“Bucs Will Be A Player In Greg Hardy” Sweepstakes

March 12th, 2015

lovie 1110bJustice was served when the Buccaneers cut ghastly and ghostly defensive end Michael Johnson yesterday.

That wise move spared Joe countless offseason hours of counseling and wearing a padded helmet.

Now what? The Bucs don’t have a fierce edge rusher in the house.

And Lovie Smith comfortably admits his old school Tampa-2 defense needs a beast off the edge to flourish. That’s why in Chicago, Lovie and friends made a panic, midseason trade to Tampa Bay for Gaines Adams. And five months later, the Bears coughed up gigantic money for Julius Peppers in free agency. (Six months after that, Lovie and Peppers were in the NFC Championship game.)

So what about Greg Hardy?

He’s a monster edge rusher who turns 27 this summer. The only problem is he was found guilty of misdemeanor assault of his girlfriend in June. The wacky case then went to the requested jury trial, but the alleged victim could not be found and charges were dismissed.

Prosecutors last spoke with the victim in October and November 2014,” a written statement from the DA’s office stated. “During those conversations, the victim expressed that she did not want to participate in another trial. The District Attorney’s Office has not been able to reach the victim since November 2014.”

He said said the state visited her home, employer and even put surveillance on a new home where she was believed to be living. Murray said it would not be just or appropriate to move the case forward without Holder.

In North Carolina, the state could continue without a domestic violence victim, but case would be much weaker. There were inconsistencies that troubled first judge in the July bench trial.

“We are committed to stopping domestic violence,” Murray said. “But we also want victims to come forward and cooperate.”

After Hardy had a sack and a forced fumble against the Bucs on opening day last year, Roger Goodell invoked some fancy bylaw and sat Hardy for the rest of 2014. His status is unclear, but it’s clear he will return to the NFL sometime this year, and teams are allowed to sign Hardy right now.

Former Bucs defensive tackle Booger McFarland, of SiriuxXM NFL Radio, is convinced the Bucs will dive in for the man who was a dominant edge rusher in 2012 and 2013.

Joe’s not sure what the Bucs will do. But Joe would advise Team Glazer and the front office to look at the JoeBucsFan.com poll above. Bucs fans want Hardy, so worrying about fan backlash should not be a consideration.

74 Responses to ““Bucs Will Be A Player In Greg Hardy” Sweepstakes”

  1. @eric Says:

    Do it’!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    Does not matter what Booger McFarland thinks our front office should do. Question is, are they pursuing him? So far there has been no report that they are. Hopefully they do.

  3. Bama Rich Says:

    All I want for Christmas is pressure from the edge! Please sign Mr. Hardy!

  4. deminion Says:

    Sign the Kraken

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    Main question, is WWGD? What Will Goodell Do?

    If the guy is cleared to play all 16 games, that what needs to happen and IF that happens, the Bucs won’t be the only player for this guy…..

  6. bucco brice Says:

    how about resigning clayborn and J.Smith can play RE + draft,draft,draft….enough of the high priced free agency garbage…long term plan please

  7. bucgatr 71 Says:

    Every Saints, Falcons, and Panthers fan I have talked to in the last week or so can not Stomach the idea of Hardy, GMC, and LVD wreaking havoc on their QBs.
    I love it

  8. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Goodell sat him for 15 games last year. let the guy move on and have a fresh start somewhere. Why ban him 1-4 games when he has already been punished?

  9. Eric Says:

    I think the max he could get, after the Petterson fiasco, is a two game suspension.

    Get ahead of the curve and sign him.

    Ray Lewis was charged with murder and then plead guilty to obstructing justice during the investigation!!!!!!!!!!

    Following year MVP in the Super Bowl. Now a well respected commentator.

  10. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Yes please !

  11. bucrightoff Says:

    Eric Says:
    March 12th, 2015 at 9:02 am
    Now a well respected commentator.


  12. bucco brice Says:

    well respected commentator?!?! …he sucks big time, I change the channel

  13. Dean Says:

    This is not a complaint department, and Joe has the site tested by humans and independent automated means regularly. Whatever you’re experiencing is not widespread by any means and, as always, Joe works to make everything smooth like it is for nearly all readers every time.. –Joe

  14. Chef Paul Says:

    I was against Hardy a few weeks ago, but I’ve evolved. It will cost the only thing we have plenty of… Money. We don’t have to give up picks or anything, if I recall correctly. Might as well. What have we got to lose? If he beats up another gal, we will be in the same spot we are in today. Which is still probably better than where we were last year. Eff it!! Get him here.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This appears to be Booger making the suggestion that we should go after Hardy…not saying that’s what we are doing….

    I think the NFL will sentence him to “time served”…he has been out long enough…the NFLappeals have been won by Rice & Peterson…so Hardy would have a good case for appeal.

  16. Chef Paul Says:

    What’s with Boogers Twitter pic? Is he going to shoot up what choosey moms choose?

  17. Nybucsfan Says:

    No way they sign him and draft Shameis women’s rights groups will go crazy

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Licht & Bajakian are visiting Mariota’s Pro Day….in the middle of FA….must be important to them despite the fact that Mariota is still scheduled to visit Tampa. Maybe they can meet with the “Wiz” again while they are out in the great Northwest.

  19. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Liberals and women’s rights groups. LOL

    Damn some of you people overestimate public backlash…

    Stop watching TMZ and reading tabloid news.

  20. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    TBBF..yeah that’s a good sign for Mariota. Ha!

    Hold onto anything you can at this point…

  21. Eric Says:

    The womans rights groups aren’t going to say much.

    Heck the Glazer’s themselves just paid up 850K to settle a lawsuit for unpaid wages to cheerleaders. No big protests.

    The Hunting grounds thing is a big flop.

    Its disturbing when players go through the justice system and their case is dismissed but the NFL can just swoop in under the judgment of one man and impose sanctions.

    Bad system IMO.

  22. Yusef A Taufiq Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong joe but i remember you or someone interviewing Hardy last year,and I seem to remember him saying he had a strong desire to line up next to McCoy….I’d do it….we need someone right now..and if he does want to play here..we would already have a nice upper hand for the bidding war

  23. Skyline Crew Says:

    As long as we don’t sign him up for big money I’m fine with it. I think he has to earn the trust back of a franchise and the NFL.

  24. CC Says:

    Winston, Hardy and Peterson. Just win baby.

  25. bucrightoff Says:

    And that’s Skyline why I see him signing a short deal with a New England or Seattle or Green Bay. Sign a short deal to play for a contender, up the profile and then go back into FA for a long term deal in a year or two. Revis just showed us how much money you can make betting on yourself with a short deal.

  26. Zam Says:

    no turds please

  27. Eddie Says:

    This defense needs a dominant front 4. If you sign Hardy to go with Melton and McCoy and I would like to see them draft the DE from USC #1 or trade back and get the DE from Nebraska or Florida. With the #s that Glennon posted in his starts, if you average that over 2 full seasons it’s the same #s as Dalton in Cincy. We have to address the defense, offensive line and running back before A QB can succeed. Winston had 18 INTs against the ACC with a team full of NFL draft picks. Not counting his off field issues. Mariota may not translate to the NFL. I say give Glennon a full year with an improved defense, o-line and RB and we might be surprised at the results.

  28. BucGator Says:

    Do it! We need playmakers not choir boys!

  29. ADown88 Says:

    Think we can get him for a lot less than he is worth because of the whole beating women thing. No way Goodell gives him any more suspension then he has already had. 6 games is the first offense, and he has already served over twice that.

    Hardy, GMC, Melton, McDonald, J. Smith… That looks NICE!!

  30. bucs4lyfe Says:

    to me it’s all about what kind of suspension he’s gonna get if it’s like 4 games or less sign me up as interested….him and Winston on the same team what a tandem lol

  31. NJBucsFan Says:

    Now what? The Bucs don’t have a fierce edge rusher in the house.

    We didn’t last year or the year before that….

  32. nybucsfan424 Says:

    2 games suspension Get it done!!

  33. DepressedbucsfaN Says:

    If the nfl suspends him for 2-4 games I would fight that. He was already published for practically the entire season in 2014 so why tack on more. The case was dismissed. NOT SAYING WHAT HE DID WAS RIGHT. But damn Mike Pittman ran his wife over with a hummer and we still kept him. Lol get Hardy here at all costs. Just imagine gmc, Hardy, Melton, LVD, and carter. This defense is starting to look scary. Not to mention we got rid of the two biggest waiste of space the ghost and the hawk. This team is already significantly better. PLEASE PICK UP HARDY….PLEASE… THEN THE ONLY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT COMING FROM HIM WILL BE FROM THE OPPSOING QUARTERBACKS.

  34. Sapp STFU Says:

    Sign him with contingencies. I don’t pay for tickets to see ballerinas and model citizens. Keep him caged between games for all I care. Just get the best athletes and pay for a huge security detail.

  35. ADown88 Says:


    You forgot Jacquies Smith. People are sleeping on him. The guy was turning into a monster last year.

  36. PanthersSuck! Says:

    Do it now

  37. Matthew Says:

    I love the Bucs, and don’t need our players to be role models but the veracity in which people are so excited about Hardy coming to Tampa; and not questioning why he’d choke slam a woman, beat her repeatedly, and threaten to end her life is a little troubling. This wasn’t a lovers quarrel that he got in over his head and lashed out one time like a moron, the scene he was involved in showed a very troubled man with some deep seeded violence issues particular towards women. I’m not saying sign him or don’t sign him, that’s not my call. I’m just telling people who are ecstatic about his arrival to maybe temper your excitement for a guy who clearly has some disturbing issues on his resume. Any of your mothers, daughters, wives, or sisters were treated the way Hardy treated this woman and cheering “its only a two game suspension” wouldn’t be the top of your concerns. I’m not saying Hardy can’t reform or eventually deserve a second chance, but paying the woman off and sitting out two games doesn’t qualify to me that he’s a reformed man. Just attempting to lend something more to the conversation to consider before we all high-five his arrival. Go Bucs!

  38. HotRod Says:

    Why are people worried about how much money the Bucs might spend on him? its not your money. The only ones that should care what the price tag is are the Glazers. Guaranteed, proven beast of a pass rush off the end, I hope they are willing to spend for it and take the chance he gets time served or only a few games levied against him. With the upgrades to the LBs and an actual front line push, this defense could win 10 games on its own.

  39. BucsfanNJ Says:

    What about Nick Fairley… Sure hes got some issues but if he gets of out Cinncinati without a contract… he might be able to be signed on a bargain deal… Hardy, McCoy, Fairley seems like a good start for a Dominant DL

  40. Skyline Crew Says:

    If we sign Melton it won’t be as a starter. He’ll be a rotational player.

    Bucs Nation: If the 6’3″, 280 lbs comes to Tampa, it won’t be as a starter. That’s Gerald McCoy’s job, and Melton may not be fit to play nose tackle. Instead, I’d expect him to be a pass-rush specialist and to rotate with McCoy, whose snap count was a little too high at times last year. As a third defensive tackle behind Clinton McDonald and McCoy, Melton could wreak havoc in the right situations.

  41. DepressedbucsfaN Says:

    True j. Smith was turning into a beast. Yea with Hardy added this defense would finally be feared again. keep foster for depth, and instantly our corners would look like pro bowlers because our defensive front will have qb’s throwing before they need to and their balls will be picked off one by one every game. Then we can focus on picking up winston as QB, and turn that o-line into an iron wall with that only opens when we have Martin or Rainey are plowing throw picking up major yardage and giving our young QB all the time in the world to throw. God that would be so beautiful. (The sounds of heavenly Angels just sounded in my head) maybe I should get that checked out by a psychologist. Lmao but one can dream.

  42. ADown88 Says:


    If the woman takes the money and runs, obviously she is over it, so I am too.

  43. DepressedbucsfaN Says:

    Sky. Even if Melton is a rotational player. Just imagine how McDonald and gmc will do being fresh. Instead of dead tired because they were the only ones causing havoc in the defensive front. Exhausted from being double and triple teamed.

  44. DepressedbucsfaN Says:

    ADOWNS. Imma add to your little sentence and probably get lyched for it to. If the lady takes the money and runs its because that was what she was after the whole time.

  45. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ bucgatr71, Skyline and @bucsforlyfe

    You guys blast Winston every day about “character” issues, yet you all for the bucs signing Hardy? Hypocrites!!!!

  46. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ bucgatr71, Skyline and @bucsforlyfe

    You guys blast Winston every day about “character” issues, yet you all for the bucs signing Hardy? Hypocrites!!!!

  47. Jerseybuc Says:

    No way will the Bucs get involved with Hardy especially if they are bringing in Winston. A fan poll of sports nuts here is one thing, but Women’s Rights Advocates would have a field day with the Bucs if they saw a pattern of indifference to rape/domestic violence. Glazers don’t need a permanent picket sign outside of Ray Jay and alienating half the population is not a good way to build your brand.
    And I know….Winston has not been charged. But you can’t undo the charges in people’s memory.

    I love Hardy’s game, just don’t think the Bucs have the stomach to go down that road.

  48. Matthew Says:

    @ADown and @Depressedbucs not sure what women have done to you in your lives to make you so upset with them but if you study or read any legitimate expert on abuse you realize “running” isn’t a bad thing nor does it exonerate the abuser. The victim blaming is incredible on sports boards sometimes. Yes I’m sure her plan was to lure Hardy into a relationship and than provoke him to the point where he beat and choked her to the point where she felt she might die, so she could “cash in”. WHAT PLANET ARE YOU TWO FROM?! This isn’t some gold digger scheme where she tried to blackmail him over photos or embarrassing details. He chose to beat her, drag and choke her. He had a trial, she testified, he got convicted. He appealed and than gave her some undisclosed amount of money to disappear; at what point did she “ask for it”. Root for the Bucs to get Hardy, that’s fine. Like I said not my call whether we sign him, but the willingness to not only excuse his behavior but to than shift the blame to the woman for getting beaten is amazing leap of logic to disgusting proportions.

  49. mac Says:

    Adding Hardy will make a huge improvement to our pass rush… I would love to see this guy next to McCoy and McDonald… Plus it would be a huge bonus to take One of Carolina’s best defensive players and add him to our squad…

    As far as his “off field” issues goes… The guy made a dumb mistake… It has cost him millions of dollars… Let’s hope he has learned to keep his hands off the woman folk and on opposing QBs…

  50. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    If the Bucs want him, they should go after him now, before Goodell reveals a suspension. Think about it. It would show Hardy how much they want him, and other teams are wanting to wait for Goodell. By jumping the “gun” (sorry) we could get him.

  51. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m guessing he’s got resentment toward his former team, so that’s a plus for us.

  52. buddha Says:

    Winston, then Peterson, now Hardy. The feeling is “we’ve been ashamed of this franchise, so let’s build a winner by bring in the dregs of football, the absolute worst character guys we can find.” So that when we raise the Lombardi trophy we can say, see, we can have pride in our team and in our city. We are the badest boys in the land; we don’t need no friggin sissies and we are content to build a team on the backs of women haters and child-beaters.

  53. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Are you pro winston?

  54. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The way I see it, if the Bucs are willing to draft Winston, then may as well sign Hardy. After all…Hardy committed a misdemeanor, whereas rape is a felony.

    And as to Adrian Peterson…sorry, he didn’t deserve what he got. Heck, I got the switch when I was a kid too. And the fly swatter. In school I got the paddle with holes in it! IN SCHOOL!!!!!

    It isn’t abuse, it just isn’t socially acceptable any more.

  55. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Are everyone’s comments being moderated right now?

  56. Matthew Says:

    I’m not “pro” or “anti” Winston. From a pure football stand point I’m pro-Winston vs Marriota there is no question who the best NFL ready QB in this draft is. However, there is obviously some legit concerns on him with the main one being the “rape allegation”. I think his case while similar in both are accused of heinous crimes against women, is more muddled than Hardy as he was never charged, arrested, or convicted like Hardy was. The crab legs/bb gun/quad yelling don’t bother me as that’s dumb college kid crap that hopefully a man matures out of. The did he rape a woman or not is the only question that ultimately matters on Winston. I’m trusting the Bucs personnel and investigators to get to the bottom of what they think happened in that case and make a decision from there. If they believe he did it, than I don’t want any part of him; I don’t want to be Steelers fans cheering on a known rapist. However, if they determine he just put himself in a really dumb situation but he did not actually commit a crime than draft him. Again I’m not attempting to bring back father dungy mentality of avoiding guys who cuss, I just think the celebration of guys who are “known” abusers is a little disconcerting. There has to be a point no matter how much we want to the Bucs to win that we won’t tolerate a certain type of guy.

  57. Skyline Crew Says:

    Tiny Tim Says:
    March 12th, 2015 at 10:30 am

    @ bucgatr71, Skyline and @bucsforlyfe

    You guys blast Winston every day about “character” issues, yet you all for the bucs signing Hardy? Hypocrites!!!!
    I call BS on you and call you a liar. I talk about Winston’s throwing mechanics and his lack of underneath coverage reading. I don’t talk about his rape issues. Sure I have brought up the BB gun incident because that is an issue in my mind. I don’t want Hardy on our team, but if we got him for cheap at a year then ok. I would prefer not to have him be a Buc though.

  58. Pickgrin Says:

    Jerseybuc Says:
    March 12th, 2015 at 10:34 am
    “I love Hardy’s game, just don’t think the Bucs have the stomach to go down that road.”

    I think this is ultimately going to be the reality. The known facts in this case are very, very ugly. This was not just some unfounded accusation. Hardy literally terrorized this woman and hurt her pretty badly. I can imagine that she played her part in it as well and it was a huge fight on both sides and she said horrible things and perhaps even came after him. But Hardy just lost it and went off on her. Beat her and choked her and threatened to kill her in all seriousness. You just DON”T DO THAT! No matter what you don’t go there. That’s why there are felony laws against such behavior and it is a very serious crime.

    Hardy was convicted based on the facts but is now getting off on a technicality (IE – paying her enough $ that she agreed to disappear and not cooperate with prosecutors). That’s a pretty easy (and sleazy) way to make your legal troubles go away.

    Bottom line – Dude obviously has some serious issues. Perhaps his problems are alcohol related. I don’t know.

    But if the Bucs are even gonna consider this guy because they are desperate for pass rushing help – then they better get to the bottom of why something like this happened and let Lovie spend a good bit of time with him during a visit to assess where the guys head and heart are at.

  59. Phil Says:

    If a player isn’t in jail he should be allowed t play. I don’t care what he did. The NFL should just worry about football and let the police and courts do their job.

  60. Rob Says:

    Sign him. Make contract dependent upon actual games played. Bucs should not pay him while he is suspended. Pay him handsomely for games played and have stipulations that if he violates any rules related to domestic violence or substance abuse, he will not be paid. No guaranteed money. Protect the Bucs but if the player is the real deal and stays out of trouble, he deserves another chance and to be paid big money for his efforts.

  61. ADown88 Says:


    You just went on a huge rant that had nothing to do with my 1 sentence statement. I hate women now?? Wth are you even talking about?

    If the victim wanted him to no longer play football, she would have pursued with the criminal court case. She didn’t. She took the money and left.

  62. Matthew Says:

    My point was directly speaking to and the other commenters dismissal of the women. You obviously personally know the victim to determine she is over it. She DID pursue a criminal case, she testified, and he was convicted. (This is undisputed facts). However, instead of facing yet another long drawn out process of an appeal and potentially having to deal with the man who tried to kill her in another trial; she got offered (by Hardy mind you, she didn’t ask he offered) financial support to start a new life. The converse to your assumption is true, if Hardy is SO INNOCENT why did he pay her to go away?! The dismissal of the victim that simply because she accepted money the veracity of her claims or trauma she suffered is some how over or minimal; is what makes me believe you have some deep seeded issues with women. Anyone with any real experience on abused women wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss her and clear Hardy. Cheer for Hardy, it’s your prerogative; the ease in which you/others minimized the crime/the victim is all I was taking issue with.

  63. ADown88 Says:

    1st. You said “you two”..
    2nd. I never said he was innocent. Ever.
    3rd. If she wanted the guy in jail she would have pursued it further. That is an inference, never said I knew the lady. Wouldn’t want to.
    4th. If you think the guy should never be able to get a job again, you are stupid.

    You are just all over the place man.

  64. Bill Says:

    “If a player isn’t in jail he should be allowed t play. I don’t care what he did. The NFL should just worry about football and let the police and courts do their job.”


    Let the protests happen at the courthouse, where they belong.

  65. Eddie Searolaski Says:

    We NEED HIM!!! HE’S A BEAST!!! LET’S GET HIM AND BECOME A TRUE defensive force again before somebody else Does

  66. Matthew Says:

    1st. You said “you two”..
    -I did. I was referring to you and the other commenter @Depressedbucs (not sure why that needed to be a bullet point)

    2nd. I never said he was innocent. Ever.
    -You inferred as much by making it out that the victim taking the money discredits the story but fair enough you never said Hardy was innocent. So if you don’t believe he’s innocent you are just okay with him brutally beating a woman, paying her off and playing for your football team. Cool.

    3rd. If she wanted the guy in jail she would have pursued it further. That is an inference, never said I knew the lady. Wouldn’t want to.
    -She did pursue it further, to a conviction. Your statements imply you know her psyche, don’t shirk from what you said; own it. You doubt the veracity of her claims and believe she was after money. Cool. It’s an opinion your opinion, I was taking issue with the logic of that opinion; that’s all.

    4th. If you think the guy should never be able to get a job again, you are stupid.
    -(I never said he shouldn’t get a job again. Feel free to fight all the straw man arguments you want; but I never said he can’t work again or to quote you “Ever”.)

    You are just all over the place man.
    -Not all over the place, just having fun busting up illogical message board arguments as it pertains to blaming victims of domestic violence as gold-diggers. Root for the Bucs to sign Hardy, buy his jersey, get his autograph; just don’t pretend you can compartmentalize who & what you are cheering for. If you want your team to win at ALL costs no matter the consequences, that’s fine; just own it.

  67. ADown88 Says:

    Nobody said he was innocent! Never even implied it! Also, never implied (or said) she was a gold digger. No clue how you got all of this out of, “If the woman takes the money and runs, obviously she is over it, so I am too.”

    SHE didn’t show up to the appeal, therefore, the case is OVER. She took the money and ended the case. Never did I imply that she purposely got beat up so she could get money.

    ALL I was saying is that she accepted the money over pursuing it to the end. So SHE ended it by not going to the appeal hearing. If it is over to hear, the victim, I’ll take that over some douche on the internet who tries to push his bs morals onto others.

    “just having fun busting up illogical message board arguments”

    Is this really what you think you are doing? Because so far you have written a 10 page essay about stuff that nobody ever even said or implied. Seems like you are just wasting your time. But I’m sure you have nothing better to do.

  68. ADown88 Says:


    “My point was directly speaking to and the other commenters dismissal of the women.”

    This was what my first bullet was in regards to. Apparently you want me to read your mind, because obvious you either added a word or forgot a word here. I assumed it was added the word “and” because I didn’t think someone would be so stupid as to write that entire article over the single sentence I wrote. Jackass.

  69. iamkingsu Says:

    The kid out of UCLA in the second at DE. If the hips check out medically. I thought he wasn’t going to make it pass the cowboys or Seahawks but one needs a running back and the other doesn’t have a first rounder anymore!

  70. Matthew Says:

    Adown88 u mad bro?! The replies were to you & another commentor, pretty easy to understnad if you read the thread in order. Gotta love the irony of a guy calling people names like “jackass/stupid”, while simultaneously getting angry at a computer screen. Take a deep breath & relax slugger.

  71. BucsFanSince89 Says:

    I don’t care if he was one of the Romans that crucified Jesus Christ!!! Sign the damn guy today!!! I don’t care if he gets suspended for the entire next season!! Understand the importance of a DE!!! For Freaking sake we haven’t had a pass rush in 10+ YEARS!!!!!

  72. Skyline Crew Says:

    Well if he gets suspended next season you wouldn’t have a pass rush again. So there’s that…

  73. JGA Says:

    None of us know the details of what happened, and hitting a woman is not justifiable. Having said that, if the girlfriend was more willing to take money than seek “Justice,” then why does anyone else care? She made her choice to move on and so should all the advocacy groups who will scream bloody murder at whichever team signs him. Make no mistake, a team will sign him.

  74. td7575 Says:

    Please O please if anyone can handle the Bad publicity with bringing Hardy and Jameis on board it is Lovie. He can mentor them both and iam salivating at playing madden with those 2 on my beloved bucs and the legitimate game changing superstars impact they will have on the respective offense and defense. IF that were by some miracle to happen we need a oline and reliable rb to help the rookie qb. My fingers r crossed but I’m not holding my breath about Hardy. Jameis without a doubt will be the face of the Bucs much like cam newton is for carolina. And As we all saw them it takes more than just a star qb to go all the way. With our lb corps becoming better with the signing of Carter just imagine what “the kraken” would do to bolster the D. That is if we were to sign him AND the NFL let’s him play at all this upcoming season.