Dan Quinn Talks To Joe

January 28th, 2015
Seahawks DC Dan Quinn, believed to be the new Dixie Chicks coach, is mobbed by reporters yesterday at Super Bowl media day.

Seahawks DC Dan Quinn, believed to be the new Dixie Chicks coach, is mobbed by reporters yesterday at Super Bowl media day.

In some ways, interviewing a subject is like a boxing match. No, there are no punches thrown (usually), but a subject often tries to rope-a-dope and dodge questions with empty or evasive answers.

The reporter tries to work the subject into a corner to deliver a question the subject cannot dodge.

That was the case yesterday when Joe interviewed soon-to-be Dixie Chicks coach Dan Quinn.

It is widely reported that Quinn hired his former college student, ex-Bucs head coach Raheem Morris, to work with him in Atlanta. The significant clue in this is that the Redskins are interviewing coaches to work their secondary, which is Rah’s old gig. You may do the math.

Quinn, still Seahawks defensive coordinator, was being pestered by other reporters about going to Atlanta. He clearly had zero desire to discuss the Dixie Chicks job. Joe will offer, verbatim, his exchange with Quinn.

JoeBucsFan: With Raheem Morris coming on your staff, what do you like about Raheem? What are his qualities that you like?

Dan Quinn: (Very long pause) I’m not going to comment about any of the teams that I have visited with.

Joe: I’m not asking you about the Falcons job.

Quinn: Yeah, I’m not going to comment about any of the teams I’ve visited with.

Joe: OK, how about this: One of your former players, Raheem. What do you like about him as a defensive coach?

Quinn: What I like about Raheem is that he is a terrific coach. He really is. He is a leader in every sense of the way, going all the way back. I’ve known him for a long time.

Joe: Do you think he got a raw deal in Tampa? He was the last coach to have a 10-win season for the Bucs and the next year he was gone.

Quinn: I will let Rah talk to you about that one. I don’t want to comment in respect to [another team].

And there you have it. And while Joe is on the topic of Rah, no, at the time, Joe was no fan of Rah. Joe thought Team Glazer upgraded the organisation by making a move.

In retrospect, the 10-win (should have been 11-win) season Rah put together was one of the best coaching jobs in recent history. How the Bucs won 10 games that year is unreal. Look who Josh Freeman had to throw to that year, Mo Stovall? Sammie Stroughter? Look at what the Bucs had on defense (remember, Gerald McCoy was hurt).

The longer the Bucs stub their toes, the better Rah seems to have been.

15 Responses to “Dan Quinn Talks To Joe”

  1. Patrickbucs Says:

    No questions about his local ties? He was a defensive coordinator at UF.

  2. Joe Says:

    No questions about his local ties? He was a defensive coordinator at UF.

    Gainesville is hardly “local.”

  3. Patrickbucs Says:

    I think otherwise he recruited here. Anyway good take in Raheem, that was a great rookie year by Mike Willams as well. Another former Buc that’s basically out of the league.

  4. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    So we fired three consecutive coaches who (over time) won 11, 12, and 10 games in a season, and then moved on to the previous HC and the current one with a grand total of 13 total wins over three seasons. Brilliant.

  5. terraj35 Says:

    It sounds like quinn didnt really say anything. Not sure why this was worth posting…

  6. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ BucfaninArkansas

    Well before we start mentioning Rah’s name of Buc’s coaching successes (Dungy, Gruden) let’s not forget he sandwiched that 10 win miracle between a 3 win season and a 4 win season that featured some of the most ghastly steam-roller losses. He and Dominick together were absolutely horrible at building through the draft. GMC, Foster, Stocker…is there any other picks left on the team? Hell are there any other picks from those 3 years even left in the. NFL?

  7. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    ^^^ my bad add Bowers and Claiborne (ok probably spelled wrong but you know who I mean) 🙂

  8. biff barker Says:

    Sounds just like a Bill Bellicek press conference. Let’s hope he can’t coach like the hoodie!

  9. Leighroy Says:

    Calling Gainesville “hardly local” is like calling Columbia hardly local to St. Louis, Joe. It’s all very relative comparing college to NFL markets.

    I think a good handful of Bucs fans on these here interwebs would have been more intrigued by some UF questions, rather than a non-interview about Raheem Morris.

  10. Skyline Crew Says:

    I was going over the Falcon’s new coaches and they are building a damn good coaching staff up there. I would definitely have them at #1 to win the division next year if they land Quinn.

  11. ddneast Says:

    Morris’ and Dummynick’s draft were like listening to Col. Kurtz, ” the horror, the horror.”
    Foster will be gone soon as should be Bowers. Stocker and Clayborn have been injured most of the time they were here but might be brought back. Making Freeman a one when he was probably no better than third was just inane.
    His secondary’s in Washington are routinely torched and McCown had his best game of the year against him.
    So why not make him a defensive coordinator.

  12. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    @ToesOnTheLine: fair points. But it doesn’t fit my narrative. 🙂 That 10-win outlier of a season disqualifies Raheem from being lumped in with his predecessors’ ineptitude in my observation. But yeah, a double-digit win season is about the ONLY thing he had in common with Father Dungy and Chucky.

  13. LargoBuc Says:

    I dont get how Rah wrnt from 10-6 then 4-2 to a 10 game losing streak? Something about that just dosent add up. You can say yeah he was a “bad” HC but he was the same guy he was at 10-6. That cant really be a coincedence it even carried over into a 4-2 start. How/why the whole team imploded after that is beyond me.

  14. Mike10 Says:

    Haha stellar interview.. where was his “Quinn-mode” hat?

  15. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ Largo Buc

    I think Rah had a combination of getting the team to actually not just think they could win, but actually believing they would win during the 10 win season. Gotta give Rah credit for that feat, BUT the reality was once adversity struck and it became apparent that the 10 win season was smoke and mirrors the players and Rah just fell apart in epic fashion. I really do wish the guy well in future endeavors, but in my opinion based on how abysmal his drafting was that even despite the 10 win feel good “youngry” season he set this franchise back further long term than any other Buc’s HC