Chucky Likes Mound Madness

April 1st, 2015
"Look, Jameis, you didn't go to Michigan like Griese, but your freakin' brain amazes me."

“Look, Jameis, you didn’t go to Michigan like Griese, but your freakin’ brain amazes me.”

Years ago covering a Yankees spring training game for The Tampa Tribune, Joe encountered Chucky in a Legends Field elevator.

Chucky was all jacked up talking baseball, and the conversation continued as Joe and Chucky entered the stadium concourse.

Chucky was like the kid he probably was in the 1970s, all pumped up to meet Reggie Jackson and Willie Randolph and other retired Yankees greats.

A student of the mental side of sports, Chucky, not surprisingly, seems obsessed with Jameis Winston and how Winston throwing 96 miles-per-hour fastballs for Florida State translates on the football field.

BSPN released a preview of Winston sitting down for Chucky’s “QB Camp” show that will air before the NFL Draft, and Chucky wanted to talk baseball.


6 Responses to “Chucky Likes Mound Madness”

  1. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    Who’s Chucky?

  2. Dreambig Says:

    I really like it Winston is talking football with these guys. He clearly gets it. Also noticed, doesn’t look like he wrote down a single thing. Both papers in front of him were blank. Not sure what that means, if anything.

  3. Raysaneers Says:

    I haven’t bought a jersey since #55 in 2000. I love this kid and I will be getting me a #5. Haven’t felt the Bucs juices flowing in my veins in a long time.

    LETS GO! If you don’t like this guy then you don’t have a heartbeat.

  4. OneBuC55 Says:

    Honestly, with guys like Lovie, Brooks, Frazier, VJax, GMC, Golston, etc in house this is one of the best, if not the best possible landing spots for Winston…There is a ready-made support system already in place…He says he wants to be great; he’ll be given every opportunity to make it happen right here in Tampa Bay, Believe it…Winston’s about to give the Bucs something they’ve never had…A smart high profile charismatic QB who Oh by the way just so happens to have Rare arm talent…

    We Skrong Den!

  5. Chef Paul Says:

    This guy….. Mentally, this guy either has IT or he is Frank Abagnale in the flesh!!

  6. JasonHatesLiberals Says:

    How did it work out with past FSU drafted players or even a Q.B that played for us that came from that school? So stfu gator fans.You’re the
    only shameish haters on here.

    My babies momma had a class with the legend that is#55. Mr. Brooks used to call her the cute quiet girl lol..