The Jacksonville Wrench

December 31st, 2014

BortlesThe Jaguars firing their offensive coordinator yesterday was the last thing the Bucs needed: a hungry fish in the sea of teams searching for a new signal caller — a team with a young, talented quarterback and a defensive-minded head coach.

Man, the NFL is a tough business. Ousted Jags offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch had a rookie QB, a rookie center and three rookie wide receivers, and flimsy talent at tight end.

Now, franchise quarterback prospect Blake Bortles, the first arm taken in the 2014 NFL Draft, gets a brand new playbook to learn. The pressure on him will be great, as his head coach, Gus Bradley, enters next season on the proverbial hot seat.

But Joe doesn’t care about the Jags. The Bucs now have to outhustle Jacksonville for the best available coordinator, and Tampa Bay won’t have much of a leg up (if any) on selling nice weather, no state taxes, and young QB talent.

Funny how Jacksonville, sans an offensive coordinator, seems to have no issue taking its staff to coach the Senior Bowl after the Bucs passed on the chance to get extra intimate with potential draft picks.

28 Responses to “The Jacksonville Wrench”

  1. BucNears Says:

    The Bucs may be bad but going to Jacksonville is much worse. Plus I think it would more exciting for a new OC to come in and have input into what QB he gets to work with.. In Jacksonville he has no choice or input.

  2. Pete Says:

    Lovie doesn’t want to risk alienating potential draft choices by introducing them to his staff!

  3. Jason Says:

    “Funny how Jacksonville, sans an offensive coordinator, seems to have no issue taking its staff to coach the Senior Bowl after the Bucs passed on the chance to get extra intimate with potential draft picks.”

    BINGO! Mind-numbingly ignorant to turn down the opportunity

  4. The Buc Realist Says:


    Don’t forget that the Jags have a defensive minded head coach without the reputation of crushing OC careers!

  5. buccanAy Says:

    Glennon outperformed Bortles in EVERY aspect, yet Bortles is “frachise QB”? Ignorance is bliss.

  6. Nick Says:

    I’ve gone back and forth on the coaching. I don’t think its that big of a deal. They will be able to view every single practice and interview whomever they like. Plus, they won’t be bogged down with having to implement a gameplan and coach a pointless game (90% of the evaluation during Senior Bowl week is at the practices). They will be able to focus on only prospects of interest and not have to placate an entire squad.

  7. DB55 Says:

    Passion, something mr smith clearly lacks.

  8. ihateloviesmith Says:

    just another fine example, of how inept this L&L regime is. you would have to think that an up close and personal chance to coach these young men, who are entering the draft, would be the best way to evaluate the in coming talent. but hey lovie is way to busy for that, besides that he can watch tape on them. oh by the way how’s it going with the O.C. search? found one yet? you’ve only had about 18 weeks since tedford pulled a slick one on you and the glazers.

  9. Greig Says:

    The main selling point is still the QB, while the Jags may have Bortles he would have been ranked a distant 3rd in this years QB class & whoever we hirewill have a huge say in the pick of the top 2. Plus Evans & Jackson at wideout won’t hurt when being compared to their rookies.
    Bradley has to be on the hot seat too so it could be a 1 year gig while Lovie seemingly has Jedi powers and is pulling mindtricks on the Glazers.

  10. Zam Says:

    Well they’re going to have to find a Blake Bortles fan, so that’s helpful to us. He had a 69 QB rating, Bridgewater had an 85 and Mettenberger an 83. He’s basically Vinny Testaverde redux.

  11. Please Says:

    Living on the Gulf Coast vs the Atlantic is a leg up right there

  12. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Was wondering what makes Bortles a “franchise QB” in Joe’s eyes? Dude had a horrible QB rating (yeah I know meaningless stat), throws a ton of picks (17 vs. 11 TD’s), and led the team to 3 wins. I realize you guys that don’t believe Glennon is a NFL starting caliber QB despite having rookie and second year stats that put him near or at the top vs all the QB’s drafted in the past two years like to say stats are for losers, but really what other solid tangible way is there to evaluate players besides film and statistical data? Is being drafted in round 1 the barometer we define a franchise QB by?

  13. The Buc Realist Says:

    Don’t worry Lovie fan’s. Lovie will coach the senior bowl next year! unless he gets fired of course.

  14. Harry Says:

    Lovie choosing to not coach the Senior bowl really burns me. How is coaching the Sr bowl NOT a great opportunity to learn more about the personalities of those players that will be taken in later rounds of the draft?? It give a leg up on everyone to see how those kids react to good and bad situations up close and personal. Ridiculous!

  15. Tomcin Says:

    Dovie is a friggin idiot. He’s ruined the Bucs. And to think he’s going to be here next year. OMG! Glaser’s please sell this team to someone who knows what there doing.

  16. OB Says:

    Coaching the Senior Bowl also will let you see the difference between the ones that go to the Bowl and the ones that did not get invited. Your entire front office is there also.

    Just an other example that Lovie is a quart or two low in his thinking process if he has one.

  17. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Hahah some** of you fans are douchebags! Who freaking cares if lovie coaches the senior bowl?? I would much rather he spend more time evaluating so we can have more success in FA and the draft.
    Oh and lovie RUINED the bucs?! LOVIE ruined the BUCS?!
    Really?! Because the past 5 years we have been soo good. Get a grip. This team has sucked since the Super Bowl!
    But hey maybe if we fire lovie we can get someone else in here to rebuild l, and god forbid he doesn’t get us the the playoffs… FIRED!
    Look I’m as pissed as any fan, I don’t live in Tampa so I have to fly or drive down there once a year to watch them lose and I’m sick of it. But we can’t keep firing every coach after 1-2 years. And yes I’m aware that other 1st year head coaches looked much better this year. SO WHAT! That means nothing to us!

  18. Luther Says:

    Meh…I didn’t think Bortles was the best QB coming out of college last year anyway. I thought Carr and Garoppalo were the best and Bortles was 3rd at best. Looks like he is behind Bridgewater too. This is a great reminder that the sexy pick (Mariota) may not always be the right one.

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    The “Dunkaneers” will have a serious impact next year if healthy. VJax, Evans and ASF will be HUGE targets for whichever Heisman we take. They’ll be able to cover some rookie missthrows.

    I don’t care which Heisman we take I want to start them right away. Create a comfortable, simple offense for them with lots of short stuff to the big guys, and a complimentary running game. The right OC could accomplish this.

    Again trade up that 2nd round pick to get a franchise LT to go with our franchise QB. Dotson gets to move back to RT where he’s clearly an asset and not a liability. Use the next two choices to come up with at least one starting guard and the OL becomes immediately adequate. Not all pro but good enough to do the job.

    I want to start either of the Heismans because I believe both of them would have outplayed our current QB’s even with their rookie limitations. Starting one of them next year gives us our best chance to win, especially down the stretch when the rookie has had half a season to look at things.

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    Jacksonville stinks. Literally. It smells bad there. Who would want to live in Jax given the choice to live and work in much nicer (and warmer) Tampa Bay area?

    Just sayin…..

  21. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Are some of you people really so easily swayed by a “JOE” article that his opinion on a subject becomes your opinion. Sheeple

  22. Harry Says:

    Seeing the rest of us are so stupid, I am not sure why you would take the time to read our comments. IMO, u r an idiot, but it am sure this is not the first time that has been pointed out to you, right?

  23. Couch Fan Says:

    Firing the coach after a certain time frame (1 or 2 years) has nothing to do with it. When a coach proves he is to mentally incompetent to perform his job correctly, it’s time to go. Lovie has been proving his incompetency from the second he was hired. Losing with Lovie will be the norm around here until he is replaced.

  24. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Sure we got a leg up. #1 pick baby. Just tell the OC we are going Mariota or Winston and they will be on board before selecting Bortles over them.

  25. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Luther, I don’t think any of the QBs last year were a “sexy pick” as you put it. Teams only drafted them because they needed a QB. Not because they were any good.

  26. lion Says:

    I am 100% certain that any OC would want to start with a franchise QB fresh out of college than one that has already become “damaged goods” by starting out so poorly. I’m don’t think said OC will want to spend extra time trying to fix a QB than to start fresh with a new QB if you catch my drift. The difference is huge.

  27. pick6 Says:

    i think it’s possible that some defensive coaches will also be missing from this staff by the time the senior bowl comes around.

  28. JP4 Says:

    @INDYbucsfan makes a good point. The reason the Bucs have sucked is due to extremely poor drafting, trades & FA signings. Along with very little continuity from year to year with the parade of head coaches since 2008.

    Lovie & Licht did not do a good job with their OC hire (or the OL coaching and FAs), but they did appear to do a much better job of drafting than Gruden/Allen, Morris/Dominic or Schiano/Dominic. We’ve got to give this regime at least another year before pronouncing them inept. The Bucs won’t get better until there is some continuity, and progress usually starts with continuity.