Rashaan Melvin Had A Bad Day

January 12th, 2015
rashaan melvin 0112

Former Bucs CB Rashaan Melvin, now with the Crows, had a bad day.

Joe noticed Twitter anger simmering in Bucs fans Saturday afternoon. On the field for the Crows in their AFC semifinal game at the Patriots was former Tampa Bay cornerback Rashaan Melvin.

The former undrafted free agent was the apple of former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik’s eye. He truly thought he had an undrafted steal. When Melvin wasn’t hurt, he showed flashes in both of his Bucs training camps.

Alas, he blew out his hamstring his rookie year and was placed on injured reserve. Coaches drool over Melvin’s size and speed, and he caught the eye of Lovie Smith. But in training camp and preseason he blew out his left ankle and was released with an injury settlement in September.

After landing on the Dolphins practice squad, the Crows, who had many injuries to their corners, signed Melvin and he played well for them. Until Saturday. He got totally basted and fried by Tom Brady, notes Pete Damilatis of Pro Football Focus.

If that wasn’t bad enough, in trying to tackle Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, it appeared Melvin was trying to do something that should be left behind closed doors, not displayed on national television.

So, no, Bucs fans, Melvin getting away from the Bucs, at least on Saturday, wasn’t enough to raise your ire like it should when the Bucs waived goodbye to Michael Bennett (for no good reason), Donald Penn and Jeremy Zuttah.

Melvin, a really good dude, just had a bad day.

12 Responses to “Rashaan Melvin Had A Bad Day”

  1. theodore Says:

    In Melvin’s defense, Gronk’s pants always look like they’re about to fall off.

  2. OB Says:

    That is a new way to tackle since you do not run very well with your pants around your ankles.

  3. BucsQcCity Says:

    I’m still not over Bennett leaving. What a great player he is 🙁

  4. port richey george Says:

    poor baby! he is no longer a buc. who cares!

  5. BoJim Says:

    Maybe Melvin lost a bet. “If you lose, you’ve gotta sniff Gronk’s ass”.

  6. rayjay1122 Says:

    Agreed. That picture is priceless. Lmao.

  7. JFat Says:

    Wow that pic…I’ve heard of being posterized. But not sure I’ve ever seen someone posteriorized.

  8. Soggy Says:

    Thanks joe, I needed a laugh this morning and the photo worked..

  9. OAR Says:

    Melvin just wanted to ass the tight end a question!

  10. tiny tim Says:

    I’m confused….Just last week I thought this site and the many poster who follow Joe was crying and writing things like fire Lovie because he cut this guy (no joe did not suggest fire lovie but questioned the move). Now this site and posters are ok with him being cut? Which one is it? Are you ok with him being cut or not?

  11. Soggy Says:

    Just say no to crack 🙂

  12. Dan Says:

    Well, with all the rules about tackling against defenseless receivers, the new way is to pants them…