Center Stage

March 4th, 2015

Play pretend if you want, but the Bucs don’t have more than one (if they have one) average starter on their offensive line.

And this is why Joe pounds his Kenmore washing machine every morning and screams for upgrades on the Tampa Bay O-line.

The Bucs can’t be foolish enough to draft Jameis Winston and just hope the line improves magically, and/or by adding a rookie or two.

Word out of Oakland yesterday was that Raiders starting center Stefen Wisniewski will test the free agent market, as Oakland expects to throw massive money at Chiefs center Rodney Hudson, who is projected to be one of the big prizes when the free agency dinner bell rings in six days.

The Bucs need to get younger, nastier, hungrier and more versatile on the offensive line, and Wisniewski could make that happen. The 2011 second-round pick out of Penn State comes from a family of NFL players and impressed in his rookie year at left guard — his legendary uncle Steve Wisniewski’s position — before moving to center.

Laugh at the Raiders all you want, but they were an elite pass blocking team this season allowing just 28 sacks.

Wisniewski, 25, has missed just three starts in four seasons and has more experience than 28-year-old Evan Dietrich-Smith, and he’s had an excellent position coach in Tony Sparano, in addition to the family lineage.

Yes, the Bucs like Dietrich-Smith, but they also liked Darrelle Revis about this time last year.

Joe believes the Bucs wouldn’t hesitate to make the right change. Wisniewski is a guy who could help them get younger, meaner and more experienced at center.

53 Responses to “Center Stage”

  1. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Joe surely you must comprehend the long term advantages of trading down TWICE in the 1st round and begin rebuilding the roster with homegroomed youth !

  2. Joe Says:

    Sounds like a great plan for next year.

  3. bucco brice Says:

    so, cut everyone they signed last year and keep the revolving door going? …EDS is the center, Mankins @ LG, Dotson @ RT…need a true LT and RG…if Wisniewski can be RG now and LG when Mankins reitres, sign!! …not for center position now…

  4. jb Says:

    Just as you MUST comprehend the need for a top notch quarterback in todays NFL.

  5. Lev in Philly Says:

    “Lets fix the O-line with the #1 Pick”
    – Local Idiot

  6. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    It is too bad everyone post here anonymously….otherwise I’d love to see a section here where one could place their name and draft preference in a section here for later review….’cause there are lots of folks that will be slinking away from their opinion today on Jameis

  7. See Below Says:

    LT – Dotson (huge ?)
    LG – Mankins
    C – Wisniewski
    RG – Draft Pick/Lupati
    RT – Barksdale

    Trade EDS for a 4/5th rounder or best offer.

    How’s that Joe?

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *(2015 Draft Center Prospects)
    • B.J. Finney
    • Shaq Mason
    • Max Garcia
    • Dillion Day

  9. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    LT Dotson……BWhahahahaha…. the guy is a journeymen 30+ year old NFL linemen…..if he could play LT that would have been determined LONG ago…..

  10. The Only Other Buc Fan in Montana Says:

    See Below has a good plan, though I would pass on Iupati because he’s not a good pass blocker and he will get overpaid anyway. Could fill that hole 3rd round.

  11. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Trade Down w/ Philadelphia Eagles Revamped young Offensive Line

    • (LT) Lane Johnson
    • (LG) Erick Flowers || Jamon Brown
    • (C) B.J. Finney || Max Garcia
    • (RG) Laken Tomlinson || John Miller
    • (RT) Demar Dotson || Rob Havenstein

  12. bucco brice Says:

    need about 4 new bodies on the roster for the OL. Hopefully 2 free agents to fill starting spots and draft a couple in mid-rounds for the furure. Sort of like last year’s plan all over again LOL

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Ereck Flowers

  14. See Below Says:

    @ Fungi,

    I’m not excited nor sold on Dotson at LT.

    But I’ve also never seen him get substantial time to prove he can play there. So I’ll reserve my opinion until it’s obvious he can’t get the job done.

    @ Montana,

    I agree with Lupati, that’s why I like a draft pick there.

  15. ufcguy Says:

    The bucs are moving Dotson bsck to rt. So we will be in the market for lt snd guard

  16. See Below Says:

    @ LuvMyBucs,

    Stop the trade down talk, won’t and shouldn’t happen.

    I didn’t sit in Ray Jay and watch our team lose on purpose to trade away the prize we earned.

  17. scott Says:

    Kevin Pamphile was looking damn good in that last game (minus a sack) he was getting a strong push in the run game as well. Hope he works out

  18. brandonbucfan Says:

    can’t see them going after a center yet with the other holes we have at guard and tackle. I think they will make a play for Iupati and/or Barksdale. I am sure they also want a slot receiver that can double as a KR.

  19. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @See Below

    Brotha, we’ve all spend our share. My Children are now spending theirs. So your entitled to your opinion, as well as I.

    My opinion ..right, wrong or indifferent. Is we need to trade down and restock the roster. ONE guy will not take us over the hump. So I’ll continue to post my POV-And I have no problem with you expressing yours.

    GO BUCS!

  20. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  21. Strider #FamousJameis Says:

    Need someone solid on O line from free agency there are plenty of choices. Hopefully some WR and RB rise their stocks then we might be in real nice spot for a MLB in the draft.

  22. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    “Need someone solid on O line from free agency there are plenty of choices. ”
    choices…..key word
    plenty of clothing “choices” at Good Will too……

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @JoeJoes Fungi Nails


  24. nate_tweetz Says:

    Trading down will to revamp the roster will not matter without a franchise QB. Yes, everyone wants to point to Dallas as an example of building an offensive line and being successful. However, the Cowboys have a franchise QB. They have a stud WR, a fall of fame TE, and an all-world RB. Dallas was scoring points before they rebuilt their O line. Yes, they hadn’t been to the playoffs in years, but that was NOT because of the offense. They had the worst defense in the league last year and had a bad defense years before that.

    Start by getting a franchise QB. If you want to spend picks 2,3,and 4 on OL and a DE, fine. If you don’t get a franchise QB though, NONE of those other picks are going to matter. PERIOD.

  25. nate_tweetz Says:

    *hall of fame… sorry, was typing way too fast.

  26. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    I don’t not believe either Jameis or Marcus are worthy of #1 overall…just because we have the 1st overall and NEED a QB does not mean taking one of the two is the best long term option….trade down TWICE in the 1st round

  27. nate_tweetz Says:

    If we trade down what is our solution at QB!?!? We have to address that position in a meaningful way THIS YEAR. Hoping and praying Glennon becomes a pro bowl QB I don’t think is the answer.

  28. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Sign this guy!!! Ive been saying it all year!

  29. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Trade down..Glennon and a vet hash it out in camp….next year QB …

  30. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    If the Philadelphia Eagles, want to give up

    -(QB) Nick Foles<–Pro Bowl MVP
    -(LT) Lance Johnson
    -(TE) Zack Erzt

    (2015)-*1 || * 2 || *3 || *4 || *4

    (2016)-*1 || *2 ||

    Then If you review the prospects that are projected to be available in those perspective rounds.

    *Round: 1 / Pick: 20From Philadelphia Eagles
    • 24 Ereck Flowers (OT) Miami 6-6 329 1
    • 25 Dorial G.Beckham (WR) Oklahoma 6-5 237 1

    *Round: 2 / Pick: 34
    Round: 2 / Pick: 52 From Philadelphia Eagles
    • 35Breshad Perriman (WR) UCF 6-2 212 2
    • 46 Devin Smith (WR) Ohio State 6-0 196 2
    • 49 Michael Bennett (DT) Ohio State 6-2 293 2
    • 50 Laken Tomlinson (OG) Duke 6-3 323 2
    • 54 Denzel Perryman (ILB) Miami 5-11 236 2
    • 55 Mario Edwards Jr. (DE) FSU 6-3 279 2
    • 62 Xavier Cooper (DT) Wash.St 6-3 293 2

    *Round: 3 / Pick: 65
    Round: 3 / Pick: 84 From Philadelphia Eagles
    • 66 Tre’ Jackson (OG) FSU 6-4 330 2-3
    • 76 Rashad Greene (WR) FSU 5-11 182 2-3
    • 77 T.J. Yeldon (RB) Alabama 6-1 226 2-3
    • 71 Kevin Johnson (CB) W.Forest 6-0 175 2-3
    • 84 Jaquiski Tartt (SS) Samford 6-1 220 3
    • 89 Preston Smith (DE) Miss.State 6-5 271 3
    • 91 Kevin White (CB) TCU 5-9 180 3
    • 93 David Johnson (RB) N.Iowa 6-1 224 3
    • 96 John Miller (OG) Louisville 6-2 303 3

    *Round: 4 / Pick: 106
    Round: 4 / Pick: 110 From Philadelphia Eagles
    Round: 4 / Pick: 116 From Philadelphia Eagles
    • 101 Nick O’Leary TE FSU 6-3 252 3-4
    • 108 Ben Koyack TE Notre Dame 6-5 255 3-4
    • 109 Donovan Smith OT Penn State 6-6 338 3-4
    • 110 Henry Anderson DE Stanford 6-6 294 3-4
    • 111 Justin Hardy WR East Carolina 5-10 192 3-4
    • 117 Bryce Petty QB Baylor 6-3 230 3-4

    It’s a win win in my book.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Especially if the Philadelphia Eagles are willing to take back ONE or TWO of our inflated contracts.

  32. a-bomb Says:

    First off, L&L won’t trade down because whoever they draft will be coached by somebody else. QB is the one position where a single player can make a big difference. The Colts without Luck are the Bucs. If they think that JW or MM are franchise caliber QB’s, this is the ONLY way you get those guys. Trading down and not selecting a franchise QB is just plain dumb.

  33. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Andrew Luck “The Legendary Golden Goose Theory” -don’t fly with me buddy. I’ve watched way to many so called can’t miss prospect flop. One guy doesn’t make a TEAM.

    If you wanna build a Champion-You build a formidable offensive line & defensive line. Everything trickles back from those two points.

  34. bucs4lyfe Says:

    the media and fantasy football are destroying all common sense when it comes to contracts and constructing a team….EDS just got here no one is talking about getting rid of him and of all the other players on the bubble we just signed why would we replace the center when the guard and tackle position need addressing joe?

    how about telling everyone about EDS contract and what cutting ties with the center you just signed would accomplish not to mention who will sign with a team that is willing to get rid of free agents year one into big contracts

  35. robert 9 Says:

    he fits the profile we should be looking for: young, consistent starter, has upside, not a huge contract, versatile etc.

    I say bring him in. especially since EDS is on record saying if they get rid of him he does not give a damn. 🙂

  36. Celly Says:

    JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:
    March 4th, 2015 at 10:21 am

    It is too bad everyone post here anonymously….
    ’cause there are lots of folks that will be slinking away from their opinion today on Jameis

    No everyone. You can click my name and see who I am. No need to hide. Been that way since i started commenting.

    Also, why would people be “slinking away from their opinion” on Jameis today vs. other days? What do you feel has happened to change their minds?

    I, for one, still think he won’t be underthrowing Jackson and Evans like a former starting Bucs QB did.

    March 4th, 2015 at 10:31 am

    Trade Down

    Again, I ask…When was the last time a #1 pick was traded?

    Please provide me with an example that DOESN’T involve players that were already drafted (Manning/Rivers, Elway).

    JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:
    March 4th, 2015 at 11:11 am

    Trade down..Glennon and a vet hash it out in camp….next year QB …

    And if there are no QBs worthy of whatever pick we have next year, then what? Wait till the next next year?

    At some point, next year has to be THIS year.

  37. robert 9 Says:

    how about what that fat contract does to a players motivation. the guy turns into a professional bowler, with penalty and anger issues. he was a lil bit*h last year, and vocal about it.

    we do not need that. not saying cut him, cause it would hurt. but a damn stern talking to, and if he cops an attitude , then cut bait, but give him a chance to see the error in his ways.

  38. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Hey brotha,

    Atlanta Falcons moved from the No. 5 slot in the first round up to the top rung on the draft ladder and grabbed Vick, the centerpiece player that a floundering Atlanta franchise so desperately required.

    San Diego? Well, in the fifth spot secured from the Falcons, the Chargers chose a tailback about whom many league scouts harbored doubts, principally because of the veer-style offense he ran at TCU and a basic lack of experience as a receiver and blocker. Some guy by the name of LaDainian Tomlinson.

    The year the Chargers surrendered the draft rights to Vick, they selected Drew Brees in the second round, and he served them well, until departing in free agency, creating a vacancy for Rivers to fill.

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Per: Len Pasquarelli

    It turned out to be one of the best trades in NFL history

  40. Celly Says:


    Thank you.

    While i still do not agree with the trade down argument, i appreciate you actually answering my long posted question.

  41. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Its all good brotha #respect

  42. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    2014 (After missing 4 games) Lance Johnson-was rated as the 2nd best right tackle in the NFL.

    Kick him over to LT


    • (LT) Lane Johnson
    • (LG) Ereck Flowers || Jamon Brown
    • (C) B.J. Finney || Max Garcia
    • (RG) Laken Tomlinson || John Miller
    • (RT) Demar Dotson || Rob Havenstein

  43. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    ^Now thats a revamped young offensive line^

    Spend the cap space on the defensive side of the ball.

  44. Whirlpool Says:

    Why does Joe have a Kenmore washer. You work at Sears too?

  45. White Tiger Says:


    I’ll alter your opening two paragraphs just a bit to underscore my belief about what the hiring of Dirk Koetter, and the strategic approach to free agency and the draft:

    “Play pretend if you want, but the Bucs don’t have more than one (if they have one) average starter on their offensive line.

    And this is why WHITE TIGER pounds (his PAWS on his) SEARS washing machine every morning and ROARS…OUR BUCS PLAN TO IMPLEMENT A SPREAD-HEAVY “PRO-STYLE” OFFENSE AND DRAFT MARCUS MARIOTA…

    BECAUSE “…The Bucs can’t be foolish enough to draft Jameis Winston and just hope the line improves magically, and/or by adding a rookie or two.”

    OK, my point having been quickly summed up by offering an alternate universe scenario…if you look at the success of the teams that have already made this switch…most of the offensive linemen were drafted in later rounds of the same draft, or were acquired from via free agency. All of them saw immediate improvements to offensive production, most of them made the playoff’s in the same year they drafted their spread QB’s.

    Maybe it helped that ALL of the linemen that are coming out since 2011 have come from offensive “systems” that ran the spread? Maybe it’s the realization that it’s taking too long to “coach up” the offensive linemen that are coming out, and that it’s easier to implement a spread-heavy attack with a QB and offensive line already very proficient at running said attack -slowly introducing WCO (i.e., “Pro-Style”) concepts – than the HUGE expense of forcing the talent into an old NFL offense no longer being taught at (nearly) ANY college level…

    After all, it’s been proven that the best way to win quickly is to fit the scheme to the talent…

    Adding Kid Fameis means committing to more than just a stationary/dropback QB. It means RB’s that pick up blitzes, massive-yet-freakishly-agile LOT’s, and at least one road grading guard, and another that is not quite good enough to be a tackle…

    …see, at the moment, there are MORE offensive lineman available that are more than competent for a spread-heavy offense…but these same players are INCAPABLE of being inserted into PASS PRO system.

    It’s why I think the love has to be made. It’s just taking too long, and creating too much risk, to pick and then retrain the offensive skill positions to play the NFL game…too much time and too much risk = too expensive.

    Just like the with advent of the WCO, the effect is that it may once again be time for the era of the dropback QB to take a hiatus…

  46. LargoBuc Says:

    Im really concernd that we dont have a LT. We definitely need to draft Jameis but if you look at free agency and the draft there really arent too many true LT’s out there.

  47. Lord Cornelius Says:

    O-lines can turn around pretty fast for those people out there thinking we should approach the draft based upon the weakness of the O-line. Pretty rediculous thinking imo. Trade down to build the O-line? Draft Mariota so he can run away from defenders every play? Comon lol

    I don’t think a complete overhaul is necessary as it’d be nice to have a little continuity. Mankins/Dotson for sure are staying. If EDS leaves then I hope it’s for a guy like this. We mainly need a LT/ G.

    And honeslty if we just add one very solid G or LT between FA/Draft it will immensly make a difference. EDS/Mankins/Dotson/and a really solid OG or LT should at least be able to form an AVERAGE O-line.

    We could probably sign a premier LT and draft a starter at G in the 2nd or 3rd round still. Kevin Pamphile showed promise last year; and we still don’t know if Kadeem Edwards could develop.

    I’d be happy with one solid O-line FA signing; and one starting capable lineman in the draft; and probably another prospect / FA signing for depth. That’s honestly all it should take to make a huge difference.

  48. lurker Says:

    silly to drop down. you take the qb NOW. it is wayyyyyyyy easier to fix the lines with later draft picks and free agency than a qb.

  49. lurker Says:

    also, the qb (mr. winston, of course) will learn and take his hits the first year, so in year 2 and on the lines will be improved, too, and they can grow together.

  50. Scratching My Head Says:

    I love how people are still talking about trading the 1st overall pick. It’s pretty obvious that it it’s not going to happen. Winston will be our QB.

    I’m surprised noone has mentioned making a run at Orlando Franklin. Guy is a free agent guard who knows how to pass block. I’m sure as we get closer to free agency, there will be more options available as well to help our line. Still think we need to build our line more in the draft than plugging in free agents, but we have to do something in iterim.

  51. BoJim Says:

    JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    plenty of clothing “choices” at Good Will too……

    Don’t be raggin on Good Will. I got my Ricky Ricardo jacket there.

  52. lurker Says:

    luuucy, iiiim hooooome

  53. Bogiedr Says:

    Doug Free anyone?