Jameis Winston And Baseball

February 23rd, 2015


Maybe it is because Peter King of theMMQB.com wrote about it this morning, but Joe is starting to see a brushfire beginning to grow about Jameis Winston and baseball.

Yes, for those who aren’t familiar, Winston is a baseball pitcher. And a damned good one. His Florida State ERA last season was 1.08 and he had a strikeout/walk ratio of 31/7, and a fastball often clocked in the mid-90s.

For the longest time, Winston openly talked about his goal of being a two-sport star, much like his fellow Seminole Deion Sanders and his hometown homie Bo Jackson.

Difference is, Jackson and Sanders were not pitchers. Winston is a pitcher. And neither Jackson nor Sanders were quarterbacks.

Last week, when Winston finally held his press conference for the 1,071 assembled reporters in frozen Indianapolis, Joe asked him if his baseball career is over (you can hear Joe and see Winston’s reaction at the 2:27 mark).

As Corey Clark of the Tallahassee Democrat wrote (he, too was there for Winston’s press conference), Winston didn’t say no. He only said, “I’m a quarterback.” Later, with Steve Mariucci of the NFL Network, Winston said the same thing. “I’m a quarterback.” At no point did he say he was done with baseball.

Now this might not be as sinister as one may think. If Winston can’t make it in the NFL, there is always baseball to fall back on. Why would Winston give up on baseball when it could be his golden parachute?

Then again, the Bucs (or another NFL team) want a guy who is going to treat quarterbacking as a hobby?

Joe is going to guess that if the Bucs draft Winston, there will be a clause in his contract that he cannot play baseball, other than throwing out a first pitch or taking batting practice at the Fruitdome.

96 Responses to “Jameis Winston And Baseball”

  1. MTM Says:

    Winston should play baseball if he’s that good. There’s less chance of getting hurt, longer career arc and more money guaranteed.

  2. Celly Says:

    I’m sure it’ll be the same type of situation that Wilson has…

    Now i’ll just watch the rest of the comments as they try to claim that:

    If the Bucs draft Winston, he’ll just go play baseball.
    Or his heart is not really in football
    Or that “thugs” can’t play both sports….

  3. mikeh Says:

    JOE- I beat you to the punch joe lol. I said this two hours ago.

  4. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Imagine if Winston went to spring training like Russell Wilson did last year and is doing again….

  5. mike n Says:

    Winston will hold out, sign to pitch with the Royals and play for a few years. Somone like the raiders will take a late round flyer on Jameis and a few years down the line he will be an All pro QB while us Bucs fans will have another decade of losing and thinking about what mite have been. While the curse of doug willliams was extinguished by the Glazer, the curse of the Chucky firing still lives. We get the 1st pick in next years draft and either trade it for jimmy clausen or draft a DE out of clemson that never finds the qb.

  6. mike n Says:

    MTM…. not for a relif pitcher

  7. Joe Says:

    Imagine if Winston went to spring training like Russell Wilson did last year and is doing again….


  8. Alex Says:

    Yea except the burnout rate for baseball prospects is huge. Pitchers get hurt all the time. The money is only good if you have a sustained career. Once he signs his first contract in football he’s set for life

  9. pick6 Says:

    winston is a competitor. even as a closer, he probably doesn’t have the level of influence on the game’s outcome that he might desire. if he’s an elite closer, his career earnings might be higher, but he will not get a chance to make the kind of mark on the game that starting pitchers and top position players do. and definitely not the kind of legacy an NFL QB is capable of having. that being said, it’s a heck of a fallback. i bet josh freeman wishes he could throw a 95 mph fastball after his NFL career effectively ended at age 25

  10. bculaw Says:

    I think it is safe to assume that his vague answers to the questions are intentional. The question is “to what end?” Is it leverage? Is he keeping options open? Does he intend to try to play, and play soon? I’m a Winston fan, and want to see him in pewter next year, but the baseball draft is in June. He may not have a contract inked with an NFL team at that time. It is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. We don’t need another “Bo Knows Baseball” situation.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m surprised Winston lovers don’t point out that “At least he knows how to slide”

    As for baseball….didn’t Licht say he wants a player that “eats & breathes football”?

    I know his rookie contract is guaranteed….but MLB contracts are all guaranteed and he can make more money if he is really good….but that’s a big if.

    One more questionmark…..but I don’t think this is a big one..

    Except…we did have the Bo experience with our #1 pick….

  12. 77bassguitarist Says:

    Hey joe the “little dog” just grilled you guys for kissing winston’s butt…..lol it was funny

    Beautiful! –Joe

  13. DallasBuc Says:

    Oh the whining and crying about Winston by the host of the local sports radio show would be amusing if it wasn’t so sad. I think the old geyser is becoming completely unhinged by the notion that Winston is the consensus favorite right now! Well past time for that ridiculous man to hang it up.

  14. WS99 Says:

    He said “no sir I’m a football player” when asked if he’s still pitching. What am I missing?

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Joe is printing both sides now……I’m very happy about that because between the two….we’ll have a great QB….and, either one could be the choice.


  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo loves baseball….baseball has many of Pablo’s amigos….many more than football…..I think it is because where Pablo comes from….you can play baseball without goal posts….the only goal posts Pablo saw were from soccer. “But Pablo wants Winston to stick with football….Pablo would like to see Winston coached up by Jeff Garcia….maybe at Tenn”

  17. WS99 Says:

    I really can’t wait to read the comments in 4-5 years when Cordell Broadus enters the draft. That should be fun.

  18. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I still bounce on and off the fence for these guys. Neither are the ideal QB I dream of at night. But both will be excellent in the right situation. I love winstons Fire and personality. And I love mariotas focus and athleticism. Both are probably equal as far as talent go. Winston has a leg up in the pro style obviously. But I don’t take that as a negative on Mariota, he will adjust just fine in due time. Winston will have a learning curve himself. It’s a huge step from the ACC to the NFL.

    Idk I just can’t say either are a slam dunk. Winstons personality is why I like him, but it’s also why he is a risk. He’s a fun loving guy, and those guys can sometimes drift in a negative direction. Mariota is the safe play, you know he won’t do anything stupid, but he will maybe not be as good as winston in the long run. But then again Winston might not reach his full potential if he isnt focused on football the way a great QB should be.

  19. Skyline Crew Says:

    Russell Wilson and Kaepernick still play baseball. Why couldn’t Winston?

  20. Skyline Crew Says:

    I should edit the above^^^ They attend spring training for their teams. Don’t see why Winston couldn’t go to spring training for his team.

  21. PELBUC Says:

    Interesting. I would as JFF states put a clause in his contract (along with all the moral turpitude clauses)and if the contarct is not signed before the draft, then it’s Mariota. As much as i want to see JW in a Bucs uniform, I feel more comfortable with MM dealing with a 5-6 game losing streak.

  22. chris k Says:

    I wonder who the scout was that just said Winston is gonna be a bust and wasn’t buying his act in front of the camera’s at the combine. The story is in the Milwaukee Journal. Do you guys think that could a Packers scout? I wish we could get a name put on this. Maybe Joe with his media connections can get the bottom of who this scout is?

  23. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Big Dog just said that Jameis isn’t an athlete at all….Joe’s, when he says this tomorrow please direct him to this play:


  24. flmike Says:

    The Legacy Agency is his agent of record, they specialize in Baseball, Winston was their first non baseball athlete signing….hmmmm

  25. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    flmike, that’s completely wrong. They have NFL players but the majority of their business does come from MLB

  26. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    flmike, they list Suh, Reggie Bush and Tannenhill among their clients


  27. ndog Says:

    It is so funny Steve Dumeig brings up all the possible questions with Jameis but every time someone brings up questions about his boy he’s all love come on your telling me he won’t be able to do X. But yet every improbable thing he says against Jameis are huge red flags. Just like ESPN nitpick every little thing and the other person can do no wrong. Quick question big dumb ass, what is more dangerous stealing crab legs or going 80 in a 45 mph zone?

  28. Skyline Crew Says:


    They work with football players and golfers as well. Check their talent marketing link. They do talent marketing for them.

  29. WS99 Says:


    I found that statement hilarious. He not an athlete at all but he getting drafted by the NFL and the MLB. How many non-athletes can say that?

  30. WS99 Says:


    Who did 80 in a 45? You know Winston got pulled over once for going 55 in a 54.

  31. jfat Says:

    Only thing that bugs me about the baseball thing is his shoulder. It isn’t an issue now, but it could be quick if he keeps pitching, even on a limited basis/recreationally.

  32. ndog Says:

    If we draft Mariota and he sucks I will call his show to remind him how big of a idiot he is daily. He cannot judge talent to save his life. Yeah Freeman is great right Steve dude you have no idea what you are talking about, like always. A red flag to me is a guy that cannot huddle, throw on time, or lead comebacks. Those are red flags that actually effect football you know that thing that we are talking about. I am so sick of his nonsense on the air everyday. Please Joe light him up tomorrow!

  33. rayjay1122 Says:

    Wasn’t there a great QB who also was teetering on playing baseball for the Yankees back in the 83 draft??? I think his last name was Elway??? Yeah that guy really sucked!! Terrible QB and lousy NFL career!!! I am about as equal on my Winston vs Mariota support as it gets but this baseball thing is a non issue unless he tries to play both sports and does not have the time to dedicate to his QB craft and also throw in the injury issues being increased as a pitcher/QB but to say he is a lesser QB prospect due to his success as a pitcher is a little bit of a reach.

  34. Flmike Says:

    Talent marketing is not representation, it’s a different arena. Suh is represented by Jimmy Sexton…this is TLA’s first foray into NFL representation. But this was also a sidestep of NFL rules, as Winston was signed as a baseball prospect, not an NFL prospect, so he was actually able to sign earlier. A small wrinkle in the rules, but used wisely.

  35. ndog Says:

    Ws99 Mariota.

  36. DayOnePaul Says:

    Sign Hoyer.

    Trade Glennon for the Jets’ or the Bills’ or the Rams’ or the Broncos’ or the Steelers’ or the Bears’ or the Titans’ or the Giants’ or the Patriots’ or the Packers’ or the Saints’ or the Cowboys’ or the Texans’ or the Cardinals’ 2nd round pick.

    Draft Mariota.

    Problem(s) solved.

  37. ndog Says:

    Here you gohttp://www.oregonlive.com/ducks/index.ssf/2014/11/oregon_ducks_quarterback_marcu_20.html

  38. ndog Says:

    Dumeig just said I’m not sure if Dion played football at the same time. How do you host a talk show and not know that? Of course he played both at the same time. Dude this guy is a joke.

  39. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    I can’t believe I am typing this, but I like Steve Duemig more than Joe from JBF.

    Never would I have thought this day would have come.

    Joe you reached an all time low in my book… and I thought Manziel was your low.

  40. bucbucbuc Says:


    Add another plus to the Mariota column, apparently his speed is something to behold both on AND off the field (although I don’t condone reckless driving)

  41. ndog Says:

    But I would fear for my life every time I get in my car off we draft him. Therefore he’s off the board. Oh I forgot Steve the clueless did not bring it up so it must not matter.

  42. WS99 Says:


    Wow so he’s not perfect and he actually broke the law. Shocked! What will we do now with no squeaky clean choir boys to draft. Shucks!

  43. JSmalls Says:

    Is Mariota clutch?

  44. ndog Says:

    No j smalls Mariota is average at the next level, at best.

  45. Tom Edrington Says:

    Winston aspires to have the same body as CC Sabathia!

  46. WS99 Says:

    “Adam Schefter of ESPN passed along Todd McShay’s evaluation of Winston, saying he’s the second-highest quarterback prospect over the last decade, only behind Andrew Luck.”

  47. The Buc Realist Says:

    This just in, Mariota was speeding because he was going to save the puppies and kittens that Jamies was about to kick,,, As far as that is concerned!

  48. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:


    Mariota can drive a clutch, pretty well it seems. Does that count?

  49. Pete 422 Says:

    You said it Joe. Put it in his contract; No Baseball. Problem solved.

  50. PanthersSuck Says:

    The last baseball player the Bucs drafted turned out pretty well for us…

  51. Jack Says:

    Exactly, Joe.

  52. LargoBuc Says:

    Winston can win a cy young with the Rays 🙂

  53. knuckledragger Says:

    Hey ndog. Dollars to donuts if Dumeig were heaping praise on Winston in stead of dogging him you would say that Dumeig was the greatest thing since sliced bread and he was a savant.

  54. Erik with CleanAthletics.com Says:

    I don’t care about this baseball issue bcuz Lovie Smith wants a mobile QB, so we’re not drafting Winston regardless.

  55. Luther Says:

    @ndog sad fact is that I remember Deon taking a Helo to go from one game to another. Big Dog should change his name to Big Wind

  56. Skyline Crew Says:

    He can attend spring training just like Wilson and Kaepernik.

  57. knuckledragger Says:

    ndog Says:
    February 23rd, 2015 at 6:24 pm
    No j smalls Mariota is average at the next level, at best.
    How long have you been getting paid to evaluate players again?

  58. DraftJameis Says:

    I love the “everything regarding the Bucs leaning Winston is a smokescreen” crowd. If you can truly sit behind your computer and say with a straight face that you believe Mariota will be the choice, you are delusional. If the draft was tomorrow Jameis Winston would be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. The last time there was a major upset at #1 was Mario Williams being picked over Bush. Belittle the “insiders” all you want, but they’re usually pretty accurate when it comes to the first pick. Bitch and moan all you want, but putting your fingers in your ears and saying “lalalalala Mariota is the pick lalalalala” isn’t going to make it come true. Embrace Winston as the new face of the franchise.

  59. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Again….all of these comparisons are hilarious……Deon….

    Let’s throw in the big giant comparison….Bo Jackson…..#1 pick Tampa Bay Bucs….said no….played baseball..

    Obviously I am being facetious….but trying to make the point..


    Luck, Wilson, Brees, Russell, Leaf, Rodgers, Kaepernick, RG3, Brady, Vick,

    I’m sure I left someone out….perhaps Y.A. Tittle, Johnny U.

  60. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo wants more articles about food at the stadium (more important than QB) Pablo thinks the nachos & cheese $uck. Pablo would like to see a Taco Bar near the Pirate ship. Pablo thinks chicas will gather there if they can score good tacos”

  61. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


  62. clafollett Says:

    Winston wants to be in the NFL. He likes the spotlight. Baseball doesn’t offer the same level of famous being a top notch QB in the NFL would.

  63. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Clafollett

    Mariano Rivera would disagree….

  64. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Baseball: Better pay, better atmosphere, less chance of getting your head taken off, better chance of living past the age of 60.

    Glad Winston chose football, even knowing he might get drafted by our horrible team. That says something.

  65. clafollett Says:

    Possibly, but when you consider overall football viewer ship and the size of the fan bases between the two and I bet football has more household names per capita v baseball hands down. Especially with fantasy football.

    Mariano may be the rare exception. Very long carrier, hall of famer, a good dude, and a Yankee.

    Winston is no Mariano. No one ever will be.

  66. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ DraftJameis

    You wish the draft was tomorrow…..but it’s not.

    By the way….are you 87…because you make the same arguments about the #1 pick…
    You are right…most Mocks (nearer to the draft) do get that right…but this year we have a pre-draft QB controversy….usually they get it right because it involves an obvious team need….so you may have a team that doesn’t need a QB….imagine if the Raiders or Jags were picking first this year…..easier to predict..because it would likely be a trade down or someone other than a QB.

    And….I don’t think they are smokescreens….more like trial baloons!!!

  67. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    trial balloons

  68. Meat Says:

    He won’t pick a sport- meaning once again he is all about ME! If he cannot commit to the franchise and thus the sport, he cannot be the number one overall player taken. Guy has all sorts of concerns off the field, and has just added another to the list. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!

  69. Eric Says:

    A non issue. But how can a man win the Heisman and have a 1.08 Era and not be an athlete?

    More to being an athlete than 40 times.

  70. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Saying Winston is not as athletic as Mariota is not the same as saying Winston is not an athlete.

  71. Gt40bear Says:

    People, people, people! Relax! This is the Bucs we’re talking about here! Of course they will pick one of the two “concensus” franchise QBs. He will melt down and be a bust in Tampa, sign with someone else and become a Hall of Famer with them! We ALL know it’s coming so relax because it won’t matter which one they choose. Curse of the Foo Foo del Gato is back…in spades! Jk

  72. Luther Says:

    Winston will not be a bust

  73. ndog Says:

    Not really I was firmly against Freeman ever being great and he thought he was great. I never will think he knows what he is talking about as all he does is contradict himself over and over. Like when he said no one throws picks in the first half and comes back in THE NFL WHEN ripping Winston but in the next breath said Wilson just did it. Also he hates when his callers use stats but all he has and uses with Mariota are stats. Contradiction after contradiction every day be he still keeps his job. It is crazy.

  74. BoJim Says:

    jfat Says:

    Only thing that bugs me about the baseball thing is his shoulder. It isn’t an issue now, but it could be quick if he keeps pitching, even on a limited basis/recreationally.

    That’s what I was thinking. Throwing a 90 mph fastball is not real good for the shoulder.

  75. dougismyhero Says:

    just a thought

  76. Hawk Says:

    ndog Said:

    “Contradiction after contradiction every day be he still keeps his job.”

    The reason is because “every day” someone is still listening to Dumbgig.

    “It is crazy.”

    Yes, it is. I still have not listened to him since Brantley decked him. It can never get any better than that.

  77. DraftJameis Says:


    My point is that proclaming Mariota will be drafted by us is ludicrous at this point in time. People who hate Jameis Winston are in denial that he is going to be our QB. It’s one thing to say: “Dang, I think Mariota should be our guy but I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s not going to happen. Sigh.” Instead, there are still utterly delusional people who believe that Mariota has the inside track. Unless Winston f’s up between now and April 30 (possible), he’s a Buc. Point blank.

  78. RickyBell Says:

    it’s funny to me that so many of you name call steve dumig yet you can recite every line from his show. I think that many of you are fans of his show but don’t realize it. Personally I disagree with his stance on the QB issue but acknowledge and respect that the argument is entertaining. Hahahaha he is probably reading all these hate comments with a big ole grin know that ya’ll are glued to his every word and that his ratings are probably through the roof.

  79. JSmalls Says:

    jfat Says:

    Only thing that bugs me about the baseball thing is his shoulder. It isn’t an issue now, but it could be quick if he keeps pitching, even on a limited basis/recreationally.

    That’s what I was thinking. Throwing a 90 mph fastball is not real good for the shoulder.

    You know what’s worse than that, not being flexible in the shoulder. Did you see the shoulder flex drill at the combine? Mariota has zero flexibility in his arms… Winston was able to go 90 degrees with his arms behind his back. That’s why Mariota sprained his shoulder in the NC, because he’s got stiff shoulders. It’s another reason why the ball just fires out of his hand. I though Mariota threw well but the effort he uses to make the throws are a night/day difference.

  80. Firethecannons Says:

    He can gain all the weight he wants after eating mommas cooking. You don’t have to be an athlete to be good in baseball.

  81. Bucsqb12 Says:

    Curse of Bo Jackson!!!

  82. Brandon Says:

    The good news is that the Bucs get to negotiate with whichever players they are considering drafting. If they don’t think they can get Winston to sign a football only contract, move onto plan B. There is little risk with Winston and baseball from a Buccaneer perspective.

  83. Eric Says:

    You know our ex QB Josh MCCown ran a 4.57 40 at the combine……

    Didn’t set the world on fire.

  84. SuperSam Says:

    “That’s the price we gotta pay because we quarterbacks, baby!” Winston says. “We get all the women, all the love, all the fun. We touch the ball every play. Us and the center. Every damn play. Don’t ya’ll love it?” JACKASS SAID THIS AT THE MANNING PASSING ACADEMY.

  85. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    SillySam…tricks are for kids. You better get used to Winston saying a lot of things.

  86. chris k Says:

    @Super Sam. Did Winston really say that? Any audio or video or audio? That would not be good for us at all.

  87. Pat Says:

    Choose wisely L&L. Good Read below:

    Through the coming months hundreds of players will be entering the gauntlet of the NFL Draft process. The players will be poked, prodded, tested and questioned. Yet teams must make judgement calls on what is otherwise a complete crap shoot. Teams must weigh pros and cons of each possible prospect and determine their value in terms of NFL Draft pick and round.

    While trying to select a quarterback in the NFL Draft can change the fate of a franchise for better or worse. A hit at the most important position on the field and the team could be a perennial contender for the next decade. A miss can set back a roster years, as the personnel will have to be retooled long after the bust is gone. Along with the head coach and front office are usually dissembled after striking out at quarterback during the NFL Draft.

    But teams seem to never learn when it comes to their evaluation process of signal-callers. There has been one consistent trait that leads to failure at quarterback in professional football: Immaturity. It seems every off season some team becomes overzealous to find a franchise player in the NFL Draft. Willingness to ignore the warning signs leads to teams ending back up in the bottom third in the league, while still scrambling to fill that all too valuable position.

    Though not all NFL Draft busts at quarterback had the ‘Immaturity’ label, yet all who had that label have not lived up to expectations. Over the past thirty years, there have been a long list of ultra-talented prospects that would simply disappoint throughout their careers. Those who cannot handle the responsibilty as the team leader, while simply burning out with teams over a period of time.

    Courtesy: NY Daily News
    Courtesy: NY Daily News
    The Indianapolis Colts selected quarterback Jeff George with the first overall pick in the 1990 NFL Draft. After four years, the Colts had to move on from the immature gun-slinger and traded him to the Atlanta Falcons. Teams kept banking on his head catching up to his arm talent, but he consistently left them with only glimmers of what could have been. George was signed by eight different teams during his 15 year career.

    The league so the likes of the 2nd pick in the 1998 NFL Draft in Ryan Leaf blow up…literally. Luckily for the Indianapolis Colts, they did not make the same mistake with the top pick for the second time and pass up on Peyton Manning for his services. Leaf was out of the league in just four volatile years and left the San Diego Chargers back to the draft board.

    Quarterbacks Tim Couch, Michael Vick, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell and Josh Freeman all had questions before the NFL Draft about their maturity level to handle to position. Only Vick (who arguably is the most physically talented of the bunch) is still in the league and is relegated to back up duty at this point. He also had to spend a year and a half in prison for his dog-fighting conviction.

    Now the new class of quarterbacks has its own immature flame outs. Robert Griffin III has rubbed people the wrong way within the Washington Redskins organization with his off season antics and campaigns. He may be on his way out relatively soon after just three seasons, even though the team mortaged their future on him with three first round picks.

    Geno Smith’s immaturity issues contributed to him falling into the second round where the New York Jets selected him. Not before he stormed out of the actual NFL Draft and fired his agent since he was left waiting to be hearing his named called for an extra 24 hours. He has spent his first two years as one of the worst quarterbacks in the league in most of the prominent passing categories.

    Courtesy: NY Daily News
    Courtesy: NY Daily News
    While the ultimate lightning rod of immature quarterbacks in Johnny Manziel saw his rookie season finish in utter failure for the Cleveland Browns. He made more headlines for his off-field antics than his actual play. Manziel saw action in three games and did not resemble a NFL quarterback in any form. Early results would deem the franchise wasted the 22nd pick (which they received for Trent Richardson from the Indianapolis Colts) on a player that advertised his blatant lack of maturity throughout his college career.

    And now Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston finds his name floated around the top overall players entering the NFL Draft. Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be willing to select him first overall in hopes that the NFL will change his ways? Though a player with all the intangibles that any team could ask for on the field, it is his off-field issues that may hold him back. Will Winston be the one to break the trend for those quarterbacks with the immature label? It is doubtful, yet some team will take that risk and make up excuses for why those issues can be overlooked.

    But in the end, the saying goes “the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same exact thing and expect different results.” This certainly applies to NFL Draft when it comes to immature quarterbacks. Teams have thought for decades that they can change the course of the unfledged signal-callers. But by all means they shouldn’t really rely on history to pick their possible faces of their franchise. Right?

  88. Joe Says:

    Though not all NFL Draft busts at quarterback had the ‘Immaturity’ label, yet all who had that label have not lived up to expectations.

    Don’t remember hearing of anyone suggesting Brett Favre was bound for Canton when he was drafted. Yet he had the same label.

  89. McBuc Says:

    Bo Jackson need to go back and read the street of why he refused to play for Tampa Bay.

  90. FortMyersDave Says:

    McBuc Says:

    “Bo Jackson need to go back and read the street of why he refused to play for Tampa Bay.”

    Two words of why Bo spurred the Bucs back in the ’80s: Hugh Culverhouse; its amazing that the Bucs only had the one winless season under that miserly tax attorney who wore the world’s loudest creamsicle sportcoat that only Don Cherry or Craig Sager could love….. Hugh should have listened to Bo’s threat and drafted Tony Casillas out of Oklahoma first and let the Falcons grab Jackson, but Hugh was probably happy as he did not have to pay for a first round pick that season and Casillas was not goping to comer much cheaper than Bo….

  91. flmike Says:

    “Don’t remember hearing of anyone suggesting Brett Favre was bound for Canton when he was drafted. Yet he had the same label.”

    I believe the article was talking to “Face of the Franchise” QBs, Favre was never drafted to be the face of the Falcons, he was drafted as a project, then through his play proved he was a franchise QB after Holmgren and Thompson traded for him.

  92. McBuc Says:

    Dave. Exactly. My voice text did not works right this morning. I am sick of people using Bo as an example of why we should not draft a guy that also plays baseball in college. Those people either forgot or don’t know what happened.

  93. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    mikeh Says
    “JOE- I beat you to the punch joe lol. I said this two hours ago.”

    Actually, there are a couple people here that said it days ago (not me, but it was in the back of my mind, lurking).

  94. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe Says
    “Don’t remember hearing of anyone suggesting Brett Favre was bound for Canton when he was drafted. Yet he had the same label.”

    That’s a very good, valid point.

    Then again, refresh my mind on what Favre was known for before being drafted? Drinking? Rebel-rousing?

    Was there a rape charge in there? A theft charge? Was there an instance of him standing on a table yelling obscenities at women?

  95. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    McBuc Says
    “Dave. Exactly. My voice text did not works right this morning. I am sick of people using Bo as an example of why we should not draft a guy that also plays baseball in college.”

    How about this one? Why did a have a baseball-related weak arm to the point of needing testing…when he hasn’t played baseball recently?

    He threw fine at the combine, and that’s great. He actually scored a few points with me. HOWEVER, there are a lot of small red flags about him.

    His picks.

    His weak arm (something that happens in the later years for football QBs, so does that mean he won’t last as long?)

    His behavior toward his coach in the Rose Bowl.

    His treatment of his own players in the Rose Bowl.

    His seeming inability to learn from mistakes.

    And a ton of other minor red flags that gain momentum as they add up.

    It’s not unfair judgement. It’s not hatred (though I would imagine a lot of women hate him). It’s simply seeing things that raise concerns.

  96. Vorbs Says:

    Boy I miss Booger and even Mark Ryan on the afternoon drive time! At least Joe and D-Brooks makes it somewhat bearable!