Sprinkling In “Hustle Sacks”

December 9th, 2014

Lovie Smith weighs in on the beast off the left edge. (Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers.)

The Bucs have a young defensive end with six sacks in very limited snaps. No, it’s not 27-year-old Michael Johnson. Don’t be silly.

It’s Jacquies Smith, the 24-year-old beast of the left edge.

What a find by Jason Licht and Lovie Smith, plucking the undrafted Bills reject in mid-September.

Last night on Total Access on WDAE-AM 620, Lovie was happy to talk about Smith, aka “Jack,” who drilled Matthew Stafford twice on Sunday for two sacks.

“To be able to get multiple sacks in the league is saying quite a bit. And he can win his 1-on-1 battles off the edge with speed, and on that [third-quarter sack], it’s one thing to have speed and some power, but you put that with hustle, too,” Lovie said of Smith. “And that’s what, you know, as you look through the league in each week, there are some just hustle sacks that you get, where you don’t beat your guy right away or the quarterback scrambles. That was one of them.

“Again, that’s how the guy practices, and that’s how he guy plays throughout. And if you keep doing that, you’ll get a couple of them like that.”

Typical for Lovie, he was quick to mention that Smith should be achieving like he is when there’s so much disruption going on inside, led by Gerald McCoy.

Listening to this, Joe’s wondering why Michael Johnson isn’t finding more of those “hustle sacks.”

19 Responses to “Sprinkling In “Hustle Sacks””

  1. billy buckaroo Says:

    McCoy gets his big payday and then still brings it every game
    Johnson gets his big payday and then—-

  2. DallasBuc Says:

    Joe- how come the media with ability to question the HC and GM don’t ask more about the shameful performance of their top flight FAs and overall poor personel decision making in the 50% turnover of the 4-12 football team? Seems to me there should be more accountability from the people in charge and I thought that was the media’s role in all this. Hold their feet to the fire. Put the screws to them. Make them accountable.

  3. EDS = Bearded Turd Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but if I was Michelle My Belle Johnson, I would have too much pride to let Jack out perform me. Or at the very very least, let him out hustle me.

  4. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:


    Because Tampa is not New York or Dallass for that matter.

  5. mac Says:

    Finding Smith has been one of the only bright spots this season… At least we now have one DE who can rush the passer and provide consistent pressure…

    I’m really hoping that Michael Johnson’s injuries have rendered him useless… He can’t be as useless as he appears… Let’s hope that MJ can turn it around next year because we are stuck with him for at least one more season…

  6. Hawk Says:

    Johnson isn’t able to hustle, on the field, because he’s tired from running to the bank to cash his paycheck.

  7. DallasBuc Says:

    Scotty- what does that have to do with anything? Are you saying the only competent media is in NY and Dallas?

  8. DallasBuc Says:

    Mac- we are don’t have to be stuck with him for one more minute if we are being honest with the fact that this loser’s open roster spot carries more value than his production on the field. Forget the money…the term is sunk cost. Dump his lousy ass today and take your lumps. You know we have bad leadership when they cannot admit their mistakes, move on and take their due criticism. A competent reporting corps would sure help right about now since they were invisible during the entire offseason this year.

  9. Tomcin Says:

    $ is the only thing Johnson cares about. Why do they keep playing him?

  10. DallasBuc Says:

    Joe- why are my comments awaiting moderation? No foul language. No criticism of favorite local radio drive time talk show host. What unwritten rule have I broken?

  11. EDS = Bearded Turd Says:

    The unwritten rule of making too much sense!!

  12. dmatt Says:

    I’ve seen enough of MJohnson, I watched several plays as I have all season n this guy shows no hustle/determination. On the batted pass by McCoy… due to a heads up n never give up on a play by the Lion’s rb Bell, the result was a td not anticipated by Bell. Meanwhile, MJohnson back was to the play while the play was still in motion. He had literally given up on his teammates n proceeded to come off the field. His body language showed “uninterested”.This is unacceptable. Lovie need to bench this guy. He’s a waste of time n money. JSmith nickname should be the “Hustler”…he never gives up on a play.

  13. EDS = Bearded Turd Says:

    EDS doing the same dam thing dmatt said Meshell my bell Johnson did. 2:07 second quarter. Hand off to Sims, EDS got beat bad. Sims is fighting for his life so EDS turns around and looks up at the stands or something stupid like that. He gave up on that play and his body language was pathetically uninterested too.

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    J. Smith was a great find. Kudos to the scouting team for finding him and to the coaches for coaching him up.

    Michael Johnson is a total bust this year. We can only hope the high ankle sprain has severely hampered his play all year – but I seriously doubt that. Looks to me like he got a fat (guaranteed) paycheck and now doesn’t care to give the effort necessary to be a good NFL player. Wouldn’t be the 1st time we’ve seen that around these parts.

    There’s no way he can be cut because of the guaranteed $ – but I would like to see Lovie make an example of Johnson. Sit him on the bench and don’t let him play another down the rest of this year. If he has any pride left at all – maybe – just maybe he will show up next year and decide that he will give effort on every play to help this team improve.

    And Jason Licht – let this be a lesson to you to not give guaranteed $ over multiple years to a free agent before you really know what you are getting. Draft well and reward your stars like L. David and GMC with guaranteed $ when their time to be rewarded comes – but don’t do it with free agents.

  15. Gooberville Says:

    Johnson doesn’t get the hustle sacks cause he never hustles. He stands up and once engaged he quits on the play. The only time he makes a play is if the offensive player runs into him or the lineman he’s engaged with. Terrible signing by Lovie. Time to cut bait with this mistake.

  16. Zam Says:

    This is a good sign. Lovie/Tedford/Licht couldn’t spot offensive talent, but they can at least spot defensive talent. These kinds of UFA players are how you build a real team.

    We need an o-coordinator who can spot these kinds of guys on offense. Last year we had Rainey, James, Wright, Dotson… guys nobody heard of that could compete. This year, there’s not a single diamond in the rough on offense. That speaks volumes in my opinion.

  17. BucIt941 Says:

    Put Smith on the Right and Clayborn on the left. Trade Michael Johnson for 2 ballet tickets and a box of peanuts for all I care.

  18. Teacherman777 Says:

    Go watch the opening interception against RG-dooshbag.

    Johnson jumps to celebrate it, and he cant land the jump bc his bum ankle gave out.

    Johnson lost all his power and speed.

    He better rehab and work his tail off this offseason.

    He needs to bounce back bigtime next year.

  19. ddneast Says:

    LOL. Dallas, Dallas. Those guys spoon Jerry Jones questions. The coach might get lobbed a few faster softballs, but he doesn’t run the club anyway.