“We’re Just Praying For Mediocrity”

December 3rd, 2014

McCownGlennonA former Buccaneer likens watching Tampa Bay quarterback play to how it feels when you stop “dating an ugly chick.”

Yes, those are the words of Ian Beckles, a Bucs starting guard from 1990-1996. Beckles has been hammering the hapless Tanpa Bay offense for weeks on the Ron and Ian show on WDAE-AM 620.

“When you’re watching Aaron Rodgers and those guys just be magicians, and I’m like, ‘God, we’re just looking for mediocrity. We’re just praying for mediocrity,” Beckles said.

Joe watched the Bucs-Bengals game again, and the offense was so inconsistent and unimaginative, it left Joe yearning, too.

Who knew Josh Freeman, Mike Williams and LeGarrette Blount’s commanding seasons of 2010, and the balanced attack of 2012, were rare blessings to be savored like, um, dating a hot chick?

As for Beckles’ take on the Bucs’ problems counting to 12, he blamed the quarterback, saying McCown needed to “get somebody the hell off that field.”

You can hear all Beckles’ rants below, via the 620wdae.com audio player.

11 Responses to ““We’re Just Praying For Mediocrity””

  1. Skyline Crew for Mariota and Winston Says:

    I like how they talk about magicians like Rodgers, but then turn around and say how boring our offense is. That would be the coaches not the QB.

  2. Brandon Says:

    Skyline, I agree. If you have poor QB and OLine play, how imaginative can you be? When a team is struggling with the basics, it’s probably best to stick to the basics instead of opening it up and getting punched in the kidneys on every play.

  3. bucrightoff Says:

    Poor OLine and QB play, otherwise known as the trademarked Lovie Smith offense.

  4. jo_mama Says:

    Which Web site or Newspaper will call for Lovie to be Fired first.

    By Past Standards if Lovie has another losing season he should be fired.

  5. ddneast Says:

    Mediocrity is something Beckles has strived for on the football field and now over the airwaves. Sadly, he has never quite reached that rarefied status.

  6. ddneast Says:

    When Beckles used to play for the Bucs we used to refer to him as Ian “Buckles.”
    Funny how some players think they were much better than they actually were when they played.

  7. Bill Wheeler Says:

    I’m sure Shaun King will have all the solutions tomorrow…..hope they warn us ahead of time so I can turn off the radio…….one thing for sure he is an expert on mediocre QB play…..

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    Was I drunk when I was with her? I can’t rember, there were so many. FML

  9. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    when given the choice of dating a younger ugly chick and an older one the smarter play is go with the 20-something (she’s still young enough to maybe have a transformation for the better). The same logic can be applied to a choice between mediocre QB’s.

  10. port richey george Says:

    mccown and glennon are not the problem. the offensive line is the problem. by the time it is 3rd down it is 20+ yards for a 1st down.
    this is because of the constant penalties of the offensive line.
    evans, hueron, Jackson,murphy and the tight ends can’t get open fast enough before the defense breaks threw the crappy bucs offensive line and gets to either mccown or glennon. constant 3rd down and 20+ yards is the offensive lines fault.

  11. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Beckles not far off the mark. Like that he and his buddy Diaz (holdover from the old Ron & Ron Show w/ Fez Wattley on the old 95YMF back in the ’80s) are now a nice alternative to Romey, his stale cliches and the clones…. This qb situation is just plane ugly: where else in the NFL is it this bad: definitely the also 2-10 Jets w/Geno/Vick and perhaps the Titans with Locker or Oakland with Carr???? Yes the OL has to be blamed for a lot of the issues for the qb (as well as special teams) as both Glennon and McNown have shown some signs of mediocrity in the team’s 2 wins @ Pitt and DC where the OL actually played decently but still you have to admit that the ceiling is currently low as to what to expect from Glennon or McNown. Maybe Glennon could be a good qb given time but I think his window has closed in Tampa and yeah he was the best in his draft class but being better than Geno Smith or EJ Manuel does not make one a starter in the NFL….