Stocker Provides Lovie Video Fuel

December 9th, 2014

Luke Stocker. (Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Lovie Smith says he likes to teach his brand of football with video assistance, film of plays — from his own players — that do the talking.

He got one of those coveted moments Sunday.

Lovie took to the Total Access airwaves on WDAE-AM 620 last night and described a little about what this video means to him. Following another mind-numbing Josh McCown, red-zone interception, Luke Stocker hunted the defensive back running with McCown’s gift and dove at the ball, stripping it, which led to the Bucs recovering and scoring a touchdown.

Lovie was prideful of Stocker’s effort and pursuit. It’s a play Buccaneers likely will be shown many times.

“It’s one thing, you know, when it’s coach talk and you’re constantly talking about how it should look. And what you should do every play. Then when you have video to back it up, ‘This is why.” This is why we take the play all the way through and this is what it led to.’ You don’t have to say an awful lot after you see that,” Lovie said.

“And once you go through a year, normally you can get good video to talk about that.”

Lovie explained that prior to the loss in Detroit, he had shown his time hustle video courtesy of Oneil Cousins.

“Just last week in practice, to our football team, I pointed out a play from Oneil Cousins, just running. Most of the time you talk about defensive players, defensive linemen running to the ball and defensive players, but as you look throughout the league most of the time you don’t see offensive linemen running to the ball every time and pursuing full speed,” Lovie saidl “But Oneil Cousins, I showed our football team a play where he did that last week. It’s amazing how things you take, or you see in practice, can carry over to the game.”

Yes, it was Cousins who emerged with the football from the angry pile of Bucs and Lions fighting for Stocker’s stripped ball.

Stocker is an unrestricted free agent in a matter of weeks. Joe suspects the Bucs will be happy to bring him back as a backup tight end.

8 Responses to “Stocker Provides Lovie Video Fuel”

  1. Architek Says:

    This just shows that it’s not all about the “talent” but the buy in factor. I suspect many (Collins, Johnson, and EDS) just don’t have that hustle and Fire in them to make play when given the opportunity.

    Joes theory about Ted Thompson is alive and thriving because watching that offense literally scares the pants off of me and they are the model of success.

    If I were the Bucs I would bring in a Mike Holmgren or someone that’s built teams from the ground up to independently eval the roster and perform consultant functions for a year – yes I would pay a ransom if necessary.

    Clearly the Glazers are culpable for some of these issues as well with picking the figure heads for the football operations and HC.

  2. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I agree about Stocker, Joe. Though his injury history might make me think twice.

  3. Architek Says:

    The gambling needs to stop here and now!

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    Stocker has actually played some decent ball this year and has mostly managed to stay healthy enough to be available which is the 1st time in 4 years that has happened. It’s about time we started getting some level of productivity out of Stocker because Dom gave up two 4th round picks to draft him.

    I have heard a # of times this year that the coaches consider him the best “blocking” tight end we have. So perhaps he will be be back if he’s willing to sign a new deal that is appropriate compensation for a 3rd string tight end.

  5. NewTampaChris Says:

    I’d rather have some lazy OL who could actually block.

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    It was by far the highlight of his Bucs career. Which is exactly why he shouldn’t be brought back at all.

  7. Robert 9 Says:

    luke who?

  8. destro44 Says:

    Speaking of lazy, there was a play late in the first half where EDS stopped playing. Runner was still trying to find a hole, but EDS man had blown things up. He is just standing there while the play goes on. That asshat should have been left on the streets of Detroit.