well, apparently not.

  132. Bill Says:

    Folks remember Manziel. Nobody heard anything substantial about him before the draft. To be honest, nobody heard anything about him until after the season was over. It doesn’t matter, character is character. There is a relative consideration in play right now…Manziel was bad and we didn’t see it coming. We see Winston coming, so logically he has to be worse.

    That’s my piece. Passing on Winston will be like the Jets passing on Sapp. Maybe we owe them one in the Karmic world.

  133. MonsGM Says:

    Anyone that calls Winston a rapist either…..
    1) Refuse or do not have the ability to read
    2) Are racist but use the rapist line so that they appear not to be
    3) Hate FSU that much

    The information is out there that proves he didn’t do it. Her friends testimony doesn’t back her story up. The toxicology reports do not back her story up. A former Florida supreme court judge came out on the side of Winston.

    And finally use common sense or as I did, ask a former rape victim (for that matter ask any woman this question ).

    If you were raped would you then willingly get on the back of a scooter with him so he could take you home?

    She didn’t….
    1) Call the police immediately
    2) Call a friend to come pick her up
    3) Call a cab to come get her
    4) Walk or run home in a town where almost all the students live within a couple mile radius

    Seems odd

  134. pick6 Says:

    i suppose he could’ve thrown 50 TDs too. in some other dimension, he also could’ve farted unicorns