Joe Talks Eagles’ Angles, Glazer Approach, Winston Faith, Michael Johnson Decision & More

January 20th, 2015

joemugshotIt was time again for the weekly JoeBucsFan Hour, when Joe sits down every Tuesday at 5 p.m. with the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM 620.

There was plenty of debate, agreement and disagreement on various fronts.

Enjoy the audio below.

16 Responses to “Joe Talks Eagles’ Angles, Glazer Approach, Winston Faith, Michael Johnson Decision & More”

  1. Amar Says:

    Keep it up Joe(s)!!

  2. Pete 422 Says:

    Always great conversation, thanks.

  3. Mike10 Says:

    Patty cake has been rubbing vinegar in the wound lately

  4. Luther Says:

    Point was well made on other QB’s with sexual assault charges. I think Big Dog is trying to make a case on unfounded charges instead of talent. If the guy is exonerated and has the superior talent, you pick him.

  5. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    I can’t believe that I am on Big Diggys side with the Marriotta pick.

    Finally he is right… do not pick Winston.

  6. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Big Dog’s arguments are spot on. If the Bucs are determined to take a QB with the #1 pick, then let it be Mariota

  7. DraftJameis Says:

    The purpose of taking into account off-field concerns when evaluating a player is to project whether or not his pattern of behavior can or will be problematic in the future. The past is the past. You look at Johnny Football coming out of college, and you see a spoiled rich kid with an arrogance/alcohol/partying problem. It doesn’t take a genius to assume a problem like that will only get worse as a millionaire; it has. I think a rational mind can safely assume Winston isn’t going to steal crab legs again. Or get in a BB gun war. Or steal soda. Or yell “FHRITP” in public. Or let his “boys” videotape him getting it on (give it up internet lawyers—-he was acquitted, and that’s that.) He’s almost undoubtedly gonna do something stupid in the pros too, like park in a handicap spot, or take two Hershey bars from the bowl that says “take ONE” on Halloween. Jameis isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed off the field, and that will never change. But that doesn’t change the fact that the dude can win SuperBowls, unlike choir boy Marcus

  8. Patrickbucs Says:


    Johnny football was already a millionaire so I don’t understand that point as Winston is far from it until he’s drafted or signs with an agent. You can only look at patterns and predict the future in anything as far as personality. It’s not an exact science, just wait until the facts or non-facts come out around the combine. Everyone on this board will get a much bigger picture on both of them.

  9. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @Joe: Please bring up Peyton Manning next time as an example for #1 overall pick who settled outside the courts twice after being accused of sexual assault.

  10. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Mike10 Says:

    Patty cake has been rubbing vinegar in the wound lately

    Have to admit that was one of the bigger screw ups by Schiano, he let his personal feelings toward Bennett get the best of him so he let Bennett walk. Yasinskas does a decent job following the NFC South on BSPN but I doubt if he will ever live down picking the Bucs to go 0-16 in 2002 when he was writing for the Charlotte Observer; he had just left Tampa for Charlotte and I guess he wanted to make a splash with his new readers but it came out a thud….. I remember reading his blurb and it was on the line that Dungy held the team together, was lucky to get 9 or 10 wins out of them and the team would fall apart without Tony, the OL was the worst in history and the Gruden trade would devastate the Bucs for years to come; dude seriously missed the mark though the lack of draft picks (along with poor choices made with picks made under Gruden’s watch) did come back and bite the Bucs but they did get a trophy after the 2002 season not the 0-16 Pat predicted….

  11. Nybucsfan Says:

    You justify what he did cause others have done it? He still is a dirtbag and always in headlines for the wrong reasons. He is no good and now rumors BUCS players want nothing to do with him. There goes the idea they will help him

  12. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @Nybucsfan: But we don’t know if he did it. It is merely an accusation and Jameis has walked out clean after 3 hearings.

  13. JFF Says:

    Choice between Mariota & Winston is simple. Bucs have a turnstile OL and need a QB who can elude pressure, make plays and take care of the ball. Winston was a turnover machine playing with elite talent against mediocre ACC defenses so what do you think is gonna happen when he has defenders in his face vs. NFL disguised fronts/coverages? He’s a Josh McCown type who looks good when he’s protected and has big throwing windows (2013 CHI w/ Trestman) but implodes when he gets pressured or has to scan the whole field. Biggest differences between McCown & Winston are age & skin color but they’re eerily similar on the field when you break down their film. People loved Christian Ponder & EJ Manuel too as prospects because few take the time to evaluate players and separate individual performance from team success. These FSU QBs are perennially overdrafted simply because they benefit from playing for talent-stacked teams that hide their flaws from being exposed.

    Mariota has to be the pick unless the OL is upgraded into a top-10 unit. He’s the only guy in this draft who could survive and thrive playing QB for the Bucs because of his mobility, eye level and field vision. His intangibles are elite.

    IF the Bucs improve the OL substantially and get a conventional run game going, THEN you can consider Winston because of his superior ability to attack intermediate levels of the defense, but still decision-making & field vision are huge concerns for him.

  14. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    JFF…Ponder and Manuel sucked…and are not even on the same level as Winston. Not even close to the same level. Yes I’m a Nole and never miss a game.

    As far as the O-line is concerned. Yes it needs to be addressed but that does mean you don’t Winston over Mariota. The line can be fixed over time and you can still have Winston.

    I don’t need the Bucs to win now and don’t expect them to win now with this O-line, but they better take Winston. Not the project QB.

  15. RaymondJameis Says:

    If you’re trying to compare Winston to Josh McCown, EJ Manuel, or Christian Ponder, two things are immediately evident….

    1) You don’t watch very much FSU football

    2) Your opinion on the matter is inconsequential.

    Similarities exist between Mariotta and Oregon QBs of the past. Between those guys and Winston, there is none.

    Except for the fact that with those “first round picks” in the past FSU couldn’t win jack schitt. EJ Manuel lost to Mike Glennon and a bunch of NC State freshmen his senior year. Winston steps in with the same cast around him and the team is unbeatable. You do the math.

  16. Joe Says:

    You justify what he did cause others have done it?

    What did he do?

    He still is a dirtbag and always in headlines for the wrong reasons.

    Sure about that? He never makes headlines for winning games or a national championship? Odd. So he should tanks games for the right “reasons?”