Your 2015 Bucs Opponents

December 28th, 2014

Only two games on the following season’s schedule are affected when a team finishes in last place, as the Bucs have officially done for the past four seasons.


The “last-place” schedule means the Bucs will play the NFC West and NFC North cellar dwellers in 2015. That’s the Rams in St. Louis, and the Bears will head to Tampa.

In addition to Chicago, the Bucs’ home schedule will include the Cowboys, Giants, Jaguars, Titans, Falcons, Saints and Panthers.

Road games will be at Philadelphia, Washington, Houston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Carolina and New Orleans, in addition to St. Louis.

It’s an OK schedule. Prepare for massive visiting fan invasions from the Bears, Cowboys and Giants. Ugh!

33 Responses to “Your 2015 Bucs Opponents”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    I predict a movie repeat for next season! 2-14 for the bucs again!

  2. Stanton Says:

    Wow we have an incredibly EASY schedule!!!!

    Titans, Jaguars, Rams (instead of the 9ers, Seahawks or Cards), and the Bears!!!

    Again it doesnt mean anything, this year we had one of the EASIEST schedules in the entire league and we still lost big time. However its still its nice to have a schedule like this. I remember the schedule we had in 2013 and that was brutal.

  3. Yungry Says:

    Super Bowl!!!!

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’ll play it safe and guess the Bucs go 8-8 next year.

  5. Dean Says:

    Just projecting the teams we SHOULD beat and splitting the division games, it adds up to 10 wins. That would be the MAX, as I see it. So, with some decent additions and replacements on our team, I see 8+ wins in the Bucs future.

  6. Luther Says:

    @Stanton…EASY??? Did you just watch the same season I just watched because we were awful. The Jags and Raiders would kick our butts right now.

  7. Dimitrios Says:

    So lovie cuts revis penn zuttah and joseph, wastes a 3rd rounder on Sims….. And you guys think he’s safe??

    I have a feeling we fire Lovie… Automatically this becomes a better gig than any other team needing a coach including the 49ers. With cornerstone pieces on defense in McCoy and LVD. Cornerstone piece in ME13. With a qb, couple olinemen and a stud DE this time IS on the verge.

    BUT not with lovie. He can not develop a qb. He can not assemble a respectable o-line and this passive tampa 2 is figured out by the top teams in the league.

    I want a young offensive minded guy come in and develop Winston who obviously has a way higher ceiling than marriota.

    Make it happen Glazers! Bring excitement back to Tampa! Fire lovie draft Jameis.

  8. ManzielMadness Says:

    I don’t know how anyone can predict 8 games for next season already…

  9. ManzielMadness Says:


  10. Sam Says:

    Hmm . May goto Rams game depending on when it is. Only a few hours drive

  11. Java Says:

    That’s why when anyone throws out the easy schedule argument I laugh. All teams in the division play the same schedule, minus two teams.

    But with Loser Lovie no game is a slam dunk as he finds new ways to lose every week

  12. "TheKevin" Says:


    Your an absolute idiot dude.

    “Passive Tampa-2”

    Saints 23 points
    Packers 20 points

    Those are two very good offenses.
    The D played good enough to win in both of those games.
    It’s the pathetic offense.

    That’s pretty good for a “passive” system
    The defense has played well and gotten better throughout the season.
    Defense isn’t a problem so don’t talk like you know something.

    You shouldn’t be allowed to comment after that blunder of a remark.

  13. port richey george Says:

    while at the game this afternoon I could have sworn I heard mccown calling audibles in the 4th quarter. “jameis, jameis, Winston, hurry,hurry,hurry” and then mccown would throw the ball out of bounds.

  14. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Lovie is going nowhere. The players are buying in. With the right pieces the Bucs can make huge improvements.

    Lovies support staff failed him. Licht needs to grow a pair and bring in the right guys, especially since Goldson and V-Jack will be on the trading block.

  15. BucFanForever Says:

    I predict 16-0 for the Bucs next year, with another 3 wins in the postseason. Whew, trying to get back into “win-mode,” rather than “root-for-#1-mode.” I might be a little overboard, but the Bucs will dominate with their defense and shiny new QB they pick up this May.

  16. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Some nasty visiting fans….
    TPD will be busy

  17. Connor Says:

    Well we all know the Cowboys will be a loss. Romo always has career games against us!

    And as a resident of San Antonio, I’ll be embarrassed once again.

  18. MakeLovieNotWar Says:

    Fire Lovie + Draft Mariota = Super Bowl. Problem solved.

  19. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    The Bucs will win the division and go to the NFC championship game and lose to a NFC west opponent in a very close game. If the defense plays at least like this from jump which I expect they will and the running game gets going like today. The Bucs will surprise next season with Winston at quarterback.

  20. gatrbuc17 Says:

    And with the 7th overall pick (traded to whoever) the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Andrus Peat……………..And with the 12th overall selection the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Brandon Scherff………………………….

  21. mjc Says:

    What a great first half today. Some of the best football we saw all season. Then our great coach turned the good game into a preseason game.

    It is almost as if he wants to make sure his players and the fans don’t get to feel the excitement in winning.

    I feel for the defensive starters. They had their guts ripped out last week when the offense barely could get a first down. Then when their offense is moving their coach benches them and make sure the offense does not throw a pass until mid way through the 4th quarter. He basically ripped their heart out.

    What was the point of playing the reserves. If he does not know how they will play by now then he should be fired.

  22. mjc Says:

    The feeling being shown on TV and other outlets is that Lovie tanked the game. Who wants to play for a coach like that.

  23. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Clown wants to play for lovie,.. and if lovie got fired, and someone in the CFL wanted him,.. his puppy Josh le Clown would go too!

  24. Dimitrios Says:


    Our defense and record last year were better. Tampa 2 gets carved up with ease by above average qbs pretty sure we gave up 50 to Matt Ryan and 50 to flacco. Tampa 2 only worked with sapp lunch and brooks. I’d rather have last years turnover producing defense than this average one

  25. DB55 Says:

    Always enjoyed the ronde vs tiki battles.

  26. Kalind Says:

    If they draft Jameis, we can go 16-0 on that schedule. Jameis hasn’t lost before. Why start now?

  27. Ryan Says:

    That’s actually an attractive home schedule.

  28. Larry Says:

    When the Bucs fire Lovie and hire Harbough you’ll see a change!

  29. BucPuck Says:

    I like that home schedule. Stadium will be full for three of those games for sure and if we suck again, I can sell my tickets and make some money!

  30. Destinjohnny Says:

    16-0!!!!! Baby

  31. Barry Says:

    2-14 turned out just the way Joe had hoped. Congratulations Joe.

  32. ihateloviesmith Says:

    every fan here should be excited, with the 1st pick in the draft. and should be, it has been a long time coming, thru countless losing seasons, but do not get carried away with it because after all we still have loser lovie at the helm. and I hate to remind you of his FAs acquisitions, and his talent evaluation skills, not mentioning the lack of an O.C. doesn’t matter the pick jameis or marcus if we do not get a credible O.C. it is all for not, I for one hope that the glazers would bite the bullet, and take one for the team, and fire lovie and his cronies, the top pick with the personell we have on this team would be a huge enticement for a very good coach coming in. but probably not so next season will be more of the same, we will have to endure stoneface and his look of bewilderment, as the bucs have their asses handed to em, week in and week out, lovie smith = losing and mediocre play at best.

  33. Harry the Horse Says:

    How ’bout them Cowboys!!!