The Offensive Offensive Line

January 5th, 2015
You have to laugh to keep from crying while watching the Bucs offensive line attempt to block.

Bucs fans had to laugh to keep from crying while watching the Bucs’ offensive line last season.

As bad as the swing and miss on Josh McCown — evidence suggested many different things about McCown than what the Bucs pumped out about him prior to the season — Joe just cannot comprehend the Karlos Pena-like swings and misses the Bucs had in free agency on the offensive line.

It was terribly offensive to any thinking person.

Joe just cannot understand how Lovie came to the conclusion that Anthony Collins and Evan Dietrich-Smith and Oniel Cousins would be stud linemen?

What exactly was being served in that suburban Chicago basement? Or was the place poisoned by natural gas fumes from the furnace?

Pat Yasinskas of breaks down the 2014 offensive line.

But the worst season of all came from left tackle Anthony Collins. A high-priced signing in free agency, Collins played so badly that he was benched at the end of the season. Center Evan Dietrich-Smith, another free-agent pickup, was better than Collins, but was only average.

Right tackle Demar Dotson was Tampa Bay’s best blocker, but he had problems with penalties. Dotson moved to left tackle when Collins was benched and did an adequate job. Dotson’s future could be at left tackle.

It’s a certainty that Tampa Bay will have another overhaul of the offensive line this offseason.

You can bet your Rachel Watson poster than Bucs general manager Jason Licht will look to upgrade the offensive line. If he thinks he can replace guys for lesser money, then you can bet he will pull the trigger.

The only two safe, in Joe’s eyes, are Demar Dotson, because he has talent, and Patrick Omameh because he has upside and is cheap.

98 Responses to “The Offensive Offensive Line”

  1. Warthog Says:

    Dotson really needs to stay at RT though. We need better than average at LT.

  2. Dave Pear Says:

    I’ve finally got the trademark for the Offensive Line’s new nickname…
    The “Pewter People Greeters”.
    Now available at a Flea Market near you.

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    What about Rod Marinelli AND Scott Linehan (Offensive Play Caller) for the Cowgirls to come on down to the Bucs? Any scoop on Linehan?

  4. bucrightoff Says:

    So the coach/GM team who brought you last years horrible line will be in charge of building next year’s line. How very confidence inspiring…

  5. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    I would have left this on the Jameis thread but its like hella long. The Bucs have tall,strong wr’s not speed demons like cook/brown/beckam. Mariota would not fit with this team as constructed unless you got rid of vjax for someone like hilton, antonio brown, cobb, etc. You would also need a receiving TE with speed not a big blocker. Sims would fit with Mariota but that’s it this team is built hard on defense to keep the score low. The high powered offense is cool during the season but during a playoff chase and in the playoffs high powered doesn’t work. It’s a running game and defense that propels you to the superbowl but if most Bucs fans want Mariota so bad than you better hope Frost comes with him for an OC. You would also need to get rid of asj,vjax,murphy,evans, and meyers.

  6. meh Says:

    Omameh was a train wreck.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:

    I am surprised that no one is talking about how Zuttah got manhandled in pitt/ravens game?

  8. Ray Rice Says:

    Oh yea. Zuttah was getting blown back play after play. Now that’s the Zuttah I remember. As far as the YUCS go….. They are going to need a lot for that OL to become average.

  9. gatrbuc17 Says:

    If we draft Mariota why not talk Helfrich into being our OC?

  10. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Again you guys want a dominant Buc defense with an eagles offense. What about when teams play zone preventing long passes forcing the Bucs to run the ball while they run the ball keeping the Buc offense off the field. That high powered offense is then nullified turning the game to “Buc ball” again. What if the opposing team is up by a touchdown with 2:00 to go and the defense is in cover 1,3,or 2 keeping the ball in front of them only allowing short passes. Sure mariota could run but the LB’s would force him to stay in bounds. His only shot would be to stay in the pocket and throw into those zones, int,int,int all day.

    But most fans here will still scream for mariota despite the different game scenario’s or facts. I want an offense that can put up 35 or more points if needed but averages 24pts a game because that’s all that’s needed to win the game. If you try to outscore these dome and/or track teams like kelly/manning/etc., you lose alot with the current personnel

  11. Robert 9 Says:

    The entire nfl, practice squads, draft, unsigned guys etc.

    And they can’t get 5 guys to play in step with one another? Seems more like coaching to me, along with play calling and a sorry Qb. That being said they sucked, but I would replace the coach and maybe the guy who scouted them

  12. Robert 9 Says:

    And stop with the dominant d talk lol

  13. mdsbuc Says:

    As were Lovie’s free agent picks a disaster, so were his choices of offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinators. Beyond that, the position coaches don’t seem to be all that great either. The Bucs went backwards in just about every category. Game management seemed to be another problem with the plethora of penalties, including the ridiculous “12 men on the field” on multiple occasions. Where was the urgency on the field when in games time was running out and points needed to be scored. Bad coaching, bad coaching, bad coaching……..

    I’ve been wishing so badly for the Glazers to step up and fire this staff and start fresh. How could it get any worse? I have faint hope that it will happen after the college championship game, or after the NFL playoffs when more coaches become available. As much as I do hope for this, I seriously doubt that the Glazers have the guts to do it. What I see is more buffoonery to come. It’s a sad story.

  14. Rick Says:

    Would everyone pleassssse get off the free agency bandwagon? Sure you can occasionally pick up a top notch player in free agency. More often but still not very often you can pick up a contributor. There are reasons for those guys to be free agents and like the forward pass, only three things can happen and two of them are bad!

    The Bucs and their fans need patience to rebuild the offensive line through the draft. Tampa needs a center, a pair of guards, Logan Mankins likely won’t be around at the end of the project, and a tackle. Maybe we need to see if Cleveland, which is disenchanted with Johnny Football Joe, wants to trade their two first round picks for our #1.

    Then we can get a jump start on rebuilding that O-line with two blue chippers in the first round.

  15. Robert 9 Says:

    Who won the Baltimore game? Yeah well.

  16. SAMCRO Says:

    There was nothing in FA during last years season, so good luck trying to find those lineman this year in FA. Unless some lineman refuse to resign new tenders with their old ball clubs expect the same bottom of the barrel pickings this season. If we’re lucky maybe we can find some undrafted college players that go under the radar and are better than the same usual suspects that have been picked over like buzzards on a roadkill.

  17. Zam Says:

    My only hope is that it’s all Tedford’s fault.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d go with part draft/part FA on the Oline…..we need quality depth…..look for players in FA that have some versatility…..

    A new OC & Oline coach will help greatly…

    Other than Oinie….we need DE,MLB, 3rd wr, CB,P, KR/PR….& S if Goldson is gone

    We will be in good shape with #1 QB……RB, TE

    Not too many needs….about 8-10 quality players…..probably only 3 in draft & 5-6 FAs

  19. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    The quickest way to solve the most problems this off season…is the trade back twice in the 1st round !….

  20. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I share your guarded optimism. Everybody loves to talk about that great player that elevates the play of all those around him. We’ve seen this kind of player and they are the rare HOFers although plenty of other good players elevate the play around them to some degree.

    And that’s my point. The skill/personality/character/energy that raises the play of teammates is not an absolute. I believe you can rate it. Pick a scale 1-10 with 10 being the best.

    I nominate DB55 for a 10. Derrick always elevated the play of those around him.

    Conversely bad players can make marginal players even worse and average players poor.

    I truly believe if Mankins, EDS, and Dotson had two studs to fill out the line they would be more than adequate. EDS and Mankins will play to the level of those around them. Who could play well with Anthony Collins next to them?

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ StPete

    We have the nucleus of great players to build on….and it doesn’t take many…


    Adding a great leader at QB will be essential

    I think Mankins & EDS can be addead to that list….The coaches recognize this much easier than the fans,

    The player that comes up often is Goldson….he doesn’t perform to his salary IMO….but the coaches always give him great credit for leadership

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am an optimist…’s just part of my DNA….Frankly, it just feels alot better when you get up in the morining….especially as a Buc Fan.

    I understand and empathze with the fans that are frustrated and negative….but I don’t choose to join them. I choose to remain positive and try to make constructive comments.

    Anyone can simply say…..”Get rid of the bastards, they suck”……perhaps that makes them feel better….but tomorrow….they’ll be stuck with them & I’ll be hopeful they will eventually get it right.

  23. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    We need QB, CENTER, RG & RT. We should keep Mankins this year. He’s good enough for another year IF we fill out the rest. No point in creating more needs.

    We need a DE, 2 SAFTIES, and maybe a 3rd CB or LB. We don’t have to focus on a #3 WR. Not if we keep Jackson. Between the TE we have and Sims, the slot can be covered for a year. We can always rotate UNFAs in and hop to strike gold, or address it next year.

    So we’re talking 4 on offense and 4 on defense. 8 players. 7 if we keep goldson. Teams commonly strike gold on 50% or less of the players brought in…unless its Schiano drafting.

    So 4 good players. Better be along the offesive line and the QB.

  24. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I’m with you. I’m also the optimist. The good news is that we’re talking the NFL here. The difference between teams isn’t that great talent wise.

    We played way below our talent level this year. I’m not saying we should have won ten but six was easily in reach. This teams was simply a “losing” team. Just like winning teams can figure some way to snare a win, losers like us can pull crap like fumble on the first play of OT. 12 men on the field…how many dead ball penalities at the worst time, how many possible interceptions that would have ended drives and in at least one game secured victory were dropped.

    I agree with you. Talent wise we’re not that far. I have to confess though that Lovie still scares me. I’m hoping the Glazers read him the riot act behind closed doors and turn personnel and draft decisions over to Licht. They may have had to promise the family jewels to get Lovie here but now they can start pulling back on some of those promises.

  25. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Oh, and we need a punter.

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo has a solution for helping the Oline……Pablo wants to bring Anthony Munoz out of retirement” “Pablo wasn’t born when Munoz played…but Pablo has watched much film of Munoz, so Pablo knows”

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    As far as OC, I’mleaning toward Dirk Koetter or Trestman. Was delighted to hear the Dog say the same today.

  28. Andrew 1 Says:

    A couple of things- first of all we were all right to be concerned about trading away Zuttah. It was a mistake to trade him to Baltimore, as we really could have used him at LG because that position was a revolving door all season with guys that did not get it done. And I also think that issue lead to lousy line play across the board. O line is one of those things were your only as good as the group. if you have one crack the whole line will suffer, and I think thats what happened with our huge crack at LG. fix that position and I think the whole group will improve.

    On a second note, just imagine how bad it would have gotten if we didnt fill that RG position by trading for Mankins. I’m telling you it would have been atrocious.

  29. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I thought mankins plays lg? Ah, you’re prob right, i’m so tired i can’t think tonight.

  30. The Buc Realist Says:

    I just don’t see the point of keeping an old receiver that only has 1 or 2 more years in the tank on a constant bottom of the barrel team. The bucs must draft there way out of the bottom. and when they do that VJ will be retired or no use to any team. Just look at his yac yards. good players do not last forever in the nfl. We need to build for the future, and that I am positive about!

  31. Andrew 1 Says:

    lol thanks for catching that Bonzai, meant to say RG.

  32. Andrew 1 Says:

    Fix RG and we will be very much improved imo.

  33. 911bucs Says:

    So is the entire coaching staff coming back next year? Seems like they would let go of the coaches that they didn’t want so the could pursue other opportunities.

  34. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    OK you Big 10 guys fill me in. I’m watching Wisconsin in the Outback and I’m thinking…damn they have a better OL than the Bucs!

    Seriously. How do the Badgers do it. Year in and year out Wisconsin fields stud offensive lineman. Is it the cheese. The tradition? We should be drafting Wisconsin guys and take their OL coach as well.

    Wisconsin impressed me at the Outback. Auburn’s defense is not chopped liver.

  35. Killian Says:

    We need The House of Spears. Our defense would be drastically improved with Suh next to GMC. Throw in Greg Hardy or Avril and we will be a top notch defense next year.

  36. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Bucs just interviewed Marc Trestman per Rapoport

  37. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    @The Buc Realist

    We don’t agree on much, but we do on V-Jack. Trade him while we can get something good for him. Maybe a 2nd.

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Bonzai

    The 3rd WR could be the PR/KR……we really don’t have that player now……I know we have Herron, Shepard, Murphy….but we can certainly improve on that….

  39. DB55 Says:

    Joe – you always get what you pay for, except Lovie cuz he’s not too smart.

    Ray rice – the dude Zuttah was blocking was 6’8″ 350lbs and he did ok.

    Buc realist – how were me13 YAC yards in comparison to Vjax?

  40. Andrew 1 Says:

    “Funny how? like a clown? do I f’n amuse you?”

    lol at the pic.

  41. DB55 Says:

    Fun fact : mclown threw for 2k yards 11 tds and 14 ints. After week 8 he only threw tds to me13. One word: progressions?

  42. DB55 Says:

    Hey, you wanna laugh, this prick last week asked me to christen his kid. Yeah, alright… seven thousand I’ll charge him!

  43. The Buc Realist Says:


    Mike Evans yac -179 yards, 68 rec, 12 TD

    VJ yac -164 yards, 70 rec, 2 TD

    looks close on the surface, until you look at the TD’s which stop the yac numbers once touchdown is scored. we need receivers with speed. and if this draft is anywhere close to last years, there were good receivers all the way into the 4th round.

  44. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    I still find it strange that no one seems to mind Lovie Smith finishing last in the National Football League.

    Lovie needs to draft a rookie QB and bring him along slowly… that will earn him at least two more losing seasons while “grooming the rookies QB”.

  45. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    Also… there will be a reaction to this past season by the way.

    That reaction will be a huge reduction in ticket sales.

    Things have a way of revealing the festering truth no matter how long it is covered up. The owners will take notice.

  46. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    Joe, I love me some Ray Liotta and Goodfellas, but when ever I see that one picture/face, I want to punch my laptop screen. Please, no more of that, ever.

  47. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Just a few of us diehards left tonight on JBF

    Joe’s poll indicates JBF readers support Mariota more than 2-1 over Winstion…..also…..75% would not pick Winston….would pick Mariota or Trade Down or other….
    Yet tomorrow I suspect we will be subjected to another daily “Jameis” article

    Will Joe continue to pound that drum or will he soften and start giving some equal time?

    Your thoughts?

  48. Architek Says:

    Either qb drafted will require the right support system and coaching to develop him. So really I think it boils down to how they plan to develop and win by using his strong suits in the short term.

    As far as OL – I say they build thru the draft.

  49. DB55 Says:

    You guys are going to love this.

    DB55 Says:
    January 5th, 2015 at 9:46 pm
    BradentuckeyBuc Says:
    January 5th, 2015 at 3:21 pm
    Let’s take a look at this years playoff QB’s…

    Brady, Manning, Rogers, Luck, Wilson, Romo, Flacco, Roethlisberger, Newton, Stafford, Dalton

    In my opinion only Newton and Wilson land on the freakishly athletic scale.

    Most of these guys are off the charts when it comes to Intelligence, Decision Making and, with the exception of Roethlisberger, Character…on and off the field.

    We have a guy like that on the roster. He completed a BA and an MBA in 4 years while playing fb. Most college kids would take 6-7 years to do the same wo fb. He was also good enough to beat FSU (1 of 3 in 3 years). He actually looks and plays a lot like Flacco and almost beat Wilson in his house. Sure he never got a chance to develop or never had a full offseason with the first string due to FAVORITISM. But hey let’s keep throwing away our 1st rnd (barron, Revis ) 2nd rnd (bowers) and 3rd rnd picks (glennon) for 5th n 6th rounders. That’s probably the best way to build a championship team. While we’re at it lets trade our best players (Vjax, wright) for a sub and a bag of chips. While overpaying scrub FAs (Collins, cousins) the fact that cousins gets paid is overpayment enough. Let’s get rid of penn who had one bad game againt Robert Quinn when the entire league had bad games against Robert Quinn. And finally lets pin our hopes, dreams and team identity to an ice cream salesman.

    We on our way boys. #1 overall pick here we come ( for the next 5 years). Ay vey!

  50. DB55 Says:


    The tds are skewed. Mclown only threw tds to me13 for the second half of the season. Seriously who does that? Week 8 he threw 2 tds one to evans and one to asj. After that only me13. How does that happen?

  51. SAMCRO Says:


    Joe’s to stubbornly bias to include Mariota equally into this important debate. Without providing Mariota equal representation it’s easier for Joe to persuade the uninformed casual fans that they have only one option to choose from.

    I say No …not equally

  52. DB55 Says:

    MGM4LIFE or until we get a better option. Real talk!

  53. SAMCRO Says:


    So are you still backing Glennon?

  54. DB55 Says:

    You damm right I am!!!!!

    The kid has all the traits you need, namely intelligence. He’s just a rookie for Christ sake. DEVELOP fking players man rather than just booting them into the street so they can start on playoff teams (Melvin).

    I get upset about this whole situation. Glennon played better than freeman true? Yet free was a 1st rnd pick. Nothing is garunteed.

  55. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    The only chance Glennon survives if we somehow trade down and he competes with Petty or Hundley for the starting job……not happening

  56. Matt Says:

    Yessir !!

    Whoever we get at QB, Tresman is a QB whisperer and will develop our rookie to his full potential. Cutler is a spoiled prick who already got 2 coaches fired and soon it will be 3. Tresman is an excellent excellent oc and qb coach.

  57. cmurda Says:

    I was just about to post this Matt. I just read it on rotoworld. I’ve been hoping for Trestman. The very fact that he officially interviewed has to be a sign that he has some interest. Trestman is definitely going to be a hot commodity at O.C. This is the guy I would like. Not a retread and has a proven QB resume. It would be perfect too because Trestman would probably vote to keep McCown starting and develop our #1 pick QB. The only concern I would have is if Trestman turns the offense around would we be dealing with him bolting for another head coach gig the following year? I guess you don’t factor that in as it could happen to whoever we select. Get Trestman.

  58. DB55 Says:

    Near sighted. Won’t happen does mean it shouldn’t. I’m content with real fair competion. Let the best man win. And we can all agree mclown ain’t it. Fair enough?

  59. DallasBuc Says:

    Joe- “Joe just cannot understand how Lovie came to the conclusion that Anthony Collins and Evan Dietrich-Smith and Oniel Cousins would be stud linemen?”
    I don’t recall you complaining in the off-season last year when this sht pile was shined up for public consumption. It took until after a couple of preseason games for oline questions to even start being asked.
    I was a lone voice of reason in the wilderness that was the 2014 malpractice of an offseason.

  60. DB55 Says:

    Cough cough

    Dallas I think I’ve been right there with you the whole time. You are not alone. #bandofbrothers

  61. tickrdr Says:

    @ DB 55:
    Nice posts as always from you, my friend!

    Posted a few times previously by me.
    tickrdr Says:
    December 5th, 2014 at 11:05 am
    Offensive line or no offensive line, only THREE QBs have thrown for more TDs in their first 19 games, than MG8′s 29 TDs.
    Russell Wilson with 32 TDs in his first nineteen games.
    Aaron Rodgers with 32 TDs, but he didn’t play until his fourth year in NFL.
    Peyton Manning with 33 TDs, but also had 33 INTs in those 19 games.

    For his sake, I hope MG8 gets traded.


  62. DB55 Says:

    Btw where is 87? How is he not owning this thread?

  63. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Great article from Boston re Mankins…

    Says Lovie has named him a captain for next year already….

  64. DB55 Says:


    In November my 3yr old got a hello kitty hummer. Expensive toy.

    For Christmas she got a ton of chit too. You know what her favorite toy is (right now)? .50$ playdoh and a $2 ball.

    Sometimes it the things we least expect that bring us the most joy.

  65. DB55 Says:


    Lovie is the ultime tool.

    Mankins is tough as nails but a capt? Come on man! Rainey should be Capt in that case. kid lead the team in rushing with like 3 games, running behind garbage ass eds and slow ass mankins. Holding, non-looking for blitzes ass mankins I miss my boy toy Brady, mankins, that guy.

  66. SAMCRO Says:


    I commend you, but I agree with TBBF

    I’ve liked Mike since the days I watched him in his first camp practices, and was impressed with his ability to command the ball. From 30 yard frozen ropes to the deep soft ally oops, he just seems to do it with ease. Unfortunately though, through no fault of his own, he has gotten the raw end of the deal. He was tossed into a bad situation and did OK for being a rookie.

    As much as I have supported him, I am also a realist, (no not that one 🙂 ) and since the Bucs now possess the #1 pick in the draft I have to be honest with myself and believe they now will be drafting a QB. So with that, unfortunately, and I’m sorry to say, the only way Mike sticks with the club, is if we trade down, and keep him the starter or they choose a QB and McCown retires.

    But whatever happens, and Mike ends up leaving, ya better keep an eye on that guy, cause he’s not done. Someones gonna get a smart QB who will eventually shine.

    Goodluck MGM!

  67. tickrdr Says:


    You should re-post your insight re: MG8’s progressions, and how he managed to complete TDs to ASJ, Louis Murphy, and even Robert Herron!


  68. tickrdr Says:


    Good and fair assessment, and I agree completely.


  69. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Mike was never really given a sufficeient opportunity with the Bucs…..after a pretty good showing as a rookie under dificult conditions, he was demoted in favor of McCown…….then again placed into the lineup mid-season with no real OC, running game or Oline….and struggled.
    Any second year QB that can pull a come from behind against the Steelers in Pittsburgh has potential. Steelers were 65-0 when leading by 7 or more in the 4th qtr…
    Glennon wasn’t given the opportunity to return as a starter because, I believe they made the decision to trade him…..perhaps a deal has already been agreed to with Arizona or St. Louis.
    We will never know what kind of Buc Quarterback Glennon could have been….but I suspect we will find out what he becomes elsewhere…..and I think pretty good…..another one that got away….

  70. SAMCRO Says:


    You nailed it …unfortunately

  71. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I will go out on a limb here….Glennon fetches a 2nd or 3rd round pick and Lovie gets his MLB….

  72. DB55 Says:


    Nice article. Long but nice. What concerned me most? “We [the Bucs’ line] haven’t quite developed that bond yet. It’s getting closer. Hopefully we’ll get together in the offseason and work on it.” -mankins talking about hosting bbqs

    Hopefully? Offseason? Say what?

  73. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Not concerned too much with that….sort of the “company line” Mankins is overpaid and on his last legs….but he is a pro and I suspect he’ll be OK.

    I think he wants to be the leader.

  74. SAMCRO Says:

    What teams do think may have an interest in Mike besides Arizona or St Louis?

  75. DB55 Says:


    “Another one that got away”

    I feel the onset of my tourettes bc so many have “got away”.

  76. DB55 Says:


    Sorry but team unity is key. You develop that offsite. Now you’re playing for the guy next to you rather than making sure you look good on on film. Our entire team plays like they just don’t want to make a mistake. Hesitating at every turn. #bandofbrothers

  77. DB55 Says:


    Why not the patriots? Dude I would flip a lid.

  78. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Don’t know for sure but those two knew they needed a QB around that time (mid-season) and they also suspected they wouldn’t be able to draft one of the top QBs in 15.
    Their offenses would support a Glennon style (Palmer/Bradford)

    The Jets, Bills, & Bears are also looking but I don’t think are good prospects.

    Here is an article about St. Louis and QB

  79. DB55 Says:

    The article makes my point. You can add injury-free to glennons resume. Plus inexperienced QBs will get you fired.

  80. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Signing a real guard and a center in free agency should be happening in March. If not we are in trouble. Also getting a Tackle in the draft and possibly another one via FA. I do not see them spending big money on another Tackle but a mid level guy would be an improvement and push younger guys in Training Camp and OTA’s.

  81. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Oh….I agree….I think Mankins is desperate to redevelop his “bandofbrothers” with the Bucs and wasn’t able to do that because he hasn’t moved to Tampa yet….that’s why I think he has been given the green light for next year as has EDS & Dotson……they will be looking to fill L or RT & RG…some like Omameh…Pamphile & Edwards will be for depth….

  82. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    MG8 takes a lot of ridicule because of his physique….”giraffe” but he is one very tough guy and can take a pounding…

  83. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think many are wrong about Glennon’s trade value….I think because of the many teams needing QBs…..and cheap backups…..and wanting someone young who has started some games….he has demonstrated he can win some games with a bad team.
    I think his trade value is a 2nd or 3rd round pick…..there is no way in hell I would let him go for less. I’d keep him as our backup first.

    Here are the teams that need starters….
    Bucs, Titans, Jets, Rams, Redskins, Bills, Bears, Cardinals….and half the league would take him as a backup.

  84. SAMCRO Says:

    How about Tennessee? They could very well offer a 3rd rounder for him? I know they pick second but they may only be interested in Mariota, if he falls to #2. If Mariota is taken by the Bucs first, Tennessee may decide to pass on selecting Winston, offer us a pick for Glennon, and use their first pick on a different position.

    Who knows … but how ever it works out I just hope Glennon gets another opportunity in the right place.

  85. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    It’s easy to see how good Mike Glennon will be. Just look at Chris Sims. Pretty much the exact same quarterback.

    And Mike was given more chances than he earned. He never made good on them. He showed no signs of improvement from his rookie year.

  86. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    6th rounder at best. And I would take it.

  87. DB55 Says:


    Put the meth down Jesse.

  88. DB55 Says:

    “making cherry product, but let’s keep it real, alright? We make poison for people who don’t care. We probably have the most unpicky customers in the world.” – Jesse Pinkman


  89. SAMCRO Says:

    That’s a pretty cut and dry and don’t give a shat assessment there BB considering not even “TOM BRADEE” himself could have survived the last two pitiful seasons behind that train wreck display of human carnage, that which some have referred to as our offensive, offensive line. Hell Manning would be completely out of football with another broken neck. Not to mention two different playbooks, and the up and down musical f’n chairs. But hey, it’s just your F’n opinion, right?

  90. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    It’s truth. Sorry to rain on the MGM parade, seeing as you’re all coming out at night and gathering like this. Mike Glennon sucks, and all your contradictory claims can’t change that.

  91. SAMCRO Says:

    I guess the gathering is over, the pigs showed up …night John Boy!

  92. Patrickbucsbucs Says:

    Are you guys serious on Glennon getting a 2nd or 3rd rounder?? Are you kidding me?!! What has he done this season to make teams give up that for a backup? If he was worth that he would of been traded last offseason instead of McKown’s backup that doesn’t make any sense.

    I will buy a round of drinks for you 3 that think that (samcro, tbbf, db55) if that happens this offseason no problem. I’ll be the guy pouring mine on my head.

  93. Ray Rice Says:

    LMFAO. People are really debating over MG8? Dam its going to be a long off season.

  94. Joe Says:

    Yet tomorrow I suspect we will be subjected to another daily “Jameis” article

    Of course.

  95. Architek Says:

    Why are we talking about Glennon in January – not sure Im tracking how he’s relevant?

    Not being funny…

  96. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    The answer to all of our problems is to bring in Tebow, PROBLEM SOLVED

  97. StayTheCourse Says:

    McCown would have been average if he had a decent line, but with that line any QB would have been awful.

  98. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Oneil Cousins graded-out as the WORST offensive lineman in the entire NFL!