Jimbo Fisher Is Angry About Winston Treatment

March 27th, 2015

The media has made Jameis Winston’s head coach bitter

When he’s not coaching football, and hanging out with Governor Rick Scott lobbying for tax cuts in Tallahassee, Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is seething over media treatment of Jameis Winston.

In an interview this morning on WDAE-AM 620, Fisher talked about Winston’s brilliance and it-factor, as it relates to leadership on the football team. But then Fisher was asked by co-host Tom Jones whether it was a fair to question Winston’s character.

Wow, Fisher went on quite a rant from there.

He said Winston was victimized by media “character assassination” and “half truths.” There was plenty more, including a shot at BSPN and more detail on how Winston leads. You can listen to the full audio below, via the 620wdae.com audio player.

On his feelings about Winston staying home for the NFL Draft, Fisher said that’s simple: “Jameis is not about limelight. Jameis is about winning and being around the people that he loves.

45 Responses to “Jimbo Fisher Is Angry About Winston Treatment”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    We’d all be on that huge Jameis bandwagon after he got us the mega-contract that Jimbo snagged…..

    I’ve officially given in to the dark side of the force and anticipate Winston’s name being called when the Bucs make their selection…..

    But a little warning, without time to throw and a good running game, it might not be pretty as most here think it will…….

  2. WS99 Says:


    On top of chit like always. Thanks bro

  3. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I believe we will take Winston, but I don’t agree with him being the best pick.

    I’m “hoping” the Bucs have the fortitude to pick Mariota instead.

  4. Jolly Bucs fan Says:

    I prefer Winston as the pick, but there are so many questions about him and mariota, I just hope that whatever we do with the first pick ends up being the right decision.

  5. Jolly Bucs fan Says:

    I prefer Winston as the pick, however there are so many questions and so much uncertainty about both him and Mariota that in the end I just hope that whatever the bucs do with the 1st pick just ends up being the right decision…

  6. Buctebow Says:

    Lots of people get a raw deal in life and don’t make millions each year. This is what Jameis chose to do with his life and living with the media coverage is part of the package. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Deal with it, millionaire

  7. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    It appears to the common fan out there like myself that Winston is more prepared to run an NFL offense when compared to Mariota if one believes all the talking pundits. Of course Jimbo Fisher is going to back his guy, with the exception of Steve Spurrier giving a luke warm appraisal of his guy last season before the Texans drafted Clowney #1 last season I can’t think of a college coach who did not have ringing endorsements about his players before their draft. Heck even Tom Osbourne probably had decent thing to say about Lawrence Phillips before the Lambs took a chance on him in the very early first round…….

  8. bucs4lyfe Says:

    colts have no running game!!! as bad as the line was glennon and josh mccown had time to throw, that’s how he got to throw so many picks. this quarterback will be fine, blake bortles lead the league in sacks last year he is just fine JW will be light years ahead of Carr and Bortles

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Listen….I’m ok with us drafting Winston…..but he has brought some of this on himself….(not rape)……
    And….it is laughable to have Jimbo saying he is not about the limelight….when Winston stands on a table and shouts publicly “FHRITP”……
    You can’t have it both ways…..
    I support our choice & I will support Winston….but he has to accept some of the blame for his publicity.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    “Character assassination” is a good description of what BSPN and the NY Times in particular did to Winston in reporting about the rape allegation. The NYT intentionally left out key facts in the story that were already proven in order to push forth a certain narrative they wanted to convey. It wasn’t reporting – it was a witch hunt against Winston and the TPD and it was incredibly irresponsible.

    “We gotta get this guy because we don’t want to have to play against him” is the bottom line here.

  11. jimmy53 Says:

    He’s absolutely right, and time and hindsight will prove it.

    Look at the NY Times, who is supposed to be one of America’s paragons of journalistic integrity–they have written article after article filled with opinion, bias, and false information. This isn’t homerism–if you don’t believe me, read the articles and cross reference them with the facts. The truth is Erica Kinesman claimed an assault, changed her story repeatedly, lied about being drugged and under the influence, conveniently left out the fact that she was having sex with another man, and was called unreliable by the state attorney.

    One of the hardest parts about being a Bucs fan right now is tolerating the fans who are also Gators and refuse to acknowledge the truth:

    The facts point to this being a blatant money grab.

    Winston has been cleared four times, once by a SA’s office who, in spite of popular belief has NEVER hesitated to charge football players, and also an unbiased former member of the Florida Supreme Court.

    No player, even in HS, would have been suspended for saying FHRITP.

    So, what you’ve got is a 21 year old kid who needs to choose better sexual partners, and a player who tried to get crab legs at what has been an FSU hook-up for quite a while. While that is against the NCAA it isn’t against the law.

    None of that merits the character assassination this KID endured over the last two years. It’s shameful.

  12. bucs4lyfe Says:

    I don’t remember anyone on this site going into full mode panic when 3rd round pick mike glennon was thrown into the starting line up even though it was clear he wasn’t a starter or ready to start and that was mainly because ya didn’t like freeman. well this quarterback is heads and shoulders above them both and I feel extremely comfortable that even if Winston was a 3rd round pick and nothing was invested in Winston that glennon could not beat him out in a straight up battle in training camp. there’s a reason he’s a 3rd round pick and Winston is projected #1 overall. day one starter cry about it all you want the glazers wont hear you over all the cheers of real bucs fans

  13. MarshallU Says:

    Said the chief enabler of FSU – Felon Shield University

    It’s not Character Assasination if it’s the Truth

  14. Chef Paul Says:

    Media assassinating character and telling half truths? Color me shocked!!!

  15. bucs4lyfe Says:

    cant turn out that many hall of fame players without being hated lol

  16. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Nice to hear that his coach has his back like that. I’m ok with either QB at this point.

  17. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Pickgrin, it wasn’t just the false rape allegation and the facts that all of the reporters have left out (how many people out there do you think know that Kinsman’s family said she would “never have sex with a black boy”?)

    For me, the worst was the autograph “scandal.” Day after day after day after day about that false claim that Jameis was paid for autographs with the only “evidence” being that his autograph appeared on an auction website….the same auction website which has numerous other autographs from college athletes including Mariota.

    But when it was proven to be a false allegation? crickets

  18. Couch Fan Says:

    I’d be angry to. The character assassinations happens on a daily basis here to by the few idiots who spew the stupidity they heard from the media as facts over and over again. Just win Jameis and they will all bow down to you.

  19. Buccfan37 Says:

    It’s hard to escape your past, that is unless you are a politician.

  20. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Winston will save us. I still can’t believe we are going to get him

  21. gotbbucs Says:

    Everyone close to him loves him and his game and people that are paid to watch and critique film say he’s the best QB in the draft, but the internet scouts and moral police that seem to have court records in hand hate him………..I’m so confused, who the hell do I trust?

  22. Willy D Buc Says:

    Jimbo hangs with Rick Scott? His credibility just went out of the window.

  23. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Jimbo should just STFU. Jimbo is as guilty as Fameis that his prize pupil was suspended twice from two different teams in two years.

    Do you apologists really blame that on the NY Times. You are part of the problem if you do.

    I can cut Fameis some slack for feeling entitled and acting out. He WAS entitled on that campus. Jimbo never found the cojones…love…whatever to stand up to Fameis and tell him how it was.

    Forget about the freaking rape allegations. Two suspensions!!! Without any rape involved!!!

    Fameis acted out because he’s been above society’s norms for a long time…probably since he found that 97 MPH fastball and everybody knew he was going to be a WEALTHY star!!!

    Jimbo should just disappear on this issue. It’s as much his fault for Fameis suspensions as Fameis!

    Hopefully the Bucs are not like some posters here who ALWAYS wish to look the other direction and find reasons like the “reporting” instead of Fameis ACTUAL BEHAVIOR!!!

    I’m all for giving the kid a chance. I’m not for continuing the pattern of co dependance that has existed prior to now. Hopefully the Bucs will stand up to him and provide some tough love!!! Something desperately missing in Fameis life till now. DB55 should be able to help there.

  24. Barry Says:

    “Jameis is not about limelight”?

    #YellingobscenitiesInPublic #RunningOntoTheFieldFullyDressedWhileSuspended

    Not about limelight?

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #BrainDeadRetard

  25. Eric Says:

    Jimbo is totally correct.

    Witch hunt from the get go. They kept on running that crap about point shaving and autograph signing when they knew it was unsubstantiated.

    And neither ESPN or NYT’s ever presented a fair account of the investigation by the police and University about the sexual assault allegation. They just kept on with their cover up nonsense.

  26. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Simple question. You are blaming the NYT…the rape coverage of course.


  27. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    SPBF in one sentence chides FSU for not having the cojones to put Jameis in his place and in the next blasts Jameis for being suspended twice.

    That, ladies and gentleman, is what a HATER looks like

  28. Chef Paul Says:

    St pete. Yes I do blame the mafia for his two suspensions. The crab legs suspension is legitimate IMO. But the whole FHRITP? I think the medias pressure is why he was suspended over virtually nothing. Yes, the timing was awful for him to do that but I’d be willing to bet less than 1% of kids that yelled that within the walls of a public education building got even a brow beating from the the people in charge. Even athletes. Have we ever heard of anyone else yelling that? I havent. And it was very popular thing to do at the time.

  29. BucMarine82 Says:

    All these Winston haters make me sick.. nobody is downplaying Big Ben wasn’t he accused of the same yet he gets praised.. bottom line football players have egos women are groupies when they don’t get their way they scream assault I like Winston and Marcus we’re in good shape whoever we get win win learn football

  30. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:
    March 27th, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    SPBF in one sentence chides FSU for not having the cojones to put Jameis in his place and in the next blasts Jameis for being suspended twice.

    That, ladies and gentleman, is what a HATER looks like”


  31. Tiny Tim Says:

    We all know Barry is ok with being a total idiot so no need to respond to him. I will however respond to Tampabaybucfan when he said

    it is laughable to have Jimbo saying he is not about the limelight….when Winston stands on a table and shouts publicly “FHRITP”……


    I totally disagree with you. Standing up blurting out an internet joke and being immature does not mean you are searching for the limelight. There are numerous examples of why he is not searching for the limelight. Have you ever noticed when he throws a TD? He just runs down the field to congratulate his WR or TE and then runs off the field. There is no money symbol ala Manziel, no discount double check ala Aaron Rodgers. In every interview, he talks about his teammates before himself. If you have never heard the Heisman podcast interview with Dan Patrick, you are missing out on who he is. On his 21st birthday, he is at home with family praying. How many limelight seekers are at home on their 21st birthday? Think about your 21st birthday. If it was anything like my 21st birthday, you probably don’t remember it anyway.

    Winston is about winning and the sooner you on the fence/haters/going off what the media tries to sell can realize that, the more you will realize you have been condemning this man incorrectly. The limelight was forced on this man because the media in many cases tried to make the story which is sad. If you think the media does not slant the news for their own agenda, then I got two words for you Brian Williams.

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Tiny Tim

    Searching for the limelight is “seeking public attention” the act is exactly that…it wasn’t a comment made in private to friends.
    You may be correct that it is not his nature and that this is an isolated incident…but it is an act contrary to that.
    I am not a hater, never have been, won’t be….so don’t lump me in that group. I am a skeptic and have plenty to be skeptical about. I stand by my statement that Winston has himself to blame for much of this….to let him off the hook totally is really ignoring the facts……I cut him total slack on the rape allegations…but the other incidents are fair game….even with Joe’s daily intro of Winston reminding us all.

  33. Buccfan37 Says:

    Jimbo meeting with Rick Scott and Thrasher, who gave the tomahawk chop. I’d like to give Scott and Thrasher the tomahawk chop for real. Pond scum posing as reputable.

  34. Stanglassman Says:

    Wasn’t she also covering up the fact that her boyfriend was black from her parents? Does anyone think she may have made up the accusation due to guilt or justify cheating on her boyfriend? It’s been awhile since I read up on this story and don’t remember seeing this theory. Thoughts?

  35. Stanglassman Says:

    Interesting NFL Network Poll on Fans say Bucs should take Jameis in the draft by 93% JW Vs 5% MM. What happened to all the MM fans that said only reason fans like JW is because of FLA and the rest of the nation hates him.
    BN site it was 52% vs 48% for MM. I think Bucs Fans are getting to be like FOX news=JBF Vs MSNBC= Bucs Nation favor MM.

  36. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ tampabucsfan

    First I did not call you a hater. My post was for all the haters, those on the fence, “skeptics” and for those forming opinions based off the slant of the media. Which ever shoe fits, put that one on. Saying something outside a circle of friends does not mean you want the limelight. Didn’t you hear fisher say this guy just wants to be a regular student/one of the guys? His problem was not limelight seeking, but immaturity because he didn’t realize he couldn’t be a regular student or one of the guys. He was the heisman trophy winner. I can’t blast a 19 year old at the time for not understanding the gravity of his situation.

    What you are failing to realize, the seem to be bogus rape allegations is what caused the limelight to be shined on this young man. Do you really think we would have heard about soda from burger king without the allegations? How many kids/athletes get soda in water cups from burger king? They were doing that when I was ten years old. Do you think he was looking for the limelight or brought it on himself when the lies of point shaving and autographs came out? Its funny, Jimbo said it best, the media told half truths. That is why FSU was not suspending this kid like the nation wanted them to because FSU knew the truth while the media fabricated it and blew everything out of proportion. Its as simple as that.

  37. Bill Says:


    I’m confused. You say Jameis was never held accountable for his actions and FSU is to blame…..then turn around and yell about suspensions. Huh?

    The baseball team suspended him for the crab leg incident, which occurred during the offseason for football. He was suspended until he completed his community service, with the logic being a member of the baseball team should be serving community service “before” spending time on a playing field. Makes perfect sense to me.

    The football team suspended him for yelling. Had the media not put the wagon before the horse, this would not have gotten him suspended. I realize he should have been more aware of his context and let lands the blame at his feet, but yes, the media played an inappropriate role in that story.

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @Tiny Tim

    Call me a skeptic…..
    I don’t rely on unfair media portrayals of Winston….I am skeptical because of his verified actions & behavior…..I am less skeptical because of the Bucs clearance and their diligence….only time and Jameis’ good behavior will eliminate the skepticism….and I’m certainly not alone.
    I appreciate your strong defense of him and your opinion….but I have my own and it is not without merit. After all….Joe is considered part of the media that Jimbo chastises and Joe says every day:
    “Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering,”
    I don’t, so take your complaints to Joe.

  39. Tiny Tim Says:

    I have no complaint with joe because Joe knows eventhough a 19 year old played with BB guns does not mean he should not be trusted or undrafted. I don’t have a compliant with Joe because even though Winston put soda in a water cup ( a practice that has taken place for at least 30 years at Burger kings all across this nation) Joe understands that demonizing this young man for that is idiotic. I do not have a complaint with joe because he understands that while rape allegations are serious, he can not convict the young man on sketchy evidence after he has been cleared 4 times. I have no complaint with Joe, because he understands that just because he yelled FHITP, does not mean he is the son of sam. I have no complaint with joe because he knows the difference between a hook up for crab legs and stealing. Lets say he did steal the legs. It does not mean he should be condemned for all eternity. Derrick brooks stole sneakers too. I have no complaint with joe because Joe is smart enough to look at all these points I brought up and tie that in with all of the great stories you hear about this young man and realize the media just overreacted to a lot of stuff. Just like daniel jeremiah did his research and came to the conclusion that Winston is ok and no GM had taken him off their board. Just like the bucs feel as though there is nothing there. But you can continue to be a skeptic if you like. Being a skeptic, hater etc is purely a waste of time IMO

  40. Pickgrin Says:

    Bottom Line is that without the false rape allegation – None of the rest of Winston’s “behavior” would have ever been reported or talked about.

    The accuser’s lawyer (her aunt) played the media like a fiddle and the media took the bait hook, line and sinker.

    Never mind it was a false accusation. Never mind that the facts in the case and all available witnesses (both Winston’s friends and her’s) backed up Winston’s account of what happened.

    The media (NYT in particular) ran with the intentionally botched investigation angle and the premise that Winston was getting away with rape – and slanted their presentation of information about the situation to support that incorrect and slanderous premise.

    TPD did their job – the school did their job. A couple mistakes were made in the process but that happens with most any investigation when looked at in hindsight – but all involved acted in good faith.

    The accuser was the one who was not cooperating. The investigation stalled and was then dropped because there was no where for it to go. Her own friends disputed some of her important claims, Jameis’ friends disputed her claims, blood testing disputed her “I was drugged/drunk” claims, she refused to cooperate and wouldn’t tell who the 2nd person’s semen that was found in her underwear was. She was a proud and active member of FSU Cleat Chasers club, but then tried to erase the online evidence of that after the fact. In her own handwritten initial report to police she wrote that she “somehow wound up in the back of a cab with some random guy that I had never seen before” – yet if you Google ‘Erica Kinsman Jameis Winston pictures’ – the 1st thing you see is pictures of her posing happily with Jameis at the bar with arms around each other smiling – and another picture of them dancing close – nose to nose – almost kissing.

    In short – her story (which kept changing) was so full of holes that swiss cheese would be jealous. She was obviously lying or at least not telling the truth nor cooperating with police in numerous ways. What were the police supposed to do with that? There was no where else for the investigation to go. It was dead because she obviously wasn’t telling the truth and numerous verifiable facts proved that she wasn’t telling the truth.

    Yet somehow the NYT conveniently reported NONE of that. Not 1 discrepancy in her story was mentioned. Not one qualifier even. Erica’s version was reported as if every word was true and verified. And the Hunting Ground movie did the same thing. And many other media outlets ran with that same slanderous narrative and from that moment on – Jameis was the most hated athlete in America. Because people believed the NYT’s and subsequent media’s false narrative that TPD intentionally botched the investigation to protect a star football player who got away with rape as a result. And 99.9% of the general public never bothered to look into the actual facts for themselves which were all available and in the public records – in order to learn the truth.

    THIS is what constitutes the “character assasination”. And it was very real and has negatively altered this young man’s life and reputation in a way that is irreparable.

    Crab legs hook-up, BB gun war w/ teammates, ketchup cups of soda at BK, FHRIP. These things mean nothing and would have probably never even been reported or become public knowledge were it not for the false rape allegation.

    So yea – Jimbo has a right to be angry about Winston’s treatment by the media. And so does Winston. Angry is not even an appropriate word when your reputation is completely trashed by a false accusation and the media’s misrepresentation while ‘reporting’ about it of known facts that will exonerate you in the court of public opinion.

  41. bo Says:

    He should be upset about how Winston embarrassed him during the Oregon game…whining at him like someone that was told to go to the corner.

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Bo knows?

    Bo you don’t diddly.

    Bo you don’t know FSU!

  43. pick6 Says:

    the kid is going to be a fantastic buccaneer, and a model teammate and citizen. things are looking up for the bucs, and i’m glad the country will find out the quality of the person while he wears our jersey.

  44. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Amen pick6 and salute to every individual that has taken the time to do your due diligence and give your educated opinion of what you feel as result of reviewing the facts that have been made available to the public. It fillls me with a since of pride to see FSU whip them lizard lovers arse on this site yet once again. Winning will cure all this none since. Big Ben won a few chips and we haven’t heard anything associated with his issues since. Jamies will win,its in his dna along with his name. Just”WINDton”baby.

  45. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Amen pick6 and salute to every individual that has taken the time to do your due diligence and give your educated opinion of what you feel as result of reviewing the facts that have been made available to the public. It fillls me with a since of pride to see FSU whip them lizard lovers arse on this site yet once again. Winning will cure all this none since. Big Ben won a few chips and we haven’t heard anything associated with his issues since. Jamies will win,its in his dna along with his name. Just”WINSton”baby.