The Next Josh McCown?

March 4th, 2015
Will Lovie Smith turn to an old friend?

Will Lovie Smith turn to an old friend?

The Bucs need a real veteran quarterback in the house. It’s ludicrous to not have one for a rookie to lean on and learn from.

Also, adding a seasoned QB in free agency would allow the Bucs to comfortably trade Mike Glennon, and maybe even leverage a good deal for him.

Once upon a time, back in 2012, Lovie Smith cut Josh McCown from the Bears because, as Lovie told Joe, “we had Jason Campbell.”

Well, good guy Campbell is expected to be a free agent, following his 10th NFL season. He spent last year backing up Andy Dalton with the Bengals and simultaneously was lauded by coaches for his tutoring of rookie Bengals QB A.J. McCarron.

Campbell has just about double the career wins of McCown. Campbell has played in more games. And the 2005 first-round pick of the Redskins has a better touchdown-interception ratio than McCown (87 TDs, 60 INTs). And for those who care about truly worthless stats, Campbell has the higher career QB rating.

Joe wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Campbell is wearing Bucs colors soon.

Campbell, 33, is a guy Lovie could trust around (hopefully) his prized rookie QB.


48 Responses to “The Next Josh McCown?”

  1. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Say it ain’t so Joe.

  2. Eric Says:

    I’m not dancing the jig over the thought.

    Keep Glennon IMO. I would much prefer him under center than any of the free agent scrubs out there.

    You’re only one play away from your whole season riding on the back up QB. We have a good one, lets not screw that up.

  3. Harry Says:

    For those of you advocating trading down, THIS would be the type if starting QB we would have for the entire season. How dreadful is that? I get your points of having “needs” at so many positions, but just when do we get our franchise QB? At best we become St Louis Rams-South, or Bills-South. They don’t have a franchise QB and have NO WAY TO GET ONE.

    Yeah, there is no guarantee Winston or Mariota becomes a superstar. But the same can be said of a rook DE – they have the same success rate as a highly drafted QB (about 50-50). Oh, and we can wait and get ridiculously lucky and look for a Russell Wilson in the 3rd rd, or a Brady in the 6th or a Romo as an under after FA. Yeah, that might happen in this draft, or maybe NEVER.

  4. biff barker Says:




    We have a QB coach. That’s his job.

    Keep the Cannon.

  5. knuckledragger Says:

    Glennon became the first Rookie ever to throw only 1 Int in his first 10 TD passes. He became the first Rookie ever to throw a TD in his first 8 starts. He did this with Schiano as a HC, no 2WR, with 3rd and 4th string RBs, and an Undrafted TE that had just been converted from WR.
    Yeah he really sux.

  6. Jigglypuff Says:

    Matt Flynn would be the ideal candidate.

    Dude has been around some of the best offensive coaching staff in the NFL – primarily Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements. He was the backup to Aaron Rodgers from 2008-2011 and last season. Not the greatest backup as a player but he has been lauded for his attention to detail. Jameis needs that kind of a player coach hybrid to use as a sounding board.

    Another nifty caveat of note is that Flynn was tutored by Jimbo at LSU. So he will have a lot of familiarity with Jameis’ mechanical details.

    Shouldn’t be more than $3 million for a 2 year contract. Dirt cheap and you get a great mentor, on and off the field for Jameis. Trade Glennon for a late 2nd/ 3rd rounder and draft O Line with that pick.

  7. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Matt Moore

  8. Daniel Says:

    I like Glennon, I believe Glennon can be a started but not sold on franchise QB potential. I would love to keep him as a top tier backup, but if we can get a solid pick I would rather add O lineman or a pass rush on the field than have a solid back up on the bench.

    @knuckledragger solid points though, this is def not a no brainier.

  9. Another J Says:

    Really, Jason Campbell?
    That’s just crazy talk…

  10. Harry Says:

    Guys, I agree MG8 is better tan any FA we can sign, AND much cheaper. BUT, we need help at a LOT of positions. If we can get a 3rd rd pick and get a starting G, or safety, I’m ALL IN on that.


    I honestly would keep glennon. Save that money for other positions of need like Ummm our D-line, O-line,Safties, MLB, ILB. Glennon did Amazing when D. Penn, zuttah, & D. Joseph protecting him. Then Lovie thought it would be a bright idea to completely demolish a good functioning O-line that had the time to mesh. Not even Payton manning, Tom Brady, Andrew luck, or Aaron Rodgers would have been able to survive with our high school talent at the O-line. I’m saying we don’t take winston with the number one pick. But please don’t neglect the O-line this year. I mean for God sakes give the QB at least 3-5 seconds to go through his progressions before he’s being clobbered by defensive linemen.

  12. tickrdr Says:

    In their first 19 games in the NFL: ( I hope all my math is OK)
    Flacco: 20 TDs, 14 INTs
    Rivers: 27 TDs, 13 INTs
    Newton: 23 TDs, 22 INTs
    Ryan: 21 TDs, 12 INTs
    Roethlisberger: 28 TDs, 13 INTs
    P. Manning: 33 TDs, 33 INTs
    Luck: 26 TDs, 19 INTs
    Rodgers: 32 TDs, 13 INTs (But this was his 4th year, 1st as starter)
    Griffin: 26 TDs, 9 INTs
    Vick: 18 TDs, 10 INTs
    Wilson: 32 TDs, 12 INTs ( or 30 TDs, 11 INTs: if you count the playoffs)
    Romo: 42 TDs , 26 INTs (But this was also his 4th year, 1st as starter)
    A certain backup QB on a terrible team: 29 TDs, 15 INTs (18.5 games)

    All of you haters, please post logical arguments.
    TDs help to win games.
    Turnovers help to lose them.
    Whether you have “IT” or not.


  13. Buccfan37 Says:

    Keep Glennon! Cue the haters to remind me that MG sucks and overthrows all the deep passes and always steps out of bounds just short of first downs.

  14. Bucs fan in Chicago Says:


  15. Lou. Says:

    @ tckrdr:

    Sir, you are DA MAN!!!

  16. jb Says:

    Unless we can get an early 2nd round pick for Glennon, I say keep him. I’d feel a lot more comfortable with him backing up Jameis, than Campbell or any of the other free agent QBs out there.

  17. BCoburn Says:

    Trading Glennon and brining in Campbell is what would be ludicrous. Veteran QBs are overrated. Would much rather have a potential Brees and Rivers scenario. People rag on Glennon and while I agree taking a QB is a good idea I still think Glennon has potential. Favouring a guy cause of draft status is BS, let them duke it out. A 3rd round pick often ends up being junk. We know we at least have a solid backup. Glennon W/L is horrible because the team has been horrible period. If QB is such an important position as everyone agrees a 3rd isn’t enough. If it were me I’d draft a QB somewhere in top 3 rounds every other year until I found one since it makes or breaks a team. Maybe carry three if you want a veteran and always have two youngsters with potential competing.

  18. tickrdr Says:

    Buccfan37 Says:
    March 4th, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Keep Glennon! Cue the haters to remind me that MG sucks and overthrows all the deep passes and always steps out of bounds just short of first downs.
    You forgot to mention how slow he is, until I remembered “ol’ cement shoes”
    was faster than our big JabooBoo.


  19. Rrsrq Says:

    Trade Glennon for a 3rd for the extra pick, fix line in FA, draft QB (preferably Winston), sign Campbell, he only sees the field in preseason. Playoffs, here we come

  20. mikeh Says:

    there you go! lovie will screw up witch ever QB is taken. Jason Campbell is nothing to write home about. lovie should keep his hands off anything related to offense. period!

  21. Wilt Says:

    So basically the eye test tells us Glennon is a backup who won’t win you games, which is by default losing them. But those stats tell us he is better than most of the league. I have seen this guy throw the ball away on third down when the game called for him to make a play to win.

    I know Luck keeps both teams in the game with his play, but in the fourth quarter, everyone in the stadium believes this guy will pull it out. Glennon is exactly the opposite.

    Glennon also wants to start, when he shouldn’t. Stats are a great indicator of Statistics!

    Poll the 100 or so guys who have played with Glennon over the last two years, no one will use leader, winner, competitor.

  22. J Moné Says:

    Keep Glennon mob activate

  23. Eric Says:

    Good thing Lovie did not keep his hands off Mike Evans.

  24. Brandon Says:

    Campbell is steady, strong armed, and doesn’t take chances with the football…he’s almost robotic… sounds a lot like the guy Winston watched his first season at FSU, EJ Manuel. Not saying I want Campbell, but we could do a whole lot worse.

  25. Brandon Says:

    Buccfan37 Says:
    March 4th, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Keep Glennon! Cue the haters to remind me that MG sucks and overthrows all the deep passes and always steps out of bounds just short of first downs.

    Overthrows deeps passes? Have you watched Glennon play? He underthrows deep passes, throws behind receivers on crossing routes, and pretty much checks down on most other plays… gotta keep that stat line clean.

  26. BirdDoggers Says:

    Glennon is the best option available as a back up. He might even be the best option as the starter. The free agent QBs are lackluster to say the least. However, that is one of the reasons Glennon should command decent trade compensation. It’s a tough call. Trade Glennon or keep him? Either way, it could easily wind up being win win or lose lose.

  27. The original "Kevin" Says:

    I would prefer Matt Moore. Hes probably the best / most under rated backup Qb in the league. He has great mobility and has been in the league for a while

  28. tickrdr Says:

    Eric Says:
    April 9th, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Best quarterback prospect in 20 years.
    Eric Says:
    March 4th, 2015 at 10:49 am

    Good thing Lovie did not keep his hands off Mike Evans.

    Sometimes a year can make a big difference.


  29. Bucsqb12 Says:

    I still get the feeling that if the Bucs pick #1 it’s because no one wanted to give us the farm for it. But we shall see! You never know with Louie.

  30. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Jason Campbell?

    Shoot, once I had hope for him, but no longer.

    I’ll say it depends on which QB they decide upon in the draft. The mentor should be someone that has successfully made the transition to the NFL, and has become better for it.

    For example, as odd as it sounds, if they take Mariota, I would say Michael Vick would be a suitable mentor. On the surface, you might not think so though. Especially with his previous off field issues.

    However, Michael Vick, before his legal troubles, relied too much on his running ability. He has since realized that he should have worked on his passing ability more during those years. That is the lesson he could teach Mariota.

    If they take Winston, the mentor should be someone who played similar to Winston as well.

  31. bucs4lyfe Says:

    glennon isn’t considered competition for anyone…why do you think we are in the position to draft a quarterback in the first place. freeman was an average quarterback coming off of a career season for him and what does the head coach do, he drafts another average quarterback now we have nothing at all. you need a real veteran in the locker room that’s not afraid to compete but at the same time teach and help everyone on the team get better regardless of if he starts or not….it’s clear glennon is obsessed with starting and it’s a bad situation for him to be here because once again it’ll be proved he’s not good enough or have a high enough ceiling and once again he’ll be frustrated that he is sitting on the bench yet again

    his value is his ability to provide compensation to the bucs, why go after a draft pick…..please go after a player instead. whats the point of letting glennon compete for the job here knowing that if we draft a rookie quarterback 1st overall he is going to start eventually at some point this year anyway. glennon isn’t good enough to keep mariotta or Winston out of the starting line up very long

  32. Bucs#1 Says:

    Your back-up QB is only one bad play away from being your starter. Get somebody that’s also good on the field and can win games when he has to. Not Campbell

  33. Jerseybuc Says:

    tickrdr hit it on the nose with his comparisons of rookie QBs.

    Now think about the circumstances that each of those QBs had compared to Glennon. He went into hostile Seattle and Pittsburgh and lit a fire under bad teams. He won every game we won the past two years but one and didn’t play a snap each year til October.

    He has gotten no support from his coaching staffs, bad O line play etc….
    I will get behind the new QB, but if we miss on the #1 pick at QB it sets us back 5 years.

  34. robert 9 Says:

    jason campbell? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    seriously, no more 10 year guys who have had their shots. especially since we have glennon, and theirs a damn good chance whoever the starter is …he might get KO’d until the line..*cough*…gels. lol

    if they trade glennon for less than a 2nd they are morans….but hey, look at the mankins trade to prove they aint that bright and only look on the surface.

  35. bucs4lyfe Says:

    who the hell would give up a 2nd for glennon. there are some seriously delusional people out there about the skills of this quarterback. cant wait to see all of you follow glennon to wherever he goes because it’s gotten beyond pathetic and your talking about trading down from the number 1 overall pick Winston or mariotta but highly rated quarterbacks because of glennon?

    newsflash the difference between glennon and Campbell is age

  36. Dreambig Says:

    Just in! Glennon traded for 6th round pick in 2017! Just kidding, but that is consistent with Licht’s trading history to date. We might just want to keep Glennon.

  37. Dreambig Says:

    Can anyone think of one single trade Licht has made that was a good value?

  38. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol first year as a gm……I think I can say with comfort that when it’s all said and done that it would be impossible to be as bad at trades than mark Dominick was. people really don’t understand football on this website. as bad as the entire offensive line was how could you look at a player like logan mankins and say he didn’t work out in the first season with no offensive coordinator and no stability around him. these same psycho fans would say glennon sucked because he had no run game and he had no offensive line and had no running back, receivers dropping the ball even though we weren’t even in the top half as a team in dropped passes. but the whole offensive line sucked so logan makins sucked? by that standard glennon is a horrible quarterback

  39. robert 9 Says:

    the more you talk the more you show your age buc4lyfe…..

    it’s quite comical

  40. robert 9 Says:

    the mankins trade was a bad deal because we arguably gave up our biggest bright spot from the previous year in tim wright. AND we gave away a 4th round pick. AND we picked up a huge $ contract. AND it was for a guy who was a NE lifer and common sense would tell you he was only here for the money and his heart would not be in it.

    we basically handed ASJ the job, and he blew it man! not saying he won’t come around, but he did not live up to the hype.

    and now you want to hand the starting QB job to a rookie with no real competition….the same situation ASJ was in the year before??? competition breeds excellence my friend.

    just common sense man. and yeah, the trade sucked and I said it from day one while everyone was jumping for joy.

  41. LargoBuc Says:

    I like Glennon. I really do.

  42. Mike10 Says:

    It amazes me how bad we are at setting up trades, or do we just not see the value in replacing the draft picks we irresponsibly sent elsewhere? McCown should have been traded… it’s nice that Lovie likes to respect veterans and give them ample time in the FA market… but Lovie has bigger fish to fry, like where he will be working in 2 years

  43. WS99 Says:

    I’m amazed at how all the giraffe hater have vanished.

    I’ll take Mike Vick, he knows who to win and would be a great lead by example type. Plus he has dungys blessings.

  44. Eastsidebuc Says:

    Not to mention Campbell has a FINE chocolate bunny in his easter basket too. The homie is winning!

  45. Jerseybuc Says:

    Michael Vick went into a game when Geno Smith was benched and played very poorly. After the game he admitted he wasn’t prepared.
    WASN’T PREPARED. A ten year vet. He is collecting a paycheck at this point.

  46. BoJim Says:

    I’d much rather roll with Glennon. We saw how a veteran backup QB worked out for us last year.

  47. chipbuc Says:

    Glennon really? If he was so good, all the other teams would be trying to trade for him. Its quite evident that hes available. Where is the rush to trade for him? Hes a back up QB at best, pure and simple!!!!!!!

  48. BlackBeard Says:

    Yeah, Glennon really. Teams WERE trying to trade for him last season. I still think Glennon can be a starter in the NFL and at worst is a solid young backup. There is nothing wrong with having two young guys on the roster with starter potential. Roll with Glennon until the Winston/Mariota is ready. If Glennon performs well keep him around as a backup or a backup plan if Winston/Mariota flops. If the new QB does pan out as planned you can trade Glennon later and bring on an old stiff backup as suggested in this article.