“One Of The More Difficult Evaluations”

January 14th, 2015

A former college quarterback and scout for the Eagles, Browns and Ravens, Joe’s friend Daniel Jeremiah has transitioned very well into his role as a draft guru for NFL.com and NFL Network.

And the more Jeremiah dives into the pool of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota’s work, the cloudier the water gets.

Speaking during a TV appearance yesterday, Jeremiah said assessing Mariota as a potential elite quarterback is more faith-based than anything else.

“One of the more difficult evaluations because so much of the success of the play is determined before the play even starts, just with their play design [at Oregon,]” Jeremiah said of Mariota. “I’ve never studied a guy on tape and seen guys more wide open than he has there at Oregon. So there’s just not a lot of opportunity to watch him make those kind of tight-window, NFL-type throws.

“And then there’s things not a lot of people talk about. He’s in the shotgun. Ok, everybody says, ‘Well, that’s not a big deal. Everybody in the NFL is in a shotgun.’ But [Oregon’s] entire, almost their entire passing game is built off the run game. So you’re in the shotgun, you’re kind of riding a play fake and you’re raising up and throwing the football. You’re not taking a three-step drop and beyond, and kind of working through a traditional progression. So really what he’s doing is kind of apples to oranges when you’re evaluating him there versus what he’s going to do at the NFL level.

“I think what you do is you bet on him as a person, in terms of how smart, how tough, his work ethic. He’s a great athlete. He’s got a lot of things to work with. I just think it’s going to be a little bit of a project.”

This is why Joe prefers the Bucs draft Jameis Winston, though Joe would have no issue if the Bucs decide to take on the Mariota project.

But what most scares Joe is the Bucs passing on both quarterbacks. Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have an awful lot of time to get squirrelly and entertain trade offers. Hopefully, Team Glazer will stand firm and demand justice is served, and the Bucs draft a quarterback.

72 Responses to ““One Of The More Difficult Evaluations””

  1. Buc since '74 Says:

    Oh and for the record, Winston has been charged with…? Found guilty of…? He has made some bone headed decisions and I understand the concern but let’s not lop off the kids head yet.

  2. Phil Says:

    I wish we would just pick Jameis Winston now.

  3. Grims Says:

    That’s what excites me about him because there is no argument about his character and smarts. I lean towards Mariota but will be happy with Jameis. Lilke he said a lot of faith is going to be put into his smarts, toughness, and athletic ability. Clearly the guy can do some things with a football and his legs that not many other quarterbacks can and he isn’t even a run first qb, and same goes for Jameis that he can do some things that Mariota can’t. It is a toss up and I think it mainly hinges on if we are leaning towards a more traditional offense or Lovie and Licht decide we want to be revolutionary and break out of the traditional mold.

  4. Buc since '74 Says:

    On MM – where are the stories of him being a great leader? Come from behind final minute drive commander? Pocket presence? I just don’t see it because I haven’t seen it. Have you? The kids has talent but has is NOT a sure thing and I would much rather put my trust in Winston with the game on the line because I have seen him win games over and over. Yes he made some bad throws or decisions in the first half of games but he can clear his head and win. Has MM done that? Can he?

  5. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie is going to convince himself he can draft Leonard Williams and get to the playoffs with McCown/Glennon. Mariota just seems like a non-starter to me because he has to sit (and he should too) and that doesn’t help Lovie. Jameis is probably too unseemly for Lovie’s liking. And Leonard Williams is the best player available even if QB is more needed.

    And I don’t even necessarily disagree. Leonard Willaims would probably have the biggest instant impact on next year and Lovie needs wins next year. Drafting and sitting Mariota doesn’t help him. Putting Leonard Williams beside GMC does.

  6. OB Says:

    This is simple, Koetter picks a QB and I am behind it 100%.

  7. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I still say the Bucs will not draft Mariota or Winston and I will stick with that until draft day. When you have the #1 pick in the draft and you spend it on your future “Franchise QB”, you have to be 100% sure that he is your guy without any worries, reservations or variables because if you miss you set your franchise back five years. With the #1 pick you don’t just roll the dice. I don’t think the Bucs can feel that way about either one of these guys. Teams that draft QB’s in the 1st round out of desparation always regret it later and you can look all around the league now and see that. Bucs will do the smart thing and pass on both of these guys.

  8. Eric Hernandez Says:

    He doesn’t need to be charged with anything for the NFL to suspend him. Look at what happened with Big Ben. He was not charged with anything and the NFL still suspended him. I believe more in Mariota’s ability to learn more then I trust Winston’s ability not to be a dumbass off the field. And remember Winston is no Andrew Luck, he has his flaws on the field too.

  9. Grims Says:

    As a non-winston hater. No argument for a franchise quarterback in defense of him should begin with “what has he been convicted/charged with?” That’s a red flag.

  10. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Neither are worthy of being the #1 pick….so….

  11. Soggy Says:

    I don’t Guarantee or promise like some but I don’t see Lovie taking a QB with the first pick if he is not sqeeky clean (lovies way) and MM is going to need a lot of time, I personally want a QB but I want the first pick to be right and not a miss, Is lovie going to roll the dice with winston or MM and start McCown again or even glennon to let a rookie adapt or trade glennon and bring in another vet QB and draft a QB lower down the draft board? To much to consider but thats what the top dogs get paid to do so I will be good with whatever they come up with and time will tell if they get it right.. 🙂

  12. RJ CHRIS Says:

    Right on Eric, Winston is nothing but trouble to much of a risk when you have Marcus out there….I played college baseball and the minors and have seen to many of ” this type ” just turn into shit. Everyone knows the trouble he has caused and the stupid things he has done way to much risk.

  13. Kyle Says:

    Any scout who questions Mariota’s ability to go through progressions is not worth listening to. Go watch tape yourself. Mariota goes through progressions more often than Winston, and he does so efficiently, with the ability to react quickly when he finds an open receiver. In my study of Winston, I have not seen the same ability.

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    Draft Winston + Fire Lovie = Wins

  15. Scratching My Head Says:

    I have gone back and forth about who would be the right choice for the Bucs. Although Winston’s character is constantly in question, it has been a while since we have heard of any new stupid moves made by him (barring his abysmal performance against Oregon). I think Winston is more ready to fit into an NFL system, unlike Mariota will have not be ready and we have to deal with another year of McCown while Mariota develops, which I am sure everyone would have to agree is not a viable option.

  16. bucsQcCity Says:

    Hearing Koetter yesterday scared the hell out of me. They can’t overcome mediocrity or average QB. Just look at the 4 teams left in the playoffs: Wilson, Rodgers, Brady and Luck. Even if we extends to the last 8: Flacco, Manning, Romo, Newton. The We need a QB and while a 1st pick don’t guarantee anything it gives us at least the choice and a shot at a franchise level QB.

  17. Couch Fan Says:

    I would be ok with whatever they do. My opinion is Winston is clearly the better QB. But if they dont feel the off field risk is worth the reward I’d respect that. But no way can you draft a project with the #1 overall pick like Mariota. Much rather have Williams or Gregory.

  18. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Winstons throwing motion sucks !….huge wind up 3/4 side arm delivery….the NFL defenses are going to phuck with his head Big Time !…then the pyscho wheels are going to come off….

  19. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I don’t believe either QB drafted should be started right away. They both should sit to have time to develop. That is both of them not just one of them.

  20. mark2001 Says:

    Joe….When the background check is done on Winston, Lovie, Licht, and the Glazers will likely know more about him than anyone but Jameis does. We speculate on his off the field behavior, but the organization will pay whatever it takes to do above and beyond due diligence and know everything about him since his toddler years.

    And here is the point…we either believe that Lovie, Licht, and the Glazers will do that and find that bottom line acceptable, and worth the perceived risk, or they will believe otherwise. If they believe it acceptable, we are off and running…draft him number one. If not, we should rest assured that they had good reasons for the decision, one way or another, and move on to Mariota or trade down. Glad they have months to do that research…I’m sure it has already begun.

    BTW..If Mariota has some arm questions regarding his accuracy, the same risk assessment might also knock him off the list and facilitate a trade…if there is value…

    My question…behind those two where we do have a great need…who is the best player in the draft this year?

  21. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Koetter yesterday: “I do think in the NFL it’s easier to win when you have a franchise quarterback, but I don’t think it’s a necessity that you have a franchise quarterback,” Koetter said in a Tuesday conference call with the Tampa Bay media.

  22. Wausa Says:

    If the Bucs have any sense they will draft Winston.

    If there is a franchise that could mess this up though it would be the Bucs

  23. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:


    I would say Williams or Gregory.

  24. Eric Says:

    “Jameis Winston is one of the finest Young men that I have ever met. A great teammate and hard worker”.

    Mike Martin

  25. BFFL Says:

    It’s obvious that both Mariota and Winston have many great attributes. Mariota’s unflappable qualities is where he exceeds Winston. All NFL players must adjust to the NFL. To act like Winston is ready to step right in as an NFL starter just because he plays in a pro style offense is preposterous. Both guys will have to adjust to the NFL. For me, Mariota has shown a better ability to remain calm under crisis. His unflappable quality cannot be denied. All great NFL QBs share this common trait. Russell Wilson, Rodgers, Brady, Luck…they all have that special it factor which allows them to stay unflappable. That is what makes a great NFL QB.

  26. Dewey Selomon Says:

    You don’t spend a #1 draft pick on faith. Someone who hasn’t taken snap under center since high school and. He hasn’t had a 5 or 7 step drop since high school and makes 1 read and runs.

  27. buddah Says:

    OK, putting aside the character issues, WHICH ARE HUGE, let’s agree that the consensus is Winston is more NFL-ready now. So in the short run, Winston may well be ready to start in Game 1. Let’s imagine that Mariota isn’t ready at all this year and has to sit and learn. Is that such a terrible thing? Does anybody really believe that Winston would make the Buccaneers better than a 6 or 7 win team next year. Big deal. There’s Mariota, on the other hand, who has all the intangibles and tangibles–speed, elusiveness, smarts, quick decision-making, and appears to be a Steve Young clone. So the major knock on him is that he may not be ready for a year. This seems very short-sighted, doesn’t it.? Houston’s first draft pick didn’t really hit the field this year. With anticipated improvements to the defense we can win 6-8 games without a rookie quarterback. I have no problem with Mariotq sitting and learning for a year. What if Winston has already his ceiling. He definitely, unquestionably, regressed this year? What if he continues his regression? Can he overcome the adversity of playing for a losing team? I doubt it.

  28. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Latest mock draft from Sports Illustrated has Winston going #10.

  29. buddah Says:

    Who does Mike Martin hang out with. If Winston is “one of the finest young men,” I suggest he reevaluate who he is coming into contact with.

  30. Eric Says:

    Yeah that Mike Marin has no credibility. Ask anybody associated with college baseball.

    His football IQ is just unmatched,” said Matt Scott, Winston’s high school coach for his final three years. “That gets lost in this whole thing. He’s so smart, he gets bored quickly.”

  31. buddah Says:

    Oh, and why does this have to turn into an either/or. That’s crazy. I see it as a Suh/McCoy. Both are All Pros and they were selected 2,3. If Winston doesn’t end up on drugs or in jail, he will become a good quarterback. Mariota definitely will be a Pro Bowl player in time. Suh developed faster than McCoy, but McCoy is having a slightly better career and is more of a leader.

  32. Couch Fan Says:

    Is that such a terrible thing? Does anybody really believe that Winston would make the Buccaneers better than a 6 or 7 win team next year.


    Yes it’s a terrible thing. Why? Because as much as I dont like Lovie as a football coach, I want him to succeed so we dont have to start all over again with another coach. Lovie is absolutely on the hot seat this year. You are crazy if you think otherwise. That #1 pick has to be spent on somebody who is going to help us win immediately.

  33. BirdDoggers Says:

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the best year to have the first pick. Mariota is a project. He needs to sit for a while and learn. The team doesn’t have an interim QB, other than Glennon. I can’t see Lovie giving the job to McCown again. The fan base won’t stand for it. The early endorsement of Glennon by Lovie seems to be fading in the rearview mirror. With no quality option at QB, Lovie would be all but forced to start Mariota much sooner than planned if the team isn’t doing well early next season. This could ruin Mariota’s development. If the coaches can’t stick to a development plan no matter what, the pick could could be wasted if it’s on Mariota.

  34. bucs4lyfe Says:

    A franchise quarterback isn’t hard to evaluate and theres no reason a team like the bucs should be picking a guy number one overall in the draft if he is a project, if you have the first pick In the draft it’s for good reason so they need an immediate impact player in the first 3 rounds

  35. BirdDoggers Says:

    Mariota is a project. He needs to sit for a while and learn. The team doesn’t have an interim QB, other than Glennon. I can’t see Lovie giving the job to McCown again. The fan base won’t stand for it. The early endorsement of Glennon by Lovie seems to be fading in the rearview mirror. With no quality option at QB, Lovie would be all but forced to start Mariota much sooner than planned if the team isn’t doing well early next season. This could ruin Mariota’s development. If Lovie and company doesn’t have the patience to develop Mariota the right way, they need to pass on taking him.

  36. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Sure he’s a bit of a project….who isn’t coming out of college? As for working entirely out of the shotgun, big deal! Aaron Rodgers worked entirely from the shotgun last weekend when they beat Dallas! I know he was injured, but it goes to show that you don’t have to operate under center to win ball games. The things I like most about Mariota are his intelligence, decision making and athleticism. They will serve him well in the pro’s. He’ll need a year or two to translate his game to the NFL, but I have every confidence that he will do it.

  37. BirdDoggers Says:

    ^^appologies for the double comment. The first one wasn’t accepted at first, now it shows up. Oh well.

  38. thegregwitul Says:

    Whatever happens, let’s just remember that a QB like Andrew Luck comes around once every ten or fifteen years. Just because Mariota or Winston don’t compare to Luck as a prospect, doesn’t mean that they are busts waiting to happen. Fortunately, with the rookie cap in place, the Bucs can afford to take Mariota or Winston and not be worried that a third of their entire salary cap will be consumed by a rookie QB with no pro experience.

    With the way the team was losing games, which you could initially point to as incompetent coaching, but was clearly self sabotage in the season finale against the Saints, leads me to believe that a QB will be selected at number one, and it has to happen. You don’t get too many chances to find a possible franchise QB, and while both guys need work, it’s not as if the Bucs are a season away from the Super Bowl. Pick one of these guys, let them learn and develop, get another high draft pick in 2015 and this team might be ready to do some serious damage in 2016.

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    I say you just roll the dice and draft Winston.

    If he’s a bust. What’s the big deal we suck anyways….

    Draft Jameis and take a chance.

  40. Eric Says:

    If you want to see something pretty funny about Winston check out his imitation of Trent Dilfer at the elite 11 camp he attended while in High School.

    I don’t think Joe likes direct links away from here but in your spare time take a look. easy to find elite 11 comedy Jameis Winston.

    BTW, Dilfer also said Winston’s intelligence is off the charts.

    The bucs should/will talk to folks like his former coaches and teammates, and whoever else to evaluate him. You guys should have an open mind on him too, and not just assume the New York Times and BSPN are correct about him.

    Just sayin.

  41. JFat Says:

    Screw it, let’s take Amari Cooper and throw him out there with V-Jax and Evans.

  42. Eric Says:

    Marcus declared…………

  43. Waterboy Says:

    Why do people keep talking about how intelligence is a big part of their reason for supporting Mariota? What information are you looking at? He had a 3.15 GPA prior to last semester when he but had dinner boosted that up a bit after only taking golf and Yoga last semester. Winston is an all ACC honor student and was accepted into Stanford coming out of HS.

  44. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    @Eric, was just reading that.

  45. Waterboy Says:

    Dang auto correct:

    He had a 3.15 GPA prior to last semester before he boosted that up a bit after only taking golf and Yoga last semester.

  46. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    He took on a lot of hours in order to graduate early Waterboy. Winston hasn’t done that and apparently the debate is out on what he is actually majored in since there are numerous reports out there that say he is majored in something else.

  47. Buc since '74 Says:

    As Bucs fans, in the long run we’re going to support whichever QB the Bucs go with – so let’s just hope we do the right thing and grab one of these two. Now if another team starts to lose their marbles and decides to pull a Mike Ditka and give us the world, then thats something to think about.

  48. Grims Says:

    Well I think being mature and making the right decisions off the field while staying out of trouble is considered smarts

  49. Brandon Says:

    Winston’s biggest concern is his character.

    Mariota’s biggest concern is, can he play QB in the NFL?

    I’d take my chances with Winston growing up over Mariota having to hopefully adjust to the NFL.

  50. BB Says:

    Mariota we need to picket one buc place daily until he is chosen

  51. Walter White Says:

    All you Winston lovers are gonna feel pretty stupid in a couple years if we draft him. He’s fat and out of shape already – wait till he has 20m in his pocket and he and his buddies have an off season to “yolo.” He has a woman filing a federal lawsuit against FSU for rape allegations. People don’t tend to file such serious charges just because they are bored… nah I’m sure he’s a really really great kid who’s just severely misunderstood… come on now.

    Guys, we are all Buc fans here. We all (should) want the same thing – a successful franchise, a perennial winner. So why, when we ALL know better (including the Glazers) even consider this kid? Look at Talib, Mike Williams, hell, remember Tanard Jackson? That kid could play, but he just couldn’t stop smoking. This #1 pick is such a prime opportunity and the red flags are so overwhelmingly obvious.

    I’d rather have a couple growing pain years with Mariota than a stud 1st year with Winston, followed by a second year of either injury, defenses figuring him out, or jail. THAT, guys, THAT would be a tragic, tragic disappointment. I do like Mariota a lot and what he stands for, I’m pretty sold on taking him but I also realize the draft is a ways away. I just know Winston is a bust waiting to happen. Someone already posted the link to the ESPN poll. Over 1m people responded, something like 46% say he will BUST.

  52. Jim Says:

    Winston – 18 picks this season. The last Bucs QB to wear #5 was a good athlete and was know to throw a few picks also.

  53. Bucs_Sam Says:

    You shouldn’t based off need you should draft the best available player.

    Just because the Bucs need a QB doesn’t make either of these guys (Mariota, Jamies) a #1 overall pick.

    Bucs should try figure out how to sell #1 for a wonderful score (eagles from 20 would pay a big price in a multiteam deal)

    Are either of these guys Andrew Luck? If not, we are gonna draft a rookie and play him behind our terrible O line?

    Tony Romo excellent undrafted QB behind a first round drafted O Line

    And the QB’s left in the playoffs?
    Brady – 6th round
    Rodgers – 1st round (#24)
    Wilson – 3rd Round
    Luck – 1st round

    out of the playoffs?
    Big Ben – 1st round
    Manning – 1st Round

  54. Bucs fan 76 Says:

    I don’t you need to sit either QB if you draft them #1. The best player should play as the late John once said after starting Doug Williams his rookie year you don’t learn anything on the sideline except how to drink Kool Aid.

  55. nano107 Says:

    Mariota is a system QB!!!
    Winston a character disaster!!!
    Extra Picks get OL and DE & CB!!!

  56. Pickgrin Says:

    Walter White Says:
    January 14th, 2015 at 5:04 pm
    He has a woman filing a federal lawsuit against FSU for rape allegations. People don’t tend to file such serious charges just because they are bored…


    All that comment does is show your unfamiliarity with the situation – so your entire premise is reactionary and based on false perception. You and most everyone who thinks Jameis is more likely than not to wind up in jail or hanging out on a street corner looking for drugs have these same false and totally incorrect perceptions of Jameis Winston. How you jump to these conclusions – I have no idea – but in regards to this particular case –

    FYI – the accuser hired a lawyer already famous for handling high profile sexual cases against famous athletes and they exhausted every means available via the criminal justice system – which consistently concluded there was no evidence at all that the “rape” actually occurred (and a good bit of evidence suggesting that it didn’t). The school hearing which was overseen by a retired state Supreme Court justice came to the same conclusion. No evidence whatsoever that Jameis did anything wrong in this instance – and a good bit that supported his version of what happened that night.

    Jameis will never be charged – its a moot point. So now the accuser and her lawyer are looking to get paid by any means available. Suing the school for something that criminal prosecutors already determined had no validity. Like I said – looking to get paid – hoping the school would cave in and “settle” just to make it go away. As if the school would have even an iota of culpability even if her story was true….

  57. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    “Does anybody really believe that Winston would make the Buccaneers better than a 6 or 7 win team next year.”

    ME! ME! ME! And not just Jameis. Glennon could easily win 6-7 next year. I’m not a member of the MGM nor am I a Jameis lover but I believe with Koetter and another year that we should easily win 6-7. We SHOULD have won six this year with the crappy team if we hadn’t CHOKED and blown four games. Take those four chokes and we’re 6-10.

    Now fast forward to 2015 where we’re still in the crappiest division in the NFL, a sh!tty division and have an easy schedule because of our crappy record.

    MGM with Koetter’s coaching and PLAYCALLING should be able to win at least 8 games and maybe ten. Just sayin’

  58. buddah Says:

    I would like some of that action if you think the Buccaneers are going to win 8 games or more next year. I watched every play of every game. They are at least two years away from 8 wins.

  59. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    If we had a mechanism to make the wager I’d give you some action. Not a lot mind you but I’d feel as comfortable picking the Bucs to win 8 as any other team in our division.

  60. jfat Says:

    @Pickgrin I agree with most of your post. I haven’t heard anything about drug use especially. I’m more concerned about more women bringing up similar allegations after he is drafted, whether they are legit or not…it just doesn’t look good and would be a huge team distraction/media circus. The type of act that he admitted to doesn’t sit well with a lot of people anyway. Consensual or not.

    The current title xi investigation is to sue the school for not notifying the title xi coordinator within a timely fashion… Basically they waited until the media got a hold of it to do what they should have done immediately. Nearly 9 months after the victim reported the incident. They claim the athletics department was aware Jameis was a suspect but sat on their hands instead of reporting it thru the proper channels. At any rate it isn’t just a cash grab by the victim, these types of things should be taken seriously and a suit will get FSU to at least pay more attention should this sort of situation arise again.

    That being said, it seems like everyone dragged their feet on this one, from the victim to the police to the school. We will never know the whole story, but it being swept under the rug isn’t a good thing whether or not the allegations were true or false. If i remember right the ruling indicated there wasn’t enough evidence on either side to give a conclusion. Perhaps if things were handled more quickly we’d know for sure what happened. Guilty or innocent.

  61. 76er Says:

    I hope we trade down and draft lineman. Games are won in the trenches and defense wins championships.

  62. Michael Duggan Says:

    I like to root for good guys. Lynch, Brooks, Selmon. Pick is easy.

  63. BB Says:

    Walter white is right and is exactly what we need mariota forever Winston never! Pick grin Winston is a completely disgusting human being true bucs fans don’t want this scumbag representing us. Glazers draft Winston and we leave!

  64. BB Says:

    Brains character athletism a dream come true to get mariota as our QB and joe and other idiots on here want a bust from FSU and at worst a serial rapist

  65. Mr Magoo Says:

    So the big question is really what can the Bucs teach faster, Mariota to be a drop back passer or Winston on how to pull his head out of his ass.

  66. Pickgrin Says:

    BB Says:
    January 14th, 2015 at 10:08 pm
    “Pick grin Winston is a completely disgusting human being true bucs fans don’t want this scumbag representing us.”

    So you know Jameis Winston personally? You have 1st hand knowledge of his “disgusting” behavior that qualifies you to pass judgement on him like that? Your opinion represents that of ALL “true” Bucs fans? So since I feel that drafting Winston is what’s best for the Buccaneers – that makes me NOT a true fan? – LOL Dude.

    “Glazers draft Winston and we leave!”
    Bye-Bye. You (and whoever “we” is supposed to mean) won’t be missed….

  67. Eric Says:

    Amazing how folks just buy the media portrayal of Jameis hook line and sinker.

    No independent thought.

    No wonder all the politicians run 30 second ads.


  68. White Tiger Says:

    I think they’re kind of stuck. I’m no expert, but I saw Mariota play within his offense and rally his team to within 8 points, I think I watched some pretty good passing on behalf of Mariota.

    You can blather all you want to that Jameis is more “NFL ready”…the kid only ever dominated the ACC schedule he played. Which didn’t throw the most complex defenses at him.

    The book on Jameis is NOT that Jameis “made the (majority) correct decisions down the stretch, and within his offense, but the team let him down…” It is that he guessed a lot, and when he guessed wrong he always had enough athleticism to overcome the opposition…until he ran into a team who is KNOWN for forcing you to make the correct decision, because they know your tendencies so well that if you don’t – they know EXACTLY where to position for the takeaway.

    When faced with the situation of the game getting away from him – Jameis nature is to go off-script (stop trusting OC)…and when he was no longer able to overcome adversity with athleticism, he panicked. His team saw it and lost confidence.

    Jameis is no where near NFL ready – he’s as far away from ‘ready’ as Mariota is – just for different reasons.

  69. lions Says:

    If Derek Carr can start and he came from a spread offense with a bit of happy feet or run first tab. Mariotta is a very smart guy football and life wise and is known for his poise can’t see why people wouldn’t think he could be successful. I would say start right off first game but maybe 5th 6th game of season.

  70. BB Says:

    It sure is Eric can’t believe the media created these fake lawsuits and fake video of Winston stealing crab legs. FYI joe and all after FSU lost I saw Winston in a mall in Alabama listening to him made realize you would have to be nuts to give him a big contract and he is far from being a genius putting it mildly. I will take the great mariota and pass on the troubled slightly better byron leftwich

  71. Eric Says:

    Jameis has one thing Marcus will never have.

    A National Championship ring.

    Along with a perfect season.

    But I’ll admit Marcus can throw the two yard pass as well as Jameis. For all other things Quarterback, Jameis is miles better.

  72. White Tiger Says:

    Sorry, Oregon was playing a MUCH better defense…and I saw Mariota’s quick release…on THAT alone NFL teams will sit up and take notice.

    I just went to BSPN and watched 3 scoring drives – including the 70 yard play in the 3rd qtr: He starts to draw the ball back, and then the ball explodes downfield for 35 yards – in the air – where he hit Byron Marshall in full stride – the receiver raced untouched the remaining 35 yards for a score.

    In the 2nd quarter I watched the same throwing motion, while he put the ball in a dangerous area: over one corner, in front of the safety…Dwayne Stanford went high to clear the corner caught a 28 yard fastball, and was immediately dropped.

    Were there a lot of dink & dunk 5 yard “flicks” of the wrist – fast release. Which is why the offense is related to the WCO…but that release sure makes it hard to defend short and long passes. I didn’t notice it DURING the game (probably because – even though I told myself that I’d focus on Mariota – it was hard NOT watching MY Buckeye defense…). After re-watching game clips, Mariota certainly has a MUCH faster release than I realized. The ball is out of his hands very quickly anyway, but there isn’t really much after he draws the pass back – I didn’t see him load up when he tossed those 17, 20, 28, and 35 yard passes…I’m not even counting the 3rd down play in the 4th quarter that was called back for a holding penalty – which could have been a game changer.

    Yeah, thats a pro-release. No Byron Leftwich-like windmill windup, just a draw and the ball pops out with accuracy and velocity.