“Book It Right Now. They Will Draft Him.”

January 6th, 2015
Sal Paolantonio offered strong words on the Bucs' draft pick, Team Glazer, and the future Lovie Smith.

Sal Paolantonio offered strong words on the Bucs’ draft pick, Team Glazer, and the future of Lovie Smith.

Well known ESPN NFL voice Sal Paolantonio, a man who freaked out on Joe 11 years ago in the Tampa Bay locker room because Joe had the nerve to accidentally stand on his long microphone cord, made very bold statements about the future of the Buccaneers.

He claims it’s a slam dunk that the Bucs will draft University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, and he believes it could signal an eventual relocation of Chip Kelly to Tampa.

Matt Lombardo, a Philadelphia sports radio host and a writer for NJ.com, wrote all about Paolantonio’s comments heard on local Philly radio. Here’s a snippet:

“The Glazers have made bold moves in the past. They’ve traded two first round picks for Jon Gruden,” Paolantonio said of the Buccaneers front office. “They’re going to draft Marcus Mariota. You can book it right now. They will draft him. Then they will go out and find a coach who can do that. Lovie Smith can’t do that. Their offensive coordinator can’t do that. They will find a coach who can run that offense.”

Paolantonio went on to intimate that perhaps in the near future, Kelly and Mariota might have a reunion … In Tampa Bay.

“Maybe not this year,” he said. “Howie Roseman this past week, it occurred to him that Chip Kelly has two more years on his deal, they won’t leave him hanging on a lame duck year in the third year. Chip probably said to himself ‘I can wait it out here for two years … then go coach Mariota.”

Yes, it’s the silly season.

By Paolantonio’s logic, the Bucs will draft Marcus Mariota, watch him struggle and mature for a couple of years, and then hire Chip Kelly to save the day, if not trade for Kelly sooner.

Keep dreaming, Bucs fans.

However, Paolantonio is dead on with one point. Team Glazer is unafraid of making bold moves — very bold.

109 Responses to ““Book It Right Now. They Will Draft Him.””

  1. Cascade Says:

    Let’s focus on the OCS search, and hopefully they can put together a competitive team next year, making such speculation moot.

  2. Cascade Says:


  3. Tom Edrington Says:

    Lovie Smith = OC Killah

    Lovie Smith displaces Warren Sapp as: QB Killah

    Lovie takes down two birds with one dose of incompetance.

    Simple as that……

  4. Morgan Says:

    Keep dreaming Bucs fans you say?

    That’s one big nightmare.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    The silly season began weeks ago when the Jameis Baseball Watch articles began.

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    Lovie, McCown, Glennon and 2 cheerleaders to Philadelphia for Chip Kelly. Sal is funny. No way that happens. I don’t think kelly is willing to do anything to coach Mariota again.

  7. Ken Says:

    I don’t believe this will happen. I do think, just like Dungy took this team to a point and Gruden came in taking the Bucs to the Superbowl, that same scenario will play out here again. Lovie will get the team on the brink, but another coach will seal the deal.

  8. JayBucBoi Says:

    Well there you go Joe. More coverage on Mariota please??

  9. Snook Says:

    What would be the “bold” move?

    Drafting Mariota?

  10. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Perfect scenario…..we can hope can’t we

  11. Eric Says:

    Chip’s team pretty much choked at the end, after beating Dallas on the road they limped home to no playoffs.

    One more of those and he might be looking for work.

    He is right about the Glazer Boys and bold moves. Which is why there s not a chance in hell we don’t take a QB in April. They sit right in the war room during the draft.

    That was the whole reason we threw the last game!!!!

  12. Supersam Says:

    I think he’s on to something here… Sal covered the Bucs for a really long time. He knows this organization pretty damn well. He’s dead on about Mariota, there’s no way in hell the glazers draft Winston. Mariota is there kind of guy, if Chip Kelly misses the playoffs in philly again this next year. I could see him being fired and coming to Tampa

  13. cmurda Says:

    Freaked out because you stepped on his mic cable. Jeez, stay classy Sal.

    He’s right though we will play it safe with Marcus.

  14. biff barker Says:

    Malcom was responsible for all the bold moves and that was a long time ago.

    The Glazers have been under deep cover all season and won’t comment publicly on their decision to interview just one head coach.

    Bold? Meh, it’s more like incompetence.

  15. Ray Rice Says:

    The nightmare just got worse. Not by drafting Mariota or hiring Chip but because they just might give up the farm for him. Dam!

  16. biff barker Says:

    Eric Says
    “He is right about the Glazer Boys and bold moves. Which is why there s not a chance in hell we don’t take a QB in April. They sit right in the war room during the draft.
    Name one bold move the sons made and let us know how it worked out.

    We’re standing by!

  17. Skyline Crew for Mariota Says:

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Chip just got full control of personnel decisions. He isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Also, I highly doubt that the Eagles are going to trade up to #1 for Mariota. We will draft Mariota and whomever the OC is will deal with it. Unless we have a QB coach or something that has never been in the NFL much less an OC before.

  18. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Boy Ole Sal is smoking some very high grade stuff, wonder if he is so confident that he will lay down 100 G’s in Vagas, if he’s so sure. Belly up Sal!

  19. Robert 9 Says:

    why the hell were you on his mic cord?

    and did you give him a sammich?

  20. Skyline Crew for Mariota Says:

    Eric Says:
    January 6th, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    Chip’s team pretty much choked at the end, after beating Dallas on the road they limped home to no playoffs.
    That’s what happens when you have Sanchez as a QB. He single handedly tanked the Eagles playoff run.

  21. biff barker Says:

    Skyline gets it. No way they promote Kelly after he emerges from a power struggle then send him packing.

    Joe’s pal Sal probably cooked up that story from the bar.

  22. Kingpin Says:

    Team Glazer is not afraid to make STUPID moves either!!! Nothing surprises me with these owners!

  23. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    Sal says, “They’re going to draft Marcus Mariota. You can book it right now. They will draft him. Then they will go out and find a coach who can do that. Lovie Smith can’t do that. Their offensive coordinator can’t do that. They will find a coach who can run that offense.”

    Really, Sal? Our offensive coordinator can’t do that? That’s really enlightening, considering WE DON’T HAVE ONE. Good heavens, man. Go treat some Philly beat writers to hoagies or cheesesteaks and leave us alone, will ya?

  24. bucsjunkie Says:

    Joe, Sal sounds like a real gem! What an a**hole!

  25. BB Says:

    Mariota will be a Super Bowl winner and hall of Famer I am desperate to hear he is in draft and bucs are taking him and working on the pre draft contract this opportunity can’t be blown take mariota

  26. 77bassguitarist Says:

    I’ve been thinking this for awhile

  27. The Buc Realist Says:

    What a dream scenario! I would love for that to happen. Lure a “Real” coach with a QB!

    A pessimist complains about the wind, a optimist expects it to change, The Realist adjusts the sails!

  28. BirdDoggers Says:

    It’s not far fetched to think there will be a coaching change in the near future. But, drafting Mariota this year to have Lovie and company babysit him for one or two years just so the grand scheme of getting Kelly falls into place is a bit out there. The Glazers likely want to win now. If they don’t, the team needs new owners.

  29. BB Says:

    Dear god please bucs take mariota don’t listen to idiots like joe I don’t want to lose our only shot at a franchise hall of fame QB

  30. port richey george Says:

    the other day it was rumored that the eagles were going to trade up to get mariota. now, chip Kelly coming to tampa in the future. wow! all this sounds unsubstantiated to me.
    when a head coach (like lovie) drafts a QB with the top pick historically his job is secure for at least several years. when the glazers traded for gruden the bucs were not in the same situation. it is interesting to hear these RUMORS, but I think the philly media is making stuff up. sal palontonio covers the eagles for espn. it should be interesting to hear what other stuff they create in the months to come!

  31. Nybucsfan Says:

    Dear god please let the bucs draft Mariota so I don’t have to find a new team because they draft a dirtbag like Winston

  32. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    This is the NFL Silly Season…..everything is perfetly acceptable for supposition

  33. buddhaboy Says:

    Left at the alter part deaux 2? Hope not

  34. Buccfan37 Says:

    The present biorhythm’s seem to favor the Bucs drafting Mariota.

  35. BB Says:

    Lifetime buc fan here would be forced to drop season tickets and any future purchases etc if bucs pass on mariota could not in good conscience move forward as a bucs fan anymore

  36. Jacko101 Says:

    I want Mariota BAD, but wouldn’t be too bad if we Winston. But anyone else I’d be pissed.

  37. Posey99 Says:

    Hey Sal, um, we don’t have an offensive coordinator yet…

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    Silly season indeed.

  39. MANTHONY Says:

    I personally dont think Winston is going to enter the draft. He has put off the decision till after the the championship game. I think he has a good chance to slide in round 1 being what most people look at as the 2nd best QB this year. If Mariota decides to stay another year at Oregon or he gets hurt in the Championship, Winston will enter the draft. If he waits till next year and cleans up his off field issues he will be likely the 1st overall pick. I hope Winston does stay at FSU another that way we wont always being wondering “what if” if we pick Mariota.

  40. bucfansns86 Says:

    Why hasnt anyone mentioned the bucs signed a quarterback from nothern Oregon,Seth laboto

  41. Espo Says:

    You shouldn’t stand on another man’s long cord!

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sal got half of it right for now….Bucs draft Mariota……or as Joe calls him….”HIM”

  43. skipper Says:

    I hope Sal is wrong and we draft Winston should he come out.

  44. Hawk Says:

    Please, Joe, tell me that you didn’t even listen to him back when he was yelling at you.
    He must still be angry, because those three paragraphs make NO sense.

  45. Dave Pear Says:

    No Jameis Watch today?
    Are you feeling OK?

  46. The Buc Realist Says:

    honestly the best scenario for the bucs would be if Mariota declared for the draft after winning the championship. Then winston stays in college 1 more year. This drives up the value for the #1 pick. Bucs trade down! We all know that Lovie will be selecting top 5 next year!

    A pessimist complains about the wind, a optimist expects it to change, The Realist adjusts the sails!

  47. SAMCRO Says:

    We won’t need Chip Kelly if we can hire Scott Frost to work with Mariota and Trestman to incorporate some of his plays into Trestman’s innovative, and modern offense. Scott Frost understands the spread as good as Kelly.

  48. Dave Pear Says:

    @The Buc Realist,
    “The Realist adjusts the sails!”
    He may adjust the sails, but a true realist grabs an oar and starts paddling.

  49. ddneast Says:

    If Philly was so great, how come they didn’t go to the playoffs this year. If it was because they lost their starting QB, then let them have Mariotta, we’ll take their starting QB a couple of No. 1’s and No. 2’s and call it a day.

  50. pick6 Says:

    it’s easy to be certain about stuff this time of year when you’re a talking head. by the time you’ve been proven wrong, people will have totally forgotten about your nonsense predictions. how many QBs have rebounded from being a top pick and getting your head kicked in for their first couple seasons? it makes no sense to pick a guy in 2014 that will come good based on a speculative coaching change. if the glazers think the coach they have can’t coach the player they want #1 overall, the change should come now.

  51. pick6 Says:

    my comments above are in refence to SalPal, not Joe

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Realist

    Sometimes a realist puts his head between his legs and kisses his a$$ goodbye!!!

  53. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    U ok with Marcus……the best player to wear # 8 in the State of Oregon?

    Have to tr

  54. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    Have to trade Glennon to free up #8

  55. cmurda Says:

    @Realist. You just literally read my mind with the value the #1 pick would have if Winston stays in school. It would first mean that we don’t make the mistake of drafting Winston. Secondly, it would make Mariota a coveted option. I don’t care what anybody says. There is a sizeable difference between Mariota and Winston vs any other Qb in the draft. We could possibly get a nice return in exchange for the #1 pick. Trading down remains my preference.

  56. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Yeah lets trade for a guy who spurned us. UH, no thanks, Silly Palentonio. Let’s also give-up draft picks we desperately need and mortgage our future, and continue to pay lovie smith his five year contract. Just asinine.

  57. cmurda Says:

    Trestman is interviewing for Jags OC job per Rotoworld. Rotoworld is also saying Trestman would be a coup for either us or the Jags. Why is it that myself and Rotoworld can get it right but our backasswards Front Office can’t. You don’t let that guy leave without signing on the dotted line. I’m getting more and more PO’d as it dawns on me that we are going to get some lousy retread or nobody.

  58. Waterboy Says:

    If Mariota is so good why does everyone feel like he needs to be in a Chip Kelly system? A good QB can execute in any system.

  59. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    “If Mariota is so good why does everyone feel like he needs to be in a Chip Kelly system? A good QB can execute in any system”
    I agree with this ^

  60. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Waterboy

    The only thing we know is that Mariota is really good in the system he’s in now….he very well may be able to be good in any system….

  61. kevin Says:

    Dear Santa,

    I promise to eat all of my dinner, scrub behind my ears and go to bed on time all year. Please bring Chip Kelly to Tampa next year.

    Only part about that I wouldnt like is we would have to say goodbye to lovies solid defensive mind. This year was not what we all had hoped for but that will come. Maybe Kelly will tank next year and come here as our OC…

  62. Waterboy Says:

    Exactly but we do know that Winston is good in a pro system which is what 90% of the teams at the nfl level run. We’re all guess when it comes to Mariota. I don’t like the idea of guessing with a #1 pick.

  63. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Maybe Lovie will become Chip Kellys DC….is more like it…..Lovie has no business being a HC in todays NFL…sure after a couple of years he’ll put a C+ B team together but that is as far as he can go….he just does not have the mind for the fast evolving game…it is already way out of his comfort zone

  64. Dave Pear Says:

    So you don’t like guessing with the #1 pick?
    Winston has a “couple” of character issues.
    You good with that?

  65. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    And some of us are sick of Dungy/Lovieball. I’d like to see an offense I’m proud of. I’d like to be inflicting our will on the other team not simply defending.

    I want us to score TD’s in boatloads while the defense is only giving up 3’s. That is a formula for defense. A great offense capable of getting it in the end zone and a great defense capable of holding other teams to threes.

  66. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW Waterboy define that so called “pro style” for us.

    So I briefly paid attention to the Dallas-Detroit game and noticed that every 3rd down longer than a couple of yards the QB dropped into the gun and the receivers spread the field. That’s 1/3 of the time on the most critical plays.

    And when you watch teams like Green Bay and Rodgers you see them running the spread a lot. Q.B.’s are no longer consigned to simply being under center.

    I don’t even think a team would simply view Jameis under center. Jameis should be great when they spread the field for him as well.

  67. BucDaddy Says:

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have offered Dirk Koetter the job of offensive coordinator, according to Shawn Ferris. Gil Arcia of Scout.com confirmed it

    Koetter has a long college history, which includes time spent with Oregon Ducks head coach Mark Helfrich.

    We’ll see……………..

    from Sander Philipse Bucs Nation.

  68. BucDaddy Says:

    So if we hire Dirk as OC Mariotta IS the pick.

  69. BucDaddy Says:

    My bad….Mariota (one T)

  70. kevin Says:

    You guy can adjust your sails , grab your oars wait for the wind to change…WHATEVER!!! Im firing up the yamaha and headed to the islands to pickup Mariota and bringing him to Tampa!!!

  71. Waterboy Says:

    Winston’s character red flags just don’t concern me as much as the Mariota being a system QB red flags. He seems to be a real nice kid and I’m sure he’d sell more jerseys than Winston in the short term but I just haven’t seen him make enough nfl level throws for me to be comfortable with them taking him with a #1 pick. Everyone else seems to feel the same way also because everyone that wants to draft him wants to bring that Oregon offense to the pros along with him.

  72. Dave Pear Says:

    Keep him warm and dry.

  73. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    H2OBoy….I guess you are comfortable with Winstons INT’s in the FSU pro sets ???

  74. Soggy Says:

    @Waterboy, Thats why you are the waterboy..lol.. I just had to say it.. Peace..

  75. Waterboy Says:

    When I say pro style offense it’s more than just lining up under center. Normally a pro style offense executes from under center probably 70% of the time. They also tend to play more with a TE and the pass routes are usually more vertical down the field. The big thing is that their plays are designed to require the qb to drop back and read the whole field and not just 1 or 2 WR’s on the side that you’re rolling out to.

  76. Jj Says:

    We need to draft MM and bring a Seattle type offense to Tampa!!

  77. Soggy Says:

    I like that up tempo stuff, 2 minute drill stuff all day would be great..

  78. Waterboy Says:

    @Joe joe
    Yes because I’ve watched the games and quite a few of the INTS weren’t all on him. Not to mention he was asked to throw a lot (467 attempts). He’s playing in a pro system that requires him to read the whole field and throw timing routes. If WR’s cut their routes short disaster is bound to happen. Playing with true freshman WR’s will do that to you.

  79. Nybucsfan Says:

    Character isuues? He was accused of rape not found innocent charges got drop due to a lack of evidence. She said he did it and had DNA that’s n evidence. And your not concerned with the red flags?

  80. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    For every INT that Jameis threw that “wasn’t all on him”…he had a equal number of bonehead INT’s that were dropped or poor decision throws that never should have been forced.
    I don’t think Jameis takes direction very well….a talented gambler in college that will not be able to handle being humbled in the NFL

  81. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Take your points about the different use of the receivers but not the one about Mariota only reading half the field. I’ve seen tons of tape on him reading the entire field. He’s very much in the Aaron Rodgers mold…he can move gracefully and quickly and string a play out until somebody gets open.

    Mind you now Waterboy I think Jameis can do the same thing and with a stronger arm. But Mariota’s arm strength is more than adequate and throwing it through a wall will only take you so far…see Josh Freeman. Not that Jameis is waaaay more accurate than JFRO

    But your last post reveals your FSU or Jameis bias for whatever reason.

    Playing with true freshman WR’s will do that to you.

    Please stop with the untrue apologies and simply admit Jameis has a sophomore slump. He literally did not play as well this year as last. He played so well last year there is no shame in that nor does it diminish his value.

    Stop with the constant apologies for Jameis…here’s who Jameis really threw to and they were hardly incompetent Freshmen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rashad Greene

    As a freshman in 2011, Greene made 38 receptions for 596 yards and seven touchdowns. He was the MVP of the 2011 Champs Sports Bowl in an 18-14 victory over Notre Dame.[5][6] As a sophomore in 2012, he had 57 receptions for 741 yards and six touchdowns.
    As a junior in 2013, Greene led the Seminoles with 76 receptions for 1,128 yards and nine touchdowns, including nine receptions for 147 yards in the 2014 BCS National Championship Game against Auburn. As a senior in 2014, Greene set the school record for career receptions and receiving yards, passing Ron Sellers in both categories.[7][8] He also set the record for receptions in a season with 99. He also had 1,365 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. For his career he had 270 receptions for 3,830 yards and 29 touchdowns.


    fter considering entering the 2014 NFL Draft, O’Leary returned to Florida State for his senior season.[5] During his senior season he set Florida State’s record for career receptions for a tight end.[6] He again was a finalst for the John Mackey Award, this time winning it.[7] He was also named a consensus All-American.[8] O’Leary finished the season with 48 receptions for 618 yards and six touchdowns. For his career he had 114 receptions for 1,591 yards and 17 touchdowns.

  82. Waterboy Says:

    No not really who’s to say it wasn’t consensual and things went bad later? It’s all he say she say, I let the judicial system sort that out.

  83. Waterboy Says:

    JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:
    January 6th, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    For every INT that Jameis threw that “wasn’t all on him”…he had a equal number of bonehead INT’s that were dropped or poor decision throws that never should have been forced.
    I don’t think Jameis takes direction very well….a talented gambler in college that will not be able to handle being humbled in the NFL

    This I agree with you on, I’m a little concerned with him not being able to take direction well

  84. Waterboy Says:

    I hear the Aaron Rodgers comparisons a lot but I just don’t see it at this point. Although I admit I didn’t watch many Cal games when he was in college. When I watched films of Mariota I saw him lock in on one WR a lot. Now when he would improvise and come out of the pocket I would see him looking for other guys. I also saw times where he’d start to scramble prematurely when guys were running open down the field. He still complete the pass and hit the short route but if he’d stayed in the pocket a split second longer he could’ve made a big play.

  85. Waterboy Says:

    Also are there any games that show him airing it out down the field? Not a 15 yd route that the WR takes in for an 80 yd TD but a few where he’s putting it down the field 50 or 60 yds and the WR is running under it?

  86. 1trubuc Says:

    @ joe are coaches tradable?! Not in the Gruden way but Lovie for Kelly? Both coaches keep roles as HC but swap teams? Is there anything against this? Think Rooney rule maybe?

  87. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Looks like Jamies might return to FSU

  88. RastaMon Says:

    Why ?….

  89. Lamarcus Says:

    Stupidest draft logic ive ever heard. Sounds like a Madden video game move before u delete ur season to start over again

  90. Nybucsfan Says:

    https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2014/12/31/mariota-vs-winston-by-the-numbers/ . There are the numbers and break down and Mariota is better throwing down field than Winston. Mariota is better in just about everything. Now the people that say he throws five yards can shut up

  91. BucBob1 Says:

    Chip Kelly turned us down once. I doubt if the unforgiving Glazers, would want to give him another chance.

  92. iamkingsu Says:

    And let the number 1 pick in the draft trade talks begin. You’ll are so damn gullable

  93. DB55 Says:


  94. David Says:

    That’s ridiculous. He is implying no one else can coach the Duck at the NFL level. Lovie can focus on the defense and hire a good OC for Marcus to grow with over the years. Simple…. just got to hire a good one who can adapt to Marcus and not force him into an offense he isn’t suited for.

  95. Robert 9 Says:


  96. Hawk Says:

    @ Nybucsfan

    I know that stats aren’t everything, but those numbers are scary.

  97. White Tiger Says:

    If Dirk Koetter was Chip Kelly’s original OC at Oregon…and Dirk Koetter is on the interview list…why would anyone speculate that we’d be awaiting Chip Kelly?

    If Dirk Koetter is chosen as the OC, it kinda seems like Mariota will be the obvious pick…

  98. armchairGM Says:

    “a man who freaked out on Joe 11 years ago in the Tampa Bay locker room because Joe had the nerve to accidentally stand on his long microphone cord”

    Although I don’t agree with you sometimes Joe at least your articles start off funny.

  99. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    This would be the boldest move of all time in the Bucs history. I hope for our sake we end up doing well the next 2 years and don’t have to worry about another coaching change. But I do not see Lovie’s run first mentality changing over night just because we draft Mariotta. So if we have another crap season in 2015 then I could see something like this going down. Highly unlikely tho.

  100. Maze Says:

    Kelly and Mariota immensely better than Lovie and…

  101. J Moné Says:

    I don’t think people give Lovie credit I think he is completely changed from chi town. I think he knows he has to change to avoid the mistakes of the past. He inherited a pretty bad team honestly this team has been poor for years. We got a lot of young talent plus another offseason of real hard work and maybe this upcoming season we see improvement year 3 will be crucial

  102. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I lost interest when he said our oc could not get the best from Mariota. He doesn’t even know who the oc is yet.

  103. bucs4lyfe Says:

    I really wish these nuts would stop talking about small market teams they never visit….that makes no damn sense, so the glazers have made one bold move since the early 90’s for a coach and that means almost 2 decades later they show a pattern for that…damn why do I waste my time and for you dumb asses who keep saying lovie is a qb killah hey he’s a defensive coach so what could he possibly be doing to ruin anyone’s offensive career. if saying run the ball more ruins a qb then well I don’t need to finish that statement. if he let marcus arroyo a guy with zero experience run his offense this year what makes anyone think lovie will all of a sudden try his hand on the offensive side of the ball……just dumb as a box of rocks

    and it’s really your fault joe because your just as bad, I heard you on the radio talking about lovie is scared to hire an OC that may one day take his job lol your really scraping the bottom of the barrel if you think any coach could have that kind of mentality yet have enough balls to run a billion dollar franchise and lead egomaniacal entitled athletes but yea whatever thanks for the bucs news because no one provides as much as you do even if half of it is wasted reading

  104. Phil Says:

    Can they get rid of Lovie first?

  105. Brandon Says:

    Tom Edrington Says:

    Lovie takes down two birds with one dose of incompetance.

    Simple as that……


    The word is “incompetence”. If you’re going to call somebody “incompetent”, the least you could do is use competent spelling.

    If Winston declares, he’s the pick. He’s a franchise QB in-waiting. Mariota is a big-time project.

  106. Wausa Says:

    Mariota is a poor man version of RG III

    It’s highly unlikely he will ever be in the top half of the NFL.
    The Bucs are idiots when it comes to drafting so it would not surprise me one bit if they pick him.

  107. jo_mama Says:

    You’re not good enough to stand on my mic cord.

    I have new found respect for you.


  108. White Tiger Says:

    @brandon – brilliant! However, if you’re going to introduce the concept of competence…you’d do well to heed your own advice. Make sure your point is as logical as it is erudite. Your retort was long on one and short on the other…

    Follow the logic: a coach hanging by a thread, isn’t going to draft a kid who is known for juggling with knives…(I was going to use “scissors”, but it lost a little something).

    The high expectations of the fan base – relative to the poor results of this past season – leaves Lovie Smith with deficit in the good-will department necessary to buy into a 1st overall reclamation project of a young QB who seems so incompetent at self-discipline that he’s elevated poor behavior to an art form! What’s more, we were all graced with watching the last act of the implosion on the grandest of all stages (followed by an incompetent assessment of who beat whom – at his press conference AFTER the debacle on the field – and UNlike his performance on the field, Jameis left NO DOUBT as to the responsible party for that humdinger…although the sheer stupidity of THAT incompetence still hasn’t sunk in).

    As another poster mentioned – any school that has produced the likes of EJ Emanuel, and Christian Ponder in the first round – doesn’t really boast a track record.

    Asking Lovie to put his job on the line would require a lot more self-discipline than Jameis has really ever demonstrated…

  109. Burrellfan1 Says:

    The bold move would be trade the #1 pick to the Eagles for Nick Foles and a bunch of draft picks or for just the picks. The Bucs should draft Garrett Grayson as their QB of the future. Pocket passers are still the way to go in the NFL. Grayson will end up being the best QB in the draft, and he probably won’t go in the first round.