Jameis Watch: “Excitement”

February 2nd, 2015
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Hall of Famer Michael Irvin checks in with Joe

Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, former national champion Jameis Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback to wear No. 5 ever in the state of Florida.

One person Joe grabbed for but one question during Super Bowl Media Day was Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin. The dude had like 20 folks surrounding him wanting to ask questions when Joe asked him how are the Bucs going to be able to turn around from the franchise’s lowest point in some 30 years.

Irvin was quick to answer — and answer with strong, emotional authority — that the secret for the Bucs’ rebirth is Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

“Lovie is going to get Jameis Winston,” Irvin said. “He is going to get some excitement on his offense. He’s going to pair Winston with that young guy Mike Evans and, man, they will be off and running. They will have a pretty good nucleus with those two and the defense that he has and what he has him Tampa. I think Lovie is in a good position.”

NFL types are a little different than most fans, as the prospects coming out of college next year and sometimes in two years influence their draft decisins. Joe doesn’t see any decent pro-style quarterbacks coming out next year, and if there are, they likely will be one-year wonders (read: Akili Smith).

And the Bucs are going nowhere until they get a quarterback. Hence, drafting Winston.

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  1. Barry Says:

    Joe, if Bucs would’ve listed to you, Snoop Dog, or the CommisHSKI our Franchise QB would be in Rehab today. Thoughts?

  2. Wombat Says:

    Don’t hate on Joe… Joe is just a fan like you and I with an opinion. He just has a website and is more motivated when it comes to being a fan. Luckily for us he isn’t the coach or GM of this team or we would be in a bigger mess!!!!

  3. Chris Says:

    Haha this is the worst suggestion since you said we needed Manziel last year. You love prospects with issues don’t you ?

  4. Chris Says:

    Especially qb prospects that can potentially implode your franchise. ?

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    “the secret for the rebirth of the Bucs is Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.”

    That’s not a secret. In fact it couldn’t be more obvious. All you have to do is watch the young man play football. Screw the “character concerns” – draft the best player and develop a plan that will help him succeed. Simple as that…

  6. Senor Mofo Says:

    This is just comical. The idea that we will draft Jameis Winston is absurd.

    I’m assuming that the Joe’s are full-grown men, and even they must realize how goofy the idea of drafting Jameis Winston over Marcus Mariota is.

    Move on, people.

    With the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select . . . Marcus Mariota.

    Rehearse it in your mind, because that is exactly what you will hear April 30.

  7. Pat Says:

    Wait, which one is Leaf..and which one is Manning….de ja vu? Hopefully you do not flip flop this B U C S!

  8. Pirate Marcus Says:

    Think it’s time to move to Marriota Monitoring. With Joe’s QB wet dream Johnny Football now in rehab, it will only solidify the Bucs steering away from this head case and multimillion dollar mistake in waiting.

  9. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    But, but but…..he said a naughty word that one time!!! He’s undraftable and the Glazers know they’ll never sell another season ticket eva if they draft him!!!11!!1

  10. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Senor Mofo will be nowhere to be found on draft day.

    Bank on it.

    Why? Because Jameis Winston IS coming to Tampa.

    His reasoning for Winston not being drafted by the Bucs is, because he said so.

  11. Cody Says:

    Imo Winston is the perfect fit…Him and Evans would be dynamic together…

  12. bucrightoff Says:

    Mr. Williams or Mr. Mariota, the only two players Lovie is remotely considering. Jameis is like other emotionally immature players and will scare Lovie far away. Bible study with Marcus or F her in the P at Publix with Jameis? I’m sure Lovie’s gonna struggle with that one.

  13. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Excitement? Nope, more like nausea

  14. Nick2 Says:

    Im not sure what everyone is seeing Marcus Mariota. The guy threw to wide open receivers by virtue of the system they ran and alot of shorter routes to boot. I like his speed running but unless we are going to start running the spread offense just like Chip Kelly has then I think we will be drooling over whoever gets Winston over us.

    Evey expert like Winston except Tony Dungy and Rich Gannon.

    I say take Winston and lets begin to have some offensive production not wait a year or two for Mariota to “develop”

  15. Nick2 Says:

    By the way wasn’t Mike Glennon going to “develop” too?????

  16. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Cody
    Evans and Jackson make any QB look good. All he has to do is just throw the ball up for them

  17. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Ryan Leaf + JaMarcus Russell = Jameis Winston

  18. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    “Irvin was quick to answer — and answer with STRONG, EMOTIONAL AUTHORITY
    — that the secret for the Bucs’ rebirth is Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.”

    What else do you need to know?

    Irvin couldn’t be more clear. You people had better be prepared for hearing that name. As it gets closer to the draft I’m sure it will slowly sink into your thick skulls that it’s going to happen.

    How many more analysts from now until draft day do you need to hear from, before it sinks in?

    Does Lovie need to come right out and tell you point blank?

    They tanked the last game for a reason. Not to trade down or take the 2nd best QB in Marcus I’m Not Ready For The Pros Mariota.

    Perhaps if Jesus Christ would come down from Heaven and set you straight. Though some of you would laugh and say he doesn’t know what he’s talking about anyways.

    The draft can’t get here fast enough for me. There’s a few people I want to see squirm on this site for the venom they spew at this kid on a daily basis. Then again, when his name gets called we probably won’t see that much of them for the first few weeks after the draft. So long…good riddance!

  19. Hector Says:

    Simple reason why Lovie won’t draft Mariota is because he went 2 & 14, Lovie took a bad team and made it worse.

    Lovie will start out the season the hot seat and cannot afford to have another horrible season.

    Mariota will have to sit for at least year in order to be able to be ready to start. Lovie is not drafting for the next coach.

    Winston give him the best chance immediately to at least come close to .500 record. Case anything less ane gets canned!

  20. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Everybody look out, 87 has Winston Wood again!!!

  21. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Mr. Patrick Says:
    February 2nd, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    “@ Cody
    Evans and Jackson make any QB look good. All he has to do is just throw the ball up for them.”

    Is that a ready made excuse I’m reading for when Jameis does come and performs well?

    Or Perhaps Glennon and McCown looked like all-pros because of Evans an Winston. HA HA HA HA

    You’ve got NOTHING!

  22. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Evans and Jackson made McCown and Glennon look like REALLY good QB’s.

    So says Mr Patrick.

  23. bucrightoff Says:

    The fit 87 is gonna throw when they pass on Jameis will be legendary. As Bart Scott infamously said “Can’t Wait!”

  24. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Does your wife know that another man gives you wood, or did the Jameis jammies give you away?

  25. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Bucrightoff
    I know, right? lol 87 is going to need a bag to breathe into

  26. WS99 Says:

    With the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Leonard randy Williams Gregory. Then wait for it ….. With the 22 pick in the NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade down to select Denzel Perryman from The U.

    You see what I did there? It’s like when Tampa drafted me and DB55

  27. Pat Says:

    Unless 87 is indeed lovie, I am not buying it.

  28. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Both Eveans and Jackson had over 1000 yarde. Do you think they were throwing the ball to themselves?

  29. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ WS99
    I LIKE IT!!!

  30. WS99 Says:


    Didn’t Irvin and crew predict a playoff birth for lovie n the bucs? The only one of these guys who has a clue is Marshall Faulk, ask him what he thinks Joe.

  31. WS99 Says:


    My crystal ball is on point. I’m NEVER wrong (except that one time).

  32. Cody Says:

    If Lovie wants to keep his job he better fix this offense…and the first step towards achieving that goal is drafting Winston…

    Our defense would have been alot better and could have avoided a lotta injuries if they weren’t on the field so long…Too many 3 & Outs and FG’s…TD’s is the name of the game and a DL can’t throw TD passes…

  33. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Cody
    I think that the Bucs have already taken the biggest step in improving the offense and that is hiring an offensive coordinator since Bucs were the only team in the NFL last year without one

  34. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Leonard Williams + GMC = Championships

  35. Dreambig Says:

    Winston to Evans is kinda like Winston to Kelvin Benjamin. We all know How damaging that combo was. That might make me an excited Buc fan for a change. The thought of Mariota is kinda like eating Luke warm soup, it still good but …..

  36. rayjay1122 Says:

    There is plenty of time until we our ready make “the pick” for the Bucs to completely evaluate the best prospects in this draft class. We desperately need a franchise QB but I would not be shocked if they go for a safer pick that also fills a need like DE,DT or OL and then try to get back into the 1st round to grab a QB if one starts to slide a little. I am no Winston fan right now, but if we select him I will certainly become one. I really not sure if there is a QB worth the 1st pick but then again, we have a huge need and may have to take a gamble. I am not even referring to character either when it comes to my uncertainty about these two guys but I am not sold on their skill levels. Winston from all accounts is more pro ready but I do not see him being anything more than average if he stays out of trouble I think Mariota will be boom or bust and Winston will be consistently mediocre. JMO.

  37. bucsfan4lyf Says:

    Can’t wait to see all the FSU and Winston fans cry when we select the better QB prospect Marcus Mariota. SUPER MARIO!!!!

    It’s going to be LEGEN…. wait for it


  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I can see why Irvin is so supportive of Winston….He, himself was accused of sexual assault and the accuser was eventually found out to be lying…..Irvin also played with a checkered past and still made the HOF.

    It seems to me that it is much easier for others to accept or overlook accusations, especially if the have no skin in the game…..it will be more difficult for the Glazers to look the other way with Winston.

  39. Couch Fan Says:

    If lovie is foolish enough to compound the mistake of not drafting Winston, by drafting Mariota. He will be gone by the end of next season. And we will be starting over again.

  40. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Bucsfan4lyfe
    From a marketing and promotional level, what would be the easiest and best ploy to promote – Fans at Ray Jay chanting “Super Matio, Super Mario” or “No Means No, No Means No”?

  41. BoltIsle Says:

    Interesting that accusers have been found to lie.

    Reading these threads, it’s guilty until proven innocent. The morality police goes into overdrive passing judgement.

    Mariota appears to be the one slipping. In addition, why avoid going to George Whitfield’s? Would only have helped him, but didn’t want to work with the competition. Sounds like he’s not making good decisions in preparation for the draft.

    If we get a RG type offer, all for trading. Doubt that will happen though.

  42. Architek Says:

    Better get a OL….

  43. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Can’t you guys at least get your comparisons to make sense?

    Patrick just trolls these comments saying Winston = Leaf / Russel. Another compared him to Manziel.

    Do you realize those guys all had substance abuse issues and questions about work ethic and leadership? Those aren’t the issues with Winston…

    You just make yourself look bad.

  44. Couch Fan Says:

    Do you realize those guys all had substance abuse issues and questions about work ethic and leadership? Those aren’t the issues with Winston…


    Common sense. It’s refreshing.

  45. JSmalls Says:

    Guess who’s record Mariota broke to have the best all time interception per pass attempts record? Come on Mariota fan boys you should know this!

  46. nybucsfan424 Says:

    28 INT 2 years that’s the guy i want !!!! Welcome aboard Winston

  47. ndog Says:

    I want to see what all these people are saying if we do draft Mariota and he is the very average qb I (and many others ) fully expect him to be. I mean the guy is about as lackluster a leader I have ever seen at the qb position. I frankly don’t even know how he is even being talked about as the possible #1 overall pick. I think he is boarder line a 2nd round pick myself. Put it this way if my team was playing a team with him at qb I would not be one bit worried about him bringing his team back in the final minute cause once the running game is gone he is average at best.

  48. Watchman57 Says:

    in my humble opinion, I really don’t think that there is a franchise QB in this draft. If I were the Bucs my first effort would be to try to trade out of that spot. That may be easier said than done however since I don’t see a team willing to give up premium picks needed to move up to be able to draft one of these guys. So the Bucs may actually get stuck with the #1 pick in the draft and if that’s the case I would like to see them draft the defensive lineman out of Southern Cal, Leonard Williams. If the Bucs are willing to be patient with Mr. Mariota then they can pick him and teach him in their system. As far as Mr. Winston he will be a totally unknown quantity that you would know that you were taking a large wager with you might seriously regret later on down the road. With the #1 pick in the draft you are in the driver’s seat so drive safely not risky and don’t have a wreck. And that is my humble opinion

  49. Skyline Crew Says:

    As soon as he said that defense, I knew he didn’t know what he was talking about. Our defense isn’t good.

  50. JSmalls Says:

    Safe is death – Know that! Geno Smith, yep, that’s who held the best interception per pass attempts percentage until Marcus came along. Guess what those two have in common.

  51. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Lord Corny
    Russell won a National Championship and was praised for his work effort by his college head coach. Leaf was a major talent that a lot of the draft experts felt should have gone #1 even though he had a few character concerns.
    Any of this sound familiar?
    Come on man, get YOUR facts straight

  52. Skyline Crew Says:

    Mariota and Geno have nothing in common.

  53. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I hate how u guys think ur stating facts. NEWS FLASH!!!! Ur not. Everyone can make a valid point, but to be a complete douche about it is ridiculous.

  54. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    NFL.com has weaknesses for Winston:

    WEAKNESSES Decision making not consistent with his football intelligence. Will throw into impossible windows rather than taking safe throw underneath. Elongated windup and release allows instinctive defenders to close on throws. Was too easily baited into dangerous throws. Struggled with intermediate passing game in 2014, completing 56.8 percent of his passes with FBS-leading 11 interceptions in that range. Still learning nuances of position and how to move and hold defenders with his eyes. Would sleepwalk through first half of many games. Inconsistent footwork and weight transfer caused balls to sail. Prone to emotional outbursts on field. Quality of decision-making drops off substantially when pocket becomes turbulent and he’s forced to leave it. Lacks athleticism to extend plays for very long outside of the pocket. Off-the-field character and ability to lead on NFL level are his primary obstacles, according to NFL evaluators.

  55. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    BOTTOM LINE Winston is a big, highly competitive pocket passer who played in a pro-style offense and showed an ability to anticipate throwing windows, scan the entire field and make the NFL throws. His wind-up delivery and marginal mobility outside the pocket are reminiscent of Byron Leftwich, but his arm talent and issues with decision making are more in line with Eli Manning’s. Winston’s football potential is clearer than so-called “system” or “one-read” quarterbacks, but every stone must be overturned in an attempt to piece together a predictive character profile on Winston. Winston’s supreme confidence might be considered arrogance by some, but even that trait will be alluring to teams who need to find a franchise quarterback.

  56. JSmalls Says:

    Geno and Mariota are out the same mold…

  57. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Skyline
    I hope that 87 doesn’t see that or he’ll have a heart attack, lol

  58. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    TBBF FTW!!!

    It seems to me that it is much easier for others to accept or overlook accusations, especially if the have no skin in the game…..it will be more difficult for the Glazers to look the other way with Winston.

    The selection of Famous will have nothing to do with Lovie or Licht much less Michael Irvin or Joe or any of us. Sorry 87.

    It’s a freaking BUSINESS!! It may be a sport to us but the Glazers will look at this like businessmen. They do not have the passion of FSU folks like 87 and they probably won’t wish to take such a huge gamble with MILLIONS of THEIR dollars.

    I could certainly be wrong about the Glazers decision but I do believe TBBF and I are right when it comes to who will have the final say. If the Glazers can’t feel comfortable with Famous than he ain’t coming to Tampa.

    And forget the DB endorsement. For all we know that was done for show so that he doesn’t lose any FSU cred. Again he has no skin in the game. And if the Bucs go another direction DB can always say it wasn’t his fault.

  59. JSmalls Says:

    There’s only one way to market in the NFL – Winning. They’ll draft the dude that they perceive will bring more wins. If you over think in business you fail.

  60. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    JSmalls Says:
    February 2nd, 2015 at 8:55 pm
    Geno and Mariota are out the same mold…

    HAHAHAHA stop. I have laughed so hard in awhile. Good one.

  61. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Interesting that accusers have been found to lie.

    According to the preponderance of evidence in study after study that number is somewhere between 4-8%. Yep 9 out of ten dudes are actually guilty. Why play the odds though. Why even comment on the freaking case.

    Yes the woman has credibility issues because many of you Jameis jock sniffers find her to be a gold digger. And I certainly accept that when a “Famous” person gets accused I suspect the odds shift from that 9 out of ten.

    On the other hand jocks and in particular football players are well known to have their testosterone levels hamper their brains. The little head thinking for the big head and of course the fact that their entire lives they’ve been given a pass.

    Bottom line: It’s easy to see how either the woman OR Jameis have lied. And of course the truth may lie somewhere in the middle.

    It doesn’t matter! He IS innocent until proven guilty. That’s not the same as being exonerated. The Tallahassee police scrwd Jameis just as badly as the woman. An actual trial would haver either cleared Jameis or convicted him.

    Meanwhile Jameis lovers after reading the report on the BB gun I can only say you all are lucky he is still alive!!! A woman phones in a report that young black dudes are firing a pistol!!! What if George Zimmerman had wandered the neighborhood? Jameis would be pushing up daisies right now. What if the Tallahassee cops were like the Cleveland cops who immediately drew down and killed a 13 year old for doing EXACTLY what Jameis and his buds did?

  62. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I will say this though. If Lovie drafts Mariota and then doesn’t play to his strengths it is a wasted pick. Otherwise, go with the statue that is Winston.

  63. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I haven’t* laughed so hard.

  64. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    “If you over think in business you fail.”

    Wow such wisdom and business acumen on a sports blog. Was that one of Steven Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people. Don’t over think?

    Maybe from one of Drucker’s books?

  65. JSmalls Says:

    My buddies son shot at BB gun at a UPS truck at age 12 and accidentally hit the driver. He got in trouble and his life spiraled down hill… Currently an A student and leaning toward UF.

    Give up on our youth!

  66. JSmalls Says:

    No books, real world experience as a business owner. As strange as it may sound, doing seems to be more affective than overthinking… But that shouldnt be a surprise.

    The Bucs have been overthinking instead of doing since Gruden got canned and I believe that’s fairly accurate. I’m on the Winston bandwagon but Mariota wouldn’t make me cringe, but to think the Glaziers are going to be analyzing marketability and other nonsence in regards to this pick is silly. They need wins, everything else will follow.

  67. #4 Says:

    Jameis is no ManHeil has a drug or alcohol problem and is immature on a different level of Winston. Winston did things that a young person does Johnny does things that a weak minded immature person does in my opinion. Winston acted like a kid and need to grow up. Easy to fix. I checked myself in the rehab boy has a bigger issue caused by a health issue.

  68. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    How long ago did this happen? Is your brother black. If he is have him try it again in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood or in Cleveland!!!

    You do realize that is EXACTLY what happened to Tamir Rice, a 13 year old shooting a bb gun in broad daylight!

    My point is hardly that Rice or Jameis were wrong for playing with BB guns or that Trayvon Martin was wrong to walk home to his father’s place.

    My point was and remains that Jameis is lucky that either the Tallahassee police recognized him(doubtful at the beginning since they orginally cuffed the dudes) or that the TPD is far more professional than many other departments, certainly Cleveland PD.

  69. Mr. Patrick Says:

    “Your killing me Smalls!!”
    Did your buddy’s son also steal, vandalize and get accused of Rape?

  70. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    “They need wins, everything else will follow.”

    I and I believe the Glazers and virtually every poster on this blog agree with you there.

    IF Jameis comes to town I’ll be rooting for him…unless he screws up of course.
    What they are trying to determine is if he’ll screw up. It’s the pattern not the rape accusations that are disturbing. For example EVERYBODY could have looked past his F her in the p comments IF he wasn’t under investigation for that rape allegation. Any bonehead knows to lay low until the heat is off.

  71. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Come to grips Buc fans come to grips.

    Although it was a no-brainer, last draft I was telling everyone the pick was going to be Evans for 2 months straight.

    I won’t be wrong this draft as well.

    Come to grips!

  72. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Charlie Campbell of Walter Football says that one of his scouting directors told him that Winston’s off-field character issues “are very reall and much more than advertised”

  73. JSmalls Says:

    No, but he doesn’t leave for school until the fall. I’m pretty sure he’ll be looking to take girls home from the club, take advantage of freebies from fast food/grocery store connections and might curse. But overall he’s a good kid… Made some mistakes, might make some more but overall a good kid.

  74. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ 87, lol, stop patting yourself on the back, we all knew Evans was coming here for months

  75. Mr. Patrick Says:

    “Your killing me Smalls”
    If the guy did do all of that, then in no way is he a good kid, he’s a problem

  76. Skyline Crew Says:

    All of us except Joe and the Johnny Football fan club.

  77. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Skyline
    After this draft, Joe will be 0-3

  78. JSmalls Says:


    But the underlying variable in all this is wins… We agree. In the NFL you need a QB to have SUSTAINABLE success and that’s why off the field issues aren’t weighed as heavy as on field issues because ultimately success is determined on the field. I was never on the Manziel bandwagon due to his lack of leadership reported the spring after the Heisman win. He was missing spring functions, hungover at youth football camps and shooting selfies with Drake. Do you see Winston clamoring for the spotlight or hear reports concerning lack of leadership or work ethic – Those are off the field issues that concern me.

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that Winston has had zero issues since being benched for the Clemson game. You know he was embarrassed and sick for doing that to his team. I just feel that Jameis will have that chip on his shoulders even if he’s drafted #1 because the haters will still be there. He’s going to come in here and work his tail off and that will be a boon for the Bucs – But this is purely conjecture.

  79. lurker Says:

    same old crap…

  80. lurker Says:

    “Evans and Jackson make any QB look good. All he has to do is just throw the ball up for them”

    just ask seattle how that works out. you need a qb to make all the throws, into tight windows, not just jump balls and misthrows over the middle.

    say no to mariotta

  81. ufcguy Says:

    Take the qb! Winston is coming

  82. lurker Says:

    glazers throw millions away on coaches all the time because they want to win. same with players. winston gives them the best chance to win. it is an investment into their franchise to pick the best player…that is jameis

    keep your tiny business minds outta here, you are not close to the glazers.

  83. JSmalls Says:

    Mr. Patrick, you never had a buddy work somewhere and get hooked up with anything? Maybe like a few free weeks at a gym or perhaps a free pizza from a buddy who delivered them while attending school? Now I’m telling on myself to defend the Bucs #1 overall pick. Hell, my wife use to serve us alcohol underage at Ballyhoo’s in citrus park back in day… And we’re mostly productive citizens – Mostly, lol.

  84. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    I just feel that Jameis will have that chip on his shoulders even if he’s drafted #1 because the haters will still be there. He’s going to come in here and work his tail off and that will be a boon for the Bucs – But this is purely conjecture.

    That’s certainly possible. And if he does come here I hope you’re right. In fact I believe you will be right for at least a couple of years. And hopefully beyond.

    The Sapp story scares me. I simply cannot understand how famous millionaires can’t simply pay for it. I do not understand how famous athletes or other celebrities get DUI’s. For gawds sake they have enough money to have a limo EVERY time they go out drinking.

    I think what might scare me most about Jameis is his old man. Justin Bieber’s old man was his undoing. The stage/stadium fathers can be really destructive influences. Jameis had to be getting some really bad advice from someone and his father seems to be a bit of a media whore.

    But then again so was Cam Newton’s and he seems to have been able to break away.

    To be honest I feel sorry for Jameis. Society and the adults around him have all been co dependent in his messes. On a purely personal level, all football considerations aside, wherever he goes I hope he’s able to get his head on straight.

  85. Mr. Patrick Says:

    “You’re killing me Smalls”
    Nope, sorry. Never stole, vandalized, disturbed the oeace with obsenities or Raped. Sorry, I was raised better than that

  86. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Lurker
    You may want to leave the business and money discussions to the grown men on here who have actually done it in real life

  87. lurker Says:

    to bad you are not a grown man, patrick.

    someone comparing their little business is irrelevant to the glazers and the bucs. but you keep thinking your opinions means diddly squat.

  88. lurker Says:


  89. JSmalls Says:


    That explains a lot… Hall monitor mentality.

  90. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Lurker when you grow up and are not wet behind your little ears anymore you can join this discussion with the adults

  91. Mr. Patrick Says:

    “You’re killing me Smalls”
    It’s called having character and being a good person. Take a lesson

  92. JSmalls Says:


    I consider you’re cleanliness a character flaw… Hell, even Derrick Brooks was suspended for more games at FSU than Jameis.

  93. lurker Says:

    awww, patrick getting upset again…nothing new

    i cannot believe you think your sophomoric attempts at reasoning and humor mean you are mature…lmao

    silly ol man. i keep remembering you speaking for all female bucs’ fan and supporting racist comments. smh

    you must be really old or really young based upon your comments

  94. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Come to grips whiners.

    Come to grips.

  95. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Lurker,
    Your youth and inexperience shows quickly. And you know that I spotted you being very young very quickly because of your repeated speech patterns and defense mechanism juvenile comments. When I told you your comments looked like they were written by a 16 year old I was right.
    I have ran a multi-million dollar sports marketing company and owned two restaurants while you still try to gather your change so you can go to MacDonalds to get your Chicken McNuggets. So I’m sorry that you keep bringing a knife to a gun fight but one day you can sit at the big boy table.
    Now it’s time to find a good sports chat with intellegent adults who don’t still squat to pee and have already hit puberty. See you next time Kid

  96. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Now it’s time to find a good sports chat with intellegent adults who don’t still squat to pee and have already hit puberty.

    LOL you really can’t make this up. I mean really, how perfect.

    Hey Patrick, you know who brags about owning multi-million dollar companies as an anonymous poster on a sports blog? Liars.

    haha have a good night puddin’…maybe next time use spell check before you insult someone’s intelligence

  97. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Cream
    Sorry if reality is a little more than you can bear.
    The last person that called me Puddin’ was a woman. Hmmm
    I didn’t say I owned it, I said I ran it. Might want to learn to read little better

  98. lurker Says:

    patrick, you are such a phony loser..lmao

    the way you lie, misrepresent, manipulate, …smh and yet you talk about winston’s character

  99. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    lurker…Mr. Patrick and Senor Mofo will tell you they are FSU fans as well.

    That right there tells you that most of what they type is straight up BS.

  100. holymoly Says:

    Personally I will trust people who played , and or coached the game of football as far as who is, or isn’t a better player. I am a Winston fan, and think he will turn my Bucs back into a winner. I agree he has to do some growing up, but also believe he has a future in the NFL.

  101. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ Patrick

    I’m reading scouting reports on Jamarcus Russel and Leaf and both had questions about their mental approaches to the game; how coachable they are; as well as their desire to be great. They also went on to be failures because of drug / alchohol abuse (same with Manziel this last year).

    I’m not reading where they are known for superior football IQ as much as physical ability. I’m also reading scouting reports that were scared with Russel’s anticipation throwing / timing. Pretty much all the positives on him are big arm & his natural ability & size. Whereas Jameis is actually known for his superior football IQ; and is not the same physical specimen as either of these 2 QBs were.

    Winston’s questions come down to his general social maturity and whether you think he actually raped that girl or not. Outside of the rape accusation; his other incidents are very minor and typical of many college kids who go on to have pretty normal lives as productive members of society (i.e. Bb guns and cussing with some friends).

    I think it’s kind of unfair to take some sort of extreme position either way. I know from case review that I just can’t trust the testimony of his accuser; because she has changed her story multiple times. That’s why no court/judge/etc can accept her story. I don’t think there is any scientific way to explain her memory lapses based on the lack of alchohol or drugs in her system; or why her story would have changed as much as it did and when it did.

    However, I’ll never know for sure what happened. So i’m not going to waste my time saying Winston is a golden choir boy and she’s a cleat chasing whore. I’m not really bothered much by how the case was handled. If you go through the timeline; everything was handled like a normal rape investigation initially and they didn’t know it was an FSU athlete. All the primary evidence of the case (rape kit / toxicology reports / initial statements) was collected like any other case and in a normal timely fashion.

    I guess i just think it’s kind of crazy to think of Winston as some horrible human being; or as an amazing human being; if you didn’t know him. That’s why in the end I just hope our FO is good at seeing through to what his true character is.

  102. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ Patrick

    You are pretty harsh on other humans if minor theft via a hookup (like free gym membership example or some free food from friends) or shooting a bb gun means a person has horrible character in your mind.

    A ton of people who have done these types of things have gone on to do great things for the world. There are presidents who have had affairs or done drugs who have made huge positive impacts on the world. I’m sure if we went through history we could find a ton of historic figures who screwed around as a kid or got in trouble. Should those people never have been given a chance to do anything great? What is the point in judging everyone else so harshly?

  103. carlstoe Says:

    He stole at Burger King before Publix! Publix was no accident! $4000 damage to windows is going straight up and firing intentional. Tallahassee PD did not get any phones, computers, did process apartment, did not interview right away. Vanderbilt case Nashville PD did their job quickly and the rapist are going to prison. Indy PD took six weeks to charge Colts player.

  104. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ carlstoe

    the only bb gun Winston was caught with was one with him and another player out in the woods shooting. He wasn’t actually implicated in the BB gun fight that did the damage from what i’ve read…

  105. Babaloo Says:

    It’s all irellivant. We will be drafting marriotta. Everything lovey said about the types of guys he wants on this team points tp marriotta. Jameis will be drafted by someone else.

  106. White Tiger Says:

    Fameis’ character ‘flaws’ are problematic for a league trending away from even the allegations of mistreating women…add to it the fact the young Winston shouted his desires to any passing female that cared to hear…and you have the ingredients for a disappointing draft for the young former QB of FSU.

    Glazers aren’t going to take him.

    Besides, odds are equal between a Seattle Seahawks offense, and a WCO/Air Raid type Spread offense.

    The pick is NOT going to be Fameis Jameis. He did himself in.

  107. mikeh's meth pipe Says:

    wrong, the both of you.