Bucs Entertain Free Agent DE George Johnson

April 2nd, 2015

Tampa Bay lost out on defensive end Trent Cole in free agency and was runner up for Greg Hardy.

But that doesn’t mean the Bucs quit searching to end their edge rush woes.

Per beat reporter Jenna Laine, of SportsTalkFlorida.com, Lions restricted free agent George Johnson was entertained by the Bucs today.

Johnson, 27, had six sacks last season in a rotational role. Ironically, he’s a Rutgers/Greg Schiano man who was buried at the bottom of the Bucs’ roster in 2010, 2011 and 2012. He was cut by Schiano and spent part of 2012 and 2013 with Leslie Frazier and the Vikings. Johnson had his breakthrough season with Detroit last year. Those six sacks were the first six of his career.

The Lions have the right to match any Bucs offer, and Tampa Bay wouldn’t have to cough up any compensation to Detroit if Johnson signed with the Bucs.

For those fans who now fear any player with the last name “Johnson,” Joe understands. But you might have to get over it.

27 Responses to “Bucs Entertain Free Agent DE George Johnson”

  1. HarlemBuc Says:

    Ummmm, so is this a good thing?

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’m not sure if it took this dude that long to have a breakthrough season why we don’t think Smith and Fatituken won’t continue to grow along with Gholston.

    Why is this an upgrade?

  3. brandonbucfan Says:

    Offer him the NFL minimum with some incentives. What’s our exposure? What happened with Connolley? HEy Robert 9 what negatives do you have about this?

  4. al121976 Says:

    wow, lets hope he works out for us and is productive.

  5. al121976 Says:

    im saying “wow” for how many times he has been cut

  6. Chefs Father Says:

    It’s a damn good thing too.
    That dam Joe is gonna go crazy if the Bucs don’t sign a defensive end.
    He’s so god dam scared they gonna draft Williamn instead of his boy Jameis.

  7. Strider #FamousJameis Says:

    I. Don’t care Our line is fine watch the people we have step up big

  8. SOEbuc Says:

    Why the hell not?!! we have a ton of money and what could it hurt to bring in depth if he doesnt break out??

  9. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    People not every player signed needs to be a starter. Quit with the fantasy football mentality. Depth is what is most needed on a line that requires to get after it every down it is on the field. If we get him, awesome adds to the Dline depth.

  10. unbelievable Says:

    @St. Pete- totally off topic but we discussed it the other day.

    Mel Kiper now has Perriman going top-10 in his latest mock draft. I could care less about mocks for the most part, but I can’t believe how this guy’s stock is rising. Sucks though, means we most likely won’t get a chance to nab him in a later round.

  11. Canada Bucs fan Says:

    Its a good thing the not much ppl is name Revis

  12. The Buc Realist Says:

    George Johnson, if you sign with the Bucs, wear dreads, be on IR half the time and Late hit a couple of Qb while bringing no pressure. Fans around here will love you, They will call you a “beast” ! they will want to resign you for your ” non-stop motor!!!

  13. vancity bucs fan Says:

    Clearly a depth guy you can put some trust in to play decent ball when called upon

  14. Bucs55 Says:

    Its a shame that alot of player we let go end up becoming good players somewere else the list is long Blount , talib , g.johnson, m.bennett , zuttah ,Penn , tim wright , etc . mostly because our fan base will not give time to our young players to develop under the systems . I could see the same thing happening with mike glennon smh.

  15. DCBUCFAN Says:

    I remember johnson, prior his last cut with the Bucs, he led the team in pressure s
    and sacks in the preseaon games. Many were surprised that schiano cut him.

  16. Underdog Says:

    It’s always goiod to be courting somebody that you have previously released (cough, cough)

  17. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Sign’em. We need more competition on the edge-Johnson can also platoon at DT

  18. LargoBuc Says:

    We are SOOOO thin at defensive end. He would add depth and while he was able to take advantage of playing next to Suh, he should also pan out playing next to Mccoy. Low risk plus depth and above average potential…get it done Bucs.

  19. DCBUCFAN Says:

    shutout to LUVMYBUCS from me to you sir! I remember you from TBO’s days. Still you re very positive and very knowledgeable on player

  20. danati74 Says:

    We don’t need this guy. We had him before. We have to have a few guys that will develop to that level,….then draft.

  21. Count Nephilim Says:

    @Bucs55 i totally agree with you, i been saying that for quite some time. I would add Mike Williams to the list even though he did not make it big with buffalo, but he was still a good player imagine him as the 3rd or 4th option, then we would really just need a slot receiver.

  22. Count Nephilim Says:

    Not sure if its happened but Garrett Gilkey has to go.

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Thank you brotha, I appreciate the compliment. I remember you as well Old friend-Hope all is well with you and your family.

  24. delson Says:

    Isn’t adam carriker still out there?

  25. Skyline Crew Says:

    He probably contributed because of Suh. So maybe he will contribute because of McCoy.

  26. Chefs Father Says:

    @ Bucs55

    “mostly because our fan base will not give time to our young players to develop under the systems .”


    WTF? You really think that the raucous fanbase makes personal decisions
    for the Bucs? Wow, you one stupid cracker if you think that. That’s like
    letting convicts make laws. If the Bucs brass is stupid enough to let
    the fans make decisions for the team then they should be fired now.
    In truth fans can rant all they want but their input to final desicions
    is trivial.
    Keeping the fanbase happy by letting them make personal decisions
    is like keeping your tity-dancer girlfriend happy by letting her use
    your car and your house for parties. What could go wrong?

  27. ATrain Says:

    Bucs fans do not think this year will be much different.

    This Savor 1st pick will not change this team.

    No O line means no protection for new QB no matter how Pro ready you think he is. There is a big difference between college and Pro.
    No O line means no run game

    Trading players with no one to fill spots.

    Sorry Bucs Fans another rough year rebuilding