Better Than Bridgewater?

April 18th, 2015
Does Lovie Smith see what Chris Simms does?

Does Lovie Smith see what Chris Simms does?

The trade-down crowd is growing and getting louder. Joe finds these folks to be out of their minds, in most cases.

They’re usually fueled by Jameis Winston fear, and a belief that on-paper draft picks are the key to everything.

The draft isn’t all about Winston and Marcus Mariota. There could be more QBs on the Tampa Bay’s radar.

Former Bucs QB Chris Simms, who has evolved into a truly fantastic analyst, says Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty is a legitimate first-round pick.

Speaking on CBS Sports Radio this week, Simms said Petty has the strongest arm in the draft, has the athleticism and size needed, and said Petty is a better prospect than Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater were last year. Remember, Bridgewater was named NFL Rookie of the Year.

Simms likes what Petty did within his spread offense. UCLA QB Brett Hundley, Simms said, was in a “too-college-rinky dink” offense when compared to Petty. He suggested Hundley would have a greater learning curve.

Joe’s no fan of the Bucs trading down this year, unless it’s somehow a slam dunk for them to do that and score their-first choice QB.

Would it shock Joe if Lovie Smith traded down, scored a pile of draft picks and selected Petty atop the second round? Of course not. Lovie is one unpredictable personnel man.

64 Responses to “Better Than Bridgewater?”

  1. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Bucs get Johnny Maziel and the Browns 2 first round picks…….for the 1st overall pick

  2. WS99 Says:

    Can’t lie I like petty. The kid looks like a prototype qb. He’s not very accurate but has a ton of potential.

  3. Reggie Roby Says:

    Who would want Johnny? Other than Joe, everyone could see this bust coming from a mile away…Then again, not everybody

  4. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    If Johnny Football has his head screwed on straight and out of the bottle and blow…he has tremendous potential in the NFL…and we get 2 first round picks !

  5. Rrsrq Says:

    I thought ODB Jr. was rookie the year

  6. Reggie Roby Says:

    If the blow and alcohol make him play like he did in college then I say trade for him, and make sure he drinks daily with lines everywhere…He could be our Lawerence Taylor!

  7. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    “If Johnny Football has his head screwed on straight and out of the bottle and blow…he has tremendous potential in the NFL…and we get 2 first round picks !”

    and trade the 2nd Browns 1st round pick to the Vikings for AP
    Bucs get Johnny Football
    Adrian Peterson
    The best OT on the board

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    Noooooooooooooo nooooooooo NO Johnny Football.

  9. Dick2111 Says:

    Given that there are 32 NFL teams and a long-term QB might last 16 years, it looks like at least 2 QBs have to pan out each year on the average.

    Of course, NFL teams keep at least 2 QBs on the roster, so a minimum of 4 QBs would have to pan out each year on average.

    But it sure seems like not every QB lasts 16 years. So maybe 6-8 QBs have to pan out each year … on average.

    Hmmm, perhaps there is room in the NFL this year for some QBs whose names aren’t Winston or Mariota.

    One of them might even turn out to be better than Jameis or Marcus. Only time will tell.

  10. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    or keep both Browns picks and take Todd Gurley and the best OT….to go along with Johnny Football….

  11. Reggie Roby Says:

    I agree, Johnny Manziel(only if he still is using), AP,and Ereck Flowers would be sick…If Johnny doesn’t do the “white girl” anymore then the deal is off…Finally we could have a running back who could block for the new quarterback…AP or Forte would work good with Sims and Rainey

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The trade down mob are probably Glennon supporters who think he was never really given a chance to succeed…..Sully & Marcus as OCs……poor running game and awful Oline…..
    I’m not really one of them….but I certainly understand where they are coming from..

    Koetter, Glennon & Petty with a few top picks is far better than we had last year….but I still want to take Mariota or Winston.

  13. MadMax Says:

    The pick is Winston…..I see it, so many others see it….bleh to everything else.

    The 2nd pick is whats on my mind. While I hope its a LT or G, I wont be surprised if its a SS or DE.

  14. lurker Says:

    Glennon! Glennon! Glennon!

  15. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    The WIZ is now a Jaguar.

  16. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    I am not a Glennon supporter….however he does have NFL ability which has been impossible to evaluate and draw conclusions on based of the dysfunctional 2 HC’s and MRSA OL his rookie year and ZERO OL/OCoordinator his second year…..impossible to pin all his blopper film soley on him….Glennon playing in his 3rd year knows what is happening by opposing defenses…and if he can play behind a average OL he will look much better

  17. Bucnut2 Says:

    I’m for trading for rivers or Bradford. Too much risk with JW.

  18. LargoBuc Says:

    Hundley is just an over hyped Glennon. High completion pct due to not taking enough shots downfield to take over games.
    Petty is similar to Jameis with a stronger arm but less accuracy and with out the pro style experience.
    Cleveland or Buffalo or Houston should be strongly considering those guys, especially since Houston and Buffalo are a quarterback away from being legitimate playoff contenders.
    But with our first pick, we gotta go Jameis. He’s the best quarterback in the draft. Mariota is the most athletic but Jameis is the most ready to play quarterback in the NFL. Our division sucks. If Jameis’ work ethic is as strong as everyone says, we should be have a real shot at a weak NFC SOUTH. Yeah we have holes but so does every team and we also got some playmakers on offense and talent on defense. Hurry up September!

  19. Yungry Says:

    Trade for Rivers and SD #1… Get Rivers, Flowers, Owa, Tre Jackson, Amos/Holliman, Andy Gillick

  20. P'cola Buc Says:


  21. Pat Says:

    Fear = Trade Down + BP14
    Bold & Courageous = MM
    Albatross = JW5

  22. Pat Says:

    In wiki, the albatross…In the poem, an albatross starts to follow a ship — being followed by an albatross was generally considered an omen of good luck. However, the titular mariner shoots the albatross with a crossbow, which is regarded as an act that will curse the ship (which indeed suffers terrible mishaps). Even when they are too thirsty to speak, the ship’s crew let the mariner know through their glances that they blame his action for the curse. He feels as though the albatross is metaphorically hung around his neck – that is, when people look at him, they see him as the albatross killer and that weighs on him. Thus the albatross can be both an omen of good or bad luck, as well as a metaphor for a burden to be carried as penance. Go Mariota!

  23. ndog Says:

    People thinking like the trade down crowd is why we have never had a franchise qb and why most of the country thinks we are the buffoons of sports towns. I read these comments every day and it amazes me that we have such freaking scaredy cats as fans. I mean if you never take a chance you almost never score big. Hey guys guess what if you never throw the ball deep you never complete any deep passes.

  24. Erik the WiseMMan Says:

    Petty looks pretty good, but I’d say he’s a notch below Winston & Mariota as far as being a polished QB goes…. I definitely think he pick is Mariota.

    The most prominent QB evaluator in the country (Gruden) says that he’d take Mariota over Winston.

    And possibly the most influential voice in Lovie’s ear (Dungy) says that we should pick Mariota.

    Also, every single measurable stat and physical attribute favors Mariota.

    That’s alot to overcome for the Winstonites. I think u guys need to start mentally preparing to embrace Mariota in less than 2 weeks. Winston sure seems like a pipe dream to me.

  25. Beeric Says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this. Draft Marcus. Read an article about how his coach wanted him to get in someone’s face and he refused, choosing instead to run ten gassers. His team thought he was just getting in extra work so they ran them with him. Made me rethink it.

  26. Yungry Says:

    Marcus will go #1 no doubt! Better on and off the field…

  27. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Awesome Pat…..made my day

  28. Luther Says:

    mariota would be a terrific pocket passer. Just please don’t be running around all the time

  29. BUC IT Says:

    I’ve said it over and over..Unless we are offered the moon for the pick I want to take Mariota or Winston. But preferably Mariota because of Winstons baggage

  30. Reggie Roby Says:

    Winston has some maturing to do, that’s for sure

  31. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Mariota only “ran around all the time” because that was the type of offense Oregon ran
    Mariota > Winston on every area except personality…SMH

  32. Tampa2ali Says:

  33. ndog Says:

    I am almost to the point where I hope we draft Mariota so when he/we suck for the next 10 years i can see how you Mariota lovers back track. Again I ask what has he ever won, show me one 4th quarter comeback, when did his running game get taken away and he succeed? These are questions I have posted before and not gotten a response from the Mariota lovers. You know why they’re is no answer because HE HAS NEVER DONE IT AND CAN’T BECAUSE HE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Fourth quarters and red zone is where qbs are defined and when it comes to that Mariota sucks and the stats prove it.

  34. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Beeric, if that same article was written about winston it’d be a “red flag” that Jameis won’t listen to his coaches

  35. lurker Says:

    Marcus WON the Rose Bowl against Jameis and WON the Heisman! Marcus was too busy scoring 105 touchdowns through the air so he was ahead in the 4th quarter. How can you lead a 4th quarterback when you are winning?

  36. ndog Says:

    He didn’t win crap and you know it. So he won a bowl game wow that’s great and every game they lost over the past two years was over as soon as the 4th quarter started because captain quite couldn’t do crap when they knew he had to throw and everyone who has eyes knows it. This guy is going to suck and it won’t really be close.

  37. lurker Says:

    why are idiots still stealing usernames and mis-posting?

    idiotic a$$clowns. scared to post as yourself?

  38. lurker Says:

    Winston will be a bust like all Jimbo qbs… Leftwich windup, slower than Glennon and needs to get his eyes checked. The turnover machine and 1 year wonder? No thanks…I am sooo tired of people stealing my screen name

  39. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Jason Lost would give up our 1st – 3rd to trade down and get a 6th and 2 7ths in return. That’s how bad he is.

    Seriously though, I would not be against drafting 2 QBs if we didn’t need so many other spots filled.

  40. lurker Says:

    If the Big Dog was our GM we would win the Super Bowl

  41. ndog Says:

    It doesn’t matter what we come away with in the draft unless it is Jameis cause everything would be useless without a qb.

  42. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    everything is useless without an offensive line !

  43. Waterboy Says:

    River’s is a turnover machine, no way they should trade for him at this stage in his career!

  44. Aaron Says:

    If Glennon just had a great oline, running game, speed receiver…top 3 offensive coordinator… Top 5 defense… 7seconds to throw… 3 mulligans to use on bad throws and the other team has to count 4 Mississippi… Man he has the potential to be a great Qb.

    You guys are blind!

  45. DrHoagy Says:

    I don’t trust the braintrust. If they pick Leonard Williams #1 and then take Petty top of second round it would shock the world. They are throwing up a lot of smoke so something is up.
    BTW: Not one word in the article about the Bucs trading with the Browns for Manziel and their two 1st round picks. Knock it off!

  46. Brian D Says:

    The pick is already made…no use debating. Winston is a Buc in 12 days.

  47. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    (#15th All-Time) Eli Manning (34) 39,755 (2004-2014) NYG
    (#16th All-Time) Ben Roethlisberger 39,057 (2004-2014) PIT
    (#20th All-Time) Philip Rivers (33) 36,655 (2004-2014) SD
    (#22nd All-Time) Carson Palmer (35) 35,365 (2004-2014) 3TM
    (#29th All-Time) Tony Romo (34) 33,270 (2004-2014) DAL
    (#72 All-Time) Matt Schaub (33) 24,311 (2004-2014) 3TM
    (#232. All-Time) J.P. Losman 6,271 (2004-2011) 3TM

  48. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Correction: Palmer was drafted in 2003, but unlike most quarterbacks drafted first overall, Palmer did not play at all during his rookie season. Instead, Palmer learned the position during games and in practice under head coach Marvin Lewis and quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese as veteran quarterback Jon Kitna.

  49. jfat Says:

    Joe doesn’t do links in here. Thanks. Maybe 3% of the ones posted get through. Thanks. –Joe

  50. charactermatters Says:

    please don’t tell me you think that link is real. It’s not even the same girl in the pics much less either being EK

  51. port richey george Says:

    as long as Bryce Petty hasn’t been accused of rape by 2 women or likes to steal things that don’t belong to him as a trade down pick he would be ok. Bryce Petty does throw like all the other nfl QB’s in the league. unlike the crab thief that throws like Byron leftwich. I understand petty is also mobile. that is a good thing considering the bucs have the worst O-line in the NFL. he would make a good back up to mike glennon. after all the fact is mike glennon is still the starting QB for the bucs.

  52. ndog Says:

    Finally you found a Mariota come back but it did come again a defense that only had 11 defenses that are worse in the nation. That’s right the one game you found was against a defense that ranked in the bottom 15 in all of college football. Man you’re right he is good. Give a break dude Jameis had comebacks against Notre Dame, Florida, Louisville, Auburn, and Miami but I guess that is the same as one of the worst defenses in college football right?

  53. jfat Says:

    Kinda figured you would say that ndog. Comebacks aren’t normally needed when you consistently blow your opponents out. You asked for an example and that game came to mind, I haven’t chronicled every game Mariota has played but I’m sure he has had a few others.

    Winston has more, no doubt but he also put his team in a lot of holes so…there’s that.

  54. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Let me see if I have this straight. Since Mariota didn’t throw a bushel of Int’s putting his team behind the 8 ball for the 2nd half and necessitating a comeback that’s a deficiency?

    This thread is the most thoughtful I’ve read. I get that the Fameis supporters still support him and the MM supporters the MG8 supporters are still true to their guy as well. But at least some posters are now thinking outside of the box and some of their ideas are not bad.

    The bottom line for me is what Dick 2111 posted.

    One of them might even turn out to be better than Jameis or Marcus. Only time will tell.

    Time will tell. That’s reality not just speculation. When Jaws did his pitch for Marcus he was asked about Fameis. Jaws said he too will be a good QB he believes they will both be good QB’s. When Hannah followed up with oh so you think they can’t miss. Jaws…”OH NO…there’s NO SUCH THING AS A SURE THING.

    So we all have our faves. We can all point to opinions that back ours, or tout stats etc. But at the end of the day….NONE of us know how these QB’s are going to turn out for sure.

  55. jfat Says:

    @joe – Gotcha, my bad.

  56. Bogeyking Says:

    Mike Mayock did say that Petty was the most natural thrower of the football in this draft

  57. tgreg Says:

    Joe was so pro Johnny last year his desertion of that loser is funny! Joe knows QBs!!!

  58. Brandon Says:

    Pull up some Petty games on and then try telling me he isn’t terrible. He may have decent physical ability, but he plays like a 5th rounder.

  59. Bill Says:

    Coach tells MM to get in a teammates face and he refuses. Coach tells Winston to shut up and he does.

    How would you spin that?

  60. Pat Says:

    On the MM spin: There was a choice. And Fantastic Leaders make them.

    One day before practice, Arceneaux told Mariota, “I want you to yell at somebody today; I want you to get in someone’s face.” And if Mariota did not, Arceneaux added, he would have to run 10 sprints, sideline to sideline.
    “I might as well start running now, Coach,” Mariota replied.
    He ran the sprints after practice, and others joined in, thinking he was doing extra work.

  61. Pat Says:

    On the JW spin: There was a choice to suit up or not. And Craptactic Leaders make them.

  62. Jack Says:

    Petty would be a good choice if we trade #1. The BUCS have done everything but buy a Wall Street Journal ad to attract trade down offers….

  63. Babaloo Says:

    I’d be ok with them trading back in the first round a couple times to get more picks then taking Petty and a bunch of O-line and D-help.

  64. pick6 Says:

    If through some madness we trade down and don’t select either top QB prospect, Mike Glennon is our QB for the foreseeable future