Will Bucs Give Fans Excitement?

February 4th, 2015
Bucs fans will be hanging their heads in shame for the next two years (at least) if the team does not address the QB chasm on April 30.

Bucs fans will hang their heads in shame for the next two years (at least), if the team does not address the QB chasm on April 30.

After the Bucs were alley-beaten by the Dixie Chicks — on national TV no less — and chain-whipped by the Crows, Bucs fans had checked out.

The only thing exciting at that point was the season ending and, in particular, winning the Chase for Jameis.

Joe can’t blame fans. Hell, even Team Glazer likely wanted to hide under a table, the team was so awful. There is a reason the Bucs won but two games.

Now, Joe Kania of Buccaneers.com is offering five reasons for Bucs fans to get excited about the 2015 season. His No. 5 is the offense (yes, really).

Koetter is not the only new addition to the Bucs’ offensive coaching staff. The team will have a new quarterbacks coach in Mike Bajakian, who served as the offensive coordinator for the University of Tennessee in 2014.

Having a coach to focus all of his time and effort into being the team’s offensive coordinator will be something new as well.

Well, here is the thing: You could have Bill Walsh as an offensive coordinator, but if you are still missing the main ingredient, you know, the guy who touches the ball on every play, a quarterback, you are just spinning your wheels.

And since teams don’t let decent quarterbacks walk for no good reason, upgrading this position properly only is done through the draft. If the Bucs pick Jameis Winston, the fanbase will ignite in glee and delirious hysteria. It will mean finally taking a step into the 21st Centruy and having a credible signal-caller.

For reasons unknown, the Bucs passed on four quarterbacks early in the 2014 draft and turned to a journeyman who Lovie Smith once cut with the Bears. How did that turn out?

If the Bucs pass on a quarterback (Jameis) again, Joe can promise that two years from now, the Bucs offense will still drag the team down. The team will be back at Square One, like they were last year, like they were this year, still looking for a quarterback.

76 Responses to “Will Bucs Give Fans Excitement?”

  1. Spartin Says:

    Id be excited even if Greg Schiano was still leading this team. Its Bucs football!!!

  2. Iknowmorethanlovie Says:

    30-70 is an organazational failure. Years of bad drafts by Dominik and 3 bad coaching hires after Gruden was fired has made this team a joke. Draft a QB who can develop and give him some weapons. I’m sick of the losing

  3. Pickgrin Says:

    “Will Bucs Give Fans Excitement?”

    New “rub and tug” room sponsored by Hooters under construction for next year’s home opener at the Den of Depression??

  4. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Here come the knuckledraggers that are happy with mediocre. Joe I think some fans are used to losing. Look how angry some of them get at you and me for even wanting Winston.

    These same people will be on here pissed off at Lovie taking the team to another 2-14 next season even though he did what they wanted and traded down.

    A new rookie QB will give most fans hope. I know you hate that word Joe, but it’s true. Even in the midst of another crappy season, fans would still be hopeful for the future.

    I’m NOT talking about THESE fans on your site. I’m talking about MOST of the fanbase from Florida to Alaska. You’re 100% correct “the fanbase will ignite in glee and delirious hysteria.” I said something along those lines months ago on JBF.

  5. Bill Says:

    Joe, you make a smart point, QB’s are not found in free agency. Brees is the notable exception, but he came with significant injury concern (so did Peyton to the Broncos).

    If you want a real QB it will cost you a top 5 pick. That is not an absolute truth, but a strong likelihood. We could (but don’t need to) wait for a mid-round gem like Flacco or Pittsburger. I suppose we could go with Glennon, but Glennon’s college performance is inferior to Winston’s in every way.

    They both started 2 years, here we go:

    Mike Glennon:
    7,085 yards
    60.3 %
    6.97 YPA
    62 TD’s
    29 INT’s

    Jameis Winston:
    7,964 yards
    66.0 %
    9.36 YPA
    65 TD’s
    28 INT’s

    The TD’s and INT’s are very close, however the % and YPA are significantly better for Winston. This is the difference between a franchise QB and something else.

    Winston is a potential franchise QB, we need to pick him.

  6. BucTrooper Says:

    Don’t you have to LEAVE square 1 in order to go BACK to square 1?

  7. Phil Says:

    If they really wanted to get the fan base excited they would sign Jameis Winston right now so he could start learning the playbook now.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Does this qualify as the “Jameis Watch” or are we getting a double-dose of brainwashing today?

    Talk about a manufactured article….yes….Jameis would be exciting….but you have to admit…so would Mariota…you couldn’t watch one Oregon play without knowing that.

  9. chris k Says:

    Gonna let you guys have your Manloving fest today with Winston without interruption. Really not worth the energy anymore.

  10. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    TBBF…no one forces anyone to be brainwashed by coming to this site.

  11. Bill Says:


    My stats are not brainwashing. Winston and Glennon played in the same conference, albeit at different times. Winston put up superior numbers, a superior record, has superior tape. The guy is a really good QB.

    I like Mariota too. If he has a good combine, pro-day, and private workout and we end up picking him I’ll be good with that. But Jameis Winston is the real deal, I already know that.

  12. Tom Edrington Says:

    The real question:

    Will The Bucs Give Fans Excrement?

  13. Jim Says:

    Considering now that the Falcons were cheating by pumping in crowd noise don’t you think it taints that blow out?

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m afraid if we don’t get more excitement….we’ll get caught for trying to muffle opposing teams crowd noise during our huddles…..

  15. Hawk Says:

    Mel Kiper just released his ‘first’ mock draft complete with caveats, of course.
    1 Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winston (Florida State)
    2 Tennessee QB Marcus Mariota (Oregon)
    3 Jacksonville DE Leonard Williams (USC)
    4 Oakland WR Amari Cooper (Alabama)
    5 Washington DE Randy Gregory (Nebraska)
    6 NY Jets DE Shane Ray (Missouri)

  16. bucs4lyfe Says:

    it’s sad that I was more entertained by the bucs before they ever attempted to build an explosive offense because now im just disappointed because it feels like the coaching staff is failing the players with horrible play calling and in-game coaching decisions but im tired of the bucs being in the market for a coach just as much as them not having a quarterback so even if we have a losing record i’d atleast like to know we have those two positions wrapped up with draft of whatever qb and lovie showing he belongs in the league and on this team

  17. Bill Says:

    “Will The Bucs Give Fans Excrement?”

    LOL, I hope not

  18. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Jim isn’t that a bunch BS.

    Another thing that I hate to hear about is Seattle’s 12th man. That’s a joke too.
    I’m pretty sure I saw a segment or read somewhere that when the stadium was built out in Seattle they brought in some kind of acoustics expert while designing their stadium to make it so it would be louder out on the field.

    I’m not doubting that Seahawks fans are loud. I’m saying they wouldn’t be AS loud if not for the way the stadium was built. So it bothers me when people make such a big deal over the 12th man.

    Then again it’s a far cry from Buc fans who just sit there on their smart (dumb) phones texting everyone and their mother while the opposing teams offense is out on the field. Anyone that goes to Buc games can see how disinterested fans are when they go to the games. If they aren’t texting they’re out there shopping for merchandise while the game is going on.

    Perhaps that’s what happens at Falcons games as well. So they need to pump crowd noise in.

  19. Teflon DON Says:

    If they want to give us excitement then they need to draft play makers. I understand we need OL but they dont excite the fans.. we need play makers on both sides of the ball. DB’s that can pick the ball and take it to the house on any given play, DEs/LBs that can sack, force turnovers, nasty on the field kinda guys. A speedy WR give us something! tired of all these wasted draft picks

  20. P'cola Buc Says:

    Should be a no brainer. 1st pick=choosing anyone in the entire country (world) to be part of your team. 1st pick=having the best % chance to get your franchise QB. The drop in the performance ability of the remaining QB’s after the first two is significant. We now have the opportunity to maximize our chances of having a franchise QB….take it. Even drafting only 2-3 positions lower might have made this opportunity non-existent. Who knows when we would have this higher % chance for a franchise QB again. I’m leaning towards Winston….but would certainly be happy with either.

  21. Barry Says:

    #TheCreepyCrab #FaceOfFranchise #SexualAssaultCivilCase

  22. Bill Says:

    “We now have the opportunity to maximize our chances of having a franchise QB”

    The keyword is maximize. It’s still 50/50….but those are the best odds you can expect.

  23. bucs4lyfe Says:

    nah they probably wont give excitement. I don’t think this fan base will be excited unless we draft a starting superstar in every round because in their head it happens all the time. beyond a couple positions on this team, the wins are gonna come from the experienced players ALREADY on the team, I trust veteran players to grow more than rookies unless your name is dekota Watson, adam heyward or tiquan underwood

  24. ddneast Says:

    Maybe the Bucs can pipe in some fake fan excitement like the Falcons. This is the same as cheating and should cost the Falcons a No. 2 pick.

  25. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Hawk …as we get closer to the draft I predict that, most if not all mock drafts will have the Bucs taking Winston.

    That’s what I meant when I said 2 weeks ago, a groundswell as the draft nears.

    It will become overwhelmingly obvious to everyone 3-4 weeks before the draft.

    In the meantime however we have to deal with the Mr. Patrick’s and Barry’s of JBF until it becomes apparent that they are taking Winston. Then perhaps they will just go away mad.

  26. RustyRhinos Says:

    Who is to say that Mr Winston is going to be a great QB in the NFL, Who can guarantee me that he will be a great QB? Anyone want to jump right in and make that case? He is only played 2 years at FSU In the ACC he was red shirted his first season. Who in all the glorious intelligent posts here on JBF can make that guarantee? We can not say if either of the two QB’s in this draft we are looking at drafting will be any good.
    As for the excitement factor, what happens if Mr WInston does not make improvements and is still just a good former college QB, never reaching his potential as a NFL QB. Where oh where will all the excitement be for the fan base then.
    Again I am not a “expert” at the draft, picking the superstars of the draft. But then again who that posts here is? There are 32 NFL GM’s that would like to have you on their staff.

    We hear now how JOE(s) are not beating the drum any longer for Johnny, how they always offered up that Bridgewater was also their vocal choice. Strange how we never had a daily Bridgewater report on Joebucsfan before last years draft we did have a few articles on Bridgewater with just enough here comes Johnny to Tampa (to save the day!) sprinkled in the post. Just like it is now daily draft Winston all the time, with a few side posts that the JOE(s) find interesting on Marriota skewered toward Winston some way some how being the better of the two. It is getting old. It is not exciting for me as a Buccaneer fan from 1976. Only time will tell us who is the better draft choice of the two QB’s in the 2015 draft are. Lets all hope we get it right.
    Go BUCS!

  27. P'cola Buc Says:

    @ Bill
    Correct, this is the very nature of the draft-no sure things. It’s always a chance. No excuses not to maximize our chances. We have the first pick! Now the scouting department needs to do their part and find out who the best % chance of that elusive franchise QB is. There is still plenty of time to study and investigate ….the fans are relying on you.

  28. Bobby M. Says:

    Comparing Winstons stats in college to Glennons is silly….FSU will put several kids in the NFL from Winstons years….Glennon had far less talent and still produced similar results in a true pro style offense.

  29. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    RustyRhinos… There’s a big difference between Jameis Watch and Johnny Watch imo.

    Manziel for one was NEVER touted to be the #1 pick. Joe also started Johnny Watch much later than Jameis Watch.

    Winston has been projected to go as the number 1 pick by quite a few analysts and mock drafters, not just Joe.

    Here’s an interesting article Joe put about a year ago. Winston vs Manziel.
    It’s funny reading all the comments back then…


  30. Bill Says:


    There are no guarantees. Every paid NFL employee from GM to scouting intern will acknowledge that.


    I agree with everything you said up to “….the fans are relying on you.” —- LOL

  31. bucs4lyfe Says:

    no guarantees in this life about anything….who is to say mariotta and Winston wont be ej manuel and geno smith of 2015 draft? it’s a crap shoot and everyone who scrutinizes it talk from a hindsight perspective and are the same one who cant make the decision. if you leap to the conclusion that it’s one or the other does that really make sense? now if you study and investigate and do your due diligence on both and choose wrong then that’s when your getting fired….who the hell decided ej manuel was that high draft pick? desperation did lol bucs are desperate, mariotta and Winston are the two top guys and in my opinion you can’t go wrong with either one simply because you have to choose one….

    i’d rather be titans than the bucs because atleast they have no choice to make because one will be gone already

    prime example is suh and McCoy, suh went to a playoff bound team, McCoy went to bucs and suh is strong and violent but doesn’t not have pass rushing skills that McCoy does, McCoy on detroits team how much better would he be

  32. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    bucs4lyfe….as an FSU fan. I laughed out loud when Manuel was taken in the first. I also laughed out loud when Ponder was taken so high. If that gives you some perspective..I don’t know.

  33. bucrightoff Says:

    The fans will come back when there’s a winner on the field. As I keep saying, they came for Trent Dilfer, Shaun King, Brad Johnson, Chris Simms, Brian Griese, Jeff Garcia, whoever. If Jameis or Mariota are the pick and they look like Bortles (who had one of the worst statistical rookie seasons ever), the hope will be almost gone by the beginning of year two. It’s a temporary thing. Until we see consistent winning football, there won’t be much excitement. Seattle’s offense is boring as hell and their QB good but not great, but I betcha their fans have been pretty excited the last few years. Winning trumps all, no matter who the QB is.

  34. P'cola Buc Says:

    ” I agree with everything you said up to….”the fans are relying on you”…..
    LOL…….. (What choice do we have)?

  35. Bill Says:

    @Bobby M,

    It may be silly, but is there a better measure? I’d love to compare their NFL performance, but that’s obviously not possible.

    The results were similar in some senses. Glennon did throw approximately 150 more passes than Winston, offering him more opportunities to throw TD’s. Just as important, this was 150 fewer opportunities for Winston to throw INT’s. The %’s for TD’s and INTs’ would be a simple calculation that I didn’t make. I suppose I will, then the separation between the two players should be more clear than it already is.

  36. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    The groundswell for Winston will be so massive 2 months from now. It will drown out anything that anyone else wants the Bucs to do with that pick.

    So I sit and wait. I warn fans to stop bashing a QB that they might have to root for in the near future. They don’t listen, they dig in and ramp up the rhetoric.

    Oh well I guess they can always go underground and change their name.

    I sit and wait.

  37. []_[]Buc Says:

    Your promise is as good as Manchild’s promise of success lol

  38. Bill Says:

    Bobby M,

    7.6% TD%
    3.3% INT%

    6.1% TD%
    2.9% INT%

    This is no surprise considering what I already said. Relative to Winston, Glennon is a game manager. Fewer big plays, fewer mistakes. Nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is.

  39. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    PRB…no one is promising anything.

  40. Greg Says:

    It really doesn’t matter who we draft.
    As long as Lovie is the coach of our team we will be looser’s. Its just the way it is and it really sucks.

  41. Babaloo Says:

    @ Bill : Using your statistics we should just keep Glennon. he threw to guys that had way less talent than Jameis did. It more than makes up for the small different in stats. If you put the recievers Jameis had on Glennon’s team I would wager his stats would be way better…

  42. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    lol In fact I won’t even promise that Winston will be successful.

    I’m just making the prediction that he will be drafted by the Bucs and EVERYONE is going to know this in about 2 months.

    That prediction might change. Things can change after the pro day, combine and interviews. I’m not that dug in like some people are on here.

    If I see or think something different within the next 3 months, I’ll change my prediction. 🙂

  43. Cobraboy Says:

    The downward spiral started with the Glazers giving the talent farm for Gruden. Many knew right then the future would likely be bleak.

    I do think the Lombardi was worth it…

  44. Bill Says:


    Maybe, Winstons YPA is 50% better than Glennons. That’s a big deal. I know 60% completion v 66% completion doesn’t seem like a lot, but a difference of 6% in completion percentage is the difference between Brady and Derek Carr. That difference is much bigger than you might think.

  45. Pickgrin Says:

    87ForJameisNOMariota Says:
    February 4th, 2015 at 9:23 am

    Here’s an interesting article Joe put about a year ago. Winston vs Manziel.
    It’s funny reading all the comments back then…



    Thanks for digging that up ’87. Yea the comments were great.

    Its hilarious hearing the desperation in Joe’s writing of how badly he wanted the Bucs to draft Manziel. Joe’s woody last year for JF was almost as raging as yours is for Winston this year (I tease because you have been so vocal – but I happen to agree with both you and Joe that Winston is the man and will be a stud NFL QB.)

    While I’m glad that Joe is heavily backing the right horse in this year’s draft – I am sooooo glad that the Bucs did not do what Joe so desperately wanted which was to draft Manzeil at #7 instead of Evans.

    Bucs would be so screwed right now if that had happened – and even if we still had the #1 overall pic this year – would almost certainly not be considering drafting Winston or Mariota having drafted Johnny Rehab with such a high pick just last year. SMH at the thought. The only way we could have been more screwed would be to have guarantee Freeman $50M – LOL

  46. bucrightoff Says:

    The 87 meltdown when they don’t take Jameis will be hilarious, without a doubt.

  47. bucrightoff Says:

    And lol at that Jameis/Manziel post 87 digged up. Old Eric, one of the biggest Winston guys right now, said “Put Manziel on FSU and they put up 100″….clearly indicating he thinks Manziel is better than Jameis. Whoops…

  48. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey 87 thanks, it sure was fun to reread those posts.

  49. Bill Says:


    If one were to re-read the “article” they would find this:

    “If Winston were eligible, Joe would be wearing out rosaries in an effort for the Bucs to some how, some way trade up and grab Winston.”

    This is a Joe quote from the Manziel draft. Food for thought.

  50. Mr. Patrick Says:

    If you fans want to remember when the Bucs had every game sold out in advance and there was a huge waiting list for season tickets the Bucs were playing defense driven football with a boring offense. The defense was winning games and fans were very happy with that. Dungyball was really boring but it won and the fans came to see it. Offense may be entertaining but defense wins championships

  51. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    bucrightoff …yup yup…I saw all Eric’s posts and chuckled.

    It was a good read.

  52. bucs4lyfe Says:

    stats aside glennon is garbage complete garbage and his completion % did not equal wins like josh freeman’s did and to be honest his completion % wasn’t much higher, for someone so careful with the ball (afraid to take chances) that aint good at all. he was no different in year 2 than year 1 which means that he ran two different offenses and looked like the exact same quarterback. translation he has probably come close to his ceiling. mariotta vs Winston when it’s all said and done does not matter. let me put it this way

    if it came down to Winston starting or josh mccown starting who would you choose? if you say Winston then your saying it doesn’t matter who we draft Winston or mariotta…..we have GMC to lead the bible revival every sunday and Winston isn’t going to go on a law breaking spree if he’s drafted. we want him to come here and win so if he can do that I could care less about what he was ACCUSED of in his college career because this is the pros baby we need wins. stop talking about character, if this guy is jamarcus Russell we wont know until he holds on half the season for a contract

  53. Pickgrin Says:

    Patrick – GREAT defenses can definitely win Championships – but they have to have at least a decent Offense t go along with it. Seattle would not have even made the playoffs this year if they were working with the Bucs Offensive personnel. And last I saw – the Bucs are still trying to figure out how to be even good – much less great at playing Lovie’s Defense.

    Rule changes in just the last few years and the way calls are made now have also definitely shifted the way the game is played. The emphasis moving forward is going to be towards Offensive football. The popularity of Fantasy Football has played a big part in that trend as well.

    Bottom line is that along with major OLine help, we MUST have a better QB to compete. I know you don’t like it – but Winston is definitely the best QB. The Bucs have the #1 pick and will use it to take a shot at a legitimate potential franchise QB. So like ’87 has been suggesting – it would be a wise course of action for you to stop being so extreme and prolific in your hate and childish criticism towards a QB that the Bucs are quite likely to draft.

    At some point, you are going to have to start getting used to the idea that the Bucs are drafting Winston. Might as well start that process now because i’m sure it will be quite the process. LOL.

  54. Bill Says:


    Are you referring to the days of Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, Warrick Dunn, Jaquez Green, Reidel Anthony, Dexter Jackson, and I’m sure I’m missing a bunch more…..but the Bucs sold out (1) because they were winning and (2) they were drafting from the states Big 3. Put a bunch of Gators, Noles, and Canes on the field in Bucs uniforms and you’ll sell tickets….you’ll probably win a bunch of games too. We might want to get back to that philosophy.

  55. Couch Fan Says:

    Eric was saying Manziel was best prospect in last 20 years. I remember!

  56. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    I’ll say the same thing I said last draft about Evans.

    Winston is not only who I want them to take, but who I think they will take.

    That’s just so people know the difference. It doesn’t matter if I want him to picked. If I thought they were going to Mariota or Williams. I would say so and state my case as to why I would pick Winston instead.

    Hell if you go back and read the comments on Winston vs Manziel I predicted Winston would go #1 overall back then. Then again I said after he wins back to back championships and Heisman’s. That last part was the FSU homer in me.
    Nothing has changed in my mind since April 2014 with regards to Winston.

  57. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    I’d settle for 4 home wins (non exhibition) from the Bucs next season and 6 or 7 wins total if they are breaking in a new qb….. That winless at home last season is rare; I know the ’76 Bucs and the 0-16 Lions managed it but I think all the 1,2 and 3 win teams that have stunk up the NFL in modern times have netted at least one home win; Lovie’s boys were especially putrid at RJS this past season; losing home games that even Leeman Bennett would manage to win…..

  58. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    I wanted the Bucs to get him since 2013. Never dreamed it could ever happen as I knew it would take the first overall pick to get him. Now we have it and he’s there for the taking, they just have to pull the trigger.

  59. chipbuc Says:

    I say its time for the Bucs to have a to 10 offense. Im sick and tired of watching the crappy QBs the bucs have trotted out on the field. Yes im talking about Glennon too. Get over all this Glennon love, he sucks and doesnt pass the eye ball test. Draft a QB 1st pick and run with it .You cant have a franchise QB if you dont take the chance. Im sick of settling , lets have a little excitement at Ray Jay for a change.

  60. Bill Says:


    I’m with ya on that. Really didn’t think we’d be here a year ago.

  61. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    and btw…Freeman was NOT my fault.

  62. Broy34 Says:

    I love reading posts like “we could take a chance on a mid round QB like Big Ben or Flacco—-nope they were both first rounders. It’s inevitable. Any Super Bowl winning QB nowadays will come from the first round except someone who is 5’9 with a small chance of success

  63. Bill Says:

    mid round — meaning middle of the first round.

  64. R.O. Says:

    I guarentee Tennesee does not draft Mariota.. They stay true to their board and take either Leonard Williams or trade down with someone willing to reach for MM. I bet the Jets have already called them to feel out what they would want for that pick. I’m not sure I would mind if we end up trading down to 5 or 6. However, I say you take JW. You have to play to win. I think everyone forgets the Kobe Bryant accusations as well. Move on from that.

  65. JVNootz Says:

    Bill Walsh brought in a QB that ran a triple option offense at Notre Dame. He ran a dink and dunk west coast O and paired him w/ prolific WR. Also later brought in a *mobile* QB who was a Bucs castoff and paired him w/ TWO talented WRs. The QBs, as we all know, where Joe Montana and Steve Young. The WRs were Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens. Not lost on the fact was the Miners also had A STELLAR defense in these days littered with HOFers.

  66. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I really think also that who the Bucs pick or what they do with that #1 pick depends on who is actually making that decision. Is it the Glazers, or will they leave it totally to Lovie and Licht, will it be a combination of people, will it be Glazers telling Lovie to make the decision but run it by us first, who knows?
    What do you guys think the decision process there will be as far as who has the most say?

  67. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Bill
    Beleive me, I remember those days very well. The reason those players were all on the roster was because they were great players, not just because they were from in-state colleges. That’s back when all 3 of those schools were continually ranked in the top 5 and always had the nation’s best rosters. They had lots of players drafted every year and players scattered all through the NFL at that time
    I do however agree that it is always nice to see the Bucs have those guys though as we are already familiar with them from following them in college

  68. armchairGM Says:

    @87 I appreciate your enthusiasm and how much you want the team and with Winston but you are getting a little carried away with this groundswell and how excited the fans will be. If JW is the pick I think immediately yes the FSU fans will be excited right off the bat, others will be happy we potentially have our first franchise quarterback but it will take until we start winning for this big groundswell to occur.

  69. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    armchairGM …Obviously I didn’t type something correctly for you to understand.

    The groundswell won’t be from Buc fans. It will be from mock drafters and analysts alike. You won’t be able to turn on ESPN or NFL Network in 2 months without hearing the Bucs are taking Jameis Winston.

  70. Hawk Says:

    @ 87ForJameisNOMariota

    Just so we (you and I) are clear, I posted Kipers’ mock draft for the same reason Joe has his Winston/Johnny watchs. It is interesting, but useless. Kiper is on record as saying that NEITHER Winston nor Mariota are worth the #1 pick. IIRC, he said that from an ‘on-field’ perspective, Winston should be top ten and Mariota, late first round. FWIW, I agree with him. If the Bucs can trade down half a dozen spots, and still bag one, great.
    If EVERY mock draft had Cody Prewitt (FS-Mississippi) as the top pick, it would not make a bit of difference to ANY coach/GM/scout when it came time to pick. I would be willing to bet that coaches/GMs/scouts NEVER consult a mock draft. Mock drafts were invented so that the village idiots would have good paying jobs.

  71. ddneast Says:

    If either of these guys were named Andrew a Luck I would agree with you.
    Unfortunately one looks like Josh Freeman with character issues and the other looks like Alex Smith who took three to four years to develop.
    I’m paying for season tickets Joe, while you, I am sure, are getting in free on media credentials. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    In other words, it hurst my pocket book a lot more than yours if your crab leg stealing QB turns out to be a bust.

  72. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    IF WE want excitement. Then you obviously take Mariotta. His throwing and running skills are amazing and would truly bring “excitement” back to Tampa. The only thing exciting about Shameis would be just waiting to see when he screws up again and how bad it may or may not be.

    Mariotta is a ride or die QB. He will give you 100% on and off the field. Shameis may give 100% on the field, but off field is more like 50% and that’s being pretty generous. Trade Glennon and draft Mariotta so he can have his #8. An extra 3rd or 4th would be really helpful with so many holes on this team.

  73. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    And Nick Foles is a credible QB. He has the 2nd greatest season ever in the history of the NFL. My favorite trade option is very hypothetical but would instantly help us out in the short and long term. Trade with Philly for Foles, Shady, the #20 pick, Philly’s 2nd rounder, and their 1st round and 2nd or 3rd round next year. People will say its not possible. But 1) Chip is obviously in love with Mariotta 2) Foles doesn’t fit his “mold” for “his” QB 3) They aren’t wanting to pay Shady’s cap hit in 2015 4) to go from 20 to 1 would take a kings ransom. I would consider this one of the biggest trades of all time and instantly make us a contender. Something in this ballpark could happen if Chip really wants him. He obviously has the power to make this deal happen if he truly wants Marcus to run his Offense.

  74. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Hawk ….when almost EVERY analyst says the Bucs are taking Winston with the first pick in 2 months…THAT’S what usually happens.

    Most of them don’t get the first pick wrong.

    Maybe the 3rd, 4th or 5th pick in the first, but hardly the first pick.

  75. Hawk Says:

    @ 87ForJameisNOMariota

    You may be right
    I may be crazy, but it just may be…
    Whoops, got an earworm (repetune).
    We shall see how the mock drafts stand in April. The draft could also change by a FA move, or trade.
    And I am glad you said “usually”, instead of ‘always’ (“hardly, instead of ‘never’).
    Like all ‘good’ politicians, always leave a back door unlocked… just in case. ;^)

  76. rayjay1122 Says:

    Anyone think Andrew Luck is any good? Well a 6th round pick led the Pats in dismantling the Luck led Colts. Well a 6th round QB and deflated Footballs. The point I am trying to make is that Luck was a #1 pick but Brady played much better. Coaching and the play of the team as a whole usually determines the outcome of games, especially championship games. So, picking either QB is not going to guarantee anything. Yes we need one but we need to keep it in perspective. Just saying.