Winston Or Mariota?

January 15th, 2015


The debate rages on. Folks get unnerved. Want to punch people. Holler, even.

Should the Bucs choose Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston with their top pick in the NFL draft come April, or should it be Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota? Both are Heisman Trophy winners. One, a national champion.

Good guy Peter Schrager of cut this video and discusses the pros and cons of both quarterbacks and, as of Jan. 15, believes the Bucs will pick…

83 Responses to “Winston Or Mariota?”

  1. ColoradoBuc Says:

    No, the Bucs want to draft Jones from The Ohio State University.

  2. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:


  3. pete Says:

    Mariota is not a first pick QB.
    Winston is not a first pick person.
    Trade the first pick!!!

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    Either or neither, player A or player B or no QB option C. Those Bucs coaches must be salivating at the possibilities.

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “Quarterback Watch: Winston vs Mariota”

    That would be a great title for the daily story, joe 😉

    This guy lost credibility when he called Mariota a “run first” quarterback. That’s a sure-fire way to spot someone who has eith NOT watched him play, or has only watched a game or two of him playing.

    Just because he is mobile, that doesn’t mean he is run first. He does have some run first plays…as they are designed. But he goes through progressions on every passing play. He just processes what he see’s faster than Winston…which is why Winston holds onto the ball too long.

    To me, this means Winston is not as “football smart” as people try to claim.

  6. Dick2111 Says:

    Somewhat different subject Joe, but just read that Steve Maneri is a TE with the Pats. Yup the same Maneri who the Bucs cut before preseason.

    Wonder how many ex-Bucs were on the active rosters for NFL teams in 2014? (I think the Pats have 5 for starters).

    Maybe there’s something to this coaching thing after all.

  7. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m against drafting Jones. btw, did he even declare? He’s dumb if he does. If he really has skills, he can be the #1 pick next year. The only reason for him to declare this year is because he doesn’t think he can get better.

  8. I am against you Says:

    Donald Penn via FOXSports “Mariota will need a great Oline, RB, WR’s and Defense around him to be successful.”

    LMAO, what else does he need? The Refs?

  9. ruggyup Says:

    ColoradoBuc has it partly right. It’s Lovie who wants to draft Jones because he understands him and can read his potential which might be like another big arm guy who had weight problems and never contributed squat. What does Jones care? Any rookie contract ay any level would be a gold mine compared to what he’s making at os10, ask Urban Meyer. Lovie gets what Lovie wants because he’s the genius behind our Bucs performance and QB choices. Nuff said.

  10. Robert 9 Says:

    you know lovie will roll with brother winston.

    the next jamarcus russell!

  11. Skyline Crew for Mariota OR Winston Says:

    ColoradoBuc Says:
    January 15th, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    No, the Bucs want to draft Jones from The Ohio State University.

  12. bucco brice Says:

    what pete said…ditto

  13. Dewey Selomon Says:

    Williams #1, Perryman #2, Jones #3(and sits 1 year). OL#4 OL#5. That means McCown plays out his contract and mentors Jones. Which also means we have a top 10 pick in 2016. lol

  14. Jim Says:

    The question should be which QB will help the team for the next 10 to 15 years, not just next season. Freeman was a great athlete but threw way too many picks.Winston having 18 picks scares me.

  15. I am against you Says:

    Donald Penn via FOXSports “Mariota will need a great Oline, RB, WR’s and Defense around him to be successful.”

    LMAO, what else does he need? The Refs?

  16. OB Says:

    If OSU’s Jones declares at 3 PM that he is in the draft, I would pick him over all of them. He has none of the Winston problems and can throw further than Mariota and he is almost as fast a thinker as him.

  17. Pickgrin Says:

    If it was my choice with what i know now and have seen for myself – I would pick Jameis Winston with the #1 pick for the Buccaneers without hesitation. He is a flat out stud QB and has all the physical tools, leadership qualities, football knowledge and passion to win that you look for in an NFL quarterback prospect.
    I am not very concerned at all with the so called “character” issues and believe that Winston will have a long and very successful NFL career. I see him being a top 10 NFL QB in short order and IMO opinion, Winston is easily the best QB prospect to have come out since Andrew Luck.

    That said – Mariota obviously has skills and his athletic/running abilities – coupled with fairly solid passing skills make him a unique prospect and there’s a good chance he will also be a good NFL QB. But it is much harder to see what he has done thus far in College translate easily to the NFL. If the team that drafts Mariota is willing to taylor their offense to Mariota’s strengths – then he can definitely be great as well.

    As the nice gentleman in the video said – Dirk Koetter is very qualified to help the Bucs make the right decision (which I admittedly am not) – so as long as the Bucs pick one of these 2 QBs #1 overall – then I will be happy and support the choice.

  18. bucrightoff Says:

    I’m looking forward to Leonard Williams and GMC wrecking offensive lines

  19. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Both have great arms, mobility and leadership qualities. Mariota reminds me of Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers. Winston has a bit of Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb in him. Winston needs to improve his throwing mechanics a bit (has a bit of a long wind up sometimes) and work on his decision making. MM needs to show that he can work under center and operate in a pro style offense. I would lean to Mariota just because he is the safer pick (both on and off the field) at this point. If the Bucs are not sold on MM, I would seriously look at trading down and picking up more draft choices. We’ve still got Glennon and we could pick up someone like Hundley or Bryce Petty later in the draft. Those extra choices would help us to rebuild our crappy O-line and add a legit (ie. not Michael Johnson) pass rushing DE!

  20. Skyline Crew for Mariota OR Winston Says:

    People calling for Jones in the 3rd round is crazy. The kid is 4th or 5th rd RAW talent if that. He should come out because he won’t start at OSU next year. JT will. He should come out now while his brand is hot and then he can get paid and leave. 250 lb qbs don’t last. Obviously he has weight problems and his attitude stinks. Granted maybe all he wants to do is play football, but school is the furthest from his mind since he doesn’t think players should go to class.

  21. ChessMaster Says:

    “When you see a good move, look for a better one” – Emanuel Lasker – World Chess Champion.

  22. surdBuc Says:

    Marcus Mariota 100%

    Winston feels like another Freeman to me.

  23. Eric Says:

    Pick the OSU guy after three games?


  24. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Mariota is a smarter QB and a smarter human being than Jameis Winston. Not to mention conservative. Did you see the way Jameis folded into the fetal position against a fast-paced Oregon defense? He will face similar defenses in the NFL. Mariota doesn’t turn the ball over and would actually be able to survive behind our horrid O-line (hopefully fixed next season) with his mobility.

    I would be fine with a Jameis pick, but come on people, who do you think LOVIE SMITH would draft?

  25. Day1BucFan Says:

    Joe, I can’t take another three months of you droning on about these two QBs. There must be some other articles you can write. What about taking LW from USC, who, IMHO, is more likely to be pro bowl caliber at his posiition than these two. What about this year’s crop of QBs compared to next year’s? How many times have people traded down from #1 overall and what did they get? What about getting a QB in Rd 2 – who could still be available? Remember how Sapp fell in the draft for marijuana use? He bought a house on the same street as Dungy so the coach could see he was keeping his nose clean (pun intended). What advice does he have for JW?

    Lovie is from the Dungy coaching tree and I don’t think he will draft JW because of character issues. And yes, we have all read your stories about Mariota. I don’t think either of these guys are perfect, though they are an improvement over McCown and Glennon. But they are more like Andy Dalton, than Peyton Manning.,

  26. Eric Says:

    but he has no National Championship ring.

    Winston was not in the fetal position for that.

  27. Waterboy Says:

    Watch draft breakdown tape of Geno Smith in the spread offense and look at the stats. Mariota feels like another Geno Smith.

  28. Walter White Says:

    @ surdBuc

    Exactly. I will be so very disappointed if we draft Winston. I also doubt very highly that it will happen if the Glazers have any A. sense B. memory and C. credibility whatsoever. When your last #5 QB with all the physical talent in the world is no longer in the NFL due to off-field issues…


    In other news, having the “face of your franchise” attached or associated in any way with “rape allegations” or “federal lawsuits” that, friends and fellow Buc fans, is not a good place to start. Open your eyes, see this clearly. If Mariota proves in the next 4 months that he is NOT the guy – so be it. I’m glad with a stud DE. However, I think our need for a QB trumps all else and keep in mind the “dream” scenario of Chip Kelley’s contract in Philly being up in 2 years… he + Mariota = a Buccaneer team that IS EXCITING TO WATCH AND ROOT FOR. Don’t we all want and deserve that? Who here seriously wants to watch boring 13-7 games, or know that if a team goes up on us by 2 scores, IT’S OVER?

  29. Senor Mofo Says:

    Mariota isn’t an athlete that happens to play QB. He’s a natural QB who brings the added bonus of being very athletic.

    Mariota’s decision making, mechanics, delivery, and release are elite. These skills can’t be effectively coached at the NFL level, so if you get a chance to draft a guy with his talent, you draft that guy and never look back.

    It will take Mariota a little time to master the pro game. So, Winston might have more NFL success in his first two seasons than Mariota.

    But I’d rather have the guy with the better skill set who has the potential to be elite for a decade or more once he hits his stride.

    We are drafting Marcus Mariota.

  30. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Lol Auburn? The team that had no business playing in that game last year? Please. If I were a betting man I say if Winston had faced Bama instead he wouldn’t have lifted that trophy up. But that’s just an “if”.

  31. Waterboy Says:

    People assume Mariota’s smarter but there’s no credible evidence to back that up. Alex Smith was extremely smart too but not a franchise QB. BTW compare the GPA’s of the two QB’s, only 1 of them was accepted into Stanford and it wasn’t Mariota. Mariota got a nice boost to his GPA by taking only Golf and yoga last semester.

  32. bucco brice Says:

    both QB’s are a “I hope he turns out” pick…if L.Williams is defined as a can’t miss prospect compared to those two, why would you pick “project and risk” over “solid 10 year starter”…best player available still stands no matter how bad we need a QB….

  33. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Over discussing this dead horse, can we maybe have a conversation on who’s contracts are up and should the Bucs resign them? Or players that should have their remaining contracts bought out and cut them, or who’s out there on the free agency market that could help us out. That’s just a start.

  34. Espo Says:

    I don’t think either of these guys would’ve been first rounders last year. Trade the pick to the highest bidder and try to improve our qb situation by improving our line and by finding qb help elsewhere. Yeah yeah I know an elite tackle has never turned a franchise around. But a tackle, guard, center, unblockable defensive end, and a future qb who isn’t one of these guys would surely do the trick.

  35. Waterboy Says:

    Winston would’ve been a sure #1 pick last year no doubt about that.

  36. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    You think Winston was accepted because of his academic achievements? Lmao. As 87 has gracefully reminded us about 87 times, Winston was probably the most highly recruited athlete in years and most certainly his year. Stanford didn’t care about his grades, they cared about his arm.

  37. Waterboy Says:

    I think a 4.0 GPA would get you accepted to just about any University.

  38. Dimitrios Says:

    Cardale isn’t dumb if he declares, punk. He comes from a rather large family which happens to be poor. Let the young man get some cheese to feed the fam.

  39. Skyline Crew for Mariota OR Winston Says:

    Waterboy Says:
    January 15th, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    I think a 4.0 GPA would get you accepted to just about any University.
    You would be wrong. You would need to fill out an application to go to that school first. A school like Stanford doesn’t go off just 4.0 gpa’s and even that is probably low. They are probably looking for 4.5s and community service and all that other BS.

  40. Skyline Crew for Mariota OR Winston Says:

    Waterboy Says:
    January 15th, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    Mariota got a nice boost to his GPA by taking only Golf and yoga last semester.
    That’s what happens when you take on an exceptionally large class load your Sophomore year so you can graduate early. Obviously he is getting his degree and Winston isn’t. One is obviously smarter than the other.

  41. Waterboy Says:

    You can get in with a 4.0 but you may not qualify for a scholarship but I’d be more than positive you could get admitted with a 4.0 even if you were a dual sport bench warmer.

  42. Buc the Duck Says:

    Winston is ready to bring the swag back to Tampa we’ve been missing on offense for years. Evans and Jackson are so similar to Julio and roddy that the superior arm talent Winston should be the pick nailing deep bombs and making asj into an at least reasonable 2nd round pick.

  43. Skyline Crew for Mariota OR Winston Says:

    Without a scholarship I don’t know.

  44. Waterboy Says:

    Lol maybe he should have taken less classes so that he focus more on improving his grades. A slightly better than average GPA is not that impressive if you’re talking smarts. Oh wait I forgot golf and yoga bumped him up to a 3.2 this past semester.

  45. bucrightoff Says:

    It’s hilarious to see the Jameis/Mariota sides going at each other. Good news is Lovie plans on uniting both sides (in anger) by taking Leonard Williams so it’s all good.

  46. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Lot of misinformation in the comments.

    lol @ Cardale Jones love out of nowhere. Guy was in a gimmick offense as much as Mariota; and had an insane rushing attack in his 3 games started. He also is quoted via tweet as saying he shouldn’t have to “play school” when he came to play footbal at OSU. So anyone thinking he’s a good character guy with no concerns is entirely misinformed.

    BuccaneerBonzai is just a wealth of misinformation in every story I read the comments of. He’s basically making up a scouting report out of his butt. None of what he says really is backed up by anything you can find on film or any analyst you can find online.

    I see comparisons of Winston to Freeman; despite Freeman’s concerns in college being accuracy related; and his undoing revolving around a lack of heart and drugs. None of those issues apply to Winston. A better comparison is Ben Roeth or Brett Farve and some of their imaturity issues as well as play style.

    I can live with either QB in the end. I feel confident that Winston will be a solid NFL QB; and moreso hopeful with Mariota. Mariota is definitely a better image for the franchise at this point; but my concerns are akin to most scouts. I just find it odd to see people so passionate AND so misinformed at the same time.

  47. Tye Says:

    Truthfully, I hate that at the time the Bucs have the 1st over all pick that these are the guys to choose from… I really feel that this could be a major mistake to take a QB just because they need 1 even if neither are truly worth the pick… To pile on the horrible position the Bucs are in, their is no foreseeable QB that they could trade for or sign that is exciting either…

    Unfortunately, when all is said and done the Bucs may still not have a QB that can win consistently in the NFL!… It may prove to be a bad year to be #1!

  48. DEEnice07 Says:

    How is this even a debate? We all seen what happened to Mariota once he took an NFL hit in the National Championship..the guy came off the field..enough said, & he’s not even the better QB to start off with! RAYMOND JAMEIS ALL DAY!

  49. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Yea and we all saw what happened when Jameis played a defense going at an NFL speed. He was so lost he tackled himself and fumbled the ball 10 yards. Both these QB’s would not warrant a No.1 overall if there wasn’t such a high demand.

  50. Fire Goodell Says:

    Mel Kiper on Winston: “The bottom line is Winston is the most advanced on-field quarterback in the draft..his 2014 season proved there’s work to be done — but if Winston realizes his potential, he’s a possible superstar.”

    Kiper on JaMarcus Russell: “JaMarcus Russell is going to immediately energize that Raider nation, that fanbase, that football team, on the practice field, in that locker room. Three years from now you could be looking at a guy who’s certainly one of the elite top five quarterbacks in this league.”

  51. ufcguy Says:

    First off none of you know how smart he is or how football smart he is. Your not a coach you don’t know the plays the film or we just about anything about it. So stop pretending you have half a clue bc u dont. I will however trust nfl players Like barber who can really break down a player unlike any you idiots. Bottom line most pro players can see through Oregon and that system. And they can tell Winston is light years ahead of mariota. Either Draft him or williams.

  52. BB Says:

    Don’t pass on mariota he will be more athletic Rogers or Brady while Winston is improved version of leftwich

  53. Pickgrin Says:

    bucco brice Says:
    January 15th, 2015 at 4:04 pm
    best player available still stands no matter how bad we need a QB….

    I normally agree with the draft BPA over position need in the 1st round philosophy 100%. EXCEPT when it involves a legitimate shot at a franchise QB. (Which the Bucs need as bad or worse than any team in the league).

    There are 2 really really good QB prospects coming out this year and the Bucs have their choice. These 2 are BOTH better prospects than any QB that came out in 2013 or 2014. (my opinion- but many feel the same). Odds are pretty high that 1 of these 2 is going to be a star in the NFL. And odds are decent that both will be at least good solid NFL QBs – which is a big step up from what we are working with now.

    Top 10 QBs are so hard to come by – and so important to a team’s long term success – that some teams are willing to trade away multiple high draft picks for 1 shot at a legitimate franchise QB prospect.
    Having watched many FSU games over the last 2 years – I know what Winston is capable of on a football field. I never dreamed we would go 2-14 this year and was convinced prior to the 2014 draft that we should forego a QB (which we did thankfully) and go all in for Winston this year – whatever the price. He’s that good of a QB prospect in my eyes.

    Well it turns out we don’t have to overpay for a shot at greatness regarding the most important position on any football team. All we have to do is write down a name. That opportunity is as rare as the proverbial hen’s tooth. And with 2 really good QB prospects to choose from – there is NO WAY WE SHOULD TRADE THIS PICK AWAY!

    Take the QB you believe is your guy – and with picks 2,3,4,5 and 5 choose 2 OLinemen, a DE, a MLB and a Safety in whatever order the best players become available at those positions compared to your board. Done and Done. Simple as that…..

  54. Waterboy Says:

    @Fire Goodell Says:
    Good information just curious what did Kiper say about Andrew Luck? Or Geno Smith (who was also highly successful in that spread offense)?

  55. Waterboy Says:

    BB Says:
    January 15th, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    Don’t pass on mariota he will be more athletic Rogers or Brady while Winston is improved version of leftwich

    Mariota is Geno Smith.

  56. Todd Says:

    Mariota because winston is too much trouble off the field

  57. Lord Cornelius Says:

    More misinformation: That Winston played terrible in the Rose Bowl or that Mariota played terrible in the NCG.

    You people are crazy lol. Winston moved the ball down the field all game in the Rose Bowl with very few mistakes and a ton of NFL-style throws. I actually went back and watched every pass attempt he had; and counted 1 overthrow, a couple off throws, about 8+ NFL style “wow” throws (whether it be putting the ball between 3 defenders on a rope; or getting to his 3rd read in under a second) and the rest were relatively easy typical pass plays.

    His fumble came on a desperation 4th down play that the defense blew up.

    And likewise; Mariota played fine in the NCG. He only had the one bad miss on the TE; and a couple other off throws; but was pretty solid. I’d have to go back and watch his tape; but I can recall like 1-2 plays he had something close to an NFL style play/throw.

    Mariota actually played worse in the Rose bowl imo. I counted at least 3 passes in that game where he missed a wide open WR. But in the NCG it was just the one TE.

  58. BB Says:

    Mariota is the pick frankly it is going on a limb somewhat but I think he has hall of fame potential

  59. BB Says:

    I think Winston has federline fries commercial potential

  60. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I think the Glazers are smart enough to know that if the make Winston the face of their franchise that the fan base will decrease dramatically. I think they are tired of seeing a half full Ray Jay

  61. Waterboy Says:

    But why do you think that BB that’s my question? Most people are falling in love with his personality and I agree he seems to be a real nice guy and like Joey Galloway said someone great to have dinner with. But when you look at his style of play he doesn’t look any different than Geno Smith, RG3 or Kaepernick and you could probably get all them for a good bag of potato chips right now.

  62. greg Says:

    Ask us this question around April 15th when it actually matters

  63. greg Says:

    If we win…people will show up even if the ghost of Osama Bin Laden is at QB…frontrunning Bucs fans love a winner

  64. BirdDoggers Says:

    Lovie and Licht could be thinking of going in another direction besides a QB, unless the Glazers mandate it.

    It’s a position of need, but Lovie doesn’t have as much job security after posting a 2-14 season. Developing a rookie QB will take time, especially a player like Mariota. Winston might be more pro ready but his off field character is a question mark. If another team offers a huge trade package, Licht and Lovie will have to seriously consider it. Collecting more premium picks and or players and filling the holes on both offensive and defensive lines could go a long way towards improving the team. They could use one of the picks on a 2nd or 3rd round QB and start another veteran QB in the meantime, just as long as it’s not McCown.

    There isn’t a QB in this draft regarded as the hands down #1 pick. There isn’t a player in this draft regarded as a surefire #1 pick for that matter. The brain trust might view the top pick as being the ultimate bargaining chip to trade down and collect more talent vs. selecting one player with too many question marks.

  65. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Style of play has nothing to do with a skill set. I can say Winston has the same style of play as Leaf, but they don’t have the same skill set. People confuse play with skill set. Amazes me.

  66. dorkguy Says:

    Tired of all the crap about the two QBs. The Lovie Smith, Leslie Frazier, Dirk Koetter trifecta is all you need to look at. Re-cycling losers in the coaching ranks. The old saying: “fool me once……..shame on you”……..fool me twice……shame on me”. And that is what the Glazers are………fools for hiring the head “fool” and allowing the rest of the clown brigade to come to town. Last time I checked……Minnesota with Frazier sucked and Atlanta with Smith and Koetter was pure buffonery. The thought that Jameis Winston, who has repeatedly exhibited stupid behavior, will change is total ignorance. I am sure veterans will love him blaming them when there is a loss and the coaches will pooh pooh him for being a leader when he gets in their grill. Either take Mariota or another position if you do not like him at QB. Either way, there will be new coaches for 2016 and the Bucs will continue to be the joke of the NFL.

  67. Brandon Says:

    Robert 9 Says:
    January 15th, 2015 at 3:19 pm
    you know lovie will roll with brother winston.

    the next jamarcus russell!


    You’re such an idiotic racist tool. Comparing Winston to Russell is lazy, stupid, and deep seeded in racism. The only thing worse than your lack of football wisdom is your lack of integrity and intelligence.

  68. monk Says:

    Not to worry, the Bucs will pick the wrong one!

  69. Warthog Says:

    I think it hilarious that people think Mariota is the ‘safe’ pick. He’s the risky pick, the guy with questions about his ability to operate in an NFL-level offense. Combine drills without pads between now and April etc won’t be able to properly answer these questions.

    Winstons risk all relates to off field stuff. Which doesn’t really matter. Look at the Roethlisbergers of this world – the league looks the other way for indiscretions unless they are major violent crimes.

    Winston is the safe pick, Mariota has too many unknowns. You can’t take that kind of risk with the number one pick. Draft the guy who has actually shown he can make the tough throws into small spaces.

  70. Eric Hernandez Says:

    Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, all not allowed to play
    please don’t be foolish enough to think it doesn’t matter. This is the NFL, not FSU. He won’t be able to get a way with issues that he as had. Big Ben is another example. Both are risks both I believe Mariota will adapt to the NFL before I believe Winston will stop being a dumb ass. Did you hear about this issues from Andrew Luck or Russel Wilson?

  71. BB Says:

    Don’t pick Winston glazers half the fans will leave and outside protests will be common way to ruin team forever glazers titans will get hall of Famer

  72. Walter White Says:

    Mel Kiper on Winston: “The bottom line is Winston is the most advanced on-field quarterback in the draft..his 2014 season proved there’s work to be done — but if Winston realizes his potential, he’s a possible superstar.”

    Kiper on JaMarcus Russell: “JaMarcus Russell is going to immediately energize that Raider nation, that fanbase, that football team, on the practice field, in that locker room. Three years from now you could be looking at a guy who’s certainly one of the elite top five quarterbacks in this league.”

    Excellent. Worth repeating.

  73. Waterboy Says:

    BB Says:
    January 15th, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    Don’t pick Winston glazers half the fans will leave and outside protests will be common way to ruin team forever glazers titans will get hall of Famer


    That’s ok they’ll get over it once the team turns the corner and stars winning again and if not good riddance there will be new bandwagon fans to fill their seats.

  74. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Mr. Patrick Says:
    January 15th, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    “I think the Glazers are smart enough to know that if the make Winston the face of their franchise that the fan base will decrease dramatically. I think they are tired of seeing a half full Ray Jay.”

    Okay FSU-Buc fans all together now.


  75. White Tiger Says:

    It depends on whether Licht and Smith are more concerned about their careers, or the proper re-build of an NFL team.

    This draft may be close to the 2006 draft when Charley Casserly, GM of the quarterback desperate Houston Texans, decided Mario Williams was a better pick than either one of the two most high-profile QB’s of the day (Vince Young 3rd overall or Matt Leinart 10th overall). The screeching for either Vince or Matt (or at least Reggie Bush) became so intense that eventually the fans of the Houston Texans melted down and demanded the firing of the one guy who history proved to be right!!!

    Charley Casserly lost his job because he didn’t pick the right QB – history proved Charley was right – wouldn’t it have been better for Charley to simply pick one of the guys the fans wanted, or better to pick a freakish defensive end that could star in either a 3-4 or a 4-3….

    While I think there may be similarities between Young and Winston, I don’t think the same is true between Mariota and shallow, self-indulged/coddled, train-wreck that was Matt Leinart.

    What we don’t know is…has the NFL changed so much that it’s ready for more spread-o elements? If so, is Lovie ready to go ALL IN?

    I think the answer on both of these questions is ‘no’…but I don’t think that means what Jameis’ fanboys think it means…

  76. BoltIsle Says:

    Reading the personal attacks on here of both players, with no direct knowledge of either, just confirms:

    You can lead a human to knowledge, but you can’t make him think.

  77. White Tiger Says:

    Someone who takes a rational review of two QB’s (of which he is neither) – and decides to interpret that review as a personal attack – is someone who is married to/fanboy of one of the candidates.

    Not being able to identify which one you prefer, and why, means you make emotional decisions.

  78. Bill Byrne Says:

    It’s hard to be positive after a 2 and 14 season and four years of finishing last in the NFC South. With three head coaches in four years and four different starting quarterbacks in that time frame as well, the status of this organization has to be questioned. The draft in 2015 is far more important than the selection of a QB, it will define the direction of the BUCS organization for years to come.

  79. ChargedCBH Says:

    Joe you have some of the dumbest fans I have ever seen! BTW can people stop comparing Winston to other black QB’s

  80. White Tiger Says:

    @ChargedCBH – I’ve been pretty consistent in comparing Winston to other BAD QB’s, including Ryan Leaf (whom at last check…isn’t Hawaiian….), so not sure why you’re so sensitive or anxious to turn this into a discussion about Hawaiian QB’s all of a sudden?

    Sheesh…talk about stoopid!?

    I just want the best possible Hawaiian QB I can get, I don’t care where he comes from…er, wait…

  81. DEEnice07 Says:

    Raymond Jameis all day!

  82. Rex Says:

    It’s funny that the people who don’t like Winston are only bringing up his off the field incidents, but when it comes to Mariota he is perfect on and off the field. Like I’ve said the past 3 debates, go look at oregons QB history in nfl systems and tell me that a QB coming from a college spread system like Oregon to an NFL pro style offense he’s ever been successful. All that early hype about RGIII coming from spread and so far he is a bust. Spread system QBs to me are way riskier future wise than off the field issues. Off field issues aside, on field playing is what’s important for the future because it’s easier to work on off field issues than bad QB play. And I wouldn’t want to take a chance on another possible RGIII. And these josh freeman comparisons are irrelevant. Freeman wasn’t a household name in the draft. Winston is for a reason, 29-1. Enough said

  83. White Tiger Says:

    Over the past…lets say 5 years – Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon, Blake Bortles, EJ Emanuel, Andrew Luck (WCO’s more like a spread than a pro-style), Ryan Tanneyhill, Brandon Wheedon, Ryan Mallet – all came from college pro-style offenses, how many legit starters do you see (better yet, how many are even still in the NFL)?

    On the Flip side: Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, Geno Smith, RGIII, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Sam Bradford, and Tim Tebow all came from Spread systems…

    Yeah, you’re gunna have to re-think that spread bias…