Get It Right!

January 3rd, 2015

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It is a long way from January 2016, but Joe is going to guess that after a horrific 2014 (barring Tampa Bay drafting Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota) a garbage season won’t cut it in 2015.

The Bucs came off a very bad 2013, a year in which its franchise quarterback went mental.

Team Glazer then hired Lovie Smith, and things got as bad as they could get, as the Bucs won the Chase for Jameis.

For the Bucs to pull themselves out of the garbage dump, it is imperative they pull the right lever on the right guy to replace Jeff Tedford and ill-suited Marcus Arroyo. Andrew Astleford of explains.

Will Smith go with someone with a college background again? Or will he opt for a proven NFL mind? Here’s guessing Smith will tap someone with NFL experience, though the choice likely must tailor the Bucs’ new scheme around a rookie’s strengths if Tampa Bay selects a quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick.

The Bucs’ failures on offense this season are Exhibit A of how crucial it is to have an effective system in place with the mind behind the scheme at the controls. It’s hard to blame quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo for his struggles calling plays. He was placed in an impossible position of trying to gain a feel for Tedford’s creation, and center Evan Dietrich-Smith put it best Monday when he said, “You can maybe kind of look at it as someone gives you a box full of stuff and gives you a picture of what it should look like but doesn’t give you instructions.” But in this opportunity to begin anew on offense, the Bucs must not miss.

This hire must be right and it must be good. Joe really thinks if the Bucs draft a quarterback (Jameis) it will buy Lovie two years because he will say to Team Glazer, “Look, it takes time to develop a quarterback.” No argument from Joe.

And you must get a guy with a proven ability to mold quarterbacks. 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman is just that kind of guy.

If the Bucs get the right quarterback (Jameis, naturally) and the right coordinator to groom him, Lovie will have a long Bucs career.

Choose the wrong guy, incur another horrid season, and it would not shock Joe if the Bucs are head coach hunting this time next year.

88 Responses to “Get It Right!”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    Why Jameis, Joe? You said you defer to the experts. 5 out of 5 GMs asked by Peter King said Mariota. GMs are more expert than Dilfer, King, et al I’d think since they are actually employed by an NFL team.

  2. Patrickbucs Says:

    Thank God you don’t draft QB’s for the Bucs.

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    Worst case scenario is that the Bucs go 6-10 and the lovie sheep are screaming how he improved the team!

    I am hoping that the Bucs make the playoffs or are drafting top 5 next year, so the team can then move forward.

    Let us all hope that Lovie is not in the basement again watching the longest yard over and over again!

  4. Brian Says:

    Joe, I agree, it would be great to see the Bucs draft Jameis; however, I would rather the Bucs draft Mariota as our franchise quarterback! Im curious why you favor Winston so much over Mariota? Is it because the scouting report on Winston is that he is the most NFL ready prospect?

    I enjoy the site, keep up the great work!

  5. Lev Says:

    I like Jameis but I think he is an idiot. He said he is looking forward to playing baseball this year……

  6. NewTampaChris Says:

    I did not watch much of Mariota this year. But after watching the Rose Bowl, my initial thought is that putting Mariota in a standard NFL offense would be like having Chrissy Teigen wear a housecoat.

  7. BB Says:

    Looking forward to roman and mariota working together in tampa will be fun to watch jameis sitting as team after team passes. the Titans are looking to keep a terrible sixth rounder or so as their starter and pass on Winston that says it all and some gms won’t draft Winston at all. I guess the chase for the rapist might go seven rounds.

  8. finishers Says:

    Saints let go Malone how about him at OC?

  9. JayBucBoi Says:

    Joe you just love the conflict from your readers and fans alike huh? We all know that the chips are all on Mariota. He’s a Lovie Smith kind of guy, and why wouldn’t we all want him as our franchise face? Not just because of his ability and ceiling, but his character and attention to detail will make him great. A NFL poster boy. Jameis would send us back to the media days of Raheem.

  10. DB55 Says:


    Can’t you write an article about Rachel’s thong? It would be more interesting. Lol :p

  11. finishers Says:

    Why is that in moderation dont get it?!!!

  12. Rrsrq Says:

    I think the hiring of a new OC does not give a lot of insight to who Bucs draft at QB, I think free agency will be the key. Any of the OC’s on the list sound like they will likely be able to work with either JW or MM. Both are mobile and both will have to develop in other areas, the type of players Bucs go after in FA will tell the type of offense

  13. ihateloviesmith Says:

    don’t put the cart in front of the horse joe, there are more than 2 eligible QBs in this coming draft, have you not seen b petty’s credentials, resume and body of work over his collegiate career? imho he has just as much chance for success in the NFL as the big two does, I know the consensus want jameis or marcus but damn man at least look at this QBs accomplishments. and you have to admit they are impressive, hope the bucs do not get overly enamored with the hyped 2, wouldn’t be nice to slide down maybe get a defensive end as well as our franchise QB, before we even get the 33rd pick. jusssssst saying. let’s hope the organization does it’s due diligence on this one’ it’s to important not to. go bucs

  14. todd Says:

    every gm guy out there says draft mariota! Winston has to many off the field troubles we can’t blow a 1st pick we have to get it right.

  15. Gooberville Says:

    Quit burying yourself Joe. No way Winston comes here. It’s Mariota and you know it. Why you keep stirring the pot to get a reaction is working but extremely annoying . Get that poll up and you will see not only the experts pick him but the fanbase too…

  16. Patrickbucs Says:

    Good points lightning and I hate Lovie. I’ve only seen Petty play 3-4 games and it’s been his porous defense is why they have lost. Really good accurate arm, reminds me of Carr from the Raiders. I’m afraid we draft DE then hope to draft Petty later and he’s gone then were screwed.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe is doing everything he can to influence his belated upcoming poll. I find it very interesting that after promoting Johnny Football last year, Joe finds it necessary to draft a “Pro Ready” QB in Winston.
    Joe is right about the OC decision being a crucial one for Lovie. The improvement of our Offense will be the key to him keeping his job.

  18. Patrickbucs Says:

    Why are my comments awaiting moderation last few days?

  19. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    I sure am glad that Licht took Evans over JFB. I will leave the draft picks to the guy who hit the home run with #13. If Lovie doesn’t get this right, he will be back in a basement somewhere in 2016. I think Joe just likes college qb’s who have off the field issues, gives him more to talk about.

  20. Broy34 Says:

    Agreed. And winston is a thread the needle pocket QB. Mariotta can be but winston is a better bet to start in a Super Bowl

  21. gatrbuc17 Says:

    If we are gonna draft Mariota then we should hire Helfrich as OC

  22. biff barker Says:

    Can’t agree Joe.

    I’m on the Mariotta, Trestman/Chud bandwagon. Jameis has talent but is both baggage laden and immature. Several GM’s feel the same since the NFL is not especially kind to either.

    What we can agree on is there is nowhere to go but up!

  23. Tye Says:

    January 16th will be such a great day if Winston doesn’t declare for the draft this year….
    All this turning a blind eye for a troubled child just because he plays for your college team is irritating and for nothing if he doesn’t enter the draft…

    Things like this will only give me more inspiration to celebrate minutes after someone else is drafted by the Bucs…. Its one thing to have ones favorite but it is something totally different to over do it to the point of annoying others!

  24. AC Says:

    GM that wont go on the record are saying draft Mariotta? Sounds like they are trying to get Mariotta drafted to JW will be there for their team. not to mention I love all these “off the record” sources King has during draft time. Show some balls and put your name to it. Polian a future Hall of Famer says JW is the better pro ready QB. That is what the Bucs need. Not a guy who hasnt taken a snap under center, changed a play at the LOS, or ran a pro style offense is is career.

    Winston will be the pick. He is what will give this franchise the best chance to win now and that is what this league is about. Winning now!

  25. biff barker Says:

    lightningbuc Says:

    Why Jameis, Joe? You said you defer to the experts. 5 out of 5 GMs asked by Peter King said Mariota. GMs are more expert than Dilfer, King, et al I’d think since they are actually employed by an NFL team.
    See the look Winston gave his receiver for not taking the route inside? I saw the ghost of Joshua Tyler Freeman in Pasadena.

    Jawing with Jimbo later wasn’t especially of comfort to me. Hey, what do those NFL GM’s know anyway?

    Take Mariotta and never look over your shoulder.

  26. ClearwaterBucsFan Says:

    I am at a loss to explain Joe’s man-crush on Jameis. It is a ridiculous argument to say that if you compare him and Mariota on the field, and DON’T take the off-field issues into account, that Jameis is a more pro-ready. That’s like buying a car that is beautiful on the outside but has a crappy engine. You HAVE to take the off-field stuff into account. Do the Brown’s regret drafting J Football? You bet they do, to the point where their management has publicly stated that they would consider drafting a QB in the first round this year. How many games did they give him? Beyond that, look at the Bucs history of drafting or signing guys with serious off-field baggage: Mike Williams, Freeman, Jerramy Stevens, LeGarrette Blount, Aquib Talib, Tanard Jackson… and that’s just off the top of my head. If JW acts this way because he has been given special treatment by Jimbo, the FSU administration, the Tallahassee PD, what do you think he will do with a mega million dollar contract? It would be like giving the Taliban nuclear weapons. I suggest Joe gets professional help on this issue. It is either Mariota or trade with the Jets for a Brinks’ Truck full of current and future picks and take Hundley from UCLA, whom Rob Rang from CBS Sports suggested will be taken in the first round. Since this team has so many holes to fill, and hasn’t shown great success in free agency, this idea is not as crazy as it may seem at first glance. Happy New Year to all of you.

  27. Joe Says:

    Why Jameis, Joe? You said you defer to the experts. 5 out of 5 GMs asked by Peter King said Mariota.

    When did Peter King work in an NFL front office?

  28. Arealbucsfan Says:

    If we were to get Greg Roman, Mariota should be the choice. If we were to get Trestman then i say ger Winston

  29. Cannon Fire! Says:

    The Jameis argument is dead. Mariotta is much more of a pocket passer than anyone gives him credit for. The OC hire is the most important, if Lovie gets this wrong then his job could be toast.

  30. bucrightoff Says:

    Considering this is Lovie’s 6th OC in 11 seasons as a coach, odds are pretty high the OC hired will not be all that good. Roman for instance is not a good OC and Niners fans are praying he goes. But he’s a Lovie guy, runs the ball and fields consistent bottom third of the league offenses. Roman mean winning 21-17, which is exactly what Lovie wants.

  31. Joe Says:

    But he’s a Lovie guy, runs the ball and fields consistent bottom third of the league offenses.


  32. Tony Says:

    Oh Joe, please don’t do this…I’d like to think you’re better than this. Please try to look at these guys objectively.

  33. ddneast Says:

    Well since the Bucs have been given permission to talk to Roman that would make you lay off the Xanex for awhile, Joe.
    What Smith said about this year’s offense was well put and what turned out to be a disaster could be a stroke of good luck in the Bucs pick the right guy.
    Since I have no background or experience in selecting NFL talent, I have no druthers about which QB is selected.
    I do know neither one is Andre Luck so if everyone out there is expecting a trip to the playoffs with a rookie QB they are going to be extremely disappointed.
    The best case scenario for any rookie coming into the NFL is to sit the first year as Aaron Rogers did for three until throwing him into the fire.
    Of course the moronic fans of Tampa have no conception of how beneficial this is to a rookie and will want him to start right away thinking he is going to be the chosen one to lead the team to the Super Bowl in his first year.

  34. lightningbuc Says:

    Joe Says:
    January 3rd, 2015 at 12:15 pm
    Why Jameis, Joe? You said you defer to the experts. 5 out of 5 GMs asked by Peter King said Mariota.

    When did Peter King work in an NFL front office?


  35. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    He who runs the Poll….controls the votes….

  36. JGW1981 Says:

    Remember articles like this when, next year after it’s clear Jameis is a bust a la Johnny, Joe cries “But I pulled for Mariota just as hard as Jameis.” You know, like he did for Bridgewater. He was clearly as in favor of Bridgewater as Manziel. Remember? Those weren’t incessant pro-Johnny articles, they were really Johnny/Teddy articles.

    I swear Joe is either a journalistic genius or a talent evaluating retard.

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If Joe is right and Jameis is worth the number one pick….perhaps the Bucs could trade down twice in the first round….then pick up either Petty or Hundley…..and have a boatload of picks to boot!!!

  38. SSG Mike Says:

    Winston can’t do us much good if he is suspended or in jail. I’ll take maturity with talent over an idiot with talent all day. Either way it’s 50/50 on both QB’s succeeding in the NFL but would you want the face of your team to be a mugshot surrounded in controversy or a squared away kid with just as much upside just not all the baggage? Mariota!

  39. tampa2ali Says:

    why winston… easy answer he’s already familiar with the pro style offense… As on display yesterday in the rose bowl he can make every throw.. and third we will not be running any version of chip kelly’s offense no trickery thats all fun to watch in college, but there hasn’t been one nfl team win a super bowl with that offense and to be honest we dont have the line nor players to fit that scheme…. The best player for the bucs is winston… I know u guys dont like him personally but hey Rothlisberger is a rapist but u dont hear pittsburgh complaining about playoff wins and surperbowls do u….. U guys get so stuck on ppl and their personally life when its only the play on the field that matters…. Josh mccown is a great guy but just not so good as a player…. And half u guys would be fired at work if ur job knew what u did on ur personal time…

  40. rayjay1122 Says:

    Winston will fail in the NFL. OK, he may have some skill but I am not overwhelmed by him. But his attitude will be his NFL undoing. He is not a professional period. Not saying Mariota is a slam dunk but Winston is a mistake. I was so glad we did not get Clowney last draft and this year I hope it is not Winston.

  41. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    IMO..there could be all sorts of lawsuits laying in the weeds waiting for Jameis to actually have something to go after….

  42. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Stop talking about Hundley. He’s flippin garbage

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    “I swear Joe is either a journalistic genius or a talent evaluating retard.”

    Why can’t Joe be both?

  44. simeon Says:

    is there anything more boring than another ravens steelers playoff game?

  45. simeon Says:

    Why Jameis, Joe? You said you defer to the experts. 5 out of 5 GMs asked by Peter King said Mariota.

    When did Peter King work in an NFL front office?

    Joe, Nobody said peter king worked in a front office.

  46. Bucfan4life Says:

    If you look at the Bucs roster and head coach I just don’t think Mariota will work. First he will have to sit for a long time to learn how to run a pro offense. Lovie, after going 2-14, can’t afford to have his #1 overall pick to not play until week 9 or possibly sit out the entire year. He would almost certainly be drafting a QB that will a new toy for the head coach that follows him as he would most likely be fired after winning 3 or 4 games in 2015. Who could blame him on taking a shot on the more pro ready guy. If he struggles in ’15 Lovie can claim he needs time to develop him and that would be acceptable. As much potential as Mariota may have it would have to be a project and would take time that Lovie doesn’t have.

    The other problem is the makeup of this team. Tedford claimed he wanted speed in space but my god they didn’t nothing like that in the draft or free agency other than a 6th or 7th round pick on a burner that can’t catch the ball. We have very tall (good) targets in Vjax, Evans and ASJ. These guys are not at all weapons that you would use in some option of a spread offense. In order to convert to a system geared to Mariota’s strengths they would need to do a big transformation on offense (the weapons that we have now that are a strength just wouldn’t fit anymore). Whether you hate him or not I say Winston is the more likely choice unless the Glazers call this shot.

  47. Buccfan37 Says:

    On your future QB poll, you should include undecided with the options of Winston, Mariota or other.

  48. topcoach1978 Says:

    Joe come on man what’s with the crush on immature quarterbacks that would be a big gamble to the franchise? If they drafted Jameis they would have to hire the Dez Bryant babysitter every time he is in public especially with the South Florida night life this clown would have access to with a pocket full of c notes!!!! Ill pass welcome to Tampa Marcus Mariotta

  49. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Welcome to the Bucs editorial site, where the fanbase is ignored and the authors post opinion pieces daily and ignore any attempt to objectively write about our most likely #1 draft pick…. Admittedly, a few people do prefer Winston, but the consensus #1 choice (for NFL insiders and fans) is Mariota. I can’t wait til the poll on Monday…. Maybe when it shows 80-20 in favor of Mariota, we can start getting a few stinkin Mariota articles. SMH, Joe.

  50. jdog81 Says:

    y is it last year joe was saying to get manzel now he is all about jameis i think mariota is the better of the 2

  51. armchairGM Says:

    As far as polls on other sites one sites I think one was about 76-80% Mariota the rest Winston and no option for other. On twitter right after we won the draft with Sunday’s loss twitter responses to another sites Winston vs Mariota question gave 278 votes to Mariota and 184 to Winston, once again no other option was available.

  52. topcoach1978 Says:

    Joe im beginning to think you’re really an undercover Saints fan first it was Manziel now its Roman and Winston lol

  53. Tye Says:

    A week or so ago ran a poll between Mariota and Winston and the last time I saw it the results were around 2500 for Mariota and 775 For Winston.

    Now that They have played their playoff game it will be interesting to see if another poll is any change….

    I keep watching that clip of Jameis bumbling, stumbling and fumbling…. That is hilarious!
    Mark Sanchez like…lol

  54. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    And still Joe will not address Shameus vs Mariota QB comparison, and their strength of schedule comparison. Shameus threw 17 picks with a schedule of playing mainly unranked team. Look for yourself. Just figure how many he would throw on the NFL where there are no unranked.

  55. RastaMon Says:

    The Poll must include….Trade Down Twice in the 1st Round

  56. Nybucsfan Says:

    Winston is no good prolly be in jail by the draft and people that say oh he runs a pro style offense sound dumb to me. Who has come out of this pro style and been worth a crap? Take your time I’ll wait

  57. Nybucsfan Says:

    Fisher has a few bust that’s it

  58. Nybucsfan Says:

    It’s like taking a DB from Bama

  59. kevin Says:

    Without a good system both of these guys will fail. With that said my gut is with Mariota. The guy just looks like he is dedicated to his craft. Doesnt look full of himself and is in the game. How many games this year has Winston yelled at his head coach vs Mariota screaming at his????? I am not basing my decision on the score of the game Thursday night. I am basing it on the eye test. Mariota looked crisp focused smart. Both Qbs made good and bad throws but for me the eye test overall takes the duck

  60. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    If comments = $ it is all good stirring up the pot. 🙂

  61. StayTheCourse Says:

    One draft will not fix this team. It will take at least 2 seasons with top 10 picks before this team sniffs the playoffs.

  62. tickrdr Says:

  63. MarkV Says:

    With Chip Kelly taking over all personnel decisions in Philly, I think the chances just increased ten fold that the Eagles drop a serious trade offer the Bucs way so he Chip can reunite with Mariota with the number one pick. I can see a real chance that Nick Foles will be the Bucs starting QB next year as a piece of that trade, along with several high draft choices. What do you think Joe?

  64. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Bucs through their OC interviews well informed regarding the opinions of the two QBs…..although I like Mariota best and think he’s the least risk, I am prepared to support L&Ls choice because I think the new OC will have influenced the choice or was chosen because of the choice already made.
    Either way, I hope othe Buc fans join me with this support.

    It is getting very depressing to have everyone polarized. At this point, it seems the only thing we can agree on is the winning is good and losing is bad!!!

  65. Zam Says:

    “When did Peter King work in an NFL front office?”

    Did Joe’s retort make sense to anyone? Put that crack pipe down beeyatch

  66. feelthepewterpower Says:

    If lovie has more than eleven losses again next year he’s gone. I think 6-10 with a rookie qb and he’s safe. 5-11 or worse…..he’s on the hot seat.

  67. ufcguy Says:

    Let’s see mariotra throw with defenders drilling him in the chest and hitting the receiver perfectly. Till then shut your yap. He will get murdered in the nfl. Mark my words

  68. Buccinfan Says:

    We’re going to draft mariota and take his oc from Oregon too

  69. Joe Says:

    One draft will not fix this team. It will take at least 2 seasons with top 10 picks before this team sniffs the playoffs.

    Can’t disagree. NFC South teams would all have to collapse big time for Bucs to win the division. Sad because all the moves the Bucs had blow up in their faces didn’t need to be made. Had they gone after other players at other holes, Bucs might be playing today.

    If there was a worse grade than “F” to give Lovie for this season, Joe would do it.

    Think about it: He made Sam Wyche, Raheem and Greg Schiano looking like giants compared to what he did this year.

  70. lurker Says:

    ddneast quit trolling. you cannot compare our team and our qb pick with aaron rodgers and the packers. so bucs fans are morons for not wanting mariota or winston waiting 3 years to play?…huh? rodgers was sitting because favre was still in greenbay. we have glennon and mccown. marinston will sit but it will not be 2-3 years…might not even be 1 year.

  71. PRBucFan Says:

    (barring Tampa Bay drafting Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota)

    This is exactly why Lovie will be drafting a QB first. It buys him more time.

  72. lurker Says:

    you should read iggles fans wanting mariota and making trades up…lol

    also… from walter football

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon
    The Buccaneers don’t have to trade up anymore, as they have control of the top selection. ***I know for a fact that Tampa was more than willing to move up for a quarterback, but that’s not necessary now that the Buccaneers are projected to have the first-overall pick. Thus, all speculation of them moving down is pretty pointless.***

    It’s not a matter of what position Tampa addresses, but rather which quarterback it takes. It’s obviously between Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, but the former is the favorite because he’s much cleaner off the field. It would be nice if the Buccaneers didn’t have to worry about Winston going nuts in Ybor or at Mons Venus. The latter would have to rename itself Mons Jameis after Winston puts the owners’ kids through college.

    (emphasis, mine)

  73. lurker Says:

    ps…that was posted dec. 30

  74. lurker Says:

    seems like the bucs tanked the second half of the last game even more now.

  75. SAMCRO Says:

    Please don’t make up stuff. Thank you. –Joe

  76. ChadBucsFan Says:

    Mariota is the safer play, but if you want to be more than an OK team you have to roll the dice and go for Winston.

  77. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ MarkV

    If the Bucs don’t get an OC who wants to run a system more suited to Mariota’s strengths then I would be totally cool with trading away the #1 pick for a king’s ransom similar to what the Rams got from the Redskins…maybe more since I think the Eagles might be moving up more??? However the Bucs might as well keep Glennon instead of bringing in Foles…let the Eagles keep that dude and give the Bucs higher draft picks instead. If Lovie is spot on about a great D/ST winning 10 games (which I don’t think he can produce…but for the sake of argument) then Glennon behind an OL that can pass protect 3 or more seconds on a consistent basis will manage the game efficiently enough scoring enough TD’s without turning it over ala Turnover Machine McCown that the Bucs with this supposed great D/ST Lovie envisions can beat a lot of sub .500 teams 20-17. While not the sexy course of action it would (1) save Lovie’s job if he hits that 10 win mark in year 2, and (2) builds a nucleus in the trenches that will make any decent QB look good…be that Glennon or a QB drafted in 2016 or 2017 (or a day 2 or 3 guy in 2015 if they go that route). Winston has the talent for the NFL, but as Bucs fans we’ve seen first hand that the NFL is no place for emotionally immature QB’s.

  78. SAMCRO Says:

    Please don’t make up stuff. Thank you. –Joe

    Whatever …everything I said was repeating what you have said in the past. Grow some…

  79. Nybucsfan Says:

    Winston is drafted 1 bucs lose fans that would be dumb for the bucs to do that. Even Oregon players know that no means no

  80. Patrickbucs Says:

    Joe Says:
    January 3rd, 2015 at 12:15 pm
    Why Jameis, Joe? You said you defer to the experts. 5 out of 5 GMs asked by Peter King said Mariota.

    When did Peter King work in an NFL front office?

    Much like all of us, he didn’t. He asked 5 GM’s and they answered not Winston. C’mon man

  81. 911bucs Says:

    Why isn’t 87′ commenting on here about Winston anymore? I miss reading how he was going to do anything and everything to get Winston here. I’m down, go Jameis.

  82. MarkV Says:

    @ ToesOnTheLine

    I agree with you completely. IF that scenario did unfold, I’d much rather have more/better draft picks and go with Glennon instead of Foles, however it seems like Lovie is not (maybe never was) a believer in Glennon. Don’t count me as a card carrying member of the MGM, but I’d sure like to see what he could do with a decent OC and OL before we send him off to look good elsewhere like we have so many other times.

  83. Walter White Says:

    Some of you Florida guys still don’t get it. The Bucs haven’t had a franchise QB since Bucky LaGrange last had a hit – and he hasn’t had a hit in EVER Bob, in EVER.

    Just a year ago, the guy we all thought was going to be our franchise QB goes mental and now he’s out of football for non-football related issues. As an owner or GM, merely considering Winston is completely ridiculous as it proves you have learned nothing.

    -Last QB went mental.
    -Winston has clear issues as a broke college kid.
    -I know! Let’s give him $20m to stay in the same state with the same crowd!

    The discussion is pretty silly if you aren’t viewing it through the rose colored glasses of an FSU fan or Florida homer. For the Bucs, the choice is clear, and it was made the second whatever mystery man picked up the bat phone during that Saints game. From Duck to Buc!

  84. Walter White Says:

    This Jameis stuff is so ridiculous. What’s also gotten completely ridiculous, Joe, is your continued propensity to plug this kid – HARD. All season we’ve heard about all this “history” nonsense and Lovie’s nostalgic ties to Dungy and how “this” somehow means “that.” Yet, Dungy on national tv implored his old buddy point blank to STAY AWAY from Jameis. Joseph, this is the SAME “father” Dungy that nurtured dog-slaughtering Mike Vick back to NFL health! Rodney Harrison shared the same strong CONVICTION.

    You can certainly make a good point Joe, but for crying out loud man, show a little balance and subtlety on this. All your Jameis articles now sound like a little kid’s “my dad is better than your dad…just cause!”

  85. White Tiger Says:

    Or…get the right OC and pick Jameis Winston…and you’ll burn the whole organization to the ground…in one season.

    If Lovie can’t afford to make a mistake…then you have to eliminate all question marks from the selection process.

    Unfortunately for @Joe – that means the QB with the BIGGEST question marks on character and maturity (Famous Jameis) will be eliminated.

    Only those with a Heisman, a vast resumé of productivity, leadership and athleticism…need apply.

    See, when you put yourself in Lovie’s shoes – where his job is on the line – you can see that even you eliminate Famous Jameis from consideration.

    …we just have to determine wether Lovie thinks he would survive Jameis Winston’s character flaws and immaturity…

    I know what I know.

  86. Michael Duggan Says:

    Jameis Winston will be suspended in the first 2 years in the NFL .

  87. Brian D Says:

    Oh god stop with the “5 out of 5 GMs said this” crap…yeah because they’d tell Peter King the truth. Probably a lot of GMs out there hoping Jameis falls…I wonder if he polled Arizona or Buffalo…

  88. Bucnut2 Says:

    Walter what you said!