Could Tampa Bay Fans Stomach The Wait?

January 19th, 2015

Packers fans had absolutely no problem waiting years for Aaron Rodgers to get off the Green Bay bench. Why? Because Hall of Famer Brett Favre was their quarterback. Take your time, Aaron!

The Bucs have Josh McCown and Mike Glennon.

So would Tampa Bay fans have the patience, after a 30-70 record in their team’s last 100 games, to wait for a quarterback like Oregon’s Marcus Mariota to ride the bench and learn the NFL game?

And what would happen when/if Mariota got preseason snaps and looked good against future beer truck drivers, insurance adjustors and mattress movers? Bucs fans would go wild and demand the kid play over one of the worst starting quarterbacks of the 21st century, Josh McCown. The weekly stadium chants of “Mar-Cus, Mar-Cus, Mar-Cus” might be heard in the famed nude clubs on Dale Mabry Highway.

Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King, one of three QBs to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, doesn’t seem to think Bucs fans could handle a season of Mariota on the bench. King, now with Yahoo! Sports, explained on the Ronnie and TKras show on WDAE-AM 620 last week.

“Think back to last year. All we heard from Jacksonville was Blake Bortles wasn’t going to play as a rookie. They were going to sit him, but what happens is, when you draft a quarterback that high, and you don’t have one currently, your fan base isn’t going to allow that guy to stay on the sideline,” King said.

“And they may have ruined Blake Bortles. I don’t know how often you guys got to watch him play, but he really struggled because he wasn’t ready. I think Marcus Mariota is Blake Bortles squared. I think he’s in the same position. Very athletic. Has the arm to make the throws. But has done nothing in college that he’ll be asked to do in the NFL, and it’ll take time to develop those skill sets.”

King makes sound points. And, yes, Joe finds it hard to imagine most Bucs fans staying sane if they had to watch McCown play like a rookie while Mariota holds a clipboard.

One might say Team Glazer isn’t about to care what fans think when it comes to football decisions. For those who believe that, Joe will leave you with the following quote, delivered soon after the Bus fired Jon Gruden and ate $15 million of his salary.

“Our fans are our stockholders. They’re what we play for — the people in our stadium and the ones that watch on TV. That’s what it’s all about: winning and how they feel about the team. If they don’t feel good about the team, then there’s something wrong. . . I think you all know the sense that’s out there. It was time for a change.” Team Glazer, following the firing of Jon Gruden in January 2009, via the St. Pete Times.

80 Responses to “Could Tampa Bay Fans Stomach The Wait?”

  1. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I think that Mariota will be ready a whole lot sooner than people are saying. However, I don’t think that any rookie QB should be the opening day starter

  2. Morgan Says:

    Did Seattle wait for Wilson, did the Colts fans wait for Luck? I’m not waiting for Mariota/Winston.

  3. Nick Says:

    You don’t learn how to play the game by not playing the game. There is no proof that waiting makes you any better. All the practice and film room in the world can’t prepare you for the live-fire of actual game action. Take your lumps in season 1 and get better in season 2 through 22.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

    I actually agree with King on this one…but it really depends on whether or not the Bucs can win a few games with another QB…I think improvements in the Defense…and the Oline along with further development from ME13, ASJ & Sims…could prove positive.
    It would be easier for fans to accept Glennon over McCown…..but Glennon will probably be traded…..
    Using Mariota in the Wildcat/Not Platooning….would help assuage the fans.

  5. bucrightoff Says:

    Luck is a once in a lifetime talent, Wilson went to a loaded team. Utterly terrible examples. If we draft Mariota or Winston behind anything that resembles the same line play we saw last year, and there’s a 95% chance they bust. We are a horrible team that is years away anyways if it’s going to be built right. People need to start accepting that, but alas they’ll delude themselves into thinking drafting a QB at #1 means instant playoffs.

  6. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I really think that the 1st pick depends on if Lovie and the Bucs have the same “win now” attitude that they had in last year’s off season. If they want to win now they will draft Williams who is the best player in the draft, or trade down a little and pick Peat who will be their franchise LT for 10 years and could start right away. If they acknowledge that they are rebuilding, then they will take one of the QB’s

  7. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Morgan: Wilson and Luck are poor examples, as one honestly beat out two Vets that were ahead of him on the roster (there was no intention of starting Wilson Week 1 when Training Camp opened up), and the other was the best QB prospect to come out since Peyton Manning (doesn’t that just piss everyone off that the Colts had the stars align for them not once, but twice).

    Neither of these QBs are on the same level as Luck/Manning when coming out. Most Rookie QBs who start in year one don’t beat out the competition, they play because of the investment made in them and fan pressure to see those players play. Most times in that scenario, it doesn’t help the Rookie QB nor the team.

    I’d love to see the backs draft a QB, and the QB be instantly good, but it just doesn’t happen that often, so to expect it is a little ridiculous.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I feel for the Buc QB if our 1st rounder sits…..

    We absolutely must fix our Oline no matter what else is going on.

  9. Tom Edrington Says:

    Rodgers was sitting behind a Hall of Fame quarterback….

    Josh McCown is a Hall of Shame quarterback, so why should ANYONE sit behind him…….?

  10. Justafan Says:

    Gruden was fired for amassing only 45 wins in the six seasons after the superbowl victory.

    In the six seasons since, we’ve seen 30.

    How’s that public opinion working for you?

  11. Dean Says:

    It is quite simple. Why has Russell Wilson been able to succeed right out of the starting gate? Three reasons:

    1. He’s smart…he took his talents and learned from great coaching and a top Offensive Coordinator to become successsful.
    2. He had a very good Offensive line that gave him time.
    3. He had a very successful run game.

    Most of all, they didn’t ask too much of him to begin with. He didn’t have 300 yard games. He just needed a couple hundred, backed with very few turn-overs and mistakes. That’s the recipe for success. It also doesn’t hurt to have one hell of a great defense, that’s got your back.

  12. Nick Says:

    Maybe waiting a year makes sense for Mariota if he literally doesn’t know how to call plays, read defenses and audible. However, you cannot say this for Winston. The wind seems to be blowing in his direction, so what reason would have for not playing him? Bad offensive line is bull manure. What if we have a bad Oline in year 7 of the QBs career? Do you sit him until it improves.<the answer is NO

  13. Martinii Says:

    So is King saying that both Mariota and Winston should sit in 2015? Would it be better to trade back and pick up the top OL prospects to protect a current roster QB or a mediocre FA. It sounds like a “Catch 22,” deal to me.

  14. R.O. Says:

    Maybe everyone should remind themselves of Mannings 1st year. 56% 28ints. If JM does that everyone will be screaming he’s a bust. MM does that everyone will be saying good first year can only get better… There will be no satisfying the fans.

  15. DallasBuc Says:

    Winston is more ready!

  16. Hawk Says:

    @ bucrightoff
    I agree and will add that I HIGHLY doubt that McCown will return… as a QB. Lovie got the ‘coveted’ First Pick. He no longer needs (or can afford) to play McCown.
    I believe that the ‘bridge’ (IF the Bucs take a QB) is either Glennon, or a player not yet on the team.
    This team is still two years away (at a minimum) of just being in the position of losing a playoff game. The cannot count on the other teams, in the NFC South, to be as bad next year.

  17. Couch Fan Says:

    Winston doesn’t need to sit. No he will not be an all pro but he doesn’t need to “learn” the game from the bench either. He’s absolutely an upgrade right now over what we have. Mariota on the other hand, you can’t say the same about. And you dont draft a project at #1 Overall.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The key is Koetter…..and…..our soon to be named QBs coach…..that will be a very interesting hire and may give us some insight into the pick.

  19. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Let’s all not fail to notice that the two Franchise QB’s that will be facing off in the Superbowl are a 3rd and a 6th round pick while all of the 1st round picks will be sitting home watching. Just sayin’

  20. Jim Says:

    I have had season tickets since 1977 & have seen a lot of poor QB play. I am in favor of selecting the QB that give the Bucs the best shot at long-term success. If they have to ‘bite the bullet’ for one season to get the QB up to speed- do it. I do not want to see a ‘one season wonder’ that turns out to be a bust. My concern about Winston is the amout of picks he threw. The last Buc’s qb to wear #5 was prone to throw more than his share of picks.

  21. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m happy the Glazers appreciate the fans that watch on TV.

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Jameis is no more ready than Mariota. Lost in the Wilson/Luck comparison is that both Wilson and Luck had three years of college ball while Jameis has only two. Mariota also has more experience than Jameis.

    Jameis trajectory is also alarming. He suffered a severe sophomore slump. The same people who claim he can carry a team want to have it both ways and say that he lost all the NFL picks from that title team and this year’s team just isn’t as talented. OK if you believe that then you believe Jameis cannot carry a team by himself. BTW I do not believe ANY QB can carry a team by themselves. It’s still a 1 through 53 game. Football is the consummate team sport although baseball fans could argue there sport is even more team oriented.

    Bottom line is this isn’t the NBA where ONE major star like Lebron/Kobe/MJ etc can ALMOST carry a team. All three of those guys had at least one other difference maker.

    With Koetter on board I believe we could squeeze enough offense out of Glennon to win ten games if Lovie’s defense improves and we obtain an offensive line. That could start with one of the three franchise LT’s in this draft.

    We simply MUST have an OL. Whether it’s to protect our statue Mike Glennon who can play if given time, or one of our shiny new Heismans.

    Best case scenario IMHO. McCown drops to 3rd string on the practice squad and begins the transition to his coaching career. The Heisman and Glennon battle it out in a truly fair competition through the preseason to see who EARNS the starting position. If it’s the Heisman so be it..if it’s HONESTLY Glennon because of his two years experience then fine. Just let them compete fairly and HONESTLY.

    I never want to see McCown take another snap for the Bucs unless it’s a dire emergency as in two QB’s ahead of him are both injured. Quite honestly it pains me to say this but McCown choked like a big dog last year which totally negates any value he brings to the team. At least on the field.

  23. SuperSam Says:

    joe your foolish to think Winston wont struggle as a rookie just because he ran a “pro style offense”. Winnston and Mariota will both struggle from day one, josh McCown will be the opening day starter no matter which quarterback we draft PERIOD. I for one think Mariota has a much higher ceiling, and a great off the field record, that’s why hell be a buc in a few months, it makes to much sense. Winston and Lovies personalities wont mix. WONT HAPPEN.

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    I’ve said it a thousand times. Lovie does not have time to wait for Mariota. The mess he created with a disastrous 2-14 season not to mention prime time embarrassment. Couple that with the fact, Lovie a defensive guru made the defense worse in some respects. Lovie’s poor decisions have erased any luxury of time that he may have had. Lovie has no choice but to draft Winston and he better hope he makes better free agent choices this year. I think Licht is a fine talent evaluator his past resume speaks for itself. He has been to a lot of playoff games with teams he has worked for. Loive needs to take Winston and not screw up the rest of the draft or FA. Personally I think lovie will fail miserably and set the bucs back even further than he already has. I love how the same 5 or 6 posters here take it so personally that Lovie makes mistakes.

  25. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Jim
    Exactly. And he may not be selected in the 1st round

  26. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW Two stupid fan requests based on no rational thought just gut feelings.

    If we do draft Jameis can we get him to switch his number. #5 has such horrible memories here.

    And we could we find a way to keep his father out of his business. I think part of Jameis off field issues stem from his father’s interference, just like with Cam Newton.

  27. AK Says:

    So glad the Glazers listened to those fans and the little pup on 620…9-7 is awful, this averaging 5 wins a season with 3 coaches over the ensuing 6 years is much much better.

  28. RossieRoots Says:

    Why does no one discuss the success of first year QBs Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan when this topic comes up?

  29. RossieRoots Says:

    Why doesn’t anyone discuss the success of first year QBs Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan when this topic comes up?

  30. Nick Says:

    Argue all you want. The QB drafted is starting.

  31. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Let’s look at a couple recent examples.

    First Andrew Luck. Did he look good last night? Do we think he sucks? Or do we concede football is still a team sport where coaching has a LOT of influence again totally unlike the NBA.

    And so the player acknowledged as the future “best QB in the NFL” a so called generational QB struggled because it’s a FREAKING TEAM SPORT!

    2nd example. St. Louis. I’ve seen a poster or two trying to use the RGIII trade as a mistake for the Rams. Are you kidding me? How has RGIII done?
    Meanwhile the Rams have a core of young talent that has them as one of the rising teams in the NFL.

    Oh and how about the Rams lack of QB you ask? On 4/22/10 they spent the #pick in the entire draft (sound familiar) on a QB!!! How has that worked out for the Rams?

    Which worked better. The trade for all the picks or the #1 pick on a QB?

    There is NOTHING certain. Those of you posting opinions as facts are out there somewhere. And I’m not just referring to our opinions but ALL opinions.

  32. Frankenstein Says:

    Look at all these buffoons putting forth Luck and Wilson as reinforcement for their argument. There are always exceptions to the trusted rule of taking time with the future of your franchise. Luck was entering into a highly functional organisation that had made the playoffs for 11 consecutive seasons before Manning went down. Wilson had a great running game, a decent o-line and a defense on the brink of elite status. There’s this line of thought that say it’s often which organisation the rookie goes to which will define him and I fully agree with that.

    I don’t care how pro-ready the quarterback is. That was college not the pros, there a reason why so many gifted quarterbacks fail because of inept management and an impatient, myopic fan-base. Whether it’s Winston or Mariota, they should sit until the team is ready to support a young quarterback that you’ve invested so much into. Fortify the o-line, get the run game revved up, build trust with your receivers in practice, then maybe you’re ready to take the field. It’s imperative to build a good situation for your rookies. The Bucs offense is in no shape or form ready to support the guy.

    Look at what happened with David Carr when he didn’t have a proper o-line and was into the game. Getting hit time and again, not having an RB threat, defenders putting wood on you like they did on McCown would mentally wreck a recovery who might never recover. Instead of being hasty and thinking short term, first put everything else into place, get the team playing at a decent level, the young man (be it Winston or Mariota) is a godsend so protect him until the time is right. This guy could define the franchise for 10-15 years if things go right. If he has to sit for a season so be it. The franchise hasn’t been in the playoffs so a while, another year won’t hurt. But atleast do things the right way when you have the opportunity. It doesn’t come around very often.

  33. tmaxcon Says:

    Mr. Patrick

    No matter how much you hate Winston and whine about him; he will be a first round top five pick. All he has to do is stay clean between now and the draft. There is no question about that period. He will be a top 5 pick. He has not had a single issue in 4 plus months so I’ll bet on Winston and not the irrational haters with holier than thou agendas. He is a knucklehead but he deserves a chance.

  34. Patrick Says:

    Why do people actually think McCown has any chance of starting in 2015? There are quarterbacks on the free agent market that are much better! You think McCown is worth $5 million? Hmmm….ok.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ St. Pete

    McCown isn’t eligible for the practice squad…..they would have to keep 3 qbs on the roster (possible) but not likely…..Glennon is likely to be traded.

  36. Hawk Says:

    @ Tampabaybucfan

    McCown shouldn’t be ‘eligible’ for the 53 man roster.

  37. Nick Says:


    You are proving absolutely no point. Of course its a team sport. And the really good teams that have really good quarterbacks are better than the really good teams with lesser quarterbacks or really bad teams with really good Qbs (like the colts).

    Brevity is the soul of wit. Edit.

  38. SuperSam Says:

    great video of Mariota vs cal, I think you guys will come away impressed. I did.

  39. bucrightoff Says:

    McCown had no business starting at all last year, so saying there are better QBs out there A)Ignores Lovie’s extreme ineptness at QB evaluation B)Ignores Lovie’s overcommitment to vets even well past their best before date. Lovieball sucks badly if you haven’t been paying attention.

  40. SuperSam Says:

    I also really like Mariota’s release, its nice and tight not a lot of wasted motion similar to Rodgers and Wilsons. Where as Winstons is an elongated windup release like a pitchers release, similar to Byron Leftwhich. The elongated release gives safetys and defensive backs a little extra time to jump routes, could be a HUGE problem at the pro level.

  41. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Joe
    Didn’t Mike Glennon also come out of a Pro-Style offense in college?

  42. Phil Says:

    Whoever we draft number one will need to be the starter week one ready or not. It’s the coaching staffs job to have whoever we draft ready. But I have no confidence in Lovie getting that done.

  43. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ tmaxcon
    I agree that some team will draft Winston out of desparation in the top 5, and even though he is a total crapshoot I hope the young man gets his character issues under control and has a successful career. However, I just wouldn’t want the Bucs to take that gamble with the #1 overall pick and possibly set the franchise back another 5 years

  44. SuperSam Says:

    Taking Winston over Mariota would be a huge mistake for the franchise. This may very well be Lovies last stand as a head coach, does anyone in there right mind honestly believe he’d put his coaching career in the hands of a troublemaker like Winston? Not happening.

  45. Dewey Selomon Says:

    Bortles isn’t ruined. Dough Boy just needs clicks. Blake will be a better QB because he has experience now and tape to study. Once thing Schiano got right that I never saw before was starting Glennon before the bye instead of after. Why? so Glennon had tape and a feel for the speed of the game. We are not going to the playoffs next year. If we do draft a qb this year he needs to play from day one.

  46. ndog Says:

    Ready now or not I just want the best qb. And that is by far and away Jameis Winston. Mariota will NEVER be as good as Jameis, again I said NEVER, weather you give him 3 years or 20 he will never be as good. This debate is getting old already as it clear to anyone that does not already have a bias against Jameis.

  47. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    “He is a knucklehead but he deserves a chance.”

    Agree 100%. And in fact if the Bucs managment determines the chance should be with the Bucs I’ll hope on board the Jameis train.

    Just far too many variables both on and off the field to make a clear determination as to which QB is the best choice.

    And despite what Ndog says there is NOTHING certain about EITHER of these QB’s.

    27 Heisman QB’s since 1950 with a collective losing record and only four clear successes. If there had been blogs since the 1950’s there would have been plenty of Ndogs touting these Heismans as a SURE thing. Except of course they weren’t!!!

  48. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Brevity is the soul of wit. Edit.

    Then don’t be witless. Use your scroll wheel or finger to simply go past my posts!

  49. Joseph Mamma Says:

    The sad part about the owner’s firing Gruden is that they had no plan to replace a good coach, that was struggling. If they fired Gruden and hired a great coach I could understand. Did they think that anyone would have been better than Gruden? So it’s idiots like that is the reason we suck as a franchise. Simple as that. Those guy’s would probably struggle running an Arby’s if they weren’t born into money I’m guessing.

  50. ndog Says:

    F the heisman he is a leader and winner. Please tell me the last freshman to walk on the field go undefeated and win the chip. I will wait and while I wait please remember that the following year he went undefeated again until the playoffs after losing 13 players to the NFL. If you do any research you will see that is unprecedented and in addition his teammates love him. But I guess we wouldnt want that would we?

  51. Nick2 Says:

    I completely agree. Hopefully next year if it is McCown with Koetter running the offense would do much better but the O-Line performance is another key to that. What would be bad is another season off the tracks like this one only to throw Mariota to the lions as a savior. Its a scary scenario especially if the O-line is a swinging gate like the one we had this year.

  52. Rob Says:

    A complete lack of patience is a good chunk of the reason why this team is in the crapper. Firing your coach every other year and replacing everyone prevents you from building any continuity. I’d MUCH rather Mariota get drafted and not start until 2016 or 2017 ala Aaron Rodgers than keep throwing ANY rookie QB to the wolves on week one.

  53. ndog Says:

    Aaron Rodgers and Mariota have nothing in common, other than both played in the PAC 12. Get real people we just hired his former coach out of college and his offense had zero resemblance to the curent Oregon offense. Rodgers was asked to do things Mariota gas never even done in practice much less against NFL defenses. Jim Mora Jr and Tony Dungy compared Mariota to Rodgers and look at the QBS they have chosen. If your listening to those two goodluck.

  54. Nick Says:

    Zero proof that Rodgers sitting for 3-4 years improved him as a QB. QB2 gets very few practice snaps and its usually with other 2nd stringers to boot. The better case can be made that they wasted a few years of Rodgers prime by not starting him sooner. That’s the main reason the locals soured on Favre’s constant retirement flip-flops because they were pretty sure they had a star in Rodgers.

    The “patience” everyone is talking about should not equal sitting the QB a year but being patient when he struggles early. Why go into 2016 STILL not knowing if we have a QB.

  55. Luther Says:

    @SuperSam I’m not sure we saw the same Cal game. Mariota had very few NFL throws in that game and had struggles with his accuracy. His receivers were wide open on every good play.

  56. bucrightoff Says:

    Because Nick, we could start Mariota/Winston and still go into 2016 not knowing what we have, just like Jags are now with Bortles. Everyone will be making excuses hand over fist for the rookie if he plays poorly, so we still won’t actually know what we have going into 2016, or we’ll still be going on hope and potential. Besides, our offensive line would get either rookie David Carr’d. Do we really want that?

  57. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I would really like to know exactly what Koetter meant when he said he has learned from his mistakes and wouldn’t make the same mistakes againg regarding Gabbert…..
    It could mean that he wouldn’t have started him…or that he would have designed a system to match his skills….we just really don’t know…but I think it was an important comment…

  58. SuperSam Says:

    @Luther I agree 100% that Mariota has some accuracy issues, but so does Winston. I think the issue with Mariota is he tends to throw a little to high and sometimes a little to far on leading his receivers, now that being said it could also be e receivers fault, you have to remember there was alot of injuries to is receiving core. In fact it got so bad that Oregon was starting 5’9 true freshman running back at receiver.

  59. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    “So it’s idiots like that is the reason we suck as a franchise.”

    The Glazers were hardly idiots for making the Raheem move. They needed the bucks they saved to pull off the ManU. deal. Sucks for us as Buc fans but hard to fault a family for pulling off a Billion dollar deal.

    @TBBF Thanks. Forgot about the restrictions on the practice squad. We may need to create an “injury” for McCown. Is there any way you can see to keep him off the field except in an emergency situation? I hate to waste a roster spot!

    I’m not sure of what to do with the#1 but I trust the Bucs now that they’ve added Koetter. I DO NOT however want to see Josh McCown on the field unless at least two QB’s have gone down before him.

  60. SuperSam Says:

    @Tampabaybucfan Your absolutely correct, that comment Koetter made I think tipped there hat as to who there going with, and that’s Mariota. What I think he meant was I wont make the same mistake twice as to not have a system in place for a spread option quarterback to succeed.

  61. Brandon Says:

    Luther Says:
    January 19th, 2015 at 3:27 pm
    @SuperSam I’m not sure we saw the same Cal game. Mariota had very few NFL throws in that game and had struggles with his accuracy. His receivers were wide open on every good play.


    Mariota has great numbers, Sam must have seen that… but what he doesn’t see is that 60+% of his passes travel 3 yards or less down the field. Geno Smith used to do that, so did a lot of modern spread QBs that have struggled in the NFL.

  62. Brandon Says:

    SuperSam Says:
    January 19th, 2015 at 4:02 pm
    @Luther I agree 100% that Mariota has some accuracy issues, but so does Winston. I think the issue with Mariota is he tends to throw a little to high and sometimes a little to far on leading his receivers, now that being said it could also be e receivers fault, you have to remember there was alot of injuries to is receiving core. In fact it got so bad that Oregon was starting 5’9 true freshman running back at receiver.

    Winston’s accuracy issues are nothing compared to Mariota’s. Mariota throws 3 yards or less more than 60% of the time and still has difficulty on the short throws and then has serious difficulty when he actually HAS to put the ball down the field. Blame the receivers at Oregon, whatever, they were still wide open the majority of the time. Winston, on the other hand, has had to consistently thread the ball through tight coverage. As for Oregon having to start a freshman RB at WR… that is the MO of most Oregon RBs, interchangeable at RB and WR. DeAnthony Thomas played mostly RB at Oregon but is now a WR for the Chiefs, Josh Huff played mostly WR for Oregon, but he also saw quite a few carries at RB. Don’t read into that too much. Blaming Mariota’s struggles on freshman playing WR…. Winston won a national championship as a freshman… and a Heisman…if he’s good enough to play, he should be on the field.

  63. Nick Says:

    It’s pretty easy for coaches to breakdown film and know if its the QBs fault or the line. They know the playcall and the progressions.

    The difference between our Oline (which will not consist of the same people next year) and the league median is about a sack a game. If little precious-whoever allows that to ruin their entire career, then guess what, he was probably going to suck regardless.

    David Carr’s Oline did not ruin his career. David Carr did. And most likely Bortles sucks too (even with them investing a high pick in Joeckel, which a lot of people on this site seems to think is the cure all).

  64. buddah Says:

    The analogy to stockholders is bogus because companies are beholden to stockholders who can vote administrators in or out but they don’t run the company’s day-to-operations. The fans aren’t going to decide who plays quarterback or how many more years Lovie will get. Patience is a virtue. Both of these quarterbacks will succeed, but neither of them will do so right away.

  65. Evan Says:

    I fear for Mariota in the pocket in year one and I do fear a Bortles situation, but I think if it goes well it will go REALLY well for him in the NFL. Winston on the other hand is a safe pick for the short term and we just have to hope he continues to develop with our great receivers.

  66. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am really failing to see what is wrong with wide open recievers….what a novel concept!!!

  67. Nick Says:

    Nothing is wrong with wide open receivers. However, it tells you nothing about a QBs ability. Any high school QB could succeed at hitting open receivers in an Oregon offense. Pro Scouts are looking for QBs that can hit a 15 yard out with a DB on the receivers left hip and the ball arrives on the right hip.

  68. Luther Says:

    The problem is that receivers don’t get that wide open in the NFL..ask Mike Evans. Winston throws the ball before his receivers make their breaks and fits the ball with good placement. Scouts have consistently said that Mariota lacks those throws. He may be able to learn it but he doesn’t show it in college.

  69. Luther Says:

    @Nick Right on!!!

  70. "TheKevin" Says:

    No Tampa bay fans can’t stomach the wait joe because they are a bunch of idiot morons that really think they know more about football than anyone else.

    So we will start either one too soon and when he fails these stupid idiots will blame lovie.

    Worst fan base in the league. Morons

  71. "TheKevin" Says:


    You are an idiot. I guess you didn’t see Russell Wilson hitting wide open receivers yesterday? Pretty sure Doug Baldwin was wide open.

    This idea that NFL receivers isn’t open is stupid. And you people that say that obviously don’t watch the same NFL game that others watch.

  72. Luther Says:

    @TheKevin you call me an idiot? Dude…quite sure my IQ and paycheck are both higher than yours. If you can’t comprehend tighter coverage and understand what busted coverages are then that is your problem.

  73. "TheKevin" Says:


    Hahahaha the ol’ paycheck and iq thing. Original lmao

    Well mr. IQ and paycheck man you are still a dumba**

    I completely understand busted coverages but you morons literally act like open receivers is like finding a unicorn.

    Open receivers and more than one in every game played.

    F n stupid. Go worry about your paycheck and leave the football talk to real men and not some computer nerd like yourself. Go suck off your boss and earn that paycheck.

  74. "TheKevin" Says:


    The only people that use their paycheck or IQ as an insult are nerds who can’t get chicks except for the fact that make a lot of money. Woopdie dooo.

    I’m pretty sure I don’t make as much but I have a much bigger **** and much hotter girlfriend I can guarantee that.

  75. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Just curious I keep hearing Glennon will likely be traded? Does someone have inside info, or is this the same group insisting Glennon would be traded (or cut) last year to make room for the franchise QB the Bucs were definitely going to draft? Since we’re all obviously full of sh!t and just throwing out opinions I’m going to throw mine… not only will Glennon be on the Bucs roster in 2015 but he will win the starting job from the QB the Bucs select in round 3 or later in this year’s draft. It’s Leonard Williams @ #1 or trade down if Lovie and Licht want to build a Seahawks type team and win now.

  76. Luther Says:

    Sounds like you have a hard one right now since you are so into insulting me. You don’t know me from a can of paint. I don’t go around calling people idiots so don’t lecture me about paychecks.

    I’ve also been around pro and college athletes (several are family members) and gimmicks don’t usually work. It takes technique and study. Mariota has not shown me that he has what it takes to be an NFL QB. He may have it but I don’t see it on tape. People are “projecting” that he will be a good QB because his team-mates love him and he’s smart. You don’t draft good guys with the top pick because he’s smart.

  77. SuperSam Says:

    @Luther Saying all Marcus Mariota does is throw to open receivers is a silly argument, I watched every Oregon game this year and yes he does find the open receiver, but isn’t that what a quarterback is supposed to do? He’s also made some tight window throws as well, maybe not as many as Winston. So in conclusion we’ve basically narrowed it down to two things between Mariota and Winston, NFL lever anticipation throws for Mariota and character concerns/immaturity for Winston. You can teach anticipation throws with practice and concept designs for the quarterback, im not so sure you can make Winston grow up and stay out of trouble. As they say ” you can take the dog outta the pound, but cant take the pound outta the dog’. CONCLUSION- Mariota is the safer and should be the pick.

  78. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Shaun King is still an idiot.

    “TheKevin” Says

    The only people that use their paycheck or IQ as an insult are nerds who can’t get chicks except for the fact that make a lot of money.”

    Huh? The only people who make that claim are idiots that cannot acquire those things and are jealous. I have money. I have a genius level IQ (well, I did when I was younger anyway). I also had plenty of women that knew nothing about it because I was very likeable.

    Nerd? I prefer to call myself a geek, but lets wee, I watch sports, I have a black belt in TWO martial arts, I was the second fastest kid in high school and I was in the Soviet Union when Gorby was kidnapped (wasn’t me, I swear!). I’ve faced machine guns and had the barrels or guns put to my forehead.

    Heck, I even went on a world concert tour in 1990.

    So tell me…what right do you have to make such a claim about successful people, kid?

  79. ddneast Says:

    Apparently Shaun was milling around the desert buffet bar at Golden Corral when the NFL broadcasting crew interviewed Bortles
    after the Jags beat the Titans on Thursday night football.
    Bortles was pumped and full of confidence.
    Now I’m not saying King is entirely wrong about throwing some of these guys into the fire to soon can wreck their confidence, I’m saying he is wrong about Bortles.
    Look what Ray Perkins did to the Cypress Tree cutting Vinnie Testaverde. He threw him onto the field without a quality WR, offensive line or running back.
    Of course the majority of Buc fans were to stupid to recognize this. They just blamed the whole mess on poor Vinny because he was the easiest scape goat.

  80. Luther Says:

    @BuccaneerBonzai man that is awesome. I served in the Navy back in the 80’s and we had Soviet Ships in Norfolk. I got the chance to drive the officers around…very cool experience. Also interfaced with Romanian “Political Officers” when we stopped in Romania.

    Now I’m just a nerd/geek who plays a lot of chess. Fastest recruit in boot and always around sports. People think nerds are always carrying inhalers but in fact, we enjoy sports like anyone else.