The Offensive Line

December 28th, 2014
You have to laugh to keep from crying while watching the Bucs offensive line attempt to block.

Surveillance photo of a Packers defensive line meeting analyzing their game tape against the Bucs’ offensive line

The Bucs’ offensive line, collectively, is no less than a garish display of big-bodied types flopping around helplessly like a boated tarpon. Lots of flailing around without production.

Joe used the analogy of right guard Josh Allen doing his best Curly Howard impression last week. Joe never saw an offensive lineman so lit up that he fell backwards swinging his arms in the air like someone falling over backwards in a chair desperately trying to maintain balance.

Friday on the NFL Network, a breakdown of the Packers pass rush against the Buccaneers was featured using the All-22 angle. and it was so, so bad. Worse than watching live. Allen was a total turnstile. He made Jeremy Trueblood look like Orlando Pace.

Apparently, per the spreadsheeters at Pro Football Focus, Oneil Cousins may be worse. Pat Thorman ran the numbers and believes Cousins may be the worst offensive lineman in the NFL.

This offensive line is troubling for many reasons. One, yes, the offensive line last year wasn’t great, but it was gutted in an effort to improve production, not make it worse. Three of the guys Lovie ran off are excelling with their new teams. You know, new doesn’t always mean better.

But the thing that gets Joe is, the likes of Allen and Cousins, someone working within the walls of One Buc Palace actually wanted these guys. Whoever pulled the trigger on those transactions should never, ever be allowed to grade offensive linemen again.

15 Responses to “The Offensive Line”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    someone working within the walls of One Buc Palace actually wanted these guys.


    That someone’s first name starts with L, ends in E, and rhymes with Dovie.

  2. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Leave it to Lovie, take a pretty lousy offensive line, and make it worse. I have total confidence that he’ll get the offensive line fixed.

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Whoever pulled the trigger on those transactions should never, ever be allowed to grade offensive linemen again.

    Amen Joe! But that’s what scares us!!! These same people still work at OneBuc don’t they?

    Since we are selecting so high in this year’s draft, I expect one of the Heisman QB’s…we trade up that 33rd or 34th pick by putting together a package, perhaps Mike Glennon included, to get high enough in the first round to snag a franchise LT. We still have enough high remaining picks to get at least one starting guard.

    If we could get two bona fide NFL quality starters to go with Dotson, we could then let EDS and Mankins compete for their positions with the new young linemen already under contract.

    Remember EDS and Mankins were once deemed NFL quality when playing for their old teams. If we surround them with good talent they could probably become competitive again.

  4. OB Says:

    Lovie hired the offensive line genius of the Browns and between the two of them have produced, arguably, the worst line in the history of the Bucs with the worst QB in that history.

    What makes any one think they are going to do different since except for one change they did nothing all year. They didn’t even have a backup center and put someone in that have never snapped a ball in a game in his life.

    I and I am sure the entire rest of the NFL are surprised that we won two games.

  5. The don Says:

    Some of the decisions they made wold never have been done by any other team in nfl

    Have someone play center that has never before ??? Genius

  6. BlakeJohnson Says:

    I can almost guarantee that a lot of these guys wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t have George Warhop as their coach. When I watch these guys “block”, specifically the young ones, they’re standing damn near straight up. Which is absolutely inexcusable, due to fact that Pad Level is one of the most essential aspects of proper blocking technique. I’d be willing to bet that at the least, Patrick Omameh, Kevin Pamphile, and Demar Dotson would be more proficiently blocking if they had a QUALIFIED OL Coach. Give Warhop the boot, Please.

  7. DallasBuc Says:

    Whatever you do don’t blame Lovie Smith. He can do no wrong. “In Lovie we trust”, right?

  8. Bucforlife Says:

    Amen, brother

  9. Paul Says:

    Why isn’t there any fire Lovie billboards? He’s done more damage to this team than Schiano and Raheem combined.

  10. Paul Says:

    I take back putting Raheem in there. He kicked DB to the curb for his boy, Geno Hayes. But still Lovie has done worse to this team than Schiano and no billboards.

  11. bucrightoff Says:

    And people trust Lovie, who tore apart a line to put together this unit, is going to do better next time? Perhaps it’s time to review Lovie’s offensive lines in Chicago and be terrified at what is coming to us. Gotta fire Lovie to prevent him from digging us a deeper hole to get out of when we inevitably fire him.

  12. Soggy Says:

    That is a Great picture joe, Sums it up perfect….

  13. Joe Says:

    Thanks Soggy.

  14. B Says:

    Every time that I see either Cousins or Gilkey I want to puke. They are terrible. I guess that’s pointing out the obvious but damn I had to say it.

  15. Teacherman777 Says:

    Gilkey and Cousinsa re Warhops “guys”

    Sometimes, our coaches are too nice and too loyal.

    I respect that our coaches are kind, caring, loving and honorable humans.

    But in the NFL???

    U need to be more rational than emotional.

    And lovie is too emotional and nice sometimes.

    Gilkey and Cousins are examlpes.

    The o-line MUST be fired.

    If hes not?? Then i will havea. Big problem with lovie.