Free Agency Dinner Bell Rings In 36 Days

February 2nd, 2015


Joe’s already fired up. There’s no doubt the Bucs will be shopping for bodies on March 10, when the free agency dinner bell rings that Tuesday afternoon.

The only real question is whether or not Tampa Bay will be discount shopping. “Value” is the buzz word from the Bucs’ front office.

As always, stick with Joe all month long for all kinds of angles on free agency. Joe’s already taken a look at Bengals guards Clint Boling and James Carpenter, among others.

30 Responses to “Free Agency Dinner Bell Rings In 36 Days”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    It will be interesting who the sign and go after. But Its just as exciting to see who they won’t sign players that were on last year’s roster.

  2. Robert 9 Says:

    can we get an OL coach there?

  3. SHO NUFF Says:

    This team needs speed..

  4. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Lovie is gonna sign Marc Sanchez

  5. Yungry Says:

    Randall Cobb please!

  6. bucsQcCity Says:

    Bengals? You didn’t had enough with Collins and MJ?

  7. bucs4lyfe Says:

    cant wait to hear joe talk about johnny football being checked into rehab hahaha

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Use mid-round picks on interior linemen, and STOCKPILE players at the position.

    (Interior Linemen Options)

    • LG-Arie Kouandjio Alabama 6-5/318
    • LG-Jamil Douglas Arizona State 6-4/307
    • LG-Adam Shead Oklahoma 6-4 340

    • C-B.J. Finney Kansas State 6-4/324
    • C-Dillon Day Mississippi State 6-4/305
    • C-Max Garcia Florida 6-5/305

    • RG-Tre’ Jackson Florida State 6-4/323
    • RG-Laken Tomlinson Duke 6-3/323
    • RG-John Miller Louisville 6-3/315
    • RG-Jamon Brown Louisville 6-4/330

  9. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    I was waiting for LUV to chime in….

  10. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Don’t OVER spend on fringe talent. Get boots on the ground, and leave no stone unturned. Call in ever favor, and recommendation. By all means necessary REBUILD this Offensive Line.

  11. bucsQcCity Says:


    Absolutely love your knowledge of the prospects. Keep it going.

  12. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Thank you brotha.

  13. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    LUV…I agree. In free agency and draft the O-line HAS to be a priority.

    I read somewhere that this draft is deep with O-lineman.

  14. Iknowmorethanlovie Says:

    2-14 teams normally have to overpay to get good players to sign with them. Lovie and Licht’s free agent track record entices me to keep my season ticket money.

  15. LargoBuc Says:

    My number one potential FA signing would have to be Broncos G/T Orlando Franklin! The guy is versatile can play both G positions and RT plus the guy coming from Denver knows what it takes to win.
    Also by singing Franklin the Bucs would be filling a huge need while not having to give up too much like they would for a star LT. The only concern is that the Bucs would likely have to overpay a little bit to lure him away from a winning franchise like the Broncos. But again its not like he would require the kind of money a big time LT would.

  16. Skyline Crew Says:

    Edge rushers in the FA. Go get em’

  17. Skyline Crew Says:

    Greg Hardy or Jason Pierre-Paul would be preferable.

  18. theodore Says:

    Does it matter? Last night, a free agent WR made his first catches, 100 yards and a TD while an undrafted CB recognized a play pre-snap from the practice squad and jumped the route for an INT.

    When we are talking about 2nd, 3rd, 4th tier fee agent talent, quality coaching produces quality players. We don’t have that. We are not a quality franchise like Seattle and New England.

  19. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Good god, let’s stop building from FA, and raise our own. Granted we need SOME FA. Look at what it has cost us since we start this FA building, hasn’t got us a dam this but set backs

  20. Broy34 Says:

    How is it knowledge of the prospects if he is copy and pasting heights and weights. Cmon lol. Thanks for the INFO tho

  21. Broy34 Says:

    Theodore in all my days on this site I have not read a better post. However im not so say it was Belichick who watched film of a kid from Western Alabama

  22. BucFan20 Says:

    One of the worst teams in the NFL. WHY would a player want to come here?
    1. A large some of money.
    2. A Starting job where the player never was good enough to begin with.
    3. Better than being on the street.
    It would not be because they just love this coach and want to help this team.

  23. Jon Says:

    I remember everybody on here trashing the bucs when they passed on Jon football. Hahahaha

  24. Cascade Says:

    After tossing big $$$ at free agents for the last 3 years, the lesson seems to be that those are more miss than hit. Value free agents are a safer bet and you can bolster the middle and lower tier players that way. A few starters out of the bunch would be great. Maybe they’ll sign one big-name impact player.

  25. Mr. Patrick Says:

    All I can say about this year’s free agency period is that after last year’s choices, I’m more than a little nervous

  26. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Oniel Cousins anyone?

  27. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Thoedore
    All good points. After watching those two teams in the Superbowl last night, we can all see how far away the Bucs really are

  28. jb Says:

    Hardy or JPP, and NO MORE BENGALS!!!
    You’d think L&L would learn fro last off seasons fiasco!

  29. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Jon Says:
    February 2nd, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    “I remember everybody on here trashing the bucs when they passed on Jon football. Hahahaha”

    Everyone? Everyone was trashing the Bucs on JBF….you’re memory is cloudy.

  30. theodore Says:

    @Broy34 – Thanks for the kind words.