Joe Talks Combine Chatter, 40-Time Silliness, Smoke, Quarterbacks & More

February 24th, 2015

joemugshotIt was time again for the notable JoeBucsFan Hour, when Joe joins the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve “The Big Dog” Duemig, every Tuesday at 5 p.m on WDAE-AM 620.

All kinds of stuff was on the docket, including chatter from Joe’s visit to the NFL Scouting Combine, a losing wager, and more.


14 Responses to “Joe Talks Combine Chatter, 40-Time Silliness, Smoke, Quarterbacks & More”

  1. knuckledragger Says:

    Sorry, can’t listen.

  2. knuckledragger Says:

    The fact that I’m too mad that my poker game got canceled combined with my boycott of Joe’s Jameis mancrush like Johnny last yr, and the fact that I cant STAND Duemig would probably push me so far over the edge that I ……….I……..I………might even not drink another beer and just go to bed.

  3. knuckledragger Says:

    why is my comment awaiting moderation. There are no cusswords ??????
    Jeesh this is lame. Im out.

  4. knuckledragger Says:

    Reminds me of BSPN before they went all Facebook on us yet their articles were mostly objective.

  5. knuckledragger Says:

    Where is Steve Brock when you need him? lol

  6. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    Steve keeps saying he isnt biased but he sure sounds like it. Also his weak attempt at not fully going on record saying Mariota is his pick with the he is my preference line. Well isnt that the samething?

    I like Mariota but sorry if I go with what the majority are saying about him becoming a pocket passer vs just the handful of guys like Polian and Landry who you only praise because they support your argument

    To keep harping on Winston’s 40 is also a waste of time

    Steve’s lack of fact checking is getting beyond ridiculous, Koetter has never run a spread offense and while he has ties going back to the 90’s at Oregon, it wasnt until Chip Kelly became coach that Oregon started running the spread.

  7. HolyBuc Says:

    Ian while Koetter doesn’t run a spread option like Oregon, he does use spread elements including no huddle. Oregon under Helfrich does use 4 vertical passing concept in their offense. Which Koetter has always been credited using the 4 vertical offense. I think that is where people get confused. There is a great video of Mariota and Rick Neuhisal breaking down some Oregon offense. If you check it out there is chalk board session at about the 18 min mark that talks directly about the 4 verticals inside Oregon’s spread offense.

  8. Howard Cosell Says:

    @knuckledragger Says:

    The fact that I’m too mad that my poker game got canceled combined with my boycott of Joe’s Jameis mancrush like Johnny last yr


    Lol, I’m surprised Joe didn’t swoon when he saw Winston at the podium.

    The thing with sweet Johnny last year was hilarious. This year I cut him
    slack because Winston really is a lot better QB than Manziel ever was.

    Winston is better pro QB, right now, than Mariota, but he has trucks of baggage. There’s no way to sugar coat it.

  9. IStillbleedOrange Says:

    I have seen too many drafts come and go in my time to get too excited about the possibility of getting one particular player, even with the 1st overall pick. The thing of it is, right now, with social media and superfast internet content, fans nowadays are just too impatient to do much more than beat their chests about their personal favorite, and to dismiss the idea that others might not see it that way…usually with a boatload of anonymous comments that would never be said to the insulted face to face.

    This whole Winston/Mariota debate is nothing more than hyperbole and information overload. I remember at the end of last season, someone saying that by losing, the Bucs managed to get the entire offseason focused on them. Well, we see that it has indeed happened that way. I mean, who’s still talking about the Super Bowl anyways?

    My take on the two QBs is this. Both are talented. Both are winners. Both have the intangibles to make it in the NFL. I have seen more QB’s than I can shake a stick at, and in my opinion, these two are the real deal. Both are smart, and will have a time of adjusting to the NFL. To say that one is more “Pro-ready” than the other is lunacy. It takes time to succeed. But they will, given time.

    The difference is, of course the off the field issues with one of them. To try and dismiss them as nothing more than a slight bump in the road isn’t going to wash in today’s NFL. 2014 was a PR nightmare for the NFL. Remember, this is the league that dedicated an entire month of subjecting fans to eyeball searing Pink additions to team uniforms…just to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a new NFL, who will be uber-quick to pull the trigger on anything deemed detrimental to the league’s “women friendly” image. That is, as soon as the Commisioner and his staff get their T’s crossed and I’s dotted, but when they do, woe to the next offender.

    With that in mind, put yourself in the shoes of the Front Office of the team that went 2-14 a year ago. If you make a mistake in choosing the QB, if the one you chose decides to implode, and you knew he had a history before you drafted him, you will never work in the NFL again. Perhaps a small risk, but a risk nonetheless. Which QB will you choose to risk your professional career and reputation on?

    If it were me, the risk of not choosing Winston and him succeeding elsewhere is smaller than the devastation that would occur in choosing him and the worst happens. But of course, it’s not my money or career on the line, so…regardless of who gets picked, I’ll just sit back and cheer for the Bucs like I have since Houston (Oilers) beat us 20-0 on that first day in ’76.

  10. Dre Says:

    In response to @ Ian_620WDAE:
    Koetter’s offenses at Boise St and Arizona St were fairly cutting edge for the time, not the fabled ‘pro style offense’ that is repeatedly being given as the reason for Winston being a can’t miss prospect. Also, an FYI that Oregon ran a spread-option type offense before Chip Kelly. Mike Belotti used it with Andy Ludwig and Gary Crowton as his OCs. Crowton left for LSU (he was living on borrowed time anyway, his offense would stall all the time). Chip is a fantastic football mind and took it to another level, but the concepts being used at Oregon didn’t just appear from Chip and Rich Rodriguez; guys from the West Coast coaching tree had been using different elements of the spread attack.

    @ HolyBuc knows what he’s talking about. Koetter has evolved from the time he was at Arizona State, but he’s never been a vanilla play caller like Bruce Arians or Rex Ryan. Koetter is an innovator, and any good coach has his plays determined by personnel. Look at what Chip Kelly has done with Nick Foles, and even Dirty Mark had his moments this year.

    I think Mariota would do well with tall targets like Jackson, Evans and Seferian-Jenkins. Don’t forget Evans had great success with Manziel. Three of Mariota’s favorite targets were Dwayne Stanford (6’5″ and not a speed merchant) Pharaoh Brown (6’7″ 265lb tight end) Evan Bayliss (6’7″ 260lb tight end) and Colt Lyerla (6’5″ 250 utility back/end/wr). Here’s him using a receiver’s height to his advantage on this great catch by Dwayne Stanford:
    (but that throw might not work in the NFL. Because. Pro-style offense or Mariota is too athletic or Bruce Arians hates him or something like that).

  11. grafikdetail Says:

    talk about making something out of nothing…”oh! oh! oh! he didn’t outright deny baseball” SMH

  12. lurker Says:

    you all can like the second-best qb prospect, i’ll take mr. winston #1, thank you very much.

    win, it’s in his name
    #winninwithwinston #justwinstonbaby

  13. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    my point with Kotter is if you listen to Steve he paints the picture that Mariota has already played in his offense which is false.

    Also the baseball talk is a non issue, he is no where near the baseball prospect that he is in football. If you read all of Peter King’s article he brings it up but also states he doesnt see it as a big deal.

  14. foghead407 Says:

    Mariotas passing game isnt that great. Just throws screens nonstop