102 Throws

April 5th, 2015

jameis 0405

Joe knows that not everyone had a chance to watch Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston throw. Not everyone could blow off work to watch his entire pro day on NFL Network last week.

Likewise, not everyone remembered to DVR the program. Or they had better things to do when the pro day was rebroadcast. That is why Joe has your back.

Compliments of Seminoles.com, below is the video (condensed) of Winston’s 102 throws at his pro day. Enjoy.

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  1. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Now that’s what you call poetry in motion man. All hail the future “king of the Bay”…

  2. the real Bucobruce Says:

    how do you fumble the snap when you’re this pro ready f****** under center pro ready quarterback and there’s no defense.

  3. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Everyone one here probably knows I’m all in on JW but dude is starting to worry me. Your almost certainly the first pick in the draft but what possess a person to go on Instagram while on the toilet and send out a photo about you being constipated….. That’s beyond moronic and he’s the best talent but he’s an idiot not immature. Derrick Brooks said stay invisible and for a guy like him that’s the best advice you could ever get

  4. Buccanr1 Says:

    That was stupid. Thanks for wasting 30 seconds of my time before I shut it down.

  5. WS99 Says:


    I didn’t see that, was it deleted? When did that happen?

  6. Just Win Jamies Says:

    Have AGENDA there ole Bucobruce? The Guy makes 102 throws in rapid fashion, called OUTSTANDING by his future GM and you ONLY SEE the one Neg. play snap of his day? humm

  7. eric Says:

    great work joe i watch the show live and the short video can’t wait until it is official. for the so called bucs fan who want anybody else go eat a fat d**K!!!!!!!

  8. bucs4lyfe Says:

    I didn’t catch it either, my brother told me about but sadly I got to read about it on foxsports not some random no name rumor site just looking for clicks


  9. Eric Says:

    Another masterful performance as at the combine.

    And the game tapes.

    And the interviews revealing the Manning level of football knowledge.

    And the investigation showing the leadership qualities and work ethic of a fine young man.

    All good. Great job Mr. Winston.

  10. charactermatters Says:

    Eric- the epitome of class!

  11. Pickgrin Says:

    Although Winston’s Pro Day was not as perfect as the combine passing performance – it was still damn impressive. Especially considering the # of throws he made and the degree of difficulty of some of them – trying to show throwing while under duress and on the move. I saw 5-6 inaccurate throws and the rest were all catchable balls if not right on the money mostly. He threw like 5 good balls that were dropped as well.

    The Bucs GM was standing 15 feet immediately behind him watching intently the whole time – and what was his impression? – ““Very good. Excellent. Had a great day” – “This was outstanding. He threw a full nine innings.”

    This was actually a bit of an off day for Winston – and yet he still looked good. Some days you are hot – some days you are not. Ask Teddy Bridgewater. His pro day was downright bad – costing him Millions – yet his Louisville tape said he was solid – and he had a fairly decent rookie year and shows promise at the NFL level.

    Licht says Combine and Pro Days aren’t nearly as meaningful as tape study. So a bit of an off day at Pro Day after the performance at the combine is pretty meaningless.

    But yet when you can still manage to make good things happen and finish strong (just like the way he killed it and was perfect with his red zone throws at the end) – even when you are not having a great day or a good game – then you are always in it. This is Winston in a nutshell. He finds the will and a way to make it happen. Unless you are down by 3 scores with 3 minutes to go – you are still in it.

    An expectation to win is what Winston brings and why Bucs fans should be so excited about the future of this team. Winston is going to help this team win a lot of games that might not have otherwise been won. Dude is clutch and has proved that time and time again. There’s a big psychological difference between hoping you can come back and win – and walking out on that field EXPECTING to make that game winning drive in the final 2 minutes and having the skill set and focus to make it happen.

  12. David Says:

    Really guys. Charactermatters….is class when ppl constantly criticize someone else? How about hating the guy becuz of some agenda driven stories about him? You might not, but what about calling some ur buddies on her classless when they call him a rapist or a “thug” even though they’ve never met the guy in person. I don’t agree with alot that he’s done but I sure wouldn’t want a microscope on my life. Leave the judging for God to do and let’s leave this site for sports and ANYONE who could make our team better long as they have been cleared by our justice system. Y should he stop being charismatic and full of confidence so some of u ppl won’t feel weird around him? I think u guys have issues as well.

  13. rayjay1122 Says:

    Welcome to Tampa Jameis!!!. Blow it out your ass haters!!!!. LOL

  14. jimmy53 Says:


    Seriously. You’re worried because he instagramed about his bowels—have you read any of the crap that pro athletes post on their insta-Twitter-book?? This is nothing, and what’s sad is that sites actually get people to click on articles about this kind of garbage. They put out an article and say it defines his personality.

    There’s pro-athletes tweeting about drugs, strippers, snitching, and sex. He tweeted about his constipation. Try reading Darnell Dockett’s Twitter sometime.

    Stop examining the guy like he’s Truman on the The Truman show. He’s 21. Wake me on draft day.

  15. DallasBuc Says:

    David- there are a great many commentators on this site that take great joy in passing character judgement on others that they do not know. Looking for any way possible to feel better about themselves. It’s classic and indeed classless. Keeping the judgement to football matters is apparently not the prime objective for these guys when an opportunity to get preachy avails itself. Kind of amusing to watch play out day after day.

  16. Tiny Tim Says:

    What? Do you realize he took this constipated picture in January 2014? Why are you even bringing this up? GTFOH

  17. OneBuC55 Says:

    Jameis taking pictures of the media taking pictures of him was brilliant..lol…personally I’d welcome JW to Tampa with open arms…he gives us something we’v never had at the QB position…A smart, high profile, charismatic, tough, mobile QB with gifted arm talent…

  18. jfat Says:

    I thought the constipation thing was pretty funny actually and I’m not a Winston jock hugger…old news either way. Still like Mariota better but Ill be ok with Winston, he’s gonna need a good pocket tho, hopefully he tightens up those short passes and gets the ball out quick on game day.

  19. bucs4lyfe Says:

    @tiny Tim & jimmy53

    like I said I’ve been in the Winston camp day one and no I have a life so I don’t know everything about every player I have my own life and yes it’s the first i heard of it and yes it still was stupid. There’s no damn quarterbacks tweeting about drugs guns or sex morons. I saw it i didn’t like if you don’t like my opinion you can lick a dia

  20. tiny tim Says:

    Who the hell you talking too? You are obviously a racist sack of s#&! If you have a problem with someone sending a picture of his face stating he is constipated. Whats the difference if he sent a picture of his face showing how he looks while having the flu? You racist pieceof dog doo doo

  21. LargoBuc Says:

    Leonard Johnson could play quarterback. After all he played quarterback in high school. Who needs Jameis.

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If the Bucs pick Winston…and I believe they will….I will be a solid supporter….I want a winner again in Tampa and he’s our best shot.

    I do hope he helps us out a bit by earning his huge paycheck and taking the role of “face of the franchise” seriously….it’s time for him to grow up….man up and kick some butt!!!

  23. Arealbucsfan Says:

    @buc4lyfe. Are u seriously getting upset about that photo?! Wow. I think ur idiot for getting so upset about the pic. And im pretty sure u weren’t pro- Winston this whole time. Hush up

  24. Eric Says:

    We had a head coach who said put your face on underwear. Or something like that.


    Bad constipation joke? Seriously?


  25. LJS4th Says:

    With the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take RYAN LEAF QB….ooooohhhh soorry, I meant Jameis Winston QB, Florida State. Enough said!!!!! With the first pick in the 2019 NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take QB………

    Same as Josh Freeman!!!

  26. passthebuc Says:

    @joe. 2nd person planning to testify in civil suit as another victim. She may file her own suit. What they are waiting for is him to be drafted and the size of the contract he will sign. Guilty or not, this will be a circus.

  27. WS99 Says:


    Truth is he looks constipated everytime he looks towards the sidelines.

  28. UF Alum that likes a few Noles here. Says:

    In normal circumstances I wouldn’t have a problem with this Instagram. However this is by a guy, whom I am Totally OK with being the next Buc’s QB, that is under more scrutiny than I ever went through in the special forces. He shouldn’t be posting a picture of himself taking a dump proclaiming that even then he has “Greatness behind him”. Love the thought of the guy leading us to the promise land but I find a hard time believing his GPA sometimes.

  29. Bucnut2 Says:

    If the bucs draft JW we are in for a circus for years. Right on passthebuc!

  30. charactermatters Says:

    this is the time of year we all judge players. In the current NFL environment that must include both the on field and off field issues. We cannot ignore either and hope to have anywhere near an accurate evaluation. If you don’t like player a or player b that is not the issue. My statement of class refers to those who state things like if you don’t agree (insert preferred insult). We must always consider the possibility that those who disagree with us may be right. Too many state things like if you want this player or the other go find another team. I am not a hater. I hate no one. Yet many will classify me as such because I may point out a negative in a player. I am not however in denial of the talent I see on the field. Many though feel they must attempt to tear down the quarterback that is not their choice by making unfair criticisms. I don’t believe I have been in that group. I believe this applies to both quarterbacks- they have both been criticized unfairly along with valid criticism.

  31. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    passthebuc …what circus? Do you think Winston will even appear in court? I don’t.

  32. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    UF Alum that likes a few Noles here…apparently you skipped over the post where Tiny Tim said the pick was from Jan 2014. Exactly what scrutiny was he under back then?

  33. Every Throw from Jameis Winston’s Pro Day | Buccaneers Bay Says:

    […] it’s going to be locked in the archives here at BB forever. A nice little hat tip over to Joe Bucs Fan, so we can keep Jameis Winston’s pro day fresh in our minds whenever we would like […]

  34. Tiny Tim Says:

    UF Alum that likes a few Noles here. Says:
    April 5th, 2015 at 7:42 pm
    In normal circumstances I wouldn’t have a problem with this Instagram. However this is by a guy, whom I am Totally OK with being the next Buc’s QB, that is under more scrutiny than I ever went through in the special forces. He shouldn’t be posting a picture of himself taking a dump proclaiming that even then he has “Greatness behind him”. Love the thought of the guy leading us to the promise land but I find a hard time believing his GPA sometimes


    Again, please explain to me why an individual tweeting a picture of his or her face is something stupid? I would 100% agree if the picture showed him actually sitting on a toilet with his pants down to his ankles, but a picture of only his face is anything hardly to be concerned about. This is what winston supporters are talking about. Some want to bash this dude for the smallest thing. Is this where we are as a society? Judge someone for tweeting a picture of their face? Some of you really have no life and don’t have a clue.

  35. Tiny Tim Says:

    Again, the picture is from January 2014. Thats almost a year and a half ago. Really?

  36. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    Did the instagram say if he ever actually had a bowel movement?

    Because if he didn’t have one, that sure to be seen as another “red flag” by some idiot on here…

    Jameis is going to be our QB, like it or not, just deal with it!

    Bunch of pansy assed girls. Yes I said girls….

    I can’t wait for this draft to get here, not that it will matter to the holier than thou posters on here. To them they will ALWAYS have a problem with him. So I guess I will ALWAYS be defending him even if he does nothing wrong they will find something wrong to whine about. That’s what girls do!

  37. eric Says:

    classmatters, take your ass to the opera!

  38. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    Would I say that to your face? Yes I probably would and then I’d run like hell, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  39. Tiny Tim Says:

    Charactermatters says:

    Many though feel they must attempt to tear down the quarterback that is not their choice by making unfair criticisms. I don’t believe I have been in that group.


    Ah yes you have. Numerous times. Your comments are so ridiculous and a joke its not even funny. No need to rehash all of your judgmental unfair criticism you have dished out about winston over the past couple of weeks.

  40. WantstaStayaBuc Says:

    “If the Bucs pick Winston…and I believe they will…”

    Unfortunately, this seems to be the reality. I can’t see any purpose for them to feign this love fest with him. They are going to gamble that his last year on the field with 18 interceptions was not indicative of his play in the pros and his off-the field behavior is something that a multi-million dollar contract will cure.

    Today I was pleasantly surprised to find that among my friends and family, I am far from alone in deciding that I will be done with the Bucs if they draft this guy. This “face of the team” is a poor choice that will cost them fans and and dollars. Those that say that winning will fix anything have a low opinion of people in general. But besides, do you really think that the Bucs will suddenly be a winning team next year if they draft this guy? Ridiculous.

  41. Mord Says:

    The music was wrong.
    Shoulda been Yakety Sax

  42. Buccfan37 Says:

    The pro Winston crowd is on the hysterical attack of anybody that is anti Winston or prefers another player. It is quite funny. You are sure Winston is the pick, yet are still bothered by opposing opinions. I agree Winston is the pick, but I won’t freak out or lose any sleep if he is not the Bucs pick.

  43. Luther Says:

    @Buccfan37 you obviously haven’t seen the stuff thrown at Winston on here. Most of them have been banned and rightfully so. I’ve seen insults thrown out that I know would not be said face to face. Stuff thrown out about Marioata is pretty kid safe.

  44. Bucfan4life Says:

    I’m not ’37. I find it amusing. See ya wantstastayabuc. The Jets, Rams or Eagles will have a sweet little choir boy for a QB next year. Food for thought, you will enjoy being his fan more if you actually live in the city where he plays.

  45. danati74 Says:

    @ David, you post this sh*t on a previous post about me,…then you want to get serious about other peoples comments:
    David Says:
    April 3rd, 2015 at 5:38 pm
    Hey I like Mariota but danati74 wants to F*ck Him lol.

    First you want to suck MM’s thing, now you feel insecure and have a change of heart,..and want a piece of Winston? Look if you like an article and support the topic. Write something. You don’t have to feed into the rape, racial, judging of someone. Half of us write on here to give our take or put insight into the topic or player. You and some other bozos use this feed like its a Facebook forum. Just wanting to get some LIKES or stir the pot. Your better off just reading.

  46. RustyRhinos Says:

    Thanks Joe that was fun to watch.

  47. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    WantstaStayaBuc ..adios. I’m buying season tickets the day after they draft Winston along with, many, many, MANY of my family members.

    The Bucs won’t miss you. Trust me.

  48. charactermatters Says:

    Tiny Tim,
    none of my criticism has been unfair. All deserved as they have all been things that are true. An unfair criticism would be if I were one of those calling him a rapist (I never have), crying about him being fat at his pro day (completely overblown), or any other overreaction to non- issues. Pointing out my concerns over what is known is not unfair. I do not hate the guy and I hope he never gets in any trouble again whether he is a Buccaneer or not. I may sound 100% pro MM and 100% anti JW to you, but that is not the case at all. I just attempt to add balance to the conversation. I don’t feel the need to defend JW much on non issues because there are so many of you on here that do that already. When I have thought about it I normally see that someone else has already made the point I would have made. I too like many ignored Winston’s off the field issues as I cheered for the Noles to win. I just trusted the outcome of whatever investigation and didn’t question or investigate. Once it became apparent that he might become a Buccaneer I wanted to know the details so I did. It was through investigating the facts of these issues that I started having more questions. It is not fair to convict him of what can’t be proven, but is also unfair to ignore what can.

  49. Bucfan4life Says:

    Character the thing that bothers me is guys like wantstastayabuc who claims he will never root for the Bucs again if they draft Winston. They are about to make the most important pick in franchise history and have spent a lot if time and money investigating this. Casual fans like him and his family don’t have nearly the information the Bucs do. It seems to be that he made up his mind a long time ago and isn’t going to change it no matter what. After an exhaustive investigation if the front office is ok with Winston I think the fans should be too.

    It would be easier for them to say we just weren’t comfortable with him and go in a different direction. Taking Winston is the harder thing to do because they know casual/uneducated fans won’t will condemn them for it no matter what. When they take him it is because they discovered that he is not as bad a guy as the media portrays him to be.

  50. charactermatters Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have investigated as much as I can but that doesn’t come close to the info the Buccaneers have and will dig up. Ultimately I will trust their judgement and cheer them on as I always do, right or wrong.

  51. I'm a great person Says:

    The guy is obviously an arrogant idiot. To say he doesn’t have weight or conditioning problems is being naive to be kind. He could have a thousand warning signs and the 87’s and his clan will defend them all. But, hey! He can sling it and he went to FSU so he must be a God! So let’s draft the guy. He’s already told us he’s a great person just like every great person throughout time has had to do. What could possible go wrong in Tampa with an immature dumbass and a whole lot of $? I don’t see any problems here at all.

  52. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    I’m a great person …do you feel better now?

    My guess is probably not. Come back tomorrow and repeat the same nonsense again. Then the next day as well, until you feel better.

    Either way Winston WILL be a Buc. What can you do about it? Nothing but whine some more.

  53. buccinfan Says:

    hes starting to grow on me, i like the fact that he is showing hes working on his weaknesses. the critics dont see that he showing on the field hes the most mature football player. off it its polar opposite

  54. passthebuc Says:

    @87SizeXLCreamsicle!. If there is a 2nd suit, it will cause a media circus and may have an effect in the locker. The only thing that will diffuse the circumstance would be for the accusations to be recanted. My comment is not about guilty or not guilty as we will never know. its about harmony

  55. cmurda Says:

    bucs4lyfe Says:
    April 5th, 2015 at 4:58 pm
    I didn’t catch it either, my brother told me about but sadly I got to read about it on foxsports not some random no name rumor site just looking for clicks


    This happened back on Jan 10 according to the link. There’s literally no story here. He could do without sharing everything but it’s also nice to have interaction with these athletes on social media. It’s a solid way for them to connect. usually nothing good comes from it which is why I dont tweet and rarely go on FB but to each his own.

  56. thegregwitul Says:

    If that picture is from Winston’s pro day, and it sure looks like it, I want to know where the fat flabby slob is, because he sure as spit isn’t in that picture.

  57. Tiny Tim Says:


    It is you sir trying to sell that putting soda in a water cup and shooting bbguns is worse than putting your genitals on a ladies’ forehead because Manning didn’t show a pattern of stupidty. As if putting your genitals on a ladies’ forehead is okay because he only did its once. BTW….have you ever asked a lady what was worse, genitals in her face or soda in a water cup? Probably not, yet you want to remain on this holier than thou crap.

    It is you sir that says it is okay for MM to speed at 80 mph in a 45 mph zone while endangering other people and children’s lives and Winston getting the hook up is criminal. You even confessed to going 100 mph yourself and there is no place in tampa where you can go 100 mph. Yes you have been unfair and thats why I call you a joke and hypocrite to me. Charactermatters please……..You need to change your handle to hypocriticaljoke

  58. tval Says:

    Tiny tim with the easter smack down..lol!! Nice job, sir..this bucsfan guy is surprised the rest of his white supremacist family doesnt want jameis? Hahaha!!

  59. tval Says:

    When the duke accuser was found to be a liar = “that dirtbag pos liar should be in jail” when erica was exposed as a liar = “guess we’ll never know what happened”…white privilege at its most heinous

  60. ok Says:


  61. ok Says:


  62. ok Says:

    Bajakian eyes all over his feet

  63. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I see a lot of Winstonites talking about some masterful performance at his Pro Day. I watched it live. It was not masterful. Stop blowing air up peoples arses.

    That said, his Pro Day won me over to some degree. It’s no secret that I see a lot of weaknesses in Jameis Winston. Yes, he looked bad so far as those weaknesses, but what he did show is a willingness to expose them and confront them. This hints to one of two possibilities:

    He recognizes his own weaknesses and is willing to confront them head on.


    He does not recognize the weaknesses and is too blind to realize he exposed himself.

    While I lean toward the first, the second is made more possible by his comment that he had a “great” Pro Day…that he “made vary few mistakes.”

    As to the mistakes, there were plenty:

    Throwing off balance (recklessness that leads to picks; see Josh McCown last year)

    Improper footwork (throwing off his rear foot; nearly tripping over his own feet in the pocket several times)

    Still staring down Receivers (I’m actually willing to concede a little on this one because it was only a Pro Day and he was focused on only one WR at a time anyway)

    No Mobility (He doesn’t have to be as mobile as Russel Wilson or Marcus Mariota or whoever…but a little bit of mobility should be there. He looked stiff, and I believe that added to the illusion that he was overweight)

    Ball Placement (STILL a major issue. I don’t care how much knowledge some people claim to have, his ball placement completely sucks when throwing mid to deep along the sidelines. NEVER. THROW. INSIDE. And. BEHIND. It is the interception zone, and it seems to be his target nearly outside pass. Passes to the middle seem better, more accurately placed much of the time, which is a good thing, because the middle gets a lot of attention in the Pros)

    There were some bright spots too:

    His Extended release (still extended, but not nearly as bad as his game tape showed. He has been working on it, obviously. However, he will need to do it by instinct in games, and that isn’t as easy. Not impossible though)

    Leadership (it’s a small example, but even though there was a waterboy, Winston made a point to take the water from him and hand it out to the Wide Receivers himself. It could have been for show, but I didn’t think it was. More like he knew he was throwing a lot of passes and wanted to keep them hydrated. It isn’t enough to erase his leadership mistakes I witnessed on tape, but it’s a step in the right direction)

  64. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    And I forgot to mention the fumble. In a live NFL game situation, that would have been a disaster.


    …he did pick it up quickly. While I will not make any excuses for him, it IS possible the center played a role in the fumble…although it did not seem so to me. Either way, in a live game Winston would have to take the blame for it as a pro, unless the Center did it a lot.

  65. bucs4lyfe Says:

    I forgot….tampa fans have no clue what a franchise quarterback is supposed to look or act like. I’ve been on the Winston bandwagon since I saw him play Oregon and he absolutely looked like the best quarterback in the loss. whether it was in January or not it was stupid, I defend Winston but theres a difference between defending a guy and acting like he’s some kind of saint, even freemanites didn’t go to the extremes of making up excuses for his bad decisions like they do Winston. he is the best, he will be our quarterback but damn seriously. it’s history and something that the media could easily drub up after a loss in the season and it would matter how many years ago it was, it’s just ammo to get yourself clowned. I don’t sit here and pretend Winston isn’t doing dumb things just because he’s the best quarterback in the draft. sounds like excuses you see for why glennon is 5-13, guess it’s everybody else’s fault except glennon he has a 58% career completion percentage. lol had to get in my shot at glennon

  66. Bucfan4life Says:

    Hmmm, much of and agenda there Bonzai? I kind of breezed through your post as it was just too long. However, did you really point out staring down receivers in his pro day as a negative? You should have shortened that post by deleting that! You seemed to catch it but you still left it out there. So you think he should look at others receivers to try and throw off the defense????? Really????? There was no defense and there we’re no other receivers. C’mon man!

  67. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    You know you look like an idiot when you make fun of something you THINK I said without reading my comment, right?

    Develop brain power.

  68. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    Jameis Winston is a Buc no matter what anybody says on JBF, good or bad.

    There, I’m going to try and just run with this thinking the next 24 days.

    Wish me luck!

  69. Bucfan4life Says:

    Bonzai in referring to his mistakes during pro day you said “still staring down receivers.” Just because you put in your disclaimer “I’m willing to concede a little on this” doesn’t mean you weren’t criticizing him for it. You had it listed as a negative and you specifically said I’m willing to concede “a little.” What exactly did I not understand?

  70. Bucfan4life Says:

    My reading comprehension is fine, I think it is your inability to articulate your position that may be the problem!

  71. Tiny Tim Says:

    bucs4lyfe Says:
    April 6th, 2015 at 7:40 am

    I forgot….tampa fans have no clue what a franchise quarterback is supposed to look or act like. whether it was in January or not it was stupid,


    Get this through your stick a$$ skull. It was january of 2014. A year and a f@*%ing half ago. How are we supposed to respect your view of what a franchise qb looks like when you can’t even comprehend the difference between the date/year of 2014 and 2015? GTFOH!!!!!

  72. CalBucsFan Says:


    Joe, I really want to thank you for your articles, audio and video clips. As an out-of-state Bucs fans they keep me close to the team’s pulse and help make the distance to TB seem less. For years I’ve come to your website because I’ve been a Bucs fan since living there when the town was awarded a franchise and also want to know the ‘latest’ and ‘greatest’ info about them. I know I can get that from you without the BSpn or PR spin, so here’s a toast to you.

    But with that said, there are just way too many egotistical bloggers here who think their opinions are all that matters who and, on a daily basis, continually berate anyone with a different perspective and turn the conversation into a verbal bullying session rather than a discussion about the Bucs. I imagine these are the same kinds of idiots that are out here in SoCal thinking it’s within their prerogative to harass opposing team’s fans as they leave stadiums, taunting them while shouting obscenities, ready to pounce on them and kick their arses if they even look at them.

    I get that there will always be pre-adolescent bully’s that grow-up to be adult versions of the same, that’s just the way of the world, especially now-a-days where the internet and where the right to free-speech fuels stupidity out the mouths of many.

    But is there anyway you can filter more of these idiots that seem to verbally hover and pounce at first opportunity to a 30-day suspension list or something like that? Maybe 3-strikes and their out or they perhaps get to walk the plank after the 10th warning? There are a lot of solid regulars here who’s comments and perspectives are well said and bring value to the subject, but scanning the comment column to find them them seems more difficult than ever with all these testosterone dripping, knuckle dragging, muscle twitching’ clowns hanging around!

    Let’s Go Bucs!!!

  73. OAR Says:

    “I’m buying season tickets the day after they draft Winston along with, many, many, MANY of my family members.”

    Ha!! If you’re so sure of our pick……. why are you waiting til AFTER the draft to buy your season tickets?