Tedford Infers He Tanked On Bucs

December 20th, 2014
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Per the Vancouver Sun, former Bucs OC Jeff Tedford said he’s been “good to go for a couple of months.”

So former Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford, before the NFL season is over, before Christmas 2014, already has a new job. As many know, he is now the head coach of the BC Lions of the CFL.

Tedford suffered a heart issue in preseason and he was all but AWOL ever since.

Under the tutelage of over-his-head acting offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo, the Bucs offense crumbled to No. 30 in the NFL in yards per game.

Tedford, in his introductory press conference, came clean on his medical procedure and admitted he was able to return to work in October, writes Elliot Pap of the Vancouver Sun.

“It was a temporary setback where I had a little heart issue and I had two stents put in,” he explained. “So I had to make sure I went through the proper rehabilitation period, but I’ve been good to go for a couple of months now and I feel great. I’m exercising, eating right, doing all those things, and I have as much energy now as I’ve ever had.

“So I don’t think it’s a big deal,” Tedford added. “I feel very fortunate that we caught it when we did and that I didn’t have some catastrophe. It was a warning sign, for sure, to say, ‘Hey, wake up and look after what you’re doing.’ But that won’t affect the way I work or the way I coach.”

Been able to go for a couple of months? So to take his quote literally, that means Tedford could have been back at One Buc Palace at the bye week.

To further p!ss off Bucs fans, the Bucs lost seven games since. Five of those losses were by one score. Think having an offensive coordinator may have helped?

And let Joe take that a step further. If the Bucs had won three of those five one-score games, they’d still be in the playoff hunt in the sorry NFC South.

Earlier this week, Joe had a text exchange with a trusted Bucs source and the subject of Tedford came up. Joe was told, again, via text, that in no way shape or form was Tedford on this person’s Christmas card list.

64 Responses to “Tedford Infers He Tanked On Bucs”

  1. Maze Says:

    The Lions suck so there’s that

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    This guy is a piece of Sh*t!!
    He saw how bad the team was- and bailed.

    I hope every Buc fan lets him know what a POS he is.

  3. DayOnePaul Says:

    Tedford implied, Joe. You inferred.

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    I wasn’t as down on this guy as most fans before but now I really don’t have anything good to say about the way he approached this season and his dealings with our team. I’d say this was a much bigger burn than the Johnson fiasco. At least Johnson has contributed a sack or two and occasionally a RB will trip over him. Tedford actively threw our entire offense into disarray that we haven’t recovered from all season. But, on the bright side, at least we didn’t draft a QB who would probably have been FUBAR’d by this point.

  5. Harry Says:

    I think we should thank Tedford. The Bucs finally have a shot at a franchise QB. If Tedford came back we might have a couple of more wins? So we might end up 7-10? That keeps us stuck in mediocrity. We need some talented players, especially a QB. We need a better HC too, but you can’t have everything…

  6. BucBob1 Says:

    It just seems to me, that there was a ideology clash, on how the offense should be run, between Tedford and Lovie. Tedford was probably upset, after he was given all the players he wanted, to implement his pass oriented offense, and Lovie said he wanted to run the ball. This just further validates to me, that Lovie is to blame, for all of this.

  7. BucBob1 Says:

    IMAO Jeff Tedford probably took the CFL job to implement his offense the way he wants to, without any interference. He believes in what he’s doing. and wants to show the NFL what he’s capable of. To him, that means more than the money he’s making.

  8. Paul Says:

    He won’t be in the NFL for a while. Owners aren’t the bitter rivals that fans are. They will remember this.

  9. Lovie equals 2015 Blackouts Says:

    This just proves that Lovie Smith is the biggest dousche bag of all time.

  10. SeanyMacinSC Says:

    You can’t really say Tedford would have been any better then Marcus Arroyo. Maybe that added stress was the onset of Tedford’s heart issue. I never really wanted an unproven NFL OC anyway. Lets move on please.

  11. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bucbob – I have to think that those ideology clashes would have been worked out in the year they spent together before this season. If he didn’t like the way it was going to go he could have just not agreed to come on

    @seanymac – he might not have been a great OC but I think that him being there throughout would have at least meant we had a plan. We were a rudderless ship this year on offense

  12. BucBob1 Says:

    @ Patrick
    I thought the same thing. What I’ve come to realize, is that Lovie Smith is poor communicator. All I know is, that something very wrong happened with Tedford’s relationship with Lovie. Bad enough for Tedford to want to leave. Until the real truth is finally told, I can offer no other logical explanation.

  13. EDS = Bearded Turd Says:

    Another day, another turd!!

  14. jb Says:

    I hope this piece of **** goes winless in his stint (pun intended) with BC, than dies of gonorrhea and rots in hell!

  15. Name Required Says:

    The Bucs have had the worst luck with OCs. It’s high time they got a real one.

    I think my favorite blunder was Jagodzinski, with the Tecmo Bowl playbook.

  16. port richey george Says:

    tedford was overheard by a fictitious source at the hospital while watching the bucs on tv saying: look at that offensive line ..no running game or passing game because of those crummy o-linemen. I got to get out of here or I will never get hired in coaching again! 🙂

  17. RealityCheck Says:

    Duh…this organization doesn’t tell the truth about most things.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We really don’t know what happened……Tedford could have been upset at the multiple changes on the Oline….or he could have directed it and had it blow up in his face. Maybe he was seeing that Lovie couldn’t keep hands off.
    Usually when something like this happens it was a hiring mistake….but we just don’t know. Also after a heart event…..people think differently.
    There is no doubt that the loss of Tedford possibly cost us several games this year.
    The bottom line for me is that Tedford is a quitter….plain and simple!!!

  19. BucsQcCity Says:

    Maybe the play with 12 men on the field was a play designed for its CFL team?

  20. ddneast Says:

    Let’s see here, Tedford all but comes out and admits that he quit on the team and BucBob1, Lovie Equals 2015 Blackouts and Harry Says still think Tedford is a stand up guy and no doubt blame Lovie for everything.
    Of course the only reason Lovie Equals is concerned is because he’s worried he won’t be able to park his big fat a$$ on the couch next year and watch the games and complain about everything for free.
    I’m sure they also have posters of Benedict Arnold and the Rosenbergs in their home as well.
    It really shows how sad and delusional people are when they still side with a person who but admits he quit on a team.
    Thanks for identifying yourselves as trolls. Would you all now move back to whatever failed northern city you moved from and the miserable lives you lived up there.

  21. Jim Says:

    Expletives are not sufficient. If I were a stupid young kid I would egg and toilet paper his house.

  22. Patrick in VA Says:

    @ddneast – I think that’s a given. JBF has been the bridge under which the trolls of Tampa Bay have lived for a few years now. They should change the name from Joe Bucs Fan to Joe Bucs Detractors. Not so much because of the writers but to cater to the masses that frequent the site

  23. Pewter_Power Says:

    Joe we all told you that this guy up and quit on the team but you refused to believe it. John Fox has a hwart attack and was back to work in a matter of days and he is a head coach. You really think Tedford couldn’t have come back if he wanted to? Bullshit.

    Sorry, Joe’s not a mind reader. Tedford had a serious condition before, and none of us know how that changed his game personally and professionally. And none of us know his interactions with the Bucs. Tedford was granted a leave of absence from the Bucs in mid-December, more than a month before he was “good to go,” according to him. And who knows what good-to-go really means. Perhaps it’s defined like “quarterback of the future.” The CFL isn’t the same time commitment as an NFL offensive coordinator.. –Joe

  24. Soggy Says:


  25. Hawk Says:

    This is still my opinion of what occurred.
    Hawk Says:
    December 17th, 2014 at 11:07 am

    –“Of course he will spout all of the PC coach-speak about Lovie and his time in Tampa.
    What happened, in the end, we will likely never know. *My* guess is that by the time he was feeling good enough to go back to work, the season (in Lovie’s eyes) was lost. If Lovie allowed Tedford to take control, of the offense, and the Bucs still floundered, under McCown and this O-line, then Lovie would have no ‘excuse’ for the Glazers about this highly touted offense. By keeping Tedford ‘sick’ until it was way too late, Lovie has his MRSA/Freeman excuse. Being a first year HC, it might get him another year. He can argue that even with Tedford out, the Bucs were *this* close to winning 8 (or more) games and hoisting the division title.
    I wish Tedford well, but, IMO, he has already done very well… he’s out of this mess.”–

    We don’t even know if the offense would have been any better with Tedford running it. There is NO doubt, in my mind, that Tedford and his QB coach (Arroyo) worked together before the season began, during camp, and even after Tedford went down. Arroyo was running Tedford’s offense the way Tedford expected, unless LOVIE disagreed.
    If Tedford’s offense tears up the CFL, you can bet he will get another opportunity to work in the NFL again.

  26. "TheKevin" Says:


    All you idiots that came on here and defended this piece of work can suck it!!!

    He’s a liar and a scumbag.

    I hope everything he touches turns to sh*t.

    What a f in bi*cth.

    And you tools that defended this fu*k.

    Go suck one.

  27. Joseph Mamma Says:

    JB I appreciate your passion but 1. I don’t think anyone has died of gonnorhea in like probably 80 or 90 years with the invention of antibiotics. 2. Tedford probably thought coaching for this team was the real hell he wanted to avoid. With all that said, I felt the same way bro, when I heard he wasn’t coming back to the team.

  28. Jim Says:

    I defended Tedford when I believed he was actually sick. Now I wish a class action law suit would refund every season ticket holder out of Tedford’s pocket.

  29. BeeMoney Says:

    Plain and simple…. Jeff Tedford = Marc Tresman!!!!!

  30. biff barker Says:

    Something happened with Lovie. Simple as that.

    Not doubting your sources Joe but maybe they simply don’t know the whole story. Maybe basement Lovie is different than sideline Lovie? He needed Tedford to sell the Glazers that he could in fact provide somebody capable of leading an offense.

    Look no further than the revolving door Lovie had with coordinators in Chicago.

    Tedford had a long record of being an innovator. Lovie’s record as an innovator? He doesn’t even run his own defense!

    Does anyone really think Tedford wanted McCown? Or to run the ball for 17 points a game. Rely on defense, special teams and turnovers? The 90’s are long gone folks.

    And as far as trusting Coach, look no further than the Glennon situation.

    Sorry to offend the 38% of you mooks, but I’d cut bait with this guy very very soon.

  31. Dace Says:

    Gice me a franchise QB over this guy for a year.

  32. DB55 Says:

    Ba hum bug

  33. mark2001 Says:

    Falls on Lovie again…to stake his offense on that bag of gas…bad decision.

    Hope he likes the cold, and then add some more cold with some snow on top of that…. he deserves to freeze his rear off.

  34. mark2001 Says:

    BTW Joe…I know you are trying to be nice, but folks have heart surgery all the time..with stents and such….and still don’t bail upon their employer, and basically tell them to “kiss off” as they get healthier. This guy never did anything but tie a lead weight around the ankles of this team…..to be nice…let me just say…heck with him.

  35. SSG Mike Says:

    What an A-Hole. Hope he loses every game he coaches and gets fired from every job he gets. POS!

  36. meh Says:

    Hit the road Jeff, and don’cha come back no more no more no more no more.

  37. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Urban Meyer all over again.

  38. gatrbuc17 Says:

    How long have you guys been Buc’s fans????
    Tedford abandoned a sinking ship and you guys are MAD at him?
    Life is life. What would you have done in his position???

  39. Pick6 Says:

    Just the latest in a long line of coaches who dropped trou, squatted down, dumped all over the bucs, collected his pay, and moved on.

  40. Pick6 Says:

    @gatorbuc, to be clear, this year’s ship is sinking in large part due to tedford’s disappearance. If I helped make the mess, I would have the integrity to stick it out with the folks I made a commitment to.

  41. J Moné Says:

    I am pissed at Tedford enjoy your bud up there in Canada also blessing in disguise his heart problem equals a crap record which puts us in a rare position to grab the top QB prospect and I feel Mariota / Winston is a win win situation you can’t mess it up both will be studs for years.

  42. Alexstotle00 Says:

    Glad he’s gone, we don’t need anyone who doesn’t wanna be here. I just wish him the worst of luck on his future jobs.

  43. OB Says:

    I am sure that he and Lovie did not agree on how the offense was to be run and that could have caused his stress that started his procedure. While he was reincorporating, they probably still disagreed and rather than put up with the stress again, sat out until released.

    I don’t blame him, I blame Lovie because no OC would want a QB that has 12 interceptions and 9 fumbles so far this year and McCown is still Lovies’ QB.

  44. Soggy Says:

    The old HEE HAW show song singing = Where Oh Where is Tedford Tonight, He Made Another and [Fart] He Was Gone..HEE HAW

  45. Soggy Says:

    ^^He Met Another^^

  46. Please Says:

    Unreal some of you are trying to pin this on Lovie. The argument Tedford left because “nobody wants to run Lovieball cause it sucks” isn’t valid — because we haven’t seen Lovieball all season! Check the run vs. pass plays for every game (including when Bucs were leading at halftimes) and its obvious Lovie is giving the green light to throw.

    The positives from this are obviously draft position, but also hopefully the Bucs stop farting around w/ experimental staffing and get a legit, proven, pound the rock OC.

  47. FanOfBucs Says:

    Tedford just told us that he was ready to come back a while ago, but likely was told “no thanks”.

  48. CLW JB Says:

    Maybe The OC saw what all of us see- a horrible QB hand picked by Lovie and had no choice but to play him. That would give me a coronary and make me not want to come back. Think about it, your first shot as an NFL level OC after the little issue at the end back at Cal- this guy had to be juiced for the shot to prove his worth….then he spends a couple off-season and camp months watching ass clown in practice and knows he is screwed blued and tattooed….season over.

    Even With all the penalties, the d taking 2 months to look decent at best, we could have easily won 4 more games with any kind of better QB play. I’d rather watch Mike James play QB and run the wildcat 60 plays a game with Martin and Simms than be forced to watch a fourth team level guy lose making the exact same mistakes week in week out.

    The o line is bad, no doubt. It just highlights the ineptitude of the QB play making for an all around pitiful offense.

    I spent 1700 bucks on tickets and parking, drive across the bay umpteen times for events and games and this is what we get.

    Lovie should just be ashamed of himself – how can you look in the mirror without feeling the guilt of putting us all through this Lovie…

    No way I am a Glennon mob member, but he is clearly better than ass clown, at least if Lovie showed the balls to correct his mistake, admit it and move on we could have some hope….to bury your face in your own lie – to me- is the true sign of ones character

    I feel much better now, thanks Joe!

  49. clafollett Says:

    Or maybe…. Lovie told him not to come back? Lots of ways to spin this.

  50. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    I kind of agree with Hawk on his theory. Lovie has been around the block long enough to know that promising fans and ownership the sun and moon and then delivering a pile of dog poo can get even an experienced HC fired unless there’s a damn good excuse. Enter Tedford…Lovie probably saw the season was lost back in November, you know when real football starts, and found his excuse.

  51. Hawk Says:

    Pick6 Said:

    “@gatorbuc, to be clear, this year’s ship is sinking in large part due to tedford’s disappearance.”

    Since I haven’t seen ANYTHING to suggest that Tedford was going to play on the O-line, D-line, and/or play QB, just exactly how are you going to prove that Tedford’s ‘appearance’ would have made ANY difference in the games? Other than a lot of preseason hype, we have no idea what a Tedford run offense would do in an NFL game. In fact, for all we know Arroyo is getting more out of it than Tedford would have.
    If you had a response, gatorbuc, I didn’t mean to step on your toes.

  52. NCMike Says:

    Blame Tedford if you like. I think with Lovie having 100% control over the 53 man roster has a lot to do with it. Lovie seems to like to play people and did the same to Tedford, and then Tedford wanted out. Us “real fans” will never know

  53. Connor Says:


  54. Cannon Fire Says:

    It’s funny the Bucs calling Tedford a tanker. Maybe Lovie and Tedford strongly disagreed about the offense when it came down to go time? Thanks Ted for our shiny new QB!

  55. BucBob1 Says:


    “Let’s see here, Tedford all but comes out and admits that he quit on the team and BucBob1, Lovie Equals 2015 Blackouts and Harry Says still think Tedford is a stand up guy and no doubt blame Lovie for everything.

    So you think Tedford is really gonna come out and publicly blame Lovie?

    Personnel evaluation is not one of your strong points. You don’t know what really happened anymore than anybody else. Resorting to name calling because of difference of opinion is low.

  56. unbelievable Says:

    He got a lot of support and good wishes from fans when we thought he was dealing with something really serious.

    Good to go since October? F*ck that guy.

    Hope he never gets a gig in the NFL again.

  57. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    I can’t accuse tedford of bailing on us. Maybe Lovie didn’t give him full reign of the offense. Maybe Tedford didn’t approve ove the draft picks. Maybe he saw himself being cornered into a situation where they wanted him to run his offense but they’re way….which would not be his offense. Something stinks here and I think the trail would lead back to one bud place all day long.

    Good luck to you Tedford, I hope you show the Bucs organization how stupid they were for not letting you just come in and do your thing.

  58. Pelbuc Says:

    Lovie has proven he has no clue on player evaluation but also on evaluating coaches. Tedford is a low character guy who showed his stripes when things got tough, he quit on Bucs. Makes me wonder how many other stand up coaches are on the staff. No excuse whatsoever not returning to coaching the Bucs when he was cleared other than purely selfish reasons. Good riddance.

  59. Paul Says:

    I hope his stent goes out.

  60. Curse of Gruden Says:

    We’ve been fed a bunch of lies. How can the Glazers expect fans to buy season tickets next year. Just unbelievable what they expect the Tampa fans to tolerate.

  61. sho nuff Says:


  62. bucs4lyfe Says:

    If your defending Tedford just to take a shot at lovie your stupid, you think when lovie comes out in a press conference after a loss and days I wish we had run the ball more then it’s obvious even a guy with zero play calling experience is doing whatever he wants. This is on tedford and whatever contract he set up with the glazers

  63. Barry Says:

    You would think a true investigative reporter could solve this mystery. I believe the Bucs did him wrong. Either wouldn’t lethim run his offense with his QB, wanted him to wait til after the season to have his procedure, perhaps they thought they had /have a young gun in Arroyo. Reading the tea leaves, Bucs bailed on Tedford.

  64. sho nuff Says:

    Barry this is a media that is stil protecting the junkie Josh Freeman…please the poodle has these guys wrapped! and we know how the poodle protects his guys that play his golf tournament…there is nothing I believe in less than tampa bays sports media who are more interested in the buffet than having the guts to stick their neck out with the truth