Lovie Describes “Our Type Of Defensive Ends”

March 29th, 2015
Lovie Smith talked to Joe

Lovie Smith talked to Joe

The Bucs seem desperate for a nasty defensive end, after coming up empty in pursuit of Trent Cole and Greg Hardy in free agency.

This year’s draft class allegedly is rich with DEs. So, of course, Joe asked Lovie Smith about it at the NFL Owners Meetings in Phoenix last week.

Here’s the verbatim exchange, as Lovie flashed his sense of humor.

JoeBucsFan.com: Lovie, a lot of analysts say this is a tremendous draft class for defensive ends. Can you give your perspective on it as a guru of defense?

Lovie Smith: A guru of defense? Man, I haven’t heard that in a while. 2-14, you didn’t realize we were 2-14 last year. No, I agree. It is an excellent class, without going into the specifics of defensive linemen that can rush. Our type of defensive lineman. I’m talking about edge speed rushers, athletic guys, where there’s a decision you have to make on whether they’re 3-4 linebackers or 4-3 defensive ends. Maybe guys some say are undersized, but these are the kinds of guys we’re playing with. For me, weight is one of the most overrated things. Strength isn’t. It’s about speed and quickness. As a group of defensive ends in this class, I just hope that New Orleans, Carolina and Atlanta don’t add too many.

It was noteworthy that Lovie mentioned the Bucs’ NFC South rivals. All of them are seeking an edge rusher. Joe heard directly from Sean Payton last week about how he wants a edge rusher, in part because the Saints’ offseason is all about transforming the team so it doesn’t have to score 35 points to win. Carolina just lost Greg Hardy for good, and the Falcons haven’t had a beastly edge rusher since John Abraham left, and they’re banking on Adrian Clayborn.

Joe has no doubt the Bucs will draft a defensive end. The question is, “Where?” After embracing destiny and drafting Jameis Winston, will the Bucs hotly pursue the best available edge rusher, or the best available offensive lineman?

27 Responses to “Lovie Describes “Our Type Of Defensive Ends””

  1. PocketPirates Says:

    LT/DE first based on draft grades. At least 2 guards in the middle rounds.

  2. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    will the Bucs hotly pursue the best available edge rusher, or the best available offensive lineman?


    I think you’ve set up a false choice. We can pursue both but I take your point. Where will spend our next highest draft choice..LT or DE?

    I think there is no simple answer and I don’t even believe the Bucs themselves can possibly answer this question.

    #1 means we control our first QB choice. After that “luck” starts to intervene.
    Plus some really heavy decisions. What if Gregory does fall far enough for us to nab him. Does the weed frighten us away. If he comes from a good family and that’s the only problem I say grab Gregory he’s a beast.

    Bottom line for me is…BPA who happens to be either an LT or DE. It also depends on what picks we end up with. We have plenty, we perhaps will combine them with trade bait to move up.

    For me this is the exciting part of the draft. While we have wasted weeks if not months debating Jameis or Marcus the real strategic decision making will come after that first pick and some of our decision making will out of necessity be reactive not proactive.

    I’m sure the Bucs have gamed out the literally dozens of draft possibilities and probabilities dependent on who other teams pick. Then they also have to factor in all their scouting reports on which LT’s or DE’s will be the BPA’s depending on other teams selections and what remains.

    Lots of moving parts and a very fluid situation on draft day. That’s why it’s exciting.

  3. Unbelievable Says:

    It is astounding that I click on an article about DEs and find that it is impossible for Joe to write one without JWs name in it. Some of us believe it or not are Really trying to like the kid because he is probably going to be our QB. The man-crush thing goes too far with a lot of you guys and it gets irritating.

  4. SOEbuc Says:

    With the #34 pick between LT and DE I think its gonna come down to BPA. If theres an LT they like with a higher rating than a DE they like, they’ll take him, and vice versa.

  5. MadMax Says:

    Nate Orchard or Preston Smith AFTER we’ve addressed O line!

  6. DallasBuc Says:

    I seem to remember incompetent Lovie Smith informing us this time last year that Michael Johnson was his type of defensive end. Talent evaluation by the leadership on this football team remains suspect until results change.

  7. Espo Says:


    Ding ding ding we have a winner! BPA

  8. Espo Says:


    You can’t predict a player giving up on his team. Michael Johnson is the prototypical defensive end, but plays like Jane. At least they realized their mistake and parted ways.

  9. P'cola Buc Says:

    I believe why Joe speaks so much of Winston is because it’s a sad fact that the Bucs truly need someone like this to help this team turn around. They need an enormous change of on field quality. A true catalyst. Of course they need improvement in many areas on the field, but Jameis seems to have the personality and talent that could prove to be the major building block in this new direction. We are fortunate, in my opinion to have the opportunity to roll the dice on this talent and that is why so much distress is noted by most that we might trade down. For even if we get several players we will still be several years from developing a true SB contender. I envy franchises who have QBs like Drew Brees, Payton Manning, Andrew Luck who for a decade do not hope and pray on every single offensive play that the QB could be successful. Sign Winston, a possible cornerstone and THEN go on building the rest of the team…….That’s Right….I Said It!!

  10. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Maybe some people will eventually shut up judging a coach over one free agent as if no coach has ever whiffed on a platter you sound stupid, I seen to remember Eric wright being a whiff, in sure it’s just as obvious to the bucs as it is the fans what areas need improving. Having drafted 2 lineman last year plus being able to add undrafted players I don’t see them going nuts using picks on lineman

  11. TheDon Says:

    P cola making plenty sense

  12. DallasBuc Says:

    Espo- this non-football player did not give up on the Bucs. He was a bad football player in Cincy, which is why they let him walk and he was the same player in Tampa. He had one lucky season 3-4 years ago where the dominant play around him allowed him to fall into double-digit sacks. If incompetent Lovie and his lapdog Licht actually watched his games they would have seen the same thing. They didn’t and got burned. Stop making excuses for Lovie.

  13. DallasBuc Says:

    Bucs4life- I will not shut up judging Lovie Smith on his poor talent evaluation and decision making on 5-6 FAs from last year, not just that awful Johnson signing. The excuse making around here incessant

  14. drdneast Says:

    I hope the Falcons aren’t banking on Adrian Clayborn to be that edge rusher. Even the guy who drafted him, The Dummynick, even admitted he envisioned Calyborn as an 8 to 10 sack guy a season at the most on NFL radio.
    Thanks for drafting a guy you knew was going to underachieve from the start Dummy.
    I mean what a stupid thing to do. No wonder he was so bad at drafting and we have only three or four players from 5 years of his drafting.

  15. LargoBuc Says:

    I doubt Randy Gregory or Shane Ray will fall to 34. If Cedric Ogbuehi or Andrus Peat last that long, and there should be alot of secobd round offensive linemen regardless if anyone falls.
    However if you wait all the way to the third round to grab someone there probably wont be to many DE’s left. So Tampa should definitely go defensive end after we draft a QB just because there wont be much after round one and there will be nothing left by round three. So grab that defensive end asap then go after a tackle and then a guard.
    BTW I highly doubt with the first overall pick if Licht and the Glazers want Jameis Winston but Lovie Wants Leonard Williams they’re not jyst going to say “If we want a franchise quarterback but Lovie wants this guy. Oh well. What Lovie says goes..” NO! Lovie, as a veteran head coach will have a voice in all this but he wont just overturn a move this big. No way.

  16. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    NO! Lovie, as a veteran head coach will have a voice in all this but he wont just overturn a move this big. No way.

    YES! And there will be an incredible amount of CYA by all involved. This is why I believe Glazers/Licht when they talk about consensus.

    There will be a strong motivation for all to reach consensus. Would you place your entire career and reputation on the line for Fameis if there was not consensus and you were part of the minority.

    Would you really try and hold out for a DE first if the majority claimed they needed a franchise QB.

    If nothing else I do truly feel comfortable in saying whatever happens it will be a consensus choice. Even the Glazers would not wish to override their football professionals if there is a strong consensus between first L&L and I suspect Koetter and Frazier will have heavy input as will the scouts.

  17. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    LOL By YES I meant I agree with you Largo. Your NO is right

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I agree….we have plenty of articles to comment on JW….don’t need him as part of a discussion on DEs…..this is classic “over-selling”

    As far as DE..I agree that we pick BPA at 34……if Glennon is traded and we get an extra pick, we may have enough picks to trade up into the 1st round and get our DE or OT….if not….keep all the picks…..I think we will need DE, Oline, WR/PR/KR, P, LB, S…..that is many needs…..keep the picks.

  19. MGM4Life Says:

    JOE- Lovie did not mention Jacques Smith or Will Gholsten as potential starters? I saw potential in Gholston 2 years ago and saw potential in Smith last year….so what happened? I am more worried about our O-line than any other position.

  20. bucs4lyfe Says:


    5-6? Dam dude you seriously have a hard on for lovie. The fact that he had to go out and go nuts in free agency says a lot about the talent we already had and the o line was bad, how much worse if he hasn’t gotten mankins and EDS both who are still here by the way along with cousins meaning he’ll probably have another chance to start. You must Jane mistaken the bucs for patriots or Denver or Seattle, do you know how many years we’ve picked in the top ten of the draft? I think every year except 1 since Gruden left. Everyone swings and missed basically something that’s happen for a decade here. Tired of pissy whining bucs fans throwing a temper tantrum like children about last year’s team, 5-6 free agents don’t make a full roster moron, give it a rest already it’s a new year save your hate for 2015 whining

  21. Espo Says:


    And they signed him right back. You do not “fall” into double digit sacks. He’s a decent player who simply didn’t care to be here except for a paycheck.

  22. tmaxcon Says:


    What about those of us who are tired of listening to all the whiners make excuses and defend the indefensible. Lovie has no one to blame but himself for all the failures last year and this year in free agency.

    Lovie is a pathetic JOKE… He has never once drafted well or picked free agents well. Chicago is still suffering from bad Lovie decisions and he has been gone 2 years. Lovie made a bad team worse. Had nothing to do with the past and Dominick or all the other excuses people make for that incompetent fool. Lovie is slowly running the bucs into the ground… At the rate lovie is going the bucs roster will be nothing more than system specific prove it players and injury prone has beens… Hell if I were LVD i’d running quick… I feel bad for McCoy by time the glazers get rid of that fool lovie and try to win McCowy will be just like Gruber out of gas to enjoy the winning. Save the bay give lovie to ISIS!

    Just one question… In 10 years lovie has NEVER fielded a good Oline.. What makes you think he will learn from his mistakes when he is so stubborn and ignorant. Please just one simple questions. why should i forget 10 years of history because you think he is a nice guy… You either win or lose. Winners win losers make excuses.

  23. DallasBuc Says:

    Bucs4life- the only one throwing a tantrum is you. I’m calm and clear eyed about all of it. You seem quite worked up, understandably, about your indefensible position with regard to Lovie Smith and the poor record he has to stand on. Carry on how ever you choose but the results of Lovie Smith and Michael Johnson or who/whatever else has happened since January 2014 speaks for itself. Call bad decisions good decisions if you want. Consider empirically poor results acceptable if you choose. Doesn’t bother me any. That’s on you.

  24. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Id love to get Eli Harold

  25. Pickgrin Says:

    I feel very good about Jacqueis Smith based on his performance whenever he was on the field last year. OL seems the higher priority yet according to all accounts – there is a lot of DE talent in the 1st and 2nd round but not so much once you get past the 2nd round. For that reason – it will probably necessitate Going DE at #34. I would like to see them go OLine the next 2 if not 3 picks after that though. The caveat is if Cam Erving somehow drops to #34. If that happens, I would take Erving at #34 in a second

  26. Howard Cosell Says:

    Lovie will draft BPA Leonard Williams and then raise the drawbridges
    on you riotous types. He’ll let you sit on the other side of the mote
    and post mean things about him on the internet.
    Lol, just kidding, I like to post that above comment. I think it
    freaks Joe out a little bit because he knows it could happen.

    Although Winston is a legitimate 2nd best player in the draft
    So I’m OK with your savior, he just better not have a meltdown
    If he does have a meltdown Howard will remind you each day.

    Draft Winston!

  27. Atlanta Buc Says:

    As per the Patriot drafting bible, thou shalt not trade back up into the 1st Round! Thou shalt also trade out of a late 1st round pick and get more draft picks! Bucs, please wait for the best available player at your number 2 pick, it not only cost less $$$ to sign a 2nd rounder, the same level of talent is available in this draft at the top of the 2nd round that is available at the mid to later portion of the 1st round! I would even entertain trading back on the second pick to the middle of 2nd round if our guy is not there, or if there are multiple guys that we think could help us that are still available in the middle of the 2nd. With the extra pick, we could even grab MLB Heeney in the 3rd!