Report: Michael Johnson Got A Talking To

February 15th, 2015

JohnsonBig bucks defensive end Michael Johnson delivered four sacks and about five quarters of good football last year.

His play was ghastly, ghostly and soft. 

But the Bucs kept playing Johnson, and late in the season, it seemed Johnson’s lifeless game developed a faint pulse.

Former Buccaneers quarterback Shaun King, now of Yahoo! Sports, claims Johnson received a firm talking to from important people at One Buc Palace late last season, and King believes the chat made an impact.

King shared this on the Ron and Ian show on WDAE-AM 620 on Friday,

“He had really, in my opinion, not played with maximum effort throughout the season,” King said of Johnson. “I know for a fact something was said to him the last quarter of the season. And you could see him play with a little more energy and effort later in the year, those last couple of games. I think that saved [his job in Tampa].”

Joe knows King has excellent sources, but Joe hopes King is wrong and Johnson finds a new job. Sorry, but Joe doesn’t see Johnson as a cog in a future Bucs Super Bowl contender.

You can hear all of King’s takes via the audio player below.

51 Responses to “Report: Michael Johnson Got A Talking To”

  1. Tom Says:

    People have mentioned he was hampered by an injury. Wondering how much of that was real and how much was an excuse for his underwhelming performance

  2. BucTrooper Says:

    FYI. King claimed a “little birdy” told him that Jameis WINSTON was returning to FSU. So those sources might be a little drunk.


  3. Brandon Says:

    Michael Johnson has freakish top of the draft-type talent. If he ever figures it out…. maybe he could be great…hell, I’d settle for 8 sacks and solid run defense.

  4. Iknowmorethanlovie Says:

    Buctrooper-I think if Joe uses that logic to validate Kings opinions. Joe might as well hold Mark Sanchez’s opinion as the gospel since he appeared I two AFC title games.

    Not all QBs lead their teams. Some like King, Sanchez, Russel Wilson and others are dragged kickin n screaming by a dominant defense.

  5. OB Says:

    I agree with BucTrooper. For awhile they are funny but Joe it is time to retire the comments you always start out with on King, Winston, Belecheat, and Peter.

    New ones are always welcomed.

    As for Johnson, with the money he is getting and he needs to be talked indicates stupidity and as I always say “Ignorance can be corrected, stupidity is forever”. You determine someone is stupid, get rid of them they will never change.

  6. Couch Fan Says:

    So V-Jax is asked to take a pay cut but MJ only gets a talking to? Lovie makes absolutely no sense.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If Joe thinks the Bucs will eat $7 mil of Johnson’s $9 mil contract and get absolutely nothing for it…..Joe needs a talking to…..

  8. Matt Says:

    Mj was injured most of last year and was playing for a horrible football team. The difference bw being a bad player and great player is paperthin. It is usually effort sinve all these guys on Sundays now are freaks of nature, MJ included.

    Bottomline to all of this is we need a dog on defense. We hqbent had one since Sapp. We need someone who has the “over-my-dead-body” demeanor and we dont have it now. Geraldini and Lvd are good players but have no dog in them. Quite frankly they are nerds. Im not dissing them just saying being a dog is not in their DNA. We need a nasty dog like Leonard Williams or D Perryman to come in and say “No more g@###amn losing!! At home?? In our yard!?? This stops now!”

    Jameis may be that guy but I feel that Evans already is on offense but we need that presence on defense BAD. We need it ASAP.

  9. Please Says:

    If they were going to cut Johnson, wouldn’t they have done it by now? (That is not rhetorical, I’m actually wondering.) And does keeping him tip any hand they’re going to draft one of those DEs to set up a rotation that keeps the attackers fresh and healthy?

    Forget the draft for now, free agency will tell us a lot.

  10. JVNootz Says:

    Johnson looked good in some games. When you show the ability to perform at a high level, I expect you can see more of that. Clearly, he has “motor” issues. It’s also fair to say injuries nagged at him. He was a dominant force in the Steelers game and DID look to be putting it all back together late in season. If he can play with a high motor, he can be that guy to push the pressure off the edge.

  11. knuckledragger Says:

    Unfortunately it is not worth cutting him financially.

  12. poorglennon Says:

    How much would cost us to cut him? I’m guessing alot. Give him another year. Maybe he bounce’s back. I laugh at those who predict our defence to be great. They were an absolute joke last season. The Bucs have no chance of making playoff next season. 5-11 at best. How do you think Winston will handle that? By turning into a cancer in the locker room…as a rookie. We will draft Mariota. Have him hold a clipboard. Until Lovie throws him in there to try and save his job. Garbage O-line with a darn good young WR. V-jax is a class act but he could be near the end. RBs were atrocious. TEs irrelevant. The only thing that can move this offence down the field is….Mariotta’s feet. We should start TEs at the tackle position. Since no one can block might as well have more receiver’s out there. When Marcus is running for his life.

  13. LargoBuc Says:

    Johnson did not play up to his contract. Not even close. He couldn’t pressure any QB we faced and constantly got pushed off his gap on running plays. He has to be traded or have his contract restructured. The first seems more likely. Let some young hungry players fight to the top of the depth chart at DE. Johnson being handed 40 mill and a starting spot did not get the best out of him.

  14. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I remember Lovie in his end of the year presser saying “one of our priorities in the off season is to get Michael Johnson healthy” There you go

  15. MarshallU Says:

    Shaun King said a little birdie told him. Then he ate it

  16. Howard Cosell Says:

    To take a huge paycheck like that, and then to play with no urgency
    and no heart….basically throwing your team-mates under the bus
    so you can stay injury-free…that’s just classless.

  17. The Buc Realist Says:

    I don’t doubt this.

    But the bigger news should be, that the Glazers gave Lovie ” Got a Talking To!) after last years debacle!

  18. knuckledragger Says:

    I just don’t get how people can hack on Russell Wilson. Dude was a third rounder that Took the QB job and had the Greatest Rookie season Ever. Yeah he had a great Defense but the kid threw 26 Tds to 10 Ints !!!! 26 to 9 in his second and 20 to 4 in his third?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I don’t give a PHUCK what kind of defense you have those are Hella numbers. Shaun King and Marc Sanchez couldnt sniff RW’s Jock strap

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I hate to break it to everyone, but Michael Johnson is going nowhere. Not this year.

  20. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Couch Fan Says
    “So V-Jax is asked to take a pay cut but MJ only gets a talking to? Lovie makes absolutely no sense.”

    Are you actually believing a word King says????

    And Jackson “taking a pay cut” may just be a shifting of numbers to let him get the same but have less impact on the cap.

  21. Howard Cosell Says:

    @ BuccaneerBonzai

    He has the Bucs “cap-cornered”. Further evidence that he was purposely
    playing in 2nd gear all season.

  22. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Free agent signings are ALWAYS a risk. Most of them are reaching the years where injuries come more often. Most of the others are simply not worth the investment.

    That’s why its better to build through draft and trade, then fill the final holes with FAs under most circumstances.

    I believe the secret to finding worthwhile free agents is to not buy into one year hype. Look for continuity that is already established. Look for behavioral issues.

    Sometimes things cannot be avoided. Sometimes the unpredictable happens. But overall, sticking to those policies will yield better results. The problem is, teams tend to ignore them.

  23. BucIt941 Says:


    I agree full heartedly! We are missing that nasty demeanor on this team! It is one reason why I am slightly ok with paying Suh not just for his talent but his attitude. Suh will be stomping on Qb’s while he sacks them, then GMC will be picking them up after sacking them haha.

    But in all seriousness we do need a bit more attitude on the Defense especially down near the D-Line. As the great Sapp once said, “You can’t practice soft and expect to play hard”.

  24. Barry Says:

    Be patient with Johnson, when Licht brings in a stud DT from the Lions in FA Johnson will flourish.

  25. rayjay1122 Says:

    I can’t excuse lack of effort. Unless his lack of explosion was due to injury, then give him a pay cut or make him a janitor at One But Palace. No room on the roster for guys with no heart!

  26. Couch Fan Says:

    Are you actually believing a word King says????


    Your right. I should say that makes no sense according to the other reports we are hearing. To rumors being spewed around.

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    To many rumors*

  28. gotbbucs Says:

    He’s a left defensive end. He’s not quick enough or has violent enough moves to play on the right side and for a base 4-3 team that doesnt believe in blitzing he isn’t good enough.

    If Lovie wants to sit back and play four man rush then he better bring in some serious edge rushers. With McCoy and Mcdonald pressing the pocket there is zero excuse for at least one of our ends having double digit sacks.

  29. Pelbuc Says:

    Another classic example that L&L are not qualified to make the decision on the no. 1 pick let alone the rest of the draft and FAs. Bucs are stuck with MJ bc of the contract. Same for Mankins and now VJax. Stay away from the big name FAs and hopefully try to draft for need. Sims and ASJ were big mistakes that were not needed.

  30. knuckledragger Says:


  31. bucrightoff Says:

    Johnson never looked good for an entire game. He had stretches of looking good, but it was clear that he got paid and shut it down like many recent Bucs FAs. This is what happens when you go looking for critical pieces to your team in FA rather than developing them yourself. Going back into FA in any significant way this offseason is a mistake, but Lovie has his job to keep so he might do so anyways.

  32. The Buc Realist Says:

    As bad as Micheal Johnson’s year was, it still was an upgrade over Clayborn!

  33. Not ...... "The Kevin" Says:

    They had a talk with him all right, they said

    “M.J look, Everyone knows we are tanking the season….but you’ve got to at least LOOK like your trying. Just step it up a bit and try not to make it look so obvious ok?”

  34. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    (3rd Round Pick #85) Cincinnati – For DE Michael Johnson

    Word is Cincinnati missed Michael Johnson in their rotation/locker room.

  35. MGM4Life Says:

    I agree with MATT. We need a Lyle Alzodo / Warren Sapp / Mean joe Greene type (Did I mention SUH? as in Free agent SUH???) Right now our “dogs” consist of a mutt on one end, Mcdonald (German Shepherd) MCcoy (Doberman) and johnson (poodle) WE NEED A JUNKYARD DOG PITBULL!!!!!

  36. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Free’s Up $9,000,000 in Cap space + 3 round pick

  37. MGM4Life Says:

    Barry Says:
    February 15th, 2015 at 12:41 pm
    Be patient with Johnson, when Licht brings in a stud DT from the Lions in FA Johnson will flourish.

    Do you really think we have a shot at SUH? or are you talking about the other DT (Failey/ Farley???)

  38. MGM4Life Says:

    February 15th, 2015 at 1:29 pm
    Free’s Up $9,000,000 in Cap space
    3.5 to 5 mill more and maybe we could sign SUH, MCcoy and Suh on the same line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Mean Front 7

    #91 Jason Pierre-Paul 6-5 278 (age 26)
    #93 Gerald McCoy 6-4 300 (age 26)
    #90 Ndamukong Suh 6-4 280 (age 28)
    #76 Greg Hardy 6-4 275 (age 26)

    #54 Lavonte David 6-1 233 (age 25)
    #52 Denzel Perryman 5-11 240 (age 22)
    #51 Bruce Carter 6-1 240 (age 26)

  40. knuckledragger Says:

    It is not possible to commit that much money to one position and pay all the other positions as well.

  41. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Baltimore Defense: $69,077,958
    San Francisco Defense: $66,368,681
    Seattle Defense: $65,601,707
    Kansas City Defense: $60,971,343
    Houston Defense: $60,943,647
    St. Louis Defense: $57,531,864
    Buffalo-Defense: $53,308,212

  42. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    2015 assuming the salary cap comes in at $142 million

    Note: Cap could hit $160 million in 2016

  43. Northernbucfan Says:

    Again why do fans care what Sean king says.

  44. ddneast Says:

    Sorry, Iknowmorethanlovie, but I wouldn’t put Russell Wilson in that group.
    At first I. Thought the same, but after watching him this year the young man knows when to take advantage of an opponents mistakes and breakdowns and recognizes when they are occurring.
    Still, NE played him the way I had been advocating for all year. Mush rush to collapse the pocketi and to keep him from breaking out and 1 on 1 coverage on the WR’s who really aren’t that gifted.
    Wilson almost managed to bring them back except for a great play by a rookie CB.
    Could we please hire the NE or Seattle scouting department.

  45. knuckledragger Says:

    Yeah I would kill to have RW at the helm of this Pirate Ship

  46. Couch Fan Says:

    I love Suh, always have. I think he’s better than McCoy. But I dont see us having any chance to sign him. 2 $90+ million DT’s on the team sounds unrealistic to me.

  47. Fire Goodell Says:

    Shaun King, one of two Bucs QBs that lost the NFC Championship game with defenses that gave up 11 or less points…

  48. Owlykat Says:

    Mike has the ability and should be asked to take a pay cut to stay on our team and tell him this is his “prove it year”. He can’t hide behind injury excuses anymore. Then sign a proven Free Agent DE to start.

  49. bucfan999 Says:

    I’m willing to give Johnson another year. I read that he had a high ankle sprain and with his game being speed the high ankle sprain sapped his speed. So if he is healthy and plays as bad next year then they should cut him and eat the money

  50. BirdDoggers Says:

    Lovie better have a really good back up plan if he decides to keep Johnson.

  51. Iknowmorethanlovie Says:

    @ddneast & knuckledragger

    Before I call Wilson elite or a top QB I’d like to see him carry a team without a dominate D and run game. Dude threw for under 200 yards in 7 games and under 250 yards in another 5. In a passing league where the rules favor passing. I know he had Lynch, but if Lynch was shut down I can’t see Wilson being a Brady, Rodgers or Manning.

    With that said I’d love for him to be a Buc. Just don’t tell me he’s a top 10 QB like others.