Where Do You Stand On Lovie Smith?

December 23rd, 2014

Tomorrow, Joe will compare results here to those of previous weeks.

52 Responses to “Where Do You Stand On Lovie Smith?”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    What is there to be confident about? That Lovie will find his way out of the losing, yeah that’s it.

  2. J Moné Says:

    110% totally confident lovie makes huge strides coming soon. Just sit back and relax not like you can actually do anything about his decision lol

  3. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Same vote of ‘little confidence’ as it’s been since the poll inception. No confidence is rather absolute with no room for hope, yet there has been absolutely nothing from Lovie thus far to inspire a vote of ‘confident’ either.

  4. HawaiianBuc Says:

    I change my vote to no confidence and get him the hell out of Tampa if we don’t draft a QB with our first pick.

  5. DB55 Says:

    I’d like to “stand” on his head and jump up and down for ten minutes. Might help him think differently.

    I’m totally confident Lovie will fk this offseason up too. There are just too many holes to fill. And according to Lovie we’re improving. 109 yards total offense and were improving. CrAziness

  6. DB55 Says:

    Damn when Hawaii changes his mind you KNOW chit is fkd up

  7. Eric Says:

    I am totally confident but will join with Hawaiian if we don’t draft a QB.

    If that last game didn’t prove we need one I don’t know what will.

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    75% have at least some confidence.

    I do, I know that. Looks like the 25% are the ones who post the most here. The whiners. The people who believe constant change brings improvement.

    In my book, Lovie stays. Only other coach I would replace him with is Jim for the 49ers, but not in a trade.

  9. HawaiianBuc Says:


    I change my mind quite often, believe it or not. I’ll give any coach a mulligan on his first year. Year two is where the improvement better begin, and it better be pretty drastic. This is a golden opportunity to draft a QB with a premier pick. I don’t care if the next JJ Watt is available, we aren’t winning squat without a QB. I really believe Lovie will do the right thing, but if he doesn’t, then me and you are going to be on the same side. That won’t be fun.

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Pretty much how I feel too. If he doesn’t get us a franchise QB by the draft, a true one, then I’ll have major issues.

    But until then, I’m behind him.

  11. DailyRich Says:

    I’m still not 100% convinced this wasn’t a “Suck for the Duck” or “Lame-ass for Jameis” season where they say all the right things about competing but the idea was to get one of the top two QBs next year.

  12. Walter White Says:

    Lovie lives in fairy tale land, not the real world. It is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person, which he is as well. Noone can tell Lovie what do to. He knows. (Laughter and quote from the ‘ol man in Christmas Story “he aaalways knows!”) He’s that guy that somehow manages to keep a job, or even get promoted when everyone at the office wonders how the hell he can even tie his shoes in the morning. His middle name (besides “Carl Winslow”) must be Criss Angel because he is QUITE the illusionist! He’s fooled so many people for so long.

    Remember that old 90s show called “The Pretender”? That guy “Jared” would pose as like 100 different things – he could be a doctor, an airline pilot, an engineer, a ballerina, hell whatever. That’s Lovie! Only he’s pretending to know what he’s doing in charge of a franchise with a fan base that has SUFFERED LONG ENOUGH. We have weathered the storms of mediocrity and the sea of being a competitive NFL team that people take seriously has made us its bit(h.

    If you were a sailor, and saw a pirate ship approach and raise the black flag, your fears would quickly be calmed when you heard of and saw “Captain Lovie ‘Carl Winslow Criss Angel Waldo Heraldo Faldo’ Smith.”

  13. gatrbuc17 Says:

    If the game against the Packers didn’t show you that we need OL more than we need a QB I don’t know what will. We coulda switched QBs with GB and the outcome of the game would have been the same. Aaron Rodgers had up to 5 seconds to throw a ball on Numerous occasions. A QB can only be as good as his OL

  14. tye Says:

    Expressing confidence in Love as HC is like having confidence walking across an icy lake during the thaw…. The more you do it, the more likely you are about to be greatly disappointed!

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    Sunday’s game proved virtually no QB could succeed behind our line. We can’t run the ball, which helps to protect the QB. We obviously can’t stop an average pass rush from making the line look college-level. We can’t draft Winston over Mariota primarily because Mariota can run for his life, which is what he’d be doing with this line.

    I get that people want a QB, but making threats like you’ll leave the fanbase if they don’t take one #1 is absurd. If we draft a QB #1 and put him behind that line, 95% chance he’s a bust. So you’ll stick around if they draft a QB put in a situation with little chance at success? Kinda odd no? If we keep the line as is or make marginal moves, McCown has to play again next year because putting a rookie behind that line is a death sentence to his career. And McCown playing is obviously another 4-12 type year.

    And if we “upgrade” the line? Well, based of his consistent history of terrible lines in Chicago factored in with how he “revamped” the line last year, does anyone really trust Lovie to put together a good line? Yeah me neither.

  16. TAC Says:

    Confidence in developing a QB? zero. Who is the OC hire in the near future? O Staff in place right now gets no benefit of the doubt.

    We will soon see who he can bring in to work with him on an Offense. There is no confidence at this point in his ability to hire the right staff.

    Sorry Lovie, the D is improving though, so there is that.

  17. HawaiianBuc Says:

    Obviously we need to revamp the offensive line, and obviously no QB is going to be very successful with this line. However, you get very few opportunities (hopefully) to have a top 2 pick. When you have it and you identify a franchise QB, you take it 100% of the time. Left tackles are extremely valuable, but they are easier to find than QB’s. If you have a halfway decent offensive coordinator, you can design things to cover up for a poor offensive line (like perhaps a 3 step drop, or maybe even this brand new concept I heard about of having more guys in to pass protect versus going out on passing routes). There is no cover up for a bad QB. You cannot win football games with Josh McCown or Mike Glennon, at least not consistently.

    If we draft a lineman with the first pick, we will not win more than a couple games next year too. There’s no chance we are successful – zero. If we get a great QB, there is a chance we can win some games (as long as Arroyo is long gone of course). A QB is the only chance we have of getting out of this losing culture we’ve been immersed in for the last 6 years.

  18. gatrbuc17 Says:

    bucrightoff, you sir speak too much sense for about 70% of the posters here to understand.

  19. Zam Says:

    38.1% of people have been trapped in a mine since July.

  20. Barry Says:

    Any HC who actually brings in McCown as his starter should be run. I’m hoping Smith is fired. McCown people.

  21. HawaiianBuc Says:

    As for those claiming our staff isn’t any good, where were those people before the season started? My goodness, a huge percentage of our staff had extensive NFL experience, or even head coaching experience. Warhop, who has obviously not gotten the job done, has been coaching NFL offensive lineman for like 100 years! He’s one of the few offensive line coaches I actually recognized by name. Embree has coached guys likeTony Gonzalez and Jordan Cameron. Leslie Frazier was at minimum considered a very good defensive coach. Tedford, while never coaching in the NFL, was considered an offensive guru. Joe Cullen is well known by every Wendy’s employee across the country (sorry, that probably doesn’t help with coaching football, but it still great and worth mentioning). Point is, most people praised the staff when hired. Why it hasn’t worked is very weird, and quite scary.

  22. Greig Says:

    Zero cinfidence, had none in him being the right hire when people were begging for him last year and have none now.
    Most of our issues are the same exact things he was fired for in Chicago, he didn’t learn anything in his time away.

  23. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Neither of these QBs are “Can’t miss” prospects. There are Two OLmen however in the top 6 that have been described as Exactly that by Numerous experts.

  24. Max Says:

    I’ll give him 2 more years, Schiano should have gotten 1 more year… you need atleast 3 years in my opinion.

  25. Barry Says:

    Do you ppl really want Dungy ball? Really?

  26. Martinii Says:

    So let’s be optimistic and say we get the 1st pick, and let’s assume we take one of the two best Qb’s. Is he going to start his fist game as a rookie? Being the back up in 2015 probably means being the starter for several games and I’m sorry but when McGowan runs out on that field I get a real sick feeling in my gut.

  27. Jerseybuc Says:

    Lovie has a well earned reputation as being offensively challenged, but to see it in action was eye opening.
    Loss of his OC was HUGE factor, but I also wonder if he had any role in Tedford bailing on us. Maybe Tedford wanting Carr and then realizing McCown was not the answer? Speculation, sure but if that is true that is on the man who hired him for not being on the same page. Tedford was his hand picked guy. Bad break on his heart issues for sure, but sounds like he was healthy 2 months ago and wanted no part of this mess. I also think Glennon got a raw deal. Sticks with 12 because he is mobile but doesn’t move the pocket or use his supposed mobility very well so what is the point. Compare Glennon’s first 16 starts vs anyone else, not too bad…
    The Defense is where Lovie shines we are told. But sitting in a soft deep zone and getting picked apart week after week? No real innovation, just predictable vanilla defense week in and out. No pressure on WRs, faking blitz every 3rd down and then backing off, even backup QBs finding the seams when they need a 3rd down conversion. I don’t see how this D improved over 2013. We have two pro bowl players, should be pretty good. STs were poor, except for the kicker who was fantastic.
    I have no faith in him, partly because he seems to think he has things under control. I think he is clueless. Let’s hope the new OC sticks around long enough to turn the offense around. We need new O line coach and new ST coach at the very least.

  28. LJ'sDaddy Says:

    Toesontheline…same here. Well said.

  29. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Here is a nice article about losing teams in the NFL.


    NFL teams that consistently promise to improve, then stay terrible, are manipulating you. Strike back! It’s OK to be a fair-weather fan.

    Jacksonville is on a 9-38 stretch. Washington is on a 7-24 stretch. The Raiders are on a 11-36 stretch and haven’t made a playoff appearance in 12 years. Tennessee is on a 15-32 stretch and has gone 11 years without a playoff win. The Buccaneers haven’t won a playoff game in 12 years. The Lions haven’t won a postseason contest in 23 years. The Bengals haven’t won one in 24 years.

    That some NFL clubs consistently are good while others consistently are bad may be a case study in coaching and management. Regardless, if your favorite team is bad, you owe them nothing. NFL teams are heavily subsidized by the public, and exist solely to provide sports entertainment. Bad play is not entertaining. Don’t feign loyalty. Take pride in being a fair-weather fan!

  30. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Sorry. I don’t have “fairweather” anywhere in my fandom. I didnt miss a home game for the first 22 years. If I didn’t live 3000 miles away I would still have Season tickets and go to every game. Then again I sat through 14 straight losing seasons so I’m kinda used to it.

  31. biff barker Says:

    For those who profess confidence, do me a favor and enlighten me.


    While I am all in on Mariotta, do you really believe rookie QOF is going to change things drastically?

    Every single thing this HC has touched has turned to shite.

    2-13 says it all.

  32. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Yeah, I’m with you on that.

  33. Brandon Says:

    Belichick went 5-11 in his first season in New England, Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 in his first season in Dallas, Dungy was 6-10 in Tampa, Lovie was 5-11 in Chicago, Andy Reid was 5-11 in his first season in Philly, Mike Holmgren was 6-10 in his second season in Seattle, Chuck Noll was 1-13 his first season in Pittsburgh, Bill Walsh was 2-14 in his first season in San Francisco, Bill Parcells was 3-12-1 in his first season in New York, Pete Carroll had a non-winning record at 3 of his NFL and college stops- 6-10 with the Jets, 7-9 the first two seasons at Seattle, and 6-6 at USC, in our own divsion, Rivera was 6-10 in his first season in Carolina, Payton had 2 non-winning seasons in his first 3 seasons, and only Mike Smith saw success in his first season (but has only 10 wins combined in the last 2 after winning 10 games or more in 4 of his first 5 seasons).

    My point is, things may look bad, but changing head coaches every year will do nothing but continue to hurt the franchise. Lovie’s defense has come around, it took long enough, but it is playing good ball and has since the bye, the offense is a disaster. Lovie’s past record, and the past records of many other coaches show that Lovie deserves a 2nd season. Despite the shenanigans from Schiano’s first season (one of the worst pass defenses EVER, going 1-5 in the last 6 games-being blown out in 3 of the last 4, rushing the kneel down play, etc) I felt he deserved a 2nd season. When the 2nd season came and the players clearly were not buying in, were blown out on a weekly basis, his handling of Freeman (sorry, but it IS in a head coach’s job description to be a QB psychologist), his handling of a ton of things, MRSA wasn’t his fault, but the way it was handled was crappy, one of the most horrendous trades in NFL history, and then the losing, the team clearly took several steps back. Nevermind the fact that he missed badly on Eric Wright, Dashon Goldson, Michael Bennett (not being re-signed), Kevin Ogletree, they greatly overpaid for an excellent OG-but he was still an OG who then got hurt, he drafted useless Mark Barron in the top 10 instead of about 30 other far more capable players, nevermind all that. Personnel decision mistakes are made by ALL teams, especially Schiano…and Lovie… but the fact is that his team regressed and then they quit on him…and he had to go despite having two seasons in his system.

    If Lovie’s team next season isn’t at least .500 or darn close, then I would maybe support him getting let go, but as of right now, I’m confident in him, just as I was confident in Schiano going into 2013. His past record along with the past records of many excellent coaches, shows that teams often struggle in even a great head coach’s first season with a club.

  34. SteveK Says:


    So far, this coaching staff is half as successful as Schiano’s last year.

    I understand that turning over a staff each year is a recipe for disaster, but Lovie has earned his spot on the hot seat.

  35. Buccfan37 Says:

    What fair weather? This team’s display is horrendous. This teams losing mindset is legendary. Rodgers had all day to find an open receiver with nobody around him. Pathetic.

  36. bucrightoff Says:

    You could have saved everyone the tl;dr Brandon and simply say Lovie’s nuts are delicious and I can’t get enough. But I did read and every guy you mentioned was not a 9 year NFL head coach when they took over the job like Lovie was.

    I mean serious, you think Lovie is going to make us a dynasty? IF that doesn’t prove you have direct relations to Lovie in some capacity I don’t know what will.

  37. Brandon Says:

    bucrightoff Says:
    December 23rd, 2014 at 4:07 pm
    You could have saved everyone the tl;dr Brandon and simply say Lovie’s nuts are delicious and I can’t get enough. But I did read and every guy you mentioned was not a 9 year NFL head coach when they took over the job like Lovie was.

    I mean serious, you think Lovie is going to make us a dynasty? IF that doesn’t prove you have direct relations to Lovie in some capacity I don’t know what will.

    Say what you want about me, but there’s a word to describe people like me-optimist.

    There’s also a word to describe people like you- a-hole.

  38. HawaiianBuc Says:


    I don’t disagree with you there. He deserves to start next season on the hot seat. I’m a supporter of Lovie, but things need to get better. I do, however, have a serious problem with comparing him to Schiano. I hate comparing anyone to crap. I was no happier with 4 wins than I am with 2. Both suck.

  39. bucrightoff Says:

    You’re what’s known as the delusional homer. You seriously think we’re 1 or 2 players away from a contender. I mean dude really? Optismist is we’ll be 6-10 or 7-9 next year. You think drafting a QB means playoffs. So I’d rather be the realistic a-hole who is living in the real world than the delusional homer who thinks his team is above reproach.

    Would you write all the same things right now about Ken Whisenhunt? Did you do the same for Steve Spagnolo when he went 2-14? Yeah I didn’t think so. You think your homerism makes you a better fan, but it actually makes you a much worse fan. It means you accept mediocrity with open arms….real fans do not.

  40. DB55 Says:

    Not sure whats worse players quitting or OCs quitting. Hmmm

    If marinelli comes in next year I’ll be hopefully that we won’t get blown out 56-0. If frazier stays then it’s the same circus.

    I was happy when Lovie came to town until he hired frazier and an OC w no NFL experience that got fired for lossing too many games.

    It’s like Lovie assembled an all-star losing team. The avengers of lossing if you would. When he cut the entire oline, Revis and sat glennon for mccown I knew for a fact that we would not beat 4-12.

    And of course I got ridiculed all preseason. I got a crystal ball folks and it work really well.

  41. SteveK Says:


    What is optomistic about 2-13? Seriously?


    I am with you… When was the last time the Buccaneers played 16 meanigful games… 2010 was the last time we had a winning record.

  42. bucrightoff Says:

    Marinelli is not coming, Lovie is not firing Leslie Frazier. Or do people think we’ll be able attract any sort of decent OC when we just fired the DC after 1 year?

  43. HawaiianBuc Says:


    Everyone gets fired in football, so I disagree with the all-star losing team. All those guys have had success previously. The only thing I didn’t like from the beginning is that most of our coaches had never worked together, including Lovie with both coordinators. That’s a lot of different philosophies coming together, and they obviously meshed poorly. But to a man, you could point to each coach and point out success. Together in Tampa, not so much.

  44. PRBucFan Says:

    I have been knocked down to little confidence.

    Without a true OC Impact hire or a QB drafted at 1 I have ZERO confidence.

  45. Soggy Says:

    The football gods called and said if we ever want another superbowl we have to kiss chucky where he farts..

  46. CC Says:

    In Lovie we bust!
    Can anybody tell me what evokes any confidence at all with our HC? We are worse off than we were when he took over. And thats not saying much.

  47. CC Says:

    If you eliminate confident as an option and stick with the other 4 choices. Little confidence to no confidence would probably be close to 70%.

  48. rayjay1122 Says:

    The totally confident votes are just sarcasm

  49. HawaiianBuc Says:


    What gives me confidence with Lovie is that he’s been successful in the NFL – at every stop. He took over a very very bad Chicago team and had them relevant in 2 years. After that, they were consistently average to above average. He made it to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman. That team has also fell apart since he left. We are way too far in the dumps to even think about being great. Average would be fantastic at this point. So I guess it really depends on what you define as “confident”. Do I think he can make us a good team – yes, absolutely. Do I think he can make us great – much less confident. But right now, being good would be great.

  50. OB Says:

    Still no confidence, how can you have confidence in anyone that plays McCown as your starter, talks about being on the verge, says Johnson is almost well, keeps the same OL and runs the same plays with a QB that completes less than 50% of his passes and has a turnover ratio compared to a farmer.


  51. CC Says:

    Are we worse off since Smith took over the team?

  52. mdsbuc Says:

    I’d be interested to see what the results would be if the poll was more balanced; Confident being deleted, and Very Confident changed to Somewhat Confident. Then we would have two positive and two negative choices. As it is, the poll is unbalance because there are now 3 positive choices and only two negative ones. My proposed poll would be balanced, and it wouldn’t allow for any fence sitting.

    Very Confident
    Somewhat Confident
    Little Confidence
    No Confidence