Blalock Bewilderment

March 23rd, 2015

blalockA guy who covered the Atlanta Falcons last year can’t understand why the Buccaneers haven’t at least intensely engaged former Falcons guard Justin Blalock.

Joe is talking about J.P. Peterson, who ditched his status as Tampa Bay multimedia czar and relocated to Atlanta during the summer of 2013. There he covered the Falcons and even worked on one of the team’s fancy pre-/postgame shows.

But Peterson has bolted back to Tampa and the WDAE-AM 620 airwaves this week.

This morning, he was puzzled that the Bucs haven’t moved on Blalock. Peterson claimed Blalock “graded out above average” last season and was a solid player. Joe knows the spreadsheet crowd agrees.

Blalock, 31, played left guard last season and throughout his eight seasons as an ironman offensive lineman. But that’s the same position where barbecue-yearning Logan Mankins earns a massive paycheck.

The Bucs’ disinterest in Blalock could be simple as that, as Lovie likes to say. Joe’s unsure how versatile Blalock may be.

Blalock has visited several teams in free agency. He’s a guy who made huge bucks the past four years and could be patiently waiting to get paid again.

11 Responses to “Blalock Bewilderment”

  1. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Maybe because our new OC knows something that the rest of us (and JP) don’t?

  2. Hawk Says:

    I agree with Scotty.

    #1. In all likelihood, Lovie asks for input from his OC, regarding ANY movement with offensive players.
    #2. The Buccaneer OC has intimate knowledge of Blalocks’ ability and worth.
    Peterson can go back to Atlanta. The Tampa media already have enough ‘journalists’ who invent stories that defy logic.

  3. ddneast Says:

    Very funny Hawk. We also have enough media types who think they are experts in player evaluations when they have absolutely no background on the subject.

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    If Koetter thought Blalock was a good answer to our guard problem – dude would already be a Buc. The fact that he’s not tells you all you need to know.

  5. DE Bucs Says:

    This might be more about waiting to see which cheap young rookie can be drafted before filling in your line with expensive veterans.

    Patience seems to be the defining word this FA season

  6. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Speaks volumes that the Bucs haven’t at least had him in for a visit, considering Koetter and Blalock worked together for years.

  7. Pick6 Says:

    I don’t think Dirk Koetter has forgotten who he is or what he can bring to a team. Given the magnitude of our need, he probably knows about Blalock what Bill knew about Mankins- that he’s approach the precipice

  8. JP Peterson Says:

    Blalock has some back issues and the Bucs are probably hesitant to sign an older player with back issues. I get it…but he’s better than what they have now and you can’t have enough experienced OL when you have a rookie QB. Blalock is a true pro, great locker room guy, intelligent and he’s stout enough to allow Jameis to step up and throw and that’s what the Bucs need. Don’t need to pay him a huge number either. Oh…thanks for the welcome back Hawk! Ha!

  9. Jack Says:

    Sorry, Blalock is below average.

  10. Matt Says:

    In Petersons defense , the man has an opinion just like the rest of us . It shows he has ideas for TBs future and idk about you guys , but I think we should all seriously take in consideration for other people’s ideas. I looked at Blaylock early in FA signings because I thought he could fill a need & bring leadership. He also worked under our OC last year and helped ATL have the 5th best offense . Sure he is 31 , sure we have a LG , but if he could play RG on a cheap 1 year deal than I would jump all over it . He would have too pass a physical of course and a drug test . Having more veteran leadership on a weak young line couldn’t really hurt that much. He probably wants too much money or a long term deal.

  11. Hawk Says:

    Sorry, JP. I really enjoyed watching you report on the Bucs when you were here. Your excited personality made every game (mostly losses) seem like an ‘event’ that shouldn’t have been missed.
    Because of your past local endeavors, AND the fact that you went to a ‘big city’ (division rival, no less), I’ll give you a pass on this one. You might still have some ‘dirty-bird’ flu that will take time to cure.
    But the ‘logic’ of your suggestion still eludes me.
    #1. Are you suggesting that Blalock is a ‘good fit’ and Koetter has no influence with Lovie/Licht to get him a look? (‘Possible’, since the last OC was asked not to return because it would disrupt the continuity of a bottom-feeding offense.)
    #2. Or are you suggesting that Koetter/Lovie/Licht have poor ‘evaluation’ skills? (VERY possible, considering all of last year’s offensive moves, and the results of said moves. Koetter gets a pass, since he wasn’t here, and we do not know how much influence he had/has)
    There is a reason that Lovie (et al) haven’t even sniffed Blalock. As fans, we have to assume that Lovie/Licht know more than we do (I do NOT agree with this theory) and they have good reasons for their actions, or lack thereof.
    I would rather you return to TV, since I do not listen to sports radio. BTW, the last sportscaster that I never criticized was Salty Sol Fleischman.